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watched as Erick took my brother up and I sighed and turned to Daniel.
“you’ve got a cute brother there” Daniel said.. “thanks” I stated.
“so… Are you and Erick planning to go on your second date?” Daniel asked and I nod. “with your brother?” he asked and I nod.
“that’s cool,” he said taking the last bite of his chocolate.
“I see your brother likes Erick” Daniel said sitting down.
“yeah, everyone of my family loves Erick” I stated.
“everyone just loves Erick wherever he goes” Daniel said and I smiled.
Of course, he’s a sweetheart.
“I’m a bit thirsty” I announced before heading to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
As I poured my self a glass of water I heard Auggie and Erick’s voice travelled from the living room to the kitchen. I quickly rushed my water to see what they’re on about.
I walked into the living to room and my jaw dropped.
“what is this?” I asked, staring as my brother and boyfriend stood together happily wearing the same white and black stripe t-shirt with a Jean armless jacket on top of it.
“are you guys going to dance for us or something”? Daniel asked staring at them.
“the three of us are going to spend the day together, so why not wear matching outfit. And don’t worry we have yours right here.” Erick said while Auggie happily dropped a shirt and a jacket on his hand and he raised the clothes up to show me.
I looked at Erick and the clothes in his hand. He’s over dramatic.
“you don’t like the outfit?” he asked.
“I like it, but not the idea of wearing matching clothes, it’ll cause too much attention”. I said.
The clothes are beautiful, I haven’t feel the texture but looking at it the jacket would have cost a fortune, and it really brings out the colour of Erick’s eyes.
“here try yours” Erick said and handed me my own matching shirt and jacket.
“why does mine have to be cropped” I asked checking out the crop top.
“cause you’re a lady, don’t ask me it’s what they brought for me and I couldn’t return it cause I already paid for it,” Erick said making me sigh.
“how much did you get all these?” I asked.
“uhm I just found out you don’t have to worry about that.” he replied and I rolled my eyes.
“cmon June, go change time is running you know” Erick said, making me walk away.
I got to Erick’s room and I saw his shirt and Auggie’s shirt on the bed messily. I sighed, shook my head negatively before folding them.. I closed the door and pulled my shirt off my head before putting on the stripe crop top with the Jean jacket.
I love it.
There’s no mirror but I feel it looked great on me.
I mean it should look great on me cause it’s expensive..
I got to the stairs and I found Erick holding the railings

“wow, you look dazzling” Erick smiled watching me walk down the stairs
“please. Quit the whining” I rolled my eyes.
“seriously seeing you I’ve seen my future” he added and I gave him a look.
His hands suddenly slide around my shoulder as I finally cane down the stairs.
“so are we ready yet?” I asked.
“yeah,” he smiled, “but before spending our day, cause I’ll be busy tomorrow I want us to stop at DH first”.
“well no problem” I shrugged “we have the whole day to ourselves anyway”.
He suddenly kissed my cheeks as we got to the living room and to the couch where Daniel and Auggie seemed to be bonding.
And almost getting to the couch, Erick starts to kiss me… Passionately.
I reciprocated and the kiss went on and on till we both lost our breath and broke the kiss.
We both turned to see Daniel and Auggie watching us.
Well Daniel watching us is okay, but my baby brother. Is getting spoiled because of me.
Well like Erick said, he’s gonna grow up someday.
“do you guys do that all the time?” Auggie asked.
“do what?” Erick asked, while I looked away to hide my flushed face.
“kiss!” Auggie said while Erick laughed,
I turned to Auggie swiftly and gave him a look.
“it’s just a question” he squeaked when he understood my gaze.
“yeah we do that all the time” Erick smiled.
“what?” Auggie yelled.
“you don’t like us doing it? Or you do, cause if you do we could show you how to do–
I quickly covered Erick’s mouth with my hand, one of the reason I didn’t want Auggie to come is happening right now.
“complete that sentence and I’ll shove my fingers into your eyes” I threatened and he laughed removing my hand from his mouth.
“I don’t like you guys kissing” Auggie lowly said.
“what why?” Erick said giving Auggie full attention.
“cause… Since I was a baby, June have only kissed me, when I’ get my self hurt, if I do something good, and before sleeping she always kissed me,” Auggie explained making my heart throb a little..
“so… Me kissing June is making you feel jealous?” Erick asked with the most cutest smile I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t as cute as the jealous face Auggie exhibited.
“yeah, I don’t like sharing June with anyone, not even my grandma” Auggie grunt and my heart melted.
“okay, Auggie I’m not trying to steal your June away from you, but can’t you just share her with me, me.. Erick?” Erick pouted.
“I don’t want to, but I have to since you’ve been so nice to June and I, its not bad sharing her with you” Auggie shrugged. I suddenly sniffed and found out I’ve been crying.
I mean it’s so hard not to cry when your baby brother says things like this.
“now that’s the August I know” Erick smiled pulling Auggie’s cheek.
Erick Turned to me and his lips curled up when he saw my tears, he suddenly walked me to the kitchen, closed the door and asked.
“what’s wrong?”
“nothing” I said cleaning my heavy tears.
“I know it’s not nothing, so just tell me”.
“Auggie, hearing him say all these things is making me feel like this, I mean it’s sweet to hear it but it’s sad too, he’s scared to loose me.. And God I love him so much, and it’s making me miss my parents too, if only they were here to see the smarty pants they brought to this world”. I said and slowly Erick hugged me.
“it’s okay, I definitely knew that was tears of joy, and you were acting like Auggie’s mom so__
“I am Auggie’s mom” I stated.
“so you finally admit it , now tell me. Who’s the father?” Erick asked.
“what?” I half yelled and he laughed. “I was just joking” he added and I breathed out a sigh of relief.
Finally after drying my tears and coming out of the kitchen we all decided to leave.
Auggie seemed happy as we all said goodbye to Daniel and walked out of the door, a different car moved in front of us and Erick opened the door for Erick and then me, before he walked in,.
Before he started to drive I said.
“but Erick everyone recognises you with just a glimpse, don’t you think our matching outfit will cause attention and worst case scenario, paparazzi”.
“oh June.. Attention is what I live for right now” was Erick’s reply before he starts to drive..
=+= DANIEL POV =+=
As I watched a show about a dancing bear, I realised I wasn’t actually watching that show l was actually lost in thought, a reverie a very, very dark and deep reverie that has cloud my thoughts and judgements, it made me feel gloomy and dull..
I looked around Erick’s house and sighed, I’m lonely again like always, I hate loneliness that’s why I always come here to stay with Erick. Even though he pretends not to like presence he still does..
Loneliness is not friendly, you could almost die with loneliness but today I don’t think it’s only about loneliness.
I think jealousy is involved too, and June and Erick is the cause of it.
Seeing the two of them all in love and happy, I am happy for them, but I don’t think that’s all.
I was in a relationship before but it didn’t end well, and seeing this two is just making me wish my life was like theirs.. Happy and in love.
I was the one with everything before, I had my population, I still have that now but then I had Emilia, I thought we would last but not until she started to have feelings for Erick.
I know I’m the one with the visuals I’m not bragging but everyone has always loved Erick more than me, even though I have been the nicest they still love him more than me.
But still I don’t care about all that, the main thing that has been bothering me is just the way June and Erick were minutes ago.
They were just so intimated with each other and the looks they shared, Erick might not have everything but with someone like June by his side he has everything.
The way Erick bonded with June and her little brother, they all looked like a family, a happy joyous family.
And when they kissed I wished it was me, I wanted to be Erick, I wanted that happiness I suddenly wanted to be selfish.

Maybe I just need to find someone like June to make me feel like human again, a caring, nice, pretty and most of all funny person like June.

Or maybe I just need June herself.
I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but I’m confused as hell.
🌺 JUNE 🌺
The car stopped in front of DH and we all came down, you could see the eyes that looked at the three of us as we walked inside of DH and I could hear some people call the name ERICK-J..
As we walked into DH, we got stares too I didn’t know where Erick was taking us and as we walked into the elevator I asked.
“where are we going?”
“oh you’ll see” Erick smiled.
“and Auggie, I want to ask a favour from you” Erick added.
“what is it?” Auggie asked excitedly,
“if you see me call an elderly man dad, I want you to say this to me ‘dad I’m hungry’ okay?” Erick said and I smacked his head
“are you crazy what are you trying to do?” I yelled.
“I’m just trying to pull a prank on my dad, no big deal okay!” he said rubbing his head.
“well you’re not using my brother” I stated.
“oh come on June” Erick whined making me roll my eyes..
“Auggie if I give you a signal you say what I just told you, do you still remember it?” Erick asked.
“Dad I’m hungry..” Auggie replied.
“you’re a natural Auggie, the signal will be me moving your hair back okay!” Erick said and he nods.

Finally the elevator door opened and I found out we were at the last floor,
We walked into Erick’s dad office and everyone in there turned and paused to look at us.
Great… More attention.
“Erick you’re here.. With June and…” Mr Dhousten paused to look at Auggie.
“hey dad” Erick smiled
“who’s this?” Mr Dhousten asked looking at me then at Auggie, maybe he’s seeing the resemblance.
I don’t know if Erick gave Auggie any signal but Auggie suddenly said.
“yes son” Erick smiled.
“I’m hungry” Auggie said.
“well your mom and I have to do something and we’ll all eat after that okay!” Erick said and I refrained myself from laughing so I wouldn’t ruin their big plan.
“son?” Mr Dhousten asked.
“yeah” Erick smiled and Mr Dhousten face suddenly went pale.
“Dad is this grandfather?” Auggie asked and I gasped.
He just added his.. Auggie is one heck of a boy.
Erick looked surprised but he answered anyways.
“yeah, this is my dad which makes him your grandfather” Erick said and glance at me.
“you y–you have a s-son?” Mr Dhousten said.
“you’re seeing him yourself and as you can see we’re all dressed to go on a family date” Erick shrugged
“June.” Mr Dhousten turned to me “is this true?”
“no sir,” I giggled “August is just my baby brother” I said.
“oh God” Mr Dhousten said and turned to Erick to see him and Auggie laughing as hard as ever, I thought he’s get angry, but instead he smiled as he watched them share a laugh.
And honestly Looking at them they look pretty good for father and son.

“okay dad, play time is over, June and I are here to do what I talked to you about” Erick said.
Huh? Do what?
“oh yeah, as you can see I’ve gotten everyone ready.” Mr Dhousten replied and I moved closer to Erick feeling confused I asked.
“what’s going on, what are we doing?”
“the uhm.. The duet I said we would both sing together, well it’s happening today” Erick replied.
“wha… What? I’m not even ready for that”.
“you don’t have to, and don’t worry too much, it’ll just be like a remix and it’ll be very quick, we’ll just sing and let the music producers do their stuff and go on our date, cause after today I don’t think I’ll be free until next month” he said and I said.
“okay…” I sighed.
Erick, Auggie and I, Mr Dhousten and the rest of his music crew guy all went to one of DH recording studio, and Erick said we would be singing the song he sang for me. And of course I agreed cause it’s the song I love and it’s for me.
We did a little practice with different parts of the song, and before we knew it we were singing.
I was singing, this came as a surprise to me, but as I sang behind the glass and as everyone watched me sing behind the microphone, it felt like a dream come true..
As we were done with singing we left the industry in just a glimpse..
We had to take another car cause people might recognise the other one.
Erick took Auggie and I to a top notch ice cream shop and Auggie almost burst out of happiness when we walked into the empty shop, with no one but the sellers.
“how come an ice ream shop is empty on a Sunday” I asked suspiciously.
“what do you think, I reserved the whole place for just the three of us” Erick smiled and I gasped.
He did not!
“that’s what you call love” Erick smiled even more and turned to Auggie.
“August, you can go and order anything you want from that counter” Erick said and Auggie took his heels.

“June..” Erick called and held my held my two hands..
“if anyone should ask who I love most in the world.. Its you” he smiled and an expected kiss followed.
He doesn’t know, but I love him most too.
T. B. C

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