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I quickly got a hold of my self and paused.. What am I doing??
I suddenly moved back and sat properly thank God June didn’t notice that.
“so June… I called clearing my throat.
I have to bring up a sudden topic to Clear this awkward tension for me.
“hmm?” she Turned me.
“so what’s school like”? I asked,
Okay that was dumb
“huh? Didn’t you go to school”? She asked, surprised.
“I did.. I mean I didn’t, I’ve never been to school, I did go to when I was at the orphanage but I can’t seem to Remember it clearly”.
“orphanage?” she repeated lowly.
“yeah, oh you didn’t know.. I.. I don’t know my real parents but my parents said I was adopted when I was five–
“I’m so sorry…
“please… June, now is not a time to sympathize.” I said.
“sorry…” she said.
“as I was saying, I did go to school at the orphange but I have no memory of it and I became a trainee at an early age and middle school and high school days didn’t happen cause I was home schooled”. I expound.
“oh” she said.
“so tell me what’s school like?” I asked.
“school is fun.. But hard and it couldn’t get any worse when you get a psycho as a teacher” she explained with seriousness making me laugh.
“but other than that school is great, when you have friends who makes you happy” she smiled.
“during those tough days with the competition at DH and without going to school I kind of missed school, and my friend just kept asking about me, making me miss her and school the more”. June added.
“you mean Annie?”
“yeah..” she giggled.
“and Erick forgot to remind you I think, the teens supernova competition is this Friday, and I’m not supposed to tell you but it’s going to be like a blind audition”. I asked and her happy expression soaked.
“hearing of the competition, it’s making my heart skip” she giggled.
“why you’re good!, when I listened to you and Erick’s duet I was surprised by how good your voice sounds” I said truthfully.
“well.. Don’t tell me you don’t get nervous when you’re about to go on stage” she leaned forward.
“I don’t” I stated.
“you’re lying” she pouts
“seriously I don’t! when I just debuted and got to perform at my first concert I was as nervous as hell and I almost puked when I got on stage, but when I listened to the screams and chanting of my name my nervousness began to die down and that’s just it, my next performance I was nervous too and so was my third but after that I became used to it and didn’t get nervous anymore” I explained.
“I’m pretty sure if I was you I’d get nervous all the time, I mean the crowds the lights, stage effects I mean all those things will definitely get you nervous.” she expound with a smile.
“if you get used to it, it wouldn’t be a problem” I explained.
“well maybe…” she shrugged.
She brought out her phone and glanced at it.
“it’s getting late” she mumbled.
“you’re leaving?” I asked. “yeah” , she replied
Why wouldn’t she when Erick’s not here.
“in about thirty minutes” she added
I sighed and we both remained quiet again, until she asked. “could you tell me.. What was Erick like when you guys were younger?”
“oh… He’s still the same, yeah he’s still the same” I said.
“oh really, the same as how”? She asked with a small smile
“he’s still nice… Pretends he doesn’t care about the people close to him for example like me and his dad, but he actually loves those people with every single bone in his body but never shows it, he jokes about everything and he’s a good guy.. A really good guy”. I explained and when I glance at June her smile had already expanded.
I don’t think I have a chance..
“look at the way you’re smiling” I said teasingly.
“what do you mean” she smiled even more.
“you weren’t like this but when “You weren’t like this when you asked about Erick and now as I started talking about him your smile started to widened” I said she laughed.
“i guess it’s becoming obvious then” she began..
“I do like Erick.. So much” she added and I nodded.
What was I thinking how could have broken this great bond.
“yeah it’s way obvious, you guys are too in love with each other, I’m jealous.. You’re good to him and you don’t like his best friend, that’s really good you know”.
“huh?” she gave a blank stare “jealous?? And what do you mean by I don’t like his friend?” she asked.
“you’re dating Erick and you’re dating him alone, and you like him too, it wasn’t like my relationship where Emilia had a crush on Erick, pretending to like me and then broke my heart as well, she wasn’t even in love with me but with my best friend and I don’t understand why she agreed to date me, I can love anyone I just want someone to love me back, like I said before I have an open heart” I explained and she sighs..
“I’m just saying you’re a good person and you should stay that way” I added.
“you know…. Daniel..” she called my name and I don’t understand why my heart skipped.
“i believe there are millions of girls who’d want to date you, guys too..”. she said and I smiled.
“you think so”
“yep” she said.
“well okay.. I just hope I find someone who’s ready to like me the way I am” I said and she nods and stood up,
“where are you–
“i have to home” she breathed out.
“oh.. Okay! Well goodbye, I’ll tel Erick about everything” I promised.
“oh yeah thanks” she smiled.
“and June… Do you want me to escort you out?” I asked
“no thanks.. Its okay ” she smiled
I watch her carry her her small purse and her smiling face went frowning, I know she’s still disappointed with Erick not being here..
She walked to the door and waved briefly to me before walking out of the house and with a heavy sigh I fell back to the couch..
The day had already gotten dark and a I sadly watched TV alone, the door opened and Erick walked in.
“finally you’re home” I said lowly that he barely heard me.
“what are you watching” Erick asked as he took off his jacket and laid beside me on the couch.
“i don’t know, it’s crazy I’ve been watching this chanel for hours and yet I don’t know what I’m watching” I said with a silly grin.
“well that’s dumb” Erick said grabbing the remote from my hand.
“and June came – –
.” yeah I know, I got my phone charged and called her immediately as I hit the road and thank you for everything, she told me about your hospitality” Erick smiled.
“yeah..” I smiled
Okay I’m feeling a little bit uneasy.. “Erick I have something to tell you” I said.
“fire on bro” Erick said, lackadaisical and I sighed.
Switching channels with seriousness.
“i think I like June” I blurted out.
“no kidding everyone likes June” Erick smiled.
“no I don’t mean that— I haven’t completed my words when he suddenly stood up and turned to me.
“then what do you mean”?
“I’m sorry.. Did I say something” I suddenly laughed nervously.
“you were just saying you like my girlfriend and I was like everyone likes her but now that you suddenly said you don’t mean that, then if not that, what do you mean”? Erick asked, his voice louder than ever, sometimes I do get intimidated by him and now I am. Cause I know I’ve done wrong and he’s kinda older.
“you like June…! You have feelings for her”? Erick added but I remained quiet.
“answer me me man!” he nudged me.
“fine.. I do.. I don’t.. I don’t know.. Maybe…. But I’m sorry I tried to kiss her when she came here” I rushed my words
“what?” Erick stood up in agitation.
“you tried to kiss her?” he asked, his words bitter and his face was pure anger.
“I’m sorry okay.. I didn’t know what was wrong with me!” I blurted.
“you’re crazy” Erick stated.
“i can see that,” I shrugged I mean for what I almost did, I am crazy.. “June didn’t know what I was about to do, but I stopped myself before I could try any stupid thing, I couldn’t do that behind your back, I’m sorry” I apologized again and he sighed.
“how.. Why.. I mean.. Why June”? Erick asked calmly.
“honestly I don’t know..” I shrugged lightly.
“of all people… You choose to like my June.. I don’t understand” he moved his hair back.
“i have no idea too” I said lowly.
Or maybe I was just jealous with his steady and strong relationship with a girl like June and my jealousy made me fall for the wrong girl.
“Remember our childhood days..” Erick started “When we would go out together and then we would both fall in love with the same thing, and only one of us could have that thing, I always let you have everything, every single thing even when you would want to let me have it out of sympathy but I didn’t want your sympathy so I still let you have it cause you’re like a brother to me, a very good one and so I let you have everything cause at that time you were everything I ever needed, but now I have to break that rule of giving you everything, cause I can’t let you have June.. No not this time.” Erick expound..”I’m not saying I want her”i said.
“Then what the hell are you saying” Erick voice shook and I felt an annoying lump in my throat. He turned and starts to walk away.
“you should be happy I told you Erick, what if i did it behind you your back, what would that make me.. I’m sorry okay ” I apologized for the fourth time..
He didn’t give me a reply instead he just walked away without even giving me a glance.
I signed heavily and fall back on the couch..
This is… The Worst.
– _- JUNE – _-
I got home that evening,i met my grandma and Auggie having dinner. I greeted her and declined her when she told me to come join them.
“ill eat mine later” was my reply.
“are you okay?” she asked.
“never been better” I smiled at her before walking into my room,
I collapsed on my bed and breathed in heavily.
What a day..
I brought out my phone from my bag and immediately it starts to ring.
Erick.. Seeing his name made me smile.
“hey Erick” I said cheerfully into the phone.
“hi” his voice came out low and solemn.
“are you okay?”I asked
“why wouldn’t I.. I’m just a bit tired from the shooting.” he groaned.
“okay… Have you had dinner?” I asked
“no.. Why?”
“why”? I scoffed “you’re asking me why?, dude dinner should be the first thing on your list immediately you got home, you’re tired and food would help get rid of that tiredness” I explained.
“i don’t know.. I think I lost my appetite all of a sudden”.
“what.. What do you mean”? I tilt my head.
“nothing I’m just feeling tired that’s all” he said.
“are you sure?” I asked.
“okay… No… I’m not and I’m just sad” he sighed.
“sad about what?”
“Daniel” he breathed out.
“Daniel… What did Daniel do”? I asked.
“he did something he should have never done, he made a dangerous mistake” Erick said bitterly and my heart suddenly got curious.
“what… did he do”? I asked and he remained quiet for a while before saying. “he just did he shouldn’t have” Erick said.
“okay… Whatever he did I hope you guys sort it out as twin brothers like he calls you guys” I said with a small laugh.
“i hope so too” he sighed “okay I just wanted to make sure you’re okay, I wish I could hold you right now” Erick said my heart melted. “yeah me too”.
“okay.. So should I come over?” he asked happily.
“you’re saying it like we’re leaving close by it’s late and the day will get dark any time soon, and you just came back from one of your commercial shooting you should eat dinner and take a rest” I expound.
“you’re no fun” he grumbled.
“i care about you too much, that’s why I’m going to be a barrier within us and fun right now, so please find something to eat and take a good time rest” I pleaded.
“hmm… Sure thing” he said uninterested.
“I promise with our baby’s life” he said.
“what?” I paused.
“what..? I’m optimistic we’ll both have a baby in the future, and I’m promising on the baby’s life that I’ll make sure to have dinner and take a good night nap” he explained with humour filled in his voice and I smiled.
“you know what forget it” I was still smiling pretty hard “I have to go eat dinner too” I added
“okay then good night”. He sighed
“yeah good night” I replied
“oh and June..
“I really really really like you, so much than I like myself, I don’t know what you’ve done to me but I don’t think I can ever let you go.. I love you June so much” Erick poured out and left me speechless.
“hello? June? You still there?” Erick asked.
“hmm” I managed to mutter
“what happened why did you become muted all of a sudden” he asked.
“Erick..” I called softly. “I love you.. So much” I added.

“thank you.. June that’s all I needed to hear” Erick stated “thank you for loving me back”.
“don’t say it like I’m doing it as a favour, I really really do like you..” I smiled.
“okay.. That’s it! I’m coming over to your place” he said.
“don’t!” I yelled.. “I already told you it’s late.. We can meet another day but not today.. When can we meet, when are you free”? I asked.
“uhm.. On Thursday.. No. No.. I think on Friday” he stated.
“oh on Friday sounds perfe– I paused
“Friday isn’t perfect.. The final competition is on Friday” I tell him..
“huh.. Oh.. Yeah” he breathed out.
“and thanks for not telling me about it, if not for Daniel I wouldn’t have known when the next competition will be” I cried out.
“okay I’m sorry, but let’s try and make it work after the competition” Erick said calmly .
“sure.. Good night? ” I said.
“good night” he said and I hanged up.
Oh Erick, such a charm..
I finally had dinner and after that I took a good night rest.
I got ready for school the next day and before I knew it I appeared in class. School was normal, and so were my friends who still suspects me of being the mystery girl.
As days passed mystery girl still reigned with every one looking for her and also some people or should I say paparazzi slash reporters came to do some research on DH if they could find the mystery girl but they didn’t but they found out about the teens final competition and Mr Dhousten had to make an announcement about it also saying, the competition would be live on every channel on that day, and the judge would be the audience who’d get to vote, that announcement made my heart skipped and I’ve been practicing my hearts out.
Besides that every thing else had been going smoothly, my boyfriend has been nailing every interview, every concert and when he’s going to be holding his first fan signing event on Tuesday, the day before my birthday.
Everything was perfect not until the sad news came all the way from Spain, about Daniel saying while performing his nose started to bleed and when he continued to dance and sing even when he noticed it, he passed out and the concert was over He got treated there and was brought back to Mahnline on Thursday and now
Today’s Friday..!!
The day of the competition.
T. B. C.

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