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Cut off the show!!!
My legs ran faster than my mind as I followed shylock to wherever she was taking me.
I mean how could I be disqualified from the competition, I worked my butt off to get to the final stage and now I’m hearing I’m getting disqualified… This is….. I don’t even know what to call this outrageous stupid situation.
Shylock stopped in front of a door and so did i…
“okay breathe in.. Its not bad news” she said turning to me.
“what? How could it possibly not be bad news, I’m getting out of the competition and this is the only road to my dream shylock don’t you see” I barked angrily.
“okay see I don’t really know if you’re out of the show or not” shylock sighed.
“can you be more specific” Erick said behind me. Oh he followed us.
“Mr Dhousten and Mrs mitch were talking about taking you out of the competition”.
“they were only talking about taking her out but they haven’t right”? Erick asked and shylock nodded looking away.
“come on” Erick said and he held my hand and we both walked in with shylock behind us.
Mr Dhousten and Mrs mitch stood together looking at a particular thing on Mrs mitch’s tablet cause they were so engrossed with whatever they were Watching.
I looked at the other side of the room and I found klay standing there.
I wonder where Travis is??
“dad… Mitchell.. What’s going on?” Erick asked stepping in front of me.
“what”? Mr Dhousten and Mrs mitch turned simultaneously.
“i heard you’re taking June out of the competition” Erick voice was almost angry.
His dad and Mrs Mitch glanced at each other then at me and then at shylock, who shyly looked away.
“we are thinking about taking her out.. So yes it’s true” Mr Dhousten said.
“why?” Erick and I asked at the same time but my voice was weak and wasn’t audible.
“cause.. Mrs Mitch sighed and handed Erick the tablet in her hand.
Erick took the portable computer and stared down at it. He tilt his head and his brows arched up. His hard expression softened.
“what is it” I asked softly.
“you’re the one who sang with Erick isn’t that right?” Mr Dhousten suddenly started making me turn to him.
“yeah…? I nod.
“everyone knew it was Erick but no one knew it was you who sang with Erick, your identity wasn’t revealed so everyone called you the mystery girl and as a mystery people got curious to see you and believe me if I say half of the people here today are here for you and the other half are here to see the new star DH will be unlocking”.. Mr Dhousten explained though I felt jubilant listening to all this I kind of wanted him to go straight to the point.
But he still continued.. “one of our computer colleague helped us create a website for the competition, the website is too let the people here and all around the world who will be watching today’s competition vote for who they think performes best, but now the competition hasn’t begun yet and the website is already in chasm, different comments from thousands of different people talking about one particular thing… All talking about the mystery girl, talking about you!.” Mr Dhousten said and I turned to Erick and he slowly handed me the tablet. I looked down at the screen and thousands of comments laid down there for me to read. And with a weird feeling I was feeling I started to read them.
*can’t wait for DH competition!!*
*for DH to hold a competition like this, it’s gonna be epic #.hashtag mystery girl is going to be revealed*
*mystery girl!!!!!!!!!!”
*I am screaming at at top of my lungs right now I can’t wait for the competition and mystery girl!!! I’m preeeetttty sure she’s from DH entertainment industry*
*is mystery girl in the competition cause if she is she already won it LOL*
*my votes goes to mystery girl if she’s going to participate in the competition*
*mystery girl!!! Took my vote*
*I hope she’s revealed #.mystery_girl*
*hastag mystery hastag girl*
I slowly looked up and I couldn’t help the sweet feeling that danced around in my stomach. They’re all voting for me even without knowing who I am. Or seeing me.
“now you see why we must take you out of the show” Mr Dhousten said “cause you already won” Mrs Mitch smiled.
“really.”? My voice came out low.
“cause if a everyone votes for the mystery girl without the competition starting then it’s unfair and yep you’re already qualified, now it’s just shylock Travis klay and Cassie.. So congratulations miss Peterson!” Mrs Micth smiled while Mr Dhousten walked away.
I am screaming right now, but no one can heart it, it’s loud so loud but at the same time it’s silent, I could pass out of happiness right now.
Mystery girl….!! I am so glad I am the mystery girl, this is happening because I sang with Erick.. This is all because of him.. And his father.. I could cry any minute now but everyone is watching me. |
“okay everyone…” Mrs Mitch called reffering to shylock and klay, “come with me, we have to get this show on the road”.
“and June…” Mrs Mitch called and I leaned my head forward.
“you have to wait till the end of the competition, Mr Dhousten has suddenly put in a little surprise for you and everyone” she continued, smiled and walked away.
Before going out shylock walked up to me.. “you’re lucky June. So lucky you won without even trying, now your nervous system must have died down.. Congratulations and wish me luck” she grinned.
“well thanks… And I’ll just tell you what my grandma said to me. You’re way better than lu—
“shylock!!” Mrs Mitch yelled.
“gotta go” shylock sighed.
“good luck” I quickly said as she disappeared with the others..
The quiet room made me look up to see that it was just me and Erick remaining in the room.
I slowly walked up to him and my hand circled around his waist. He wrapped his hand around my body and placed his chin on my head.
“thank you” I sniffed.
Wait… Am I crying!!??
“why”? He asked “why are you thanking me”?
“cause didn’t you hear what Mrs Mitch said, I already won, I won without trying Erick, do you know how happy I feel about this” I said on his chest.. “I didn’t do anything you did it on your own” Erick commented..
“but still… Thank you” I said.
“no problem babe” Erick said and kissed my hair.
Erick and I sat in a room I didn’t know exist in DH Entertainment, it was more like a living room. A long curved couch almost covered the whole room, a small table stood firm at the center and a plasma TV was hanged on the wall. Well beautifully a small vending machine stood at the corner of the room and beside it was a small water dispenser.
When I asked Erick what was the place for cause it was neither a studio nor a dance practice room.
“it’s just a place for resting… When my dad and I don’t feel like going home we come here to call it a day, that’s why it looks comfy and like a real house” was Erick reply when I asked him about the place.
His dad, Mr Dhousten told us to hang out in here and watch the competition that we’re the main event and I don’t know what he meant by that but I don’t care cause I did… I passed the final round without even participating, I can’t wait to share this news with my grandma!!!
With Erick and I on the couch his hands around my body and my body resting on his, in a sweet cuddling position we both paid attention to the TV screen in front of us.
Where we could see a stage set, hundreds of people around the stage.
Mr Dhousten must have quickly prepared for this cause I don’t know how he manged to get this all done in just a few days, the stage, the lights, the effects everything was amazing. I suddenly wished I could perform up there, I mean it’s my dream.. To perform for an audience for the whole world to see…. …
As Erick and I both watched the screen attentively a middle aged man who I don’t know walked up on stage with a microphone and a thick pamphlet in his hand… And with a big smile he faced the whole audience
“whatsup everybody!!!” he yelled in an energitic way and the crowd let out a wild scream and I felt it both from the TV and reality.. “don’t worry its happening downstairs two floor just below ours, I know you would love to go there and see it live but I don’t want to i just like it being the two of us” Erick said.
“yeah me too” I agreed and he suddenly kissed my cheek..
I turned back to the TV and it looked like the emcee (the middle aged man) had already said a lot of things.
“i am called the Zoomer and I’ll be your host for today’s show.. Before we begin we can all take our precious time to get a good look at our contestants for today’s show” the Zoomer said and a screen suddenly lit up behind the stage.
“our first contestant is…” the screen shone brighter and klay’s face appeared there with his name at the bottom, and I think they just took that photo cause he’s still wearing the same shirt from this morning “everyone we have the klay man as our first contestants” Zoomer said and everyone gave a round of applause. “and the second contestant is…” shylock’s face appeared next and she was so cute cause she was smiling pretty hard.. “there we have shylack.. Oh I mean shylock.. I miss-spelled.. Everyone a round of applause for shylock” Zoomer said and everyone laughed with their applause coming after.
Cassie was introduced next and she didn’t look happy in the photo, Travis was introduced next and he looked funny and cute, cause I don’t think he knew his photo was being taken cause he was laughing pretty hard and it made me giggle.
“Travis is so cute” I laughed.
“I can’t believe you’re telling me that” Erick said with a tint of sadness in his voice.
“well.. I mean.. Travis.. Okay.. Sorry” I apologized and turned Back to the television.
After Introducing all the contestants zoomer turned to the audience..
“though you guys are the voters we can’t still have a show like this without any judge.. So for your first judge I present to you… Ricky goodman” zoomer said and the building almost crushed down on how loud the screams came out.
“whoa… I wonder how they would scream if Daniel is going to walk out of that stage” Erick said with a small scoff.
“well I just can’t wait for Maria li” I said standing up and walking yo the vending machine.
“okay I just don’t get what you see in her” Erick said lowly.
“at least I see what you don’t” I smiled at him.
I eyed the vending machine and the mouth watering potato chips that’s been looking at me.
“so what do I do here, do I shove a coin in here or what”? I asked.
“you have to shove a coin, isn’t that what all vending machines do” Erick said, standing up and walking up to me.
“move..” he said and I moved.
*this story is written by Ruthie lee*
I didn’t know how much he shoved into the machine but it ended up bringing out my chips.
“thanks” I smiled at my boyfriend when he handed me the chips
“now let’s go enjoy the show” he said and we both went back to the couch, this time Erick pulled me down to sit on his thigh, and immediately I opened the bag of chips, Erick and I breathed out “whoa” at the same time cause the sweet smell engulfed out noses.
“here” he said taking a chip “you can have the first bite” he smiled and I slowly opened my mouth while he shoved the chip inside.
“oh my God.. Its so good” I cried, screams suddenly shook the building and Erick and I suddenly turned to the TV to see that Daniel has been introduced to the audience. And even when he walked up to his seat and sat down screams still fill the air.
“now.. Let’s enjoy the babe” Erick said and circled his hand around my waist.
Yeah this is going to be one heck of a show.
$$✍️NARRATOR’S POV (RuthieLee)✍️$$
The four contestants could be seen in a room filled with busy men and women taking dresses and boxes from one place to another.
Cassie looked pretty with her blonde hair all tied up with a pink ribbon her pink dress gleaning like the sun, she looked pretty and she knew it but she isn’t as confident as her dress, she wanted to get out of all this everyone could tell she was scared.
Shylock looked stunning with her azure coloured dress that crawled with the floor, it was shiny enough to bring out her lip gloss and eyes. Her hair was black and added with streaks of azure. She isn’t confident but she believed in herself
Travis and klay both looking handsome in the same kind of suit like outfit, gleaming with small sparkles added to the outfit. Both feelings were hidden as they both laughed out loud enjoying the Video game they were playing.. Well that feeling didn’t last until Mrs Mitch walked inside.
“okay you guys get ready… Cassie you’re the first to go”.. Mrs Mitch said and Cassie breath hitched.
“uh.. Mrs Mitch, can you give me a moment I need to go to The bathroom” Cassie said standing up and shylock and the others turned to her.
“okay this is the sixth time you’ll be going to the bathroom, Cassie don’t take a whole year in there Okay!” Mrs mitch said and Cassie nodded.
Cassie excused herself to the restroom and slammed the door pretty hard.
She walked up to the bathroom mirror and admired her beautiful self.
“it’s only a competition Cassie.. Its not the end of your life” Cassie tell herself and breathed a sigh of nervousness.
“you can do this!” she said and immediately the door opened and shylock walked in.
“Cassie…” She called
“yeah..” Cassie answered with a swift turn and as both girls looked at each other one couldn’t tell who was more beautiful.
“you’re being called up stage” shylock said calmly.
“okay..” Cassie said and slowly walked out of the bathroom with shylock behind her.
The two girls walked glamorously to the boys and Mrs Mitch and together they all went to the arena of the competition.
At the back stage Cassie couldn’t help but shook like a drenched cat. A small TV was placed at the back stage, a TV showing the live video of the competition.
“„and our first contestant..is.. Not only the talented but beautiful Cassie Akers!!!”„ zoomer the emcee of the show yelled and the audience let out an amazing scream as Cassie face lit up on the stage screen.
Travis turned to Cassie to see her shaking and suddenly feeling a whole lot of sympathy for the girl
“Cassie just imagine you’re still in school and this is just a game you and your clique are running” Travis said to Cassie who turned to him.
“thanks.. But I don’t think that imagination can come now” Cassie tried to smile.
“anyway.. Just… Good luck” Travis smiled at her.
Before walking inside Cassie paused and turned to Travis, she was about to say something but Mrs mitch interrupted her with a quick “I’ll be right back guys” and left the teenagers.
“can I hug you”? Cassie asked.
“who me?” Travis asked to be sure.
And Cassie shyly nodded..
“oh… Um sure..” Travis said and glanced at klay, Cassie circled her hand around Travis body and so did Travis, the two teenagers let each others warmth overwhelm each other. And Cassie slowly smiled
Warmth… that was what Cassie needed.
As Cassie tried her best to be confident as ever, she walked up to the stage and received a round of applaud, Cassie was handed a microphone and as she stared at Daniel, Ricky Goodman and Maria li, who were the judge, she couldn’t help but want to get revenge on her nervousness and perfect her performance.
She waited for the instruments to start playing and began to sing as every where went dead silent.
She remembered practicing the song at home and not too long ago with the people playing the instrument for her.
At the back stage klay, Travis and shylock watched as Cassie tried her best to impress everyone watching her, shylock sighed occasionally, now she was feeling a bit shaky cause she’s going next.
**maybe a hug from Travis would do the trick** shylock subconscious mocked her which made her giggle a little.
Cassie performance ended and she received one hell of screams.
Cassie came to the back stage smiling from ear to ear sweating a little at her forehead. “wow you did great” klay said.
“yeah” shylock agreed.
“how do you feel..” Travis asked.
“i feel great… I mean hearing the screams being up there, it just took all my sadness away and goodness I can’t wait to tear up your asses cause that stage felt like mine” Cassie grinned making the three of them laugh.
“now the real Cassie is back” Travis smiled.
Shylock was next on stage and after receiving three thumbs up from klay, Travis and Cassie, she walked confidently to the stage. Shylock received screams as her picture lit up on the screen and her astonishing dress made everyone cheer even more.
Shylock made a powerful eye contact with Daniel and he smiled at her. Giving her a “good luck” kind of look..
Shylock’s voice started singing before the instrument started and some people cuddled their chest to prevent them from melting.
Klay performed next and he chose a slow song that matched his voice and look, one could tell Ricky Goodman loved this particular person he was seeing, cause he smiled very much. Klay received an applaud when his song ended.
As Travis performed everyone loved the vibe he carried, his spirit, his aura was fun and cheerful, he added a little dance moves to his singing and when he ended his song the building almost broke down.

“Now that round was over it was time to compete against each other.
By singing to one song, two by two.. It is more like a two can tackle game. And it’s going like this.. Cassie Akers against Travis Blakely, and shylock wilder against klay Bolton and if one person happens to win from each sides then those two are going to be the ones competing” zoomer the emcee announced and received a whole lot of screams.
“well this competition is just getting worse and I thought the panic was over” Cassie sighed.
“me too” shylock added.
T. B. C

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