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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 53

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 53

Written By Zeeman

If you miss any episode click HERE said Mia was once admitted here right?”
“Can i see the CCTV footage?”

“Huh!” Doc Mart exclaimed.
“Yeah, i need to see it” I said.
“Why?” He asked.
“It’ll help my investigation about Mia”
“I’m sorry but i can’t allow you see it. Not just anyone is entitled to see our CCTV footage. I’m sorry” He said.

“And you think I’m just anyone?” I said tapping my ID card in my pocket.
“I allowed you use my laptop the other day does not mean I’ll let you see the CCTV footage,that’s way too extreme” He said.

“Well…you can check out my ID card” I said and handed it to him.
He gasped. “You’re a CIA agent?”
“Yeah” I said.
“So it’s better you cooperate with me. You said it yourself that you’re also suspecting Mia so let’s work together” I said collecting my ID card back from him.

“But you’re a CIA agent of California not New York City” He said.
“Does that matter?” I asked.
“You should know the law better”
“I do but this is a secret investigation. No one will know about it” I said.
“What if anyone finds out. I can lose my license over it” He said.
“I promise you won’t. Trust me, please” I said and he sighed.

“Okay, come with me” He said and i smiled.



“Why is the footage of Mia’s ward and hallway blank on the the second night she was admitted here” I said while checking the footage.
“Really?” Doc Mart asked before coming over to look at it.

“Yeah, Someone must have tampered with it”
“Of course”
“Now this is getting more suspicious, the footage suddenly went blank by 7pm and started working fully again by 10pm. What went on from 7pm to 10pm? and why is it only Mia’s ward?” I asked.
“Check the hallway” Doc Mart said.
“It’s blank too”
“Woah! What are we gonna do?” He asked.

“You should have the list of nurses who were on duty that night right?”
“Yes i do”
“Then we’ll have to question them all”
“You said this is gonna be a secret investigation”
“That was what i thought but keeping it secret won’t help, i promise it’s not gonna get outside the walls of the hospital”
“Okay then, let’s proceed”


Ten nurses were on duty that night and I’ve questioned five of them,it turned out negative.
I glanced at the list before calling the sixth one in.

“Nurse Beatrice” I called and the door opened.
A young nurse walked in and closed the door behind her.
Most of the nurses has blonde hair and common set of eyes.

“You’ve been informed about what’s going on right?” I asked and she nodded.
“On that night,did you suspected anything? Or did you caught any glimpse of Mia Cunnane” I asked.
“Nothing. Absolutely nothing” She said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, i was behind the desk that night attending to patients and i didn’t suspect anything.” She said.

“You don’t have to be scared of telling the truth, nothing is gonna happen to you. Trust me” I said.
“I swear down, I’m telling nothing but the truth, if i had noticed anything strange,i would have reported to doc Mart immediately” She said.

I sighed and glanced at Doc Mart.
He nodded.

“Okay you can leave and don’t hesitate to come back to me if you remember anything” I said and she nodded before walking out.

I glanced at the list and called on the next.
“Nurse Chloe” I called and she walked in.
I thought she’d look like other nurses but no.
She has short black hair and pretty blue eyes.

She bowed in greeting and i nodded.
“So, you know what you’re called for right?” I asked and she nodded.
“Good, so,i want you to be truthful,do not lie”
“I won’t” She said.
“So, that night, did you noticed any strange thing or did you caught any glimpse of Mia Cunnane?” I asked and it took a while before she spoke up.

“Well…i saw her”
“Yeah, she was putting on a facecap while walking down the hallway.”
“What!” I exclaimed and glanced at Doc Mart who was also looking surprised.

“I told her boyfriend about it but he didn’t believe me and told me to face my work instead” She said.
“Her boyfriend?” I asked.
“Yeah, the handsome guy that brought her here” She said.
“Yeah it’s Darrel” Doc Mart said and i felt stings of jealousy.

I won’t allow mia take Darrel from me and i won’t let go of my suspicion about her. I’ll dig till the very end.

Thank goodness i now have a lead.


“Geez! Finally they are gone” I said walking back into the ward.
The CIA leader and some agents just left.

“Why did you walked out Immediately they walked in?” Darrel asked.
“You know how they are, they take everyone as suspect and i don’t have that time to answer unnecessary questions. I have more important things to do” I said.
“And you think I’ll allow them question you? when i know you’re not even a suspect not to even talk of the assassin we wanna apprehend” Darrel said.
I smiled and took his hands in mine.

“You need to eat now” I said.
“Yeah, i was hoping they’d leave fast” He said and i laughed.
“Where’s Nath?” I asked.
“In the restroom” He said.
“Oh..” I said and started dishing out the meal.
“You prepared Katy’s portion too right?”
“Of course” I said and he smiled.

“Thank you” He said.
“For what?”
“For everything. Mia, i can’t wait to make you mine” he said.
“Then, what’s the delay?” I asked.
“This case. I wanna solve it then concentrate on you, i don’t want anything bugging me while I’m with you.” He said and i sighed.

‘Then, you might wait forever’ I thought sadly.
I already quit so there’s no way Darrel will capture me again cause i won’t be going on missions anymore.

“It’s fine but do you think you’ll ever solve this case?” I asked.
“Of course, I’m gonna put in more effort because of you” He said and i smiled a little.
“Should i feed you or you can ea…”
“Just feed me. I’m too weak to eat myself” He said and i nodded.

I helped him sit up, I scooped some meal in his spoon and gently passed it into his mouth.
He smiled. “Yummy”

My mind is in great distress.
I’ve quitted and i should feel at ease but… I don’t just know.

“Com’on Mia, what are you thinking?” Darrel broke into my thoughts.
“I’m sorry” I said and continued feeding him.
“What’s the matter?” He asked.
“Nothing” I faked a smile.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah” I said.

He continued eating in silence…

“Darrel” I called,when he was halfway his meal.
“What if you find out that someone close to you is the assassin you’re looking for?” I asked and he surprised me by laughing.
“Someone close to me? and i wouldn’t have found out all this while?” He said.
“Just answer my question, what will you do?” I asked.
“Hmmn” He sighed.

“Why do you ask?”
“You know it happens in movies” I said.
” It can only happen in movies” He said and urged me to continue feeding him.
“No, not only in movies. It happens in reality too. Please tell me what you’re gonna do if you’re in that situation” I said.
“Of course I’ll hand over that person to the cops” He said and i quickly covered my gasp with cough.
“You shouldn’t break the law because of how close someone is to you. You should do the same you would if it was a stranger” He said.

I nodded and continued feeding him in silence.

“I thought you weren’t gonna come out anymore” Darrel said and i turned to see Nath walking out of the restroom.
He laughed and headed towards us.

“I already dished out your meal,” I said pointing to a covered plate on the stool.
“Thanks” He said, carried it and went to sit beside Darrel.
He also started eating.

“You want more?” I asked Darrel after i scooped the last spoon into his mouth.
He shook his head. “I’m okay”
I dropped the plate and poured him some water.
He gulped it down and muttered thanks.

I helped him lay back on the bed and covered him properly with blanket.
He smiled and kissed my hand.
Even with everything going on in my mind, I was forced to smile back at him.

“You should eat too” He said and i nodded.
I dished out my meal and also started eating.

“When did the Doc said you’ll be discharged?” Nath asked.
“He has not told me yet but i don’t think I’ll be discharged soon, my body is not yet as strong as i’d love it to be” Darrel said.
“You’ll still go ahead with case right?” Nath asked.
“Of course” Darrel.

Why can’t he just desist from my case.
I wish he can also let go already, I’ve also let go but Darrel is so stubborn.

The door opened and Katy walked in.

“Katy you should dish out your meal too” Darrel said to her.
“No” She said.
“Why?” Darrel asked
“Darrel i need to see you privately,there‘s something we must talk about” She said sending a cold look my way.

“What could that be?” Darrel asked.
“I’ve found a clue about the assassin” she said and my heart pounded in my chest.


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