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Flower Boy Episode 14

Flower Boy Episode 14

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( Flower boys are falling in Love. Strange!)

Nancy’s POV

I was stunned at the words of Brian, I blinked my eye trying hard to believe what he just said. The flower boys I know doesn’t fall in Love

No! He must be trying to play a game with me, I will have to play smart. I closed my eye for few seconds and opened it.

I kept mute staring directly into his eyes

“Are you surprised?” He asked

I nodded in respect

“Don’t be, I am a human being too, flesh and blood runs through my body, I’m as gullible as anyone. I had only made up my mind not to fall In Love cus of what happened to my Anthony.

We believe Love is dangerous , but ever since I’d set my eyes on you as a baby sitter, I had fallen for you, at first I do not want to believe that the feelings is a genuine one, I also thought it’s just a common and temporal feeling of adoring a lady but this feeling is permanent

I Love you and I am not scared to confess it ” He said and I watched

I’m still finding it hard to believe, his words does not move to me. To me , he might only be playing a game cus the flower boy does not Love.

They even advised little Helen not to ever fall In Love, why will he suddenly change his mind and start falling in Love with me.

I sighed and exhaled

“I do not know what to say” I said softly and politely

He stood up from the squatting position that he was. He sat on the chair

“It seems you finding it hard to believe me, tell me to prove it through any means and I will”He said

” Don’t worry sir” I said

“I need us to be closer than before , I’m gonna be teaching you all that you miss in school and pease feel free to me” He said and I nodded .

He cat walked away and I watched him leave

I do not trust this Brian.

I went inside the musical room and started learning the new notes we were taught in school.

Anthony’s POV

I entered the house sadly as usual, I’d never being happy ever since Donna left. Donna is the happiness in my life. I can stay all my life in sadness.

Donna has occupied a space in my heart that can never be filled by anyone. I booted my laptop again and checked her pictures . Tears rolled down my eyes as usual and my heart pierced like someone was stabbing it

“Can I ever see Donna again” I yelled and cried

The feeling that I may never see Donna again overwhelmed me.

Does that mean I will never see Donna again, has Donna died for real? Since I can’t see Donna here on earth , why can’t I go meet her in heaven

My life is not worth living without Donna

I’m gonna kill myself , I’ve heard that there is a life in that world, I’m sure Donna must have being waiting for me all day.

How have I being living this life without Donna for two years.

I walked outside ready to take my life. No one will know that I’d died. I just wanna see Donna

I walked out of my room to the empty room with a rope in my hand

I stood on the long stool there and thought of a better way to kill myself.

Should I use a rope, no! How about I use a drug that can kill easily, but the drug may have a negative effect on me , what if the drug did not kill me but lead to a terrible sickness instead

I can’t afford to live my life in sickness. Rope is more preferable.

I climbed the stool and tied the rope in such a way that I can easily insert my neck inside and it will get tightened to my neck till I give up

I inserted my neck inside the rope , all i need to do is kick the stool I’m standing away and I will gasp for breath till I die

Donna, I’ve waited for two years for you but you wouldn’t come, I’m coming to that world to meet you now.

I exhaled, closed my eye and thought about my father, my mother, my brothers and Helen. I felt sorry that I will be leaving them in this world

I kicked the stool away

Karen’s POV

Helen has slept right on my bed after we had played till we were tired . it’s fun really with Helen. I like our friendship. I’m winning her heart totally now

I walked around the room cus I was bored , I was thinking of what I can do to while away time

But why don’t I summon courage to meet Anthony, he might insult me , what if he does not, what if he does.

I need to at least ask him why he saved Nancy, I need to know if he is having a feeling for Nancy or there is another reason as to why he saved Nancy from the boys I sent to bully her

Let me give it a try. I walked out and went to his room. I saw the door opened . I peeped inside to see if anyone is there and I couldn’t find anyone

Where could he be, I thought I was told he stays in his room all day, so where he could be ?

I stayed at the entrance wondering then I thought that any of the flower boy could just see me standing here , I better leave

Another thought struck my heart when I was about leaving to check the empty room

What will he be doing there , he can’t be there.

I thought and took some steps away

What if he is there really, it won’t take me anything to check

I walked to the empty room and I saw Anthony hanging himself and gasping for breath

I arched my brow and shook my two arms in horror, should I shout or find a way to help him.

I drew the stool closer , I placed his dangling leg on the stool. I climbed the stool and helped him loosen the rope, I removed it from his head and he closed his eye gently like someone that will fall. I held him tight so he wouldn’t fall. He fell instead and we end up falling together.

We both collapsed to the floor, he closed his eye like someone that has lost consciousness. But the way he fell, it’s obvious he has lost consciousness . i need to help him now.

But his pink and sexy lips caught my attention. Should I kiss him before seeking help for him?

I can just kiss him now, it will feel good. I do not think Donna has ever kissed him, let me just be the first person to kiss him

I stared at the entrance and I did not perceive anyone coming . I moved my lips closer to kiss him and he coughed

He coughed for few times and I quickly stood up from him.

What if he knows that I am about kiss him. I watched as he stood up , he stood rubbing his eye
He finally opened his eye clearly and saw me

“You saved me” He said and I was happy that he did not know that I tried to kiss him

“Yes I did” I retorted quickly

“Why were you laying on me ?” he asked and I arched my brow

“Actually, I… While I was trying to quickly loosen the rope from your neck , we fell together as soon as I’m done freeing you cus you did not have much stamina to stand at that time.

” why did you save me?” He ask.

“I can’t afford to loose you, I’m Donna , I’m your Love” I said

“You are Donna? ” He asked

“Yeah, but why did you try to kill yourself?” I asked

“Cus I wanna go meet Donna in the other world” He said

“I’m here , I’m Donna, all you have to do is believe me” I said and moved closer to him

I need this guy to really Love me , maybe this is a perfect time

“I do not know why I can’t trust you” He said

“Try Anthony, I’m Donna , I know it’s hard to believe but trust me ” I said trying so hard to convince him

“You are Donna?” He asked

“Yes” I quickly said

“Do you remember any incident that happened in the past between you and I?” He asked

I cried pretentiously and sniffed. He kept watching me

“I lost my memories” I said still crying deceptively

He sighed. I know that he is confused .

” Just trust me , I will do all that you want” I said

“Thanks for saving me” He said and walked away

I watched him leave and I felt bad. Why would he leave me abruptly like that?

“Karen, don’t give up” I said to myself and courageously walked into his room.
I must convince him today and I even have a question to ask him

I entered his room and I saw him lay on the bed staring at the ceiling

“Anthony , sorry for disturbing you , I was informed you saved that poor and common baby sitter “I said

He looked at me and ignored

” Do you kinda have a feeling for her or why did you save her?” I asked

He ignored and kept staring at the ceiling

“And is that how to be grateful for how I saved you” I said and walked out

I saw Scot walking towards his room. We exchanged glances and I left without saying a word neither did he say anything

Anthony’s POV

I watched Karen left angrily, maybe I should have answered her but the truth is that I did not know what answer to reply her with

I tried to kill myself but she saved me . Is she Donna? No, she can’t. She does almost everything like Donna but I still did not trust her . Maybe she is , maybe she is not. I’m just confused

I noticed someone entered , I turned and saw Scot

“Anthony, how are you doing?” He asked

“Fine” I said and wondered why he came to my room. We all live a close life , unless we wanna do rehearsal or something brought the three of us together, we don’t chat unnecessarily.

We hardly discuss unless it’s something important and common to the three of us

So what could Scot come for?

He sat down on the visitors chair opposite my bed

“I have something important to discuss with you Anthony”He said as he set his gaze at me

I know it must be something important for him to come inside my room

” You have fallen In Love before right? Tell me, how does it feel?” He asked

“Love! ” I exclaimed and sighed

I adjusted on the bed and sat upright

“Love is a feeling that comes from the heart, it is bigger than our decision’s, choices or mindset. Love is the greatest power any human can have but unfortunately we did not have it

Love has the power to subject a man and keep two people who are in Love together

The feeling of Love stems from the heart. Your heart will feel it. You will long to see the person always . You will always long to hear from the person

To tell you how powerful and dangerous Love is, a man or woman who is fully In Love can kill themselves if the person they are in Love with break up with them or worst , if the person die” I said and stared intently at Scot

Scot lowered his head and sighed

I did not know why Scot is asking this question but I know he must be really disturbed

“I have that kind of feeling you just talked about, I do not know what to call it, I tried everything possible to get rid of it yet I can’t” Scot said

“You mean to say you are in Love?” I asked

“Maybe” He replied with a puzzled face

“With who?” I asked

“The girl Nancy moves with, her friend” Scot said

“You mean that girl that was brought to our class with Karen to compete as best singing voices with Nancy?” I asked

“Exactly, Patricia is her name” He said

“You love her?” I asked

“I’m confused, I can’t say but I have that feeling you talked about towards her ” Scot said and lowered his head

It’s obvious he is confused .

“I want to get rid of this feeling, can I?” He asked

I watched him and checked my heart too, my heart is beating softly and longing for the presence of Donna that I may never see again

“In as much as I can never get rid of the feeling of Love I have towards Donna, I do not think you can . Love is like a trap, once you get trapped, you will never be free again” I said

“Damn it” Scot cursed and banged the table angrily

“I dislike this feeling , I don’t wanna fall in Love , I don’t wanna end up being like you” Scot said and cried

Scot didn’t want to fall in Love but it seems he can’t help it.

I feel sorry for him.

Someone knocked gently and opened the door gently
I looked towards the entrance and I saw Brian

He entered gently and noticed Scot crying

“Scot , why are you crying?” He asked

“Scot has mistakenly fallen in Love and he dislikes the feeling yet he can’t help it. He wants the feeling to go but that feeling of Love is stubborn , it stays with him” I replied

Brian turned at me and sat at the edge of the bed.

“Feeling of Love! Scot has fallen in Love with someone? ” Brian muttered and sighed

“I came for similar issue, I’m in Love too but I do not know if it is Love or not so I want to ask how you felt when you were in Love with Donna” Brian said

I explained what Love is to Brian just the same way I’d explained to Scot

He exhaled and rested his head on his chin breathing heavily

Why are my brothers suddenly fallen In Love

“Scot said he is in love with Patricia, Nancy’s friend. Brian, who are you in Love with?” I asked

He exhaled heavily

“Nancy” He said softly

“Nancy!” I exclaimed and he looked at my face in surprise

Jealousy overwhelmed me. My heart felt like it was being pierced with knife. A strange feeling arise inside of me and I suddenly start feeling like I like Nancy

But I did not like her , but why am I feeling this way

“You can’t Love Nancy” I said gently and wished I shouldn’t have said that. but this wicked feeling is taking over me

I do not like her so why do I have to tell Brian to stop having that horrible feeling of Love towards her

“Anthony, I do not know why you tell me to stop falling In love with Nancy, but I want you to know that I can’t help it ” Brian said weakly and walked towards the entrance

“Brian” I yelled pathetically

“Please don’t fall for Nancy” I find myself pleading to Brian

“Did you like her? Why will you tell me not to be in Love with her?” Brian asked

I blinked. Yes I did not like her so why am I telling Brian not to love her

Brian walked out and I watched Scot who was still bowing his head

Can someone explain what is happening to the flower boys , cus to me, this is strange

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