Flower Boy Episode 13

Flower Boy Episode 13

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( He Loves Nancy)

Anthony’s POV

I heard Nancy uttered that statement and we all turned at her.

I and and my brothers exchanged glances and ignored her.

Like she said, maybe I get a soft spot for her but I did not like her or did I? No I did not.
How can I like a clumsy girl like this. But do I really need to save her when the boys were bullying her

I guess I did the right thing, she better not think I like her cus Donna is the only woman in my life and no one can ever take her place in my life.

She is the lady I love with all my heart. I love her so much. Even though she has gone, I still can’t stop loving her

Our driver finally arrived home and we all stepped down. We entered the house together with Nancy.

I eye searched Helen around the room cus she stays in the sitting room most time unless there is a visitor

“Tell Helen that we have arrived” I said to Nancy

Nancy dropped her school bag on the chair and went inside Nancy’s room. She took a while before she came back and I wondered why

“I can’t find her inside her room” Nancy said as she approached us

“U can’t find Helen inside her room, did you check her bathroom and toilet” I asked

“I checked everywhere before coming, I can’t find her ” She replied

I turned at my brothers in surprise.
“Call mum and let’s know what’s up?” She asked

I dialed my mum’s number immediately and she picked up

 Hello mum” I greeted

 Anthony, how are you ?” She asked

 Fine mum, did you perhaps go out with Helen? ” I asked

 No, she is at home all day” My mum replied

 We can’t find her at home” I reported

“That’s strange, ask the house workers” she ordered

“I thought you gave them a day holiday like you did last month, I didn’t find any worker at home” I said

“Call the cops immediately , I didn’t give any holiday , something strange must have happened ”

“Oh!” i exclaimed in fear of what might happen Helen and hung up. I quickly dialed my dad’s number instead before dialing the cops digit

His phone rang but he wasn’t picking it.

We heard someone entered from behind and we turned. It was my dad

“You can’t find Helen right?” My dad asked

“How did you know that? I was about calling you” I said

“She has being kidnapped, the person who kidnap her is a known somebody demanding for something ” My dad said and went to the chair

He sunk there and I could see a look of frustration on his face

We walked towards him

“Dad! Who is the known somebody and what is he demanding for?” I asked

“Forget about who he is but he is demanding that Nancy be expelled from school” My dad said

“Why? Did he have issues with Nancy?” I asked

“Yes he did, if I did not expel Nancy, we can’t get Helen back” He said

“Who is more important now , Helen or Nancy?” Scot asked

Everyone kept quiet

I looked at Nancy and I saw a face of hopelessness in her face, she knew that she will be expelled from school now cus Helen is obviously more needed than her

“Expel me instead and let’s bring Helen back” Nancy said

“It’s complicated than that, I know what your father can do” My dad said

I was surprised that he was sacred of Nancy’s dad . I wondered who Nancy’s dad is cus my dad is never scared of no one, the only person I’ve heard him talk about as his boss and mentor is the owner of universe record label

“I’ll lie, It’s wrong but I will tell my dad that I haven’t being expelled ” Nancy said

“Are you dumb? If you lie, won’t he notice when he sees you staying at home instead of going to school” Scot said

“I think I have an idea, let her be a full time baby sitter , she will be staying here and going to her place by weekend, with that, her dad will not suspect that she is not going to school, moreover, I personally will be teaching her all that she misses in school when we arrive, when all issues are solved, and she returns to school, she will be capable enough to catch up with other students” Brian said softly

My dad raised his head and looked at me for what I have to say

“Nice idea, I like that” I said and my dad nodded

He brought out his phone and dialed someone’s digit

 Agreed, she’s expelled” my dad said

I didn’t hear what the other person said but my dadhungn up

We all looked at him wondering what he had just did

“Nancy, go to the fifty sixth street and pick up Helen, you will see her behind Biggy’s restaurant” My dad said

Nancy left us hurriedly and went out

“Nancy will be back with Helen , don’t worry” my dad said and walked out

My brothers and I sunk to the chair and hoped that Nancy will come soon with Helen

After few minutes Nancy returned, we all stood up and saw Helen with her.

I ran towards Helen and she did the same, we hugged and I carried her on my shoulder

“Helen” I called and examined her face

“Hope you are fine ?” I asked

“Yes, the daddy that came to pick me has many bodyguards, he gave me beautiful food to eat and gave me a lot of toys, I like him” Helen said

“It’s alright” I dropped her and smiled at her

“Don’t trust a stranger next time ” I stepped up to our rooms upstairs and left with my brothers

Karen’s POV

“Simple task, you can not accomplish, shame on you, and I even paid you before hand” I said scolding the four boys I sent to disgrace and embarrass Nancy

“We are sorry ma, we never knew that flower boy could save her ” One of the boy said

“Just get out of my sight” I said and the boys left

Flower boy saved Nancy, why? Why would he save Nancy? I thought he dislikes ladies and he bullies ladies a lot

Does that mean he is liking that common baby sitter or what?

No, I need to act smarter. My phone beeped briefly. I knew it was a message . I checked and it reads;

“Job done, Nancy has being expelled, don’t hesitate to tell me anything you need next time”

I read it and smiled. it was my dad that sent it. He has helped in expelling Nancy

Good. He will never get close to Anthony like that, more so, she will never be able to become a great artiste she has probably always long to be

I’m glad right now . I smiled as I walked to where my car was packed

I entered and sadness overwhelmed me again when I remembered that Anthony saved Nancy.

I drove to Anthony’s house cus that is where I’m living , another opportunity to see him always, If I’m close to him always , I’m sure he will have no choice than to yield to my yearnings for him

I just want to be the only girl around Anthony , it’s just a matter of time, I know Anthony will do exactly what I want. He will Love me, I can’t wait for that day to come

I finally got home and entered the house, I met Nancy and Helen in the sitting room, they were laughing and playing a game of puzzle

I was irritated at the sight of Nancy in the house but happy at least that she had being expelled

I walked towards them to see if Helen will keep her promise of being friend with me

As soon as Helen saw me, she stood up and hugged me tight.

I was surprised and faked a smile while smirking irritatingly at Nancy

“Karen, I miss you” She said on my shoulder looking at me with Love

She really kept her promise, did she keep her promise cus she loves me or because she loves Nancy? Whatever, all I know is that Helen and I will soon get along very well

“Aw, I miss you too Helen” I replied and she blushed

“Shall we go inside” I asked and she nodded

I carried her to my room and made her sit

But I’m sad, now that she has kept her promise by being friend with me , I need to keep my promise by letting that baby sitter stay in this house .

Gosh! I wish I can sack that girl immediately but I’m stuck with the promise I made with Helen

Nancy’s POV

Helen had told me before Karen comes that she will be friend with Karen so she won’t work on getting me sacked as a baby sitter

It was well planned all along and I was glad that Helen was smart. We are obviously smarter than her but she did not know

I sat down thinking of what next to do when I saw someone stepping down the stairs

The person approached me and sat. It was Brian, one of the flower boys, the gentle one among them

“Hi ” He greeted gently

I just like the way he talks , very gentle and soft

“Hey” I said and bowed my head wondering how he knows that I’m the only one in the sitting room and what he wanted to say

“Are you surprised to see me?” He asked

I bowed gently and nodded my head

I was shy, gosh! I’ve never imagined me sitting down with one of the flower boys and having a conversation

” you are such a pretty girl, you are cool and smart too, tell me about the brown dot on your nose ?” He asked

“I know little to nothing about it” I replied

“Humn” He hummed and sat very well looking intently at my face

“Do you remember what has happened in the past or you kinda have some kind of flashback in the past” He asked

I wondered how he knows

I nodded slowly

“Yes, I’m having some strange flashback this days ” I said

“Would you mind telling me about it?” He asked

“Sure, I’d seen my self and my family entered a plane. I’d seen my father cried and holding my wrist in the plane, I do not know what he is crying for” I said

“Plane! ” He exclaimed and looked intently at me

“Have you heard of the name Donna before?” He asked

I shook my head

“Close your eyes and try to remember, let me tell you some memories of Donna” He said and I nodded

Donna is the only girl in Anthony’s heart, they started dating since they were sixteen and seventeen .

Donna is an averagely tall but very beautiful lady. She is gorgeous and every man’s dream

She has the brown dot on her nose and she laughs seductively though not intentional

Donna likes pink colour and likes to take hot dog and sharwarma, her favorite food is Brownswick stew , she likes Barbecue too

She is very brilliant and loves to sing, she sings best at tenure and surprano. The first time she came to visit Anthony,they were sitted in the sitting room till she left while we excuse them , they chatted and had fun. Donna loves Chess and she is best at it” He paused

I kept my eyes closed as I listened to all that he say, while he says all those things , I couldn’t remember anything, then I remembered exactly what he said . I saw myself entering this same house to visit Anthony, I saw us playing chess and laughing , but my face then was different from my face of now, but I still know that I’m the one

Everything went blank again

I opened my eye

“What did you remember?” He asked

“I remembered exactly what you told me” I retorted

“What! I do not want you to be Donna, why would you remember for real?” He said

“I do not think I’m that Donna” I quickly defended

“But I remembered exactly what you told me” I said

“Then it means you are Donna, but I do not want you to be Donna” He said

I wondered what Brian is saying now, maybe I do not remember for real, maybe I’m just imagining what he told me

But I’m sure of what I remembered, I’m so sure

Does that mean flower boy and I have being friends before , that’s not possible now

But why is Brian wishing that I’m not Donna, is anything the matter ?

I sighed and bowed my head slightly

I noticed that Brian stood up and came closer to me

He squatted in front of me

“Please don’t be Donna” He pleaded

What is this Brian talking about, did I say I’m Donna, is he not the one telling me to try to remember stuff

“Nancy, I want you to be Nancy and not Donna cus I…” He said and paused

“Cus you what now just say it cus I’m getting scared” I thought in my heart

“Cus I Love you Nancy”Brian said


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