Flower Boy Episode 16

Flower Boy Episode 16

By Oyebamiji Samue

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(What is Brian doing with Nancy?)

Nancy’s POV

I watched as Karen starred at herself from her head to toe . Helen had said that she smells like a fish and Anthony confirmed it

But is she really Donna, for her to remember those memories , but Anthony didn’t believe her still. There is no way she could have remembered that if she is not Donna

Anthony had walked to the Musical room, we all followed excluding Karen, she felt so embarrassed that she could not even follow us to the musical room

I do not even think she had anything to do there in the first place

We all entered the musical room and everyone sat.

“So guys, we do not really have much time. We gotta start rehearsing often cus we must release a hit song that will blow the whole of America and beyond ” Bob said and the flower boys nodded while I watched

“So let’s get started ” Bob said and brought out a book.
Helen came inside abruptly and whispered something into my ear.

“Excuse me” I said and stood up.

I followed Helen to her room

“This is Karen’s phone, I saw her watching a video of Anthony so I want you to watch it too” Helen said

“Video of Anthony? Where will she get that and what if she notices what you have done?” I asked

“She can’t, just take and watch it, you will like it, I watched it with her , it’s Anthony and a girl in the video” Helen said

“A girl?” The mention of Anthony with a girl caught my attention. I brought out my phone and sent the videos to my phone

“I have it on my phone now, return the phone to her room” I said and Helen Obliged

I opened the folder and saw series of video. I clicked on the first video and watched it. It was exactly what Karen had told Anthony she remembered.

What could be happening and who is this girl that I’m seeing inside this video. The way Drake called them out in this video made it obvious that they are dating.

Could this be the girl that makes Anthony cries always . Did she break up with her or something unexpected had separated them

But why is Karen claiming that he is this girl. This girl is obviously the Donna I’ve being hearing about.

I dropped the phone on the bed and wondered how I can know whom that lady is. I can’t ask Anthony cus he will obviously not reply me

I will ask Brian, since he seems to be strangely caring this days. I’m sure he will tell me. But should I show him this video? If I do, he will ask where I get it from, I will be foolish to say that I sneaked it in from Karen’s phone

I sighed and went back to the musical room. I met the flower boys singing their part already. They have a very sweet voice and I adore it so much .

“Nancy, can you dance?” Bob asked as he faced me

“Dance! Actually, I’m not that good in dancing, maybe if I see someone to teach me , I will know how to” I retorted

“I will teach you” Brian said softly

“It’s my job to do that” Bob said

I watched the two of them wondering what is going on.

“Bob, you do not have the time, I stay with Nancy at home, Let me just handle the dance tutorial” Brian said

“Everyone knows I have a dancing studio, I train many people to dance, all Nancy has to do is to be coming there , there is a little to what you can teach her at home” Bob said

“Who is the best dancer among the flower boys?” Brian asked

“You of course” Scot said

“Why shouldn’t I be able to teach Nancy how to dance ? ” Brian asked

“You can’t. I will do that. Case closed.” Bob said and stood up

He told me to stand and I did.

He held me by my waist and told me to bend backward. I did and he stood beside me guiding me from falling.

His left hand was under my waist and his right hand on the right waist.

“Just leave her now, has the dance training start so soon, I thought we are still doing the song rehearsal” Anthony said and Bob made me stand upright back

“Well, I’m only trying to see how fit she is for dancing” Bob retorted

“I doubt it” Brian said and walked closer to me. He held me my wrist and made me sit beside him

I sincerely didn’t understand what is happening between Brian, Bob and Anthony

“Must she sit beside you?” Anthony asked Brian

“You want her to come and sit beside you right?” Brian asked

“Why would I? Just that … Never mind” Anthony said with a discomforting look on his case

Why is he not comfortable with me sitting with Brian. i know he doesn’t like me so what is the discomforting look all about

“Guys, I sincerely didn’t understand this drama, maybe we should pick another female for this song instead cus it seems Nancy will be distracting Brian” Scot said

“How?” Brian asked quickly

“You told us you Love Nancy, and it’s obvious, you get jealous when Bob was checking to see if she is fit for dancing. You also made her sit beside you” Scot said bluntly

Really? Has Brian confessed to his brothers that he loves me. So Brian Loves me for real

Does the flower boys fall in Love or they just wanna play a game with me. I raised my head to look at Brian very well again. He looked very handsome and cute with his gentle and intelligent face

I like him really but my heart is not connected with Brian in any way. Even though I adore him so much. I know I can never Love him.

Anthony is that guy I have always Loved. With everything he has done for me. I still can’t stop loving him

Bob laughed sarcastically

“This is crazy now . what happened to Brian? When did he start falling in Love?” Bob asked facing Anthony

“I do not know Bob, he behaves strange this days” Anthony retorted

“I think I need to tell you this. Brian, forget about loving Nancy cus it will never work. Nancy is just a common baby sitter and…” Bob said and Brian interrupted

“Keep quiet” Brian yelled and stood angrily

Bob jerked back in fear and the flower boys arched their brow to see the gentle Brian getting angry

“If she is a common baby sitter, who are you? Isn’t it Dr. Nicholas that brought you from the street and made you somebody. And by the ways, I ain’t complaining, I saw her as a baby sitter before my heart falls for her. I Love Nancy and I’m bold to say it. No one should even think of stepping into our midst. Nancy must get featured in this song , if not , I’m not participating too” Brian said with fury glaring in his voice

“Oh! Take it easy Brian” Bob said

Anthony lowered his head. He didn’t say anything.

Scot was mute too

“You can have her , no qualms, we all did not have problem about that. Shall we continue with the rehearsal? ” Bob asked

“You spoilt my mood already” Brian said and held me by my wrist, he pulled me out of the musical room

Anthony’s POV

I’m as confused as hell right now. Brian is the most gentle amidst us. When has he suddenly become aggressive, just because of Love

“Bob, I apologize on behalf of Brian” I said

“It’s alright, I hope he calms down soon, we will continue the rehearsal some other time” Bob said and left

I exhaled and looked at Scot

“Scot, what do you think of all this?” I asked Scot who was also looking confused

“I think Brian is obsessed already with the Love of Nancy, but isn’t he suppose to ask Nancy to know if she also loves him in return so it won’t be like he is forcing the poor girl”Scot said

I lowered my head and exhaled

” scot, what do we do now? Cus if Brian is not cooperating , it will be very difficult for us to release the song, the two of us can not just come out to release a song, you and I know what the media will be saying, they will be start saying stuffs like the flower boys broke up and that alone can ruin the reputation of Nicholas high” I said

“True, we just need to do all that Brian wants for now so everything can go smooth. But Anthony, the memories of Karen were true, why did you insult her instead ?” Scot asked

“I didn’t insult her, I told her how she smells like. Yes, her memories are true but did you know what it means not to like someone ? Have you ever being in a condition where someone likes you and you know you did not like the person, It doesn’t matter if the person is beautiful or not, you just know you did not like the person. That feeling is the exact same feeling I’m having towards Karen

Scot sighed and maintained his gaze at me. I guess he is trying to reason with what I’d just said

” Scot, you know what? If she is truly Donna, I think my heart should connect. I just didn’t like Karen” I said and rested my head on the chair

“Anthony, It’s quiet complicated to understand what you are saying cus I’d never have that kind of experience, but do you know what I believe?” Scot asked

“What?” I retorted

“I believe that Karen is Donna, it’s impossible for anyone to remember that kind of memory. And what if she narrates more memories of you and Donna to you, would you believe?” Scot asked

“Scot. I trust you, but why am I suspecting you? May be you were the one that told Karen to tell me what she told me cus I do not know why you are trying to convince me that she is Donna” I said

“I! Omg! Have you ever seen me talk to Karen? Have you ever seen us together? Why would you think in such a way. ” Scot said painfully

“I’m sorry. Okay! You may believe that Karen is Donna but it will probably take a while for me to believe that she is Donna. But this Nancy is what I can’t explain” I said

“What is that about?” Scot asked

“I mean I do not know the kind of feeling I’m having for Nancy, don’t get me wrong, I did not like her, In fact, I did not like to see her. But I once tried to save her from bullies and when I asked her if she knows why I tried to help her , she said it’s because I got a soft spot for her. What did you think?” I asked

“I do not think anything Anthony, I’ve never fallen in Love, this is my first time of falling in love so I do not have much knowledge about Love. Since you did not like her, what kind of feeling are you having towards her again?” Scot asked

“I can’t explain too, but what I know is that I have a soft spot for her. Oh! I miss Donna” I said as the memories of Donna and I flashed across my mind

I lowered my head and tears gushed out. My imaginations of Donna is so real. I can never find a girl like Donna again. I know that and it’s so painful

“Donna” I called softly with a cracking voice and a painful heart

Scot noticed that I’m broken again

He walked closer to me and sat beside me, he hugged me with his right arm

“Anthony, please stay strong, you can not keep mourning over Donna. We all know you Love her. We all know she is the perfect girl for you, but please try and get over her” Scot said

“Don’t ever say that again Scot” I said with anger and faced Scot

He jerked back in fear

“How can you say I should get over Donna, she is right here in my heart, she may have died before people, but she lives inside of me, I see her everyday” I said angrily and cried weakly again

Scot ignored my anger and hugged me again. This time , he kept quiet and kept petting me.

“Donna, this life I live is useless without you, why not kill me and let me come and meet you in that part of the world . life would have being the best with you, I promise never to get over you” I stood up weakly and went to the keyboard ready to play

“Anthony, why not play the one in your room ” Scot suggested.

I know he is trying to lead me to my room.

I stood up and he held me and we both walked out of the musical room, we walked upstairs.

Brian’s room is the room we meet first before getting to our rooms

“Anthony, why not let’s settle scores with Brian, we shouldn’t separate cus of Love” Scot suggested

“Maybe, but I’m too weak to do that, I do not have much strength to settle scores with anyone. I just want to sit before my keyboard and play for my Donna ” I said

“I promise we would not spend long” Scot said and dragged me to Brian’s room’s entrance

“What the fuck!” Scot yelled as he opens the door to Brian’s room

I opened my eye clearly to see what Scot saw and I was shocked.

What did you think Scot and Anthony saw?


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