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Flower Boy Episode 17

Flower Boy Episode 17

By Oyebamiji Samue

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Anthony’s POV

“Brian, has it gotten to this extent” I said

“What extent?” Brian replied and stood up and come towards us.

We had never sat together in the same table with a commoner , now Brian is here sitting opposite Nancy and eating together as if they were on a dating treat

“Brian, you eating with a common baby sitter, has this love of a thing made you so dull” Scot scolded

“It’s my choice” Brian said and maintained his gaze at us.

Scot and I exchanged glances.

I know that Scot was obviously disgusted at Brian for eating with a commoner

Scot walked out of the room and I followed

“Scot, Anthony” Brian called

We turned and wondered what he was calling us for since it’s obvious that he’s angry

“I’m so sorry” Brian said as he approached us

“I think I need help, I do not know what is happening to me. I can’t understand why I would have loved a girl that much too. It’s freaking me out and I can’t help it” Brian pleaded

Scot and I exchanged glances in surprise

I sighed

“I can help you to stop loving Nancy” Scot said

“How? And I did not even want to stop loving her. I like this feeling” Brian said

“I’m thinking, we can employ another baby sitter and send her away since she is causing commotions and distractions already” Scot said

“I can’t let you sack Nancy, my love for her has grown so deep . I do not think I can stay a day without her” Brian said

“Nevertheless, it shouldn’t come to that level of eating with a baby sitter” I said

Brian sighed

“I know it’s so ridiculous but I can’t help it too” Brian said

“It’s alright, you need to apologize to Bob, you know he’s quiet older than us and he has done everything that calls for him to be respected, you shouldn’t have yelled at Bob that way” I scolded

“I’m so sorry, I can’t believe I did that too, I’m so sorry. I’ll apologize to Bob tomorrow” Brian said .

“Good, can you let the girl go to her room please?” I asked

“Oh! I do not think she wants to leave yet” Brian replied

“She wouldn’t know how to tell you, I guess you should ask her so it won’t be like you are forcing her” I said and Brian nodded

I feel so jealous that Nancy is at Brian’s room. I did not know why I’m getting jealous. Not like I liked her or something close.

I tried to ignore the feeling

I and Scot departed to our various rooms.

I feel like dragging Nancy from Brian’s room to my place , I just feel so jealous. I can do that though, but then, he will ask of the reason behind my actions . I can’t say it’s because I’m jealous

Since everyone knows that I did not like her. But I get a soft spot for her right? But what is this thing about soft spot? Maybe that is what is making me jealous cus I’d never being jealous of any lady apart from Donna.

Am I really thinking about this Baby sitter ? When I’m suppose to be thinking about Donna.

I want to think about Donna and even play a song for her as usual but I feel uncomfortable with Nancy in Brian’s room.

I just want to go there and bring Nancy out.

Just that I did not like her, so why should I do that. I’m confused. I’m jealous.

Brian’s POV

The love I have for Nancy is growing every minutes, I’m changing into another Brian already. It’s being years I yelled at someone and I had to yell in fury to Bob just because of my love for Nancy.

I really do not care to know if she likes me or not, I just enjoy this feeling of love I’m having towards Nancy

And to top it all, I was even eating with her. I’d never done that in my life. I didn’t expect my brothers to barge in abruptly . Nevertheless , I eating with a common baby sitter is very ridiculing. But Love has blurred my thinking faculty. I can’t think straight.

“Nancy, are you comfortable here ?” I asked

“Not really, I’m not used to staying alone in a room with a male” Nancy said and I felt somehow rejected

“Nancy, you know it’s ridiculing eating with you but I chose to” I said and watched her but her face didn’t show any expression

“Nancy, did you know I like you so much?” I asked and looked intently at her face again

She was just lowering her head looking at the food she was eating, she couldn’t continue eating again

“Nancy, talk to me, did you know?” I asked

“I did not” She said bluntly and I was shocked.

Gosh! I feel rejected again

I just hope that this girl likes me, who wouldn’t want to be with the flower boys anyways, it’s most ladies dream . maybe she is just pretending . Who knows?

“Well, I like you Nancy and I hope that you do too” I said and looked at her. She looked into my face and lowered her head again

“Please I want to go” Nancy said

“Oh! You are getting tired of this place already right? Alright, but do not let anyone threaten you in this house, if you do need anything, tell me” I said

She nodded gently and stood.

“You forgot to teach me what you were taught in school today” She said

I remembered that I promised her truly but we didn’t even attend class today

“Yes, I did, but we went out on an official meeting today so we didn’t even have the time to attend lectures, gonna do that tomorrow ,I promise” I said

She nodded and left.

I wished so much that she can stay right here with me all day. But did she like me and she’s pretending not to or she did not like me at all

No! Who wouldn’t see it as an opportunity if the flower boy’s falls for them. I guess she is just recovering from the shock of the truth that I fell in Love with her. I’m just gonna believe that she likes me since that is what can make me happy right now

I smile and kept imagining her beautiful face as I sat on the bed. I liked Nancy so much and I’m getting addicted to her already. She is this woman that captures my entirety. Spending my whole life with her will never be enough

“Nancy, I like so much” I said softly and I kept smiling at myself.

Staying away from Love is staying away from stress, life will be boring, everything around will look dull. But ever since I started falling for Nancy, happiness has always filled my heart. Seeing her alone makes my soul leaps for joy

Her presence alone comforts me and my life is not even worth living without her

I kept smiling at myself and I keep imaging how our relationship will look like in the future

Anthony’s POV

I can’t stand this again, I just need to let Brian know that it’s not right to stay inside a room with an opposite sex.

I walked out of my room and I saw Nancy walking out of Brian’s room. She looked dull, she doesn’t seem happy but who cares?

Not like I care though, I shouldn’t even notice her mood. But has Brian done something for her?

Should I ask her. If I do, she will think I care. I do not care so I will just let it slide

But what has Brian done for Nancy now?

I wish I can ask Nancy but I can’t. I tip toed and followed her as she walked downstairs. She went into her room and I was hiding and stalking her.

She probably noticed that someone is following her from behind cus she turned but I had hidden already so she did not even see me

Anthony, why are you following this girl? I heard myself say to myself. I’m as confused as anyone. When did I start stalking a lady. I tip toed to her door and wanted to peep to see what she is doing inside her room.

The door suddenly opened and I saw her standing and watching me as she stood at the entrance. I quickly bend, coughing pretentiously like something suddenly went wrong with me

Anthony, you are done for now, what kind of reckless act is this.

I was thinking and still coughing. I was searching my brain seriously to see what I can say to defend myself

She will wonder what I’m doing at the entrance of her room now. Gosh! What should I say?

I coughed harder and tried to leave the entrance to her room to at least try to escape the recent embarrassment of her seeing me at her door.

I kept coughing and staggered to the sitting room and the surprising thing is that Nancy was just staring at me. She did not even try to help.

I went to the dinning instead to take a cup of water cus If I go to the sitting room, I will want to stop coughing and she will wonder why I suddenly stopped coughing

So it’s better I take a cup of water at the Dinning table so she will think I got fine cus I drank water.

I drank the water and while going to the sitting room to sit and rest like someone that had just recovered from the cough . I stylishly looked at the entrance to her room and I didn’t see her standing there again

I smiled happily and stood . but did she know that I’m pretending or what? What will she be thinking now. Thinking of what flower boy is doing at the entrance of her room

I turned at the entrance this time. I just want to be around her too. No , I do not think so. How can I want to be around this common baby sitter , but Anthony, you shouldn’t be stalking this girl

I was just thinking out loud.

I want to go back to her room but I still feel like seeing her. It’s as if I derive so much joy just by staring at her alone

But , did I like her?

I dislike her , gosh!

Let me just go my room. I took some steps away and some unexplainable feelings towards that poor Nancy would not let me be.

I tip toed and eye searched around again. I tip toed to the entrance to her room gently

If someone catches me staring inside Nancy’s room. I better have a good explanation to give cus I’m very poor at lying.

I peeped through the tiny hole at her door and I was searching for where she was in the room.

Where in the world is she in this room now. I bent and rested my two palms on the door searching for where she is in the room

I noticed that a figure was standing beside me. I firstly ignored thinking that it’s nobody but I turned abruptly when I heard scoffs from the person

Jeez! It’s Nancy

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