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Flower Boy Episode 2

Flower Boy Episode 2

By Oyebamiji Samuel

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Anthony’s POV

“Why would you, huh? Why have you done that, I employed someone and you have the gut to sack the poor girl, Is it her fault that your girlfriend died, I employed her for Helen not you, anyways, the girl is coming back and you dare not touch her” My mother said angrily

Helen had told her about my actions towards Nancy few days ago, I can’t believe my mum is supporting this girl , how can I live in the same roof with a female

I dislike female with passion, when my mom talked about the death of my girlfriend, Donna, my heart skipped, I felt like crying but that will only make me look weak before mum

I know that life will be hell of a living for that girl in this house.

I left the presence of my mum and went inside , I buried my head under my pillow and sobbed, I Loved Donna so much.

She is my first Love, she is perfect, she is the one that completes me, she is the one my heart desire

“Donna! Why would you die, huh? Why would you” I said to myself crazily

I’m going crazy, my Love for Donna keeps increasing day by day even though I can’t see her

“No, Donna can’t be dead, may be she fell from the plane into the deep sea, may be she is safe, may be she will come back” I muttered

My heart is heavy, it is torn, I’m shattered . Love has broken me
“Donna” I yelled and grabbed my duvet .
I sobbed 😭

Tears rolled from my eyes warmly , I do not have any hope of seeing Dona

I remembered that day Donna and I went to bar last before she travelled with her family and experienced plane crash with her family

We sat together then and drank together, we discussed about the future , I remembered her revealing her set of teeth that is as white as snow when we were talking about the number of children we will give birth to in the future

“Donna why?” I said

When I can’t control myself again, I went to my keyboard and played

🎹 🎶 🎹 🎼 🎹

It’s been so long

That I haven’t seen your face

I’m tryna be strong

But the strength I have is washing away

It wont be long before I get you by my side

And just hold you, tease you, squeeze you

Tell you what’s been on my mind


I wanna make up right now na na

I wanna make up right now na na

Wish we never broke up right now na na

We need to link up right now na na


Girl I know, mistakes were made between us two

And we show our ass that night even said somethings weren’t true

Why’d you go and haven’t seen my girl since then

Why can’t it be the way it was

‘Cause you were my homie, lover and friend


I played with all my emotions, remembering Donna , I sobbed the more.

I remembered that I would be going to school that morning, I went to the bathroom , dressed and head off to school.

Nancy’s POV

I still didn’t know why Anthony dislikes me , I like him so much. I never knew we could even meet

I thought while getting prepared for school.
I’ve being admitted to Nicholas high. I’m commencing school today

I’m gonna make new friends and have all the fun of my life in school.

I dressed up and stared at my beautiful self in the wall mirror, wow! I can’t believe I’m this beautiful

I slung my school bag across my shoulder when my phone suddenly buzzed

“Who could that be” I thought and picked the call

📲 Hello, is this Nancy 📲 A voice sounded

📲 Yes ma 📲 I replied

📲 Good, please do not mind what my son, Anthony did, he does not have the power to sack you, please resume work today 📲 The woman said

📲 Alright ma, I’ll come there when returning from school , thanks so much ma, how is Helen? 📲 I asked

📲 She is fine, she misses you too, she will be expecting you by evening cus I don’t really stay at home, I move from one city to the other, call me if Anthony is making life difficult for you 📲 She said

📲 Alright ma 📲 I said and hung up

“What the heck, I thought she should be at home, how can I babysit Helen comfortably when Anthony does not like me, but who really cares? I’m happy that I will be living with Anthony, seeing him alone makes me happy, I really like him” I muttered and stared at his picture on my wall, I went to it and peck it

I walked out of the room and went to school.


Anthony’s POV

As soon as I got to school, my phone buzzed briefly, I knew it was an SMS, I checked it and saw a message from my father saying I should meet him at his office

“Hope everything is alright?” I asked myself cus dad doesn’t send for me abruptly like this

I went to meet him at his office

“Sit son” He said and gestured for me to sit

I noticed a lady sitting on the second chair facing him , I ignored the lady and sat on the first chair facing my father

“Anthony, meet Karen, Karen meet Anthony” My father said

“Hi” Karen said

“Hi” I replied Karen cus I respected my father, if not, why would dad introduce me to an opposite sex when he knows I hated them with passion

“Anthony, Karen is the daughter of the CEO of Universe record label, she lived all her life in Germany with her mother , but her Father brought her here to attend this school cus of her passion for music. And trust me, she is very good” my father said and paused

I wondered why my dad is saying all this
” So if she is the daughter of the biggest record label in America, what should I do with her then?” I thought curiously

“Anthony, take a look at Helen” My father said

I squeezed my face but I still had to obey father, I turned my gaze at her and looked at her

She is slim and beautiful, her lips are red.

I turned my gaze at Father

“She is cool” I said to my dad . I do not want to use the word beautiful

“She is gonna make a perfect girlfriend right?” Dad asked

“What are you talking about?” I asked furiously in my heart. I dare not say it out

“Dad” I said and paused

“Anthony , don’t feel shy, I know you like her , so what?” my dad said and smiled

I stole a glance at Karen, she also maintained a smiling face

“I was really furious at father, is he forcing me to date Karen or what?” I thought

“Anyways, I do not expect you to fall in Love with her immediately , so I thought of the best thing that will enhance your relationship, she will be staying with you in the house” Dad said

“Dad” I yelled and paused

I felt I could do something crazy to my dad right now, but I can’t

“Why yelling my name?” My dad asked gently and looked at me sternly

“I’m sorry” I said and swallowed my anger cus I really didn’t have a choice

“You can go now” My dad said

I stood up immediately and went out furiously

“What is dad up too, did he think I would easily fall in Love with another female not when Donna is still in my heart” I thought and went to class


Nancy’s POV

I held the map of the school , my class had being circled with a blue ink in the map. I gazed at the map for minutes, I was frustrated cus I did not know how to read map

“Hi dear, are you confused?” A feminine voice asked from behind

“I am” I said and turned and I saw a very beautiful and tall lady

“Hi” I greeted

She smiled and collected the map from me, she saw my circled class in the map

“What!” She exclaimed

I blinked in surprise wondering why she yelled

“You won’t last long in this school, in fact, you are out already” She said

My heart beats in fear of what she just said

“What did you mean please?” i asked anxiously

“This class is for the flower boys, all the boys there are rich , most ladies who got unlucky to be fixed to their class always end up being frustrated, even if the girl proves stubborn, Flower boy himself will sack the lady” the lady said

I sighed

“What am I suppose to do now?” I asked

“My name is Patricia and You?” The lady asked

“I’m Nancy” I replied

She gestured for me to follow her and I obliged.

We got to a particular class

“This is the class for flower boys, I hope you can cope” Patricia said

I sighed heavily

“I hope so” I replied

“That is my class” Patricia said pointing to the class beside the flower boys class

I nodded

“You can come by break and let’s have fun” Patricia said and went to her class

I entered the class and I saw few boys strolling around, some were discussing, others were sitting and reading

I was looking for a sit for myself when I heard a voice behind me

“Yes? are you mistaken?” A voice sounded inquisitively from behind

I turned swiftly and saw Anthony and his two friends.

I shook my head and bowed. Other boys started rallying round me

“Is this her class for real..is she really fixed to this class…why is she is so unlucky…” Many of those boys starting rumouring audibly into my ears

Flower boy walked closer to me

“Are you fixed to this class for real?” Anthony asked

I nodded

He giggled and laughed, everyone laughed

Everyone continued laughing.

I wondered why they kept laughing

I found out that the laughter is not from their heart , it is not genuine , it is a laughter of mockery

Anthony was laughing and his face was still stern, but I really like his beautiful face as I stole glances at him as he laughs

He stopped laughing abruptly and as if all of them had planned it, they all stopped laughing at once

“You are only welcome to this class if you can do one thing” Anthony said

I smiled

“What is it?” I asked anxiously and happily

“You know what? Everyone of us here dislikes ladies and everything about ladies, you gonna go to the front of the class there and sing while we sit, if you can sing and make any of the flower boys stand up because of your song, you are welcome, let me tell you this too, If you can truly make me stand up from my sit with your voice , you will become my friend, I know you can’t do it cus the only person that can do that is dead” Anthony said

I smiled as he spoke but my smile changed to a sterned one when he talked about someone that had died . I wondered who the person was

“I would like to give it a try” I said ready to take up the challenge

Anthony smirked and signalled for everyone to sit, he went to sit too

I dropped my bag on a chair. I walked forward.

I sing;


Goodbye to you my trusted friend

We’ve known each other since we were nine or ten

Together we’ve climbed hills and trees

Learned of love and ABC’s

Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees

Goodbye my friend it’s hard to die

When all the birds are singing in the sky

Now that spring is in the air

Pretty girls are everywhere

Think of me and I’ll be there 🎼🎹

Before I could sing the chorus, most of the boys in the class had stood up including two of the flower boys.

I wish Anthony can stand up because I really wanna be his friend as he promised


We had joy, we had fun

we had seasons in the sun

But the hills that we climbed

Were just seasons out of time

Omg! Anthony stands up with a smile mixed with tears on his face

I happily sang the chorus again and everyone sang with me;

We had joy, we had fun

we had seasons in the sun

But the hills that we climbed

Were just seasons out of time
🎼 🎼

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