Flower Boy Episode 23

Flower Boy Episode 23

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( I heard a gun shot )

Anthony’s POV

“Go and dress now dear so we can go to school together” I said and she nodded.

She cat walked away.

I sunk to my bed and closed my eye. Everything is getting complicated right now. I know deeply in my mind that I’m only deceiving her. It’s like the Love of Donna had being permanently magnetized to my life.

I can’t stop Loving Donna as long as I live. If she is Donna? Shouldn’t something connect in our heart? I just can’t feel any connection between us

My heart is strongly repelling Karen. She is not just my type. Even though she does almost everything like Donna, I just didn’t like her

Maybe she is Donna cus the memories are true , but what if someone had told her . Just Scot, Brian and I were in the beach that day

Is any of my brothers telling her anything? Brian…No, he can’t do that. He even loves Nancy and not Karen

Scot…humn. What if it is Scot that is narrating all those memories to her so she can lure me into her trap. But I trust Scot too. Scot is in Love with Patricia and not Karen

So who? Who else knows me that deep? Something in me is so sure that she is not Donna but if she keep narrating this memories, I may be lured permanently into believing that she is Donna for real

I will have to be smarter this time and be on watch on who could be leaking my memories with Donna.

I had already bathed and put on my school uniform before she entered. I did all necessary things and checked my wrist watch. I reasoned that it’s not yet time my brothers and I meet at the living room. Which means K can still fulfil my rite for Donna

I sat before the keyboard and began to play, I sang and memories of Donna came flashing in

After I’d finished playing, her Love grew stronger inside of me. It feels as if I’d just fallen in Love with Donna and that alone created some sort of dislike for Karen. I do not know why , but the more my Love for Donna grows stronger , the more it diminishes for Karen

I walked out of the room and stepped down hurriedly.

My brothers and Karen were already inside the room waiting for me

I saw Nancy staying at the entrance of her room in a home dress watching us

Our eyes met and I ignored. Karen saw me and smiled , I noticed she turned at Nancy first and eyed her then she walked closer to me with her arms stretched wide ready to hug me as If I’m her boyfriend

Oh! She’s probably thinking that we are now dating since I deceived her already that she is Donna

“Hold it” I said bluntly before she could hug me. Her wide stretched arms hanged in the air and she dropped them down in embarrassment.

Damn it! I didn’t like the girl , she is just too forward, just because I said she is Donna, she thinks she can be hugging me anyhow

I’m used to insulting and embarrassing ladies, hers isn’t a different case. I ignored her and walked out. My brothers followed me behind and we entered the car

The driver waited for few minutes to see if Karen is gonna join us but she didn’t, so he drove us to school without her.

“Anthony, why did Karen wants to hug you, even after you embarrassed her publicly in class yesterday?” Scot asked

“She seems to forget insult easily, she is not smart. I did not like her” I said

” she smells nice this days though” Brian said and smiled faintly

“True, she is using a perf actually ” I said and they all nodded

We finally get to school and went to our class

Nancy’s POV

I felt bad for Karen cus of how Anthony embarrassed her. She felt so insulted. Even though I felt jealous when she wanted to hug Anthony but I wasn’t expecting that from Anthony

Well, Anthony is used to insulting and embarrassing ladies anyways. I hope she gets used to it.

I had being leaning at the entrance of my door. I turned to enter my room but I heard my name

“Nancy” someone called and I turned. It was Karen

She walked closer to me

“You poor commoner ” She said and examined me irritatingly from head to toe like I’m a shit

“I’m sure Anthony ignored me cus of you , I just dislike you and I’m gonna teach you a lesson” She said and I wondered what I’ve done.

I was just leaning at the entrance of my room watching them go to school while I’m in pain of not being able to go to school

Yet, she is saying she wants to teach me a lesson, anyways, I’m gonna watch what she wants to do for me

She brought out her phone and called someone buy the person wasn’t picking. She tried a number of times and finally gave up

“I promise to deal with you, by the ways, did you have any feeling for Anthony?” She asked

“It’s a personal question, I can’t answer that” I replied

“I see” She said and walked away

I sighed and went inside the room. I had not bathed. I dressed and went to do the necessaries for Helen . I took her to the driver that carried her to school after she had being beautifully dressed

We bade ourselves goodbye and I entered my room

Bob’s POV

I sat at the living room with two of the body guards left while Romeo stood with his mexican rod and black hat on his head

Bandages had being plastered around my neck and I couldn’t even go to the flower boys studio cus anyone can easily suspect that I must have being involved in a duel or something

I just can’t go now. I’m just gonna give a flimsy excuse to the flower boys. They trust me so it it shouldn’t be that complicated for them to believe me

“Bob, I’m so disappointed in you at least for the first time. You mean you can’t bring a simple girl to this place.

And for the useless guard that I sent too, I can’t believe an anonymous somebody killed them easily” Romeo said and sat

“Anyways, did anyone suspect who the suspect could be?” Romeo asked

“We did not even see any trace of the person boss, he is a very skilled assassin, but one thing we know is that he is very good in the use of knives ” I said

“Who can be very good in the use of knives? ” Romeo said and thought deeply but it seems he couldn’t remember any

“But boss, the girl is a baby sitter and she doesn’t go to school, I think we should give it a try again” I suggested

“What if we are attacked again cus I can’t afford to loose more guards ” He said

“Boss, are we given up on her? remember she is the only suspect we have left and your secrete is not even save as long as she is alive ” I said

I have my plans of saving Nancy actually, I had to say all that so Romeo can think I’m on his side cus he is smart and he suspects easily. I might end up killing him and put his guards under my control while I save Nancy, but for now , I have to play along

“Alright, let’s give it another chance” He said and I watched him summon another six of his bodyguards to go and bring Nancy

They went and we all sat down in the living room waiting for them to return

Brian’s POV

I had connected the CCTV camera in the house with my specially made wristwatch. I can easily swipe and see what is happening at home from anywhere I am

I know Nancy is not save. I had planted a magnetic tracker between her fingers and I can easily watch any activities going on in the house except her bathroom and toilet. I can”t be intruding on her privacy

I only did all that to protect her

We had just received the first period lecture

I had being checking my wrist watch even while lecture was going on just to ensure that Nancy is save.

I swiped the screen again as usual to see what is going on around the house only to see six hefty men alight from a Lamborghini , they were dressed like Mexican priest but I knew they were not priest but assassin

Their dressing is a code I know very well. After few minutes, I saw them carry Nancy like a new born baby inside the car.

The drove away and I couldn’t see them again.

I brought out my phone and clicked on the G.P.S tracker on my phone. The map displayed and I saw the red dot on the map which implies the car that Nancy is

It drove through many streets and finally arrive at a magnificent building. I knew at once that the building is where her enemies function from

But what did they want with the poor girl, she is just an easy going girl and she doesn’t have issues with anyone, why are they after are?

I do not know the number of body guards present there but I just have to give it a try even if it means I’ll die

As a trained assassin, we are never afraid of death. We believe we can die anytime .

I excused myself from the class and I put on my facial mask , It’s a skin mask that will make my face look like another person.

It will be easy for me to walk in the street without anyone telling me to sign autographs and rallying around me cus they see one of the flower boys

I stopped a cab and chartered it to that very place.

I studied the well secured building and thought of how to save Nancy. I hope Nancy can see how much I Love her with this sacrifice I’m making

I’m putting my life at risk just to ensure that I save her. Nancy, don’t let me regret this. I’m doing all this cus of Love

Bob’s POV

A guard entered

“Boss, we have brought her , she is in the torture room” One of the guard said and Romeo smirked happily

I could see happiness in his face. He took some steps away while I tried to bring out a gun to shot him dead

Someone pointed a gun at me suddenly, I turned to see who it was and before I knew it, many body guards had surrounded me

“What have I done?” I asked

“What are you trying to do?” One of them asked

Gosh! They suspect already . I’ve always known that this Romeo is always a step ahead of me. So he was using me and keeping his eyes on me at the same time

When I was introduced to Romeo, one of the things told to me then about Romeo is that he reads the face and actions of people to discern what is going on in their heart . it’s like a gift to him and that is why it will be very hard for anyone to kill him

I forgot that totally, he read my mind already and probably noticed that I have some sort of feelings for Nancy

“Guys, I do not know what you are talking about, as you can see that I’m just getting better and.. ” Before I could finish talking they handcuffed me and blinded my face.

I didn’t know where they took me too, but I know the place is very dark and I can barely move my body cus the cell is too small

I’m doomed now, I did not know what Romeo may do to me

Nancy’s POV

I was stunned when I was carried again from my room and driven to a house. My eyes had being blind folded before they could carry me from the house

My eyes got opened inside a very husky and rough room. I squatted there wondering why they are after me.

I have not done anything wrong to anyone, why are they after my life?

A man dressed in Mexican regalia, a black hat and a rod entered . I’d never seen the man in my entire life.

“Hi Nancy” He greeted and I quickly stood up

“Don’t be scared, you are stuck with me now, I’m thinking if I should kill you now so my secrete can be save or keep you here forever and probably colonize your mind to be an assassin but I’m scared that if I make you an assassin , you may rebel against me in the future” The man said and sat in a metal chair before me

“Which did you think is preferable?” He asked me

“Sir, please, I’m just a young girl, what have I done?” I summoned little courage to speak

He laughed sarcastically and rested very well on the chair

“Nothing, absolutely nothing , just that as long as you are alive, my secrete is not save. ” He said and kept laughing and walked towards the entrance of the room

He turned abruptly and his face had turned to strong one

“Kill her and burn her body” He said and walked out

My heart beats and was ripping apart already.

I was scared to the gut. I watched a body guard cocking his gun and pointing it at me

“Is this how I’m gonna die?” I asked myself in fear. The gun pointed towards my direction had even killed my existence already. I closed my eye gently and I heard a gun shot


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