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Flower Boy Episode 24

Flower Boy Episode 24

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( Brian and Nancy )

I thought I was shot but I was surprised to see that I’m still breathing. I opened my eye suddenly and saw that the person holding the gun to shoot me had being shot dead while others are staring around to see whom the enemy is

They started falling one after the other and I can see knives stuck in different part of their bodies. I was scared but I remembered that the day Brian saved me last, knives was what he used.

After wards, I saw a different person coming to drag me out , I have no choice but to follow the person, we passed a different pathway entirely out of the building and he helped me climbed out the house. He drove me straight to a house and I realized that it’s Anthony’s house

Who is this guy that came to save me and where could he be taking me to? I kept stealing glances at the strange face

He step down from the car and leaned beside it. I stepped down sullenly too wondering who the saviour is

I watched him as he opened the facial mask on his face. Jeez! It’s Brian

“Brian!” I exclaimed and I didn’t even know when I moved closer to him to hug him

I could see that he was stunned and later received the hug while trying to recover from the shock

“You saved me again” I said enthusiastically

He smiled but felt embarrassed and shy that I hugged him.

He nodded and blushed .

“How did you know ?” I asked

“I have my eyes on you, no one dares hurt you not when I’m alive” Brian said and I smiled at him

I held him in his hand happily and we both walked inside

We sat together at the living room and he couldn’t even look at my face . I’m sure that the hug I gave him left him stunned.

Brian saved me from death twice and Anthony had never done anything for me other than insulting and making me feel jealous .

I stared into Brian’s face. He is so cute and now I’m seeing it clearly , If I did not retort the Love of Brian, I’m sure he will be so hurt. He has me at heart always and always saved me

He stood up abruptly

“Nancy, I’m kinda hungry, let’s eat together” He said and I obliged

He served the food while we ate and kept watching ourselves like a couple

We keep smiling at ourselves as we stole glances at ourselves while eating, we didn’t talk to each other but our body language was blushing like we were two Lovers

Brian is the perfect guy any Lady would have desired. After we were done eating , he parked the plate and went to the kitchen

Something has changed in me really, I feel free around Brian unlike other days that I’d so much fear for the flower boys and I can hardly look into their face

“Nancy, Bob was talking about some kinda dance he wants to teach you , has he invited you over to teach you?” Brian asked.

“No” I replied and looked sheepishly into his face

“I can teach you now if you don’t mind” He said and I move closer to him and lean on his shoulder

“Teach me how to dance my Lord, but remember that you are suppose to be in school ” I said sarcastically and he giggled

He held me on my two shoulders and pulled me closer to him. I just suddenly start to have a feeling of comfort around him

I rested my body on his and looked directly into his eye while I place my arms on his chest

“I prefer staying with you for the rest of my life to anything in the world” Brian said and rapped his hand around my back

We disengaged and he led me to the music room. He played a music and played a video of some folks dancing in the small plasma TV in the room

After I’d concentrated my attention on it for a while, i shifted my attention on Brian

He noticed and looked at me

“Did you like and adore their dance steps?” He asked and I nodded

I kept looking at him and smiling.

The three minutes dance video was finally over and he stood up ready to teach me to dance

“Let me run you through the theoretical aspect of dancing
Firstly, you must be used to early morning stretch

One of the best ways to start your day as a dancer is with a morning stretch

Stretching will help you improve your dancing by making you more flexible and increasing your range of motion. It will also reduce the risk of injuries like pulled muscles.
Your routine doesn’t have to be long or intense – you just have to get your body moving. Did you get that? He asked but the fact is I’m not even listening . I can’t just stop looking into his cute face

I nodded

” Good, another thing is Muscle memory, it is the ability to execute a movement without having to think about it.
You can practice muscle memory by doing doing the same technique, skill, or routine over and over again.
For example, if you want to practice certain things like isolation or hitting, take breaks during work or studying to do some drills, are you getting that?” He asked

“My Lord, you sound so serious , can’t I be an artiste without learning how to dance , for instance Chris brown and Bruno Mars sing and dance but Drake and Charlie Puth sings alone, same for lady artiste too, they just twist their bodies like fish and employ dancers to dance for them” I said

“True, but learning to dance is an added advantage ” He said

I nodded my head

” As I was saying, Repetition of what I taught you earlier will help your body remember moves and choreography, so that with enough practice, you will be able to do them automatically...” he said but I had to interrupt

“Please I do not mean to interrupt but I do not think I can ever know how to dance ” I said

“Same thing Donna says when she was alive” He said

“Donna!’ I exclaimed with a serious look

” yeah, Donna can sing, she is so talented in singing but when it comes to dancing, count her out , we tried to teach her then but she just didn’t have interest” He said and I nodded

“That reminds me , I have a secrete to leak to you, promise me not to scold me or tell anyone?” I asked

“I promise ” He said and I smiled

I ran inside my room and came back with my phone

I opened a folder containing a girl’s video.

I gave him the phone to check those videos

“Those are the videos Helen and I sneaked from Karen’s Phone” I said

I watched as he scrolled through it and played it one after the other . He was doing a fast forward on the videos and after he was done , he handed me over the letter without saying a word

“You ain’t saying anything?” I asked

“Just thinking , I think Karen is using this videos as memories to deceive Anthony” Brain said

“Oh really? ” I asked

“Yeah, but have you watched all these videos ?” He asked

“I watched one, I just didn’t see any reason to watch the rest” I said

“Okay, I want you to play two more videos, watch it and set your heart on it and see if you will remember the exact same thing”he said

I exhaled and collected the phone from him. I watched the two videos one after the other.

My mind suddenly remembered clearly the exact same video I watched. It was so clear and it felt so real. I can see my self but the only issue I have is that that the face I’m seeing is different from my current face

I closed my eye and opened it and everything went blank again

” did you remember anything?” He asked

“Yeah, I had the exact same remembrance of the video I watched and it was very clear” I said

“Damn it” He cursed

I arched my brow and wondered why he is getting pissed cus I remembered the video I played

“Nancy, this remembrance you are having is a solid proof that you are Donna, but I do not ever want you to be Donna cus Donna is meant for Anthony while Nancy is meant for me.” he said but I was confused

“I’m not Donna, I’m Nancy” I defended

“You don’t get, do you? You will understand what I’m saying when you finally recover your full memory, I won’t help you in recovering your memories anymore cus it’s obvious you had a lost memory , Even if you are Donna, it’s in the past now, I just want you to be Nancy” He said

“I do not think I lost my memory sir, maybe I’m just hallucinating, I’ve never met Donna before , my name is Nancy” I said

He sighed and stood up

“I need to go back to school” He said looking sad

And I was enjoying his stay with me already before the issue of Donna ruins everything again

“Okay” I said and he left.

But I really didn’t want him to leave, I want him to stay

Did I really lost my memory? Maybe, cus I kept remembering things

Am I Donna? I do not think so but I kept seeing myself as Donna , but I do see a different face

I just didn’t want to think about that now, all I know is that I’m beginning to feel comfortable around Brian

I’m beginning to like Brian

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