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Flower Boy Episode 29

Flower Boy Episode 29

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( Whom did Larry Love? )

Nancy’s POV

“Nancy, as much as I like you, I won’t want to sleep in the same room with you please, I’m sorry , see you tomorrow ” Brian said and walked out

I can’t believe my ears . I didn’t know that Brian can reject any of my offer. My mind drifted to Anthony immediately. I noticed I haven’t seen him around lately. Maybe he chose to stay indoor

I walked to and fro my room thinking about Brian and Anthony. Anthony has always being my crush ever since I heard of him. I’ve never imagined that someday , we will meet and even stay in the same house

Nevertheless, Brian is so caring and I like him. I really want Brian to me my man but my heart has never feel a thing for Brian

I feel comfortable around Brian, I like playing with him, He is very cool and handsome. Even now , I’m begging him to sleep in the same room with me

But my heart is the issue, I do not have the tiniest feeling for Brian. I just like him like a best friend. But it seems he loves me right?

Maybe. Now I’m missing Anthony and Patricia . I wish I go back to school soon

I finally sunk to the bed and slept off. A knock woke me up and I walked towards the door

I twisted the knob and the door gave way

” Nancy, congratulations” Brian said

I arched my brow wondering why he is congratulating me

“Dr. Nicholas called us this morning that you should resume school with immediate effect” Brian said

“Jeez! ” I yelled happily and jumped on Brian and hugged him like he was my boyfriend

I hugged him tight and place my head on his chest. I just always have a feeling of comfort anytime I’m with Brian

“Go and dress now” He said and slightly pushed me away

I disengaged and hurried to my room. I hurriedly dress and joined them in the sitting room

“What the hell? Is she also following us to school?” Karen asked as she approaches us.

She has just finished dressing too and she’s coming from her room to probably go to school with the flower boys

But , I can’t find Anthony, where could he be? Why won’t he go to school today?

“Yes she is, she has resumed school” Scot replied Karen

“How can she? Who ordered her to resume school?” Karen asked

“What sort of suspicious question is that? Are you saying you are happy with her staying at home?”Scot asked

” Yes of course, a commoner like her shouldn’t be following we rich people to school” Karen boasted

“Oh really? Miss Rich ” Scot said and signaled to Brian

Brian understands and held me by my wrist, we both walked out with Scot leaving miss Rich alone

We entered the car and waited for Karen to join us, in no time, she joined us inside the car and the driver kick starts the car

“Please where is my Anthony?” Karen asked

“Come again, you mean where is Anthony?” Scot asked

“Whatever, where is he?” Karen asked

“He left the house cus of some personal issues ” Scot said

“What” Karen and I shouted at the same time

Karen looked at me and wondered why I shouted, he eyed me and turned back at Scot

I’d forgotten myself, I’m not suppose to express my shock that way

” You mean Anthony packed away from this house, when and why? ” Karen asked

That’s the question I’ve being longing to ask, I’m happy she asked

” we don’t have answer to your question yet cus he didn’t inform any one of us either, we hope that he comes to school, if he do, ask him” Scot replied

“I hope he will” Karen said and with the look on her face, it’s obvious she is thinking

We finally arrived at the school and we all stepped down and disperse to our various class

No one can imagine how happy I am , I will see Patricia after many days

I went to Patricia’s class first before I could even settle by backpack in my class

She saw me and ran towards me and hugged me

“Nancy” Patricia said and hugged me tight

Gosh! I miss my best friend

She disengaged slightly and I could see a little drop of tears form at the corner of her eye

“I miss you so much” She said and hugged me tight again

We finally disengaged as she led me to her class

We discussed and gist extensively. I laughed and express a lot of emotions at numerous gist

The one that caught my attention amidst the numerous gist is that of Larry and Scot who are showing some sorts of strange feelings to her

“Whom do u like most amidst them?” I asked

“Well, I can’t really say, they are both cute” Patricia replied

“Humn, I need to start going to my class, see you by break” I said and waved her bye

I went to my class and I saw Karen sitting together with Anthony and they were chatting

I feel a cloud of jealousy overwhelm me. I almost cry cus it hurts so much.
Now I need no one to tell me that I’m fully in Love with Anthony

I went to my sit sullenly and bowed my head trying to see if I can get rid of the terrible feeling of jealousy i’m having towards Anthony

I can’t.

I brought my note pad and opened the PDF file of the subject we are having as our first period

My eyes drifted on it’s own and I saw Karen giggling while Anthony was smiling . I guess they had just discuss something that made them smile

My face and that of Anthony met . I took my face away pathetically and focused on my notepad

Can’t I just do something to separate them.

I walked to Anthony’s place and stood behind him.
Karen and Anthony both turned at me

“Hi Anthony” I greeted and smile

He examined me from head to toe without saying a word

“What did this ugly commoner wants ?” Karen said and I felt hurt cus of the words of Karen

Karen and Anthony faced front and continued chatting and smiling

I turned to leave and I saw Larry approaching me

“Oh Nancy! Since all this days” He said and ran towards me with his hands outstretched ready to hug me

I noticed Anthony hurriedly stood up and pushed him away from hugging him

I watched Anthony and wondered why he will push the innocent boy that way

I’m happy Larry didn’t fall, he balanced himself and smiled.

“Are you jealous?” Larry asked

“Why would he be jealous of this ugly poor commoner” Karen replied

Larry smirked and walked closer to Anthony

“Did you have any feeling for her and you did not know how to tell her , I suggest you tell me , I may help you” Larry said and smirked

I watched as Anthony clenched his fist and frowned at Larry

Karen held the left arm of Anthony and spit to my school uniform

“She is just a stinking assh*ole” Karen said and dragged Anthony out

Larry watched me and gazed at the Spit of Karen on my body

“I’m so sorry” Larry said and used his hanky to clean it while tears dropped from my eyes

Larry held my arms and led me to a room where I can bath and change into another school uniform while he waited for me outside


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