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Flower Boy Episode 28

Flower Boy Episode 28

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( puzzle solved)

😉 Flashback 

Author Feather’s POV

Brian arrived at Nicholas house on that fateful day he left King’s empire as ordered by his father

Nicholas welcomed him and made him sit. it was night already.

Brian is just fourteen years, Anthony is at the edge of clocking fourteen years too.

Anthony stepped down the stair case with his media player listening a Westlife song titled Soledad

Anthony was stunned to see the visitor

“Anthony, meet Brian, he is a son to my friend, he is gonna be staying with us” Nicholas said and Brian stared intently at Brian

“He’s handsome” Anthony said and walked closer to Brian and hugged him. Brian was happy that Nicholas son which was Anthony loved him

“Come, let me walk you round the house” Anthony said and Bobby nodded

Nicholas stood and was happy to see that the kids were getting along so early

He sat down in the living room relaxing while Anthony went ahead showing Brian the interiors of the house

“Did you like it?” Anthony asked Brian after showing him many places in the house

“Yes, it’s beautiful” Brian said and Anthony giggled

Brian and Anthony became good friends for another three months.

On the third month. Nicholas came home with a young boy, very cute too but slim

Nicholas called his children to the living room where he stood with the new boy

“Anthony, Bobby, meet your new friend, his name is Scot, hope you like him?” Nicholas asked

“Dad, he’s so slim , he can’t be our friend, our friends in school will be mocking us when they see us moving with an ordinary slim commoner ” Anthony said

“Ordinary commoner ! What makes you think like that? He will be going to the same school with you and please accept him, when he starts eating better food now. I’m sure he’ll change.” Nicholas said

“Better food ! That implies he has being eating poor people’s food all this while, I said he , he is just a commoner, dad, where did you bring him from?” Brian asked

“He lost his parent to a terrible car accident. His parent use to be my very close friend when they were alive. When I heard about the terrible incident , it broke me and I vowed to take good care of their one and only child, please do accept him” Nicholas pleaded but Anthony held Brian’s hand instead and led him inside his room

Nicholas sighed and pity Scot . He took Scot to a room

“This is your room, have fun. I hope they are gonna accept you and like you someday” Nicholas said and left

After few minutes. Anthony and Brian came inside Scot’s room.

“You commoner, come here ” Anthony commanded Scot

Scot walked closer to Anthony fretfully and keep looking at Anthony’s face pleadingly

“You even have the gut to look at my face, kneel down you fool” Anthony said

Scot knelt down and Anthony kicked him with his fragile leg

Even though he does not know anything about fighting, the little energy exerted in his leg made Scot fell to the floor

Anthony has always love bullying poor people, he dislikes them. He believes they are not suppose to be living here on earth

His dislike for poor people is incredible.

Anthony took a glass of water and poured it on Scot’s face.
Scot cried but Anthony still wasn’t satisfied

Anthony’s eye searched the room and saw an empty glass. Anthony took the glass and smashed it on Scot’s head

Scot’s head bleeds and he cried out loud

“Stop crying you commoner or I do something worst” Anthony threatened and Scot swallowed the sound of his cry

“Brian, let’s leave this fool” Anthony said and walked out with Brian

Anthony kept punishing Scot everyday, it’s like he enjoys doing it. But Brian has always disliked the bullying attitude of Anthony

He has always wondered why Anthony hates poor people this much

Brian thought deeply of how he can save Scot from Anthony’s punishment

Anthony was the only one that likes football amidst them. On this fateful day. Anthony had gone to Manchester for training.

Brian went inside Scot’s room and Scot was scared to see him cus he knows that Anthony and Brian are friends

“Don’t be scared please , I come to help you” Brian said trying to calm Scot

Scot nodded

“Follow me” Brian said and Scot obliged

Brian took Scot to the backyard of the house cus it’s very spacious

“I wanna teach you some skills needed for fighting , attacking and defending ” Brian said and Scot nodded happily

Brian saw that Scot was willing to learn and he started teaching Scot how to fight every time Anthony is not around.

Anthony never stopped bullying Scot until after four months when Scot had acquired a lot of fighting skill, he defended himself against Anthony

Anthony called him outside the house and told him to be doing frog jump without committing any offence

Scot refused and Brian winked at him telling Scot that he is in support of his adamant act

“Are you deaf?” Anthony yelled and thinks that Scot will be behaving fearfully like previous times

“I’m not deaf” Scot replied bluntly for the first time and Anthony was shocked

Anthony looked at Brian to see if Brian heard what Scot had just said

Anthony angrily moved to Scot and wanted to slap him but Scot held his hand and pushed him away

Anthony staggered backward and fell to the floor . He stood up embarrassed and walked inside without saying a word

Surprisingly, Anthony starts to respect Scot from that day henceforth, they started getting along and soon , Anthony , Brian and Scot had become friends

But they discover something in common among them, they are both very talented in signing

Nicholas noticed it and employed a manager whose name is Bob to develop their singing skills

In the long run, Nicholas created a record label for them

But during those times, Scot never stopped working for Brian. Brian sends him on assignment and sometimes , they go on an assignment secretly together

Such as beating any of their class mates that insults them in their house. They always find a way of entering any house no matter how secured it is

Brian and Scot are two powerful forces who understands one another. They have once discussed that one day, they will build an empire like King too and defeat King’s empire so they can save many adopted children from king and Brian’s parent too

Brian doesn’t even know what sacrifice his father made till date. He hope that he will be influential enough someday to visit King’s empire and check his father

Scot is specially skilled in one thing, it’s the use of gun. Brian would sneak into Nicholas room and borrow his guns and he will train Scot how to shoot. Scot became more skilled in the use of gun than Brian.

Brian is specially skilled In the use of knives

The last time Brian went to save Nancy, he had already sent Scot to go before him. Scot was the one that paved the way for him and also shot the guy that wanted to kill Nancy

Scene 2 🌝🌈


Author Feather’s POV

On that fateful day that Scot returned home with his wive and first child that survived

His wive named the little girl Nancy and he agreed.

He pecked the little baby and went inside his room

He opened his system to check his E-mails for messages of artiste willing to work in his record label.

He minimized the app when something struck his heart. He thought that it’s good to know the meaning of the name given to the baby which is Nancy

He searched google for the meaning of Nancy and what he saw stunned him

Nancy means an effeminate or homosexual man..
He rubbed his face and carried the system to his wive

He showed the meaning of the name Nancy to his wive. His wife read it and was stunned too

“I never knew that this is the meaning” His wife said trying to prove her innocence

“Why did you choose Nancy in the first place?” Scot asked

“My best friend of many years bears Nancy ” his wive replied

“Oh! Anyways, I think it’s best to know the meaning of a name before one names a child . Let’s choose another one cus it won’t be good if she finds out the meaning of her name in the future ” Scot said

“True, but does the meaning really matters , I like that name and who really cares about the meaning?” His wive asked

“I do, choose another name please?” Scot pleaded

“I’m not. Nancy is her name or you at least choose another name too for her after all, you bear two names too” His wive said

“Two names? Who told you?” Scot asked

“See you, don’t you know your father likes me? Everyone knows you as Steve but your dad told me that he doesn’t like the name Steve that it was given to you by your mother , so he names you Scot” His wive said and plunged her tongue out mockingly

“Can’t believe Father told you that , yes , I use Steve as my first name and Scot as my last name. Anyways, name the child” Scot said

“I’m not, you give her another name and you must do that now ” His wive said

Scot reasoned for a while and thought of a random name.

“Donna, let’s name him Donna, is that alright?” He asked

“Cool” His wive said and they both agreed that her names are Nancy and Donna

On the fateful day that Donna escaped the pane crash and Williams saved him . After she had being transported to America for treatment .

Williams named her Nancy cus from the country he came from, Nancy means ‘Lost but found’

Flashback Ends 🤗🌞🌚

Bob’s POV

“Don’t be stunned” Williams said and giggled

I raised my hand up in surrender cus I’d let loose my guard and I wasn’t even prepared but I was seriously thinking with all my heart what I can do to save myself

“You thought I’m dead right?” William asked and pointed his gun at me

I didn’t even know what to say. I wish I can tell him that I’m now on his side and that Brian and I had agreed to take down the evil Romeo but he might not believe me

He smirked again and took a step closer to me. That was what I’d being expecting. I was expecting him to take few steps closer to me.

I did a back flit and kicked the gun off his hand. Good. He’s so dumb this time.

He turned at where the gun is and before he could run there, I did two front flits and hit him on the dead. He stumbled to the floor and groaned in pain

He twisted his neck and stood swiftly and held his blow while I held mine

We were watching ourselves ready to fight

” Williams, I’m now on your side , let me explain” I said but he charged at me abruptly and we started fighting

It was a serious duel cus he is good too. We obviously will be fighting till gods knows when, the winner right now would be the first to take the gun on the floor and shoot

If I happened to be the first person , I sincerely won’t like to Kill Nancy’s dad or is it foster dad now but I may be forced too

While we were fighting and stopping ourselves from getting to where the gun is

Some huge men entered and shot Williams, he fell, I rose my head and I was shot too

I did not have an idea of what happened but by the time I opened my eye, I’d found myself in Romeo’s torture room

Williams and I were hanged like we were being nailed to a cross

Our clothes had being pulled off, only our pants were left

I saw Romeo sitting before us, watching us and eating coconut. That ugly man likes coconut so much maybe that’s why his middle hair is disappearing cus he practically has no hair in the middle of his head and that is why he uses all this Mexican hat every time

Why has he hold us hostage now and what is he gonna do for us? Cus that I know of, the twenty fours he gave me hasn’t reach or could it be that he is tracking me?

Nancy’s POV

Brian exxorted me to my room after Bob left.

He smiled at me sheepishly and took some steps away

“Brian, I’ve got some headache ” I said and he turned

He walked closer to me and touched my forehead gently

He walked out and came with some drugs , he administered the drugs to me and told me to be fine

“Nancy, you need to rest, see you tomorrow” Brian said

“Brian, don’t go please , stay here with me” I pleaded

“Did you mean I should pass the night here?” Brian asked

I nodded sheepishly cus I’m beginning to like Brian

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