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Flower Boy Episode 36

Flower Boy Episode 36

By Oyebamiji Samue

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(She remembered it )

Karen’s POV

In this world or in the word to come? I can’t believe poor Nancy slapped me. Like she seriously raised her hand up and slapped me

I stood from the floor and rubbed my check. This is the first time I’m receiving a slap from anyone in my life. My check must have become pale and my teeth are even aching me

My neat and pressed cloth had being roughed cus I fell.
I watched Nancy with fury and I imagined how she will suffer so easily in my hand

“Karen, you are the lier here? ” Anthony asked and I smirked
I snashed my phone from him and looked into Anthony’s face

“Anthony, did you sincerely believe them, this is a plan work that I know nothing about” I said and cried

Fake tears poured from my eyes and I rubbed it and looked at Helen

“Helen… Why? What have I done to you” I said while crying

“Helen, you know how …how much I Love you. I take you like my sister , why did you smuggle this videos into my phone. I hardly watch videos , how come the only video on my phone are those videos , Helen why ? Why do this to me?” I asked and cried

I cried hard and turned back inside the house , I walk inside my room with a face full of fake tears.

I entered the shower and rubbed my face with water.
Humn! Nancy slapped me.

I maintained a stern face that looks like that of a beast. I walked to and fro my room angrily and with . I sat and think of the worst thing I can do for this lady that she will regret for the rest of her life

I picked up my phone and called my dad

 Dad” I said and faked a cry

 Karen, what happened?” He asked with so much care

 Nancy slapped me” I reported

 Who the hell is Nancy? Don’t tell me is the same Nancy that Nicholas admitted back to school” My dad said

 Yes dad, I can’t believe it too” I said pathetically

 Then she must die then” My dad said and hung up

What! Die! Oh no! That’s too much. I do not want Nancy to die, I just want her to be punished

I dialed my dad’s phone several times but he wasn’t picking it

I hope that dad doesn’t do anything inhuman to Nancy. I just want her to suffer and cry so hard not die.

I sunk to my bed and rested but I can’t come over the fact that I was slapped by Nancy

Nancy’s POV

“Seriously, I’m confused , I do not know who to believe anymore” Anthony said and walked inside

I stayed with Helen outside

“Good of you” Helen said and gave me a high five

I smiled but I was kinda scared at the same time. I’m just a poor and lowly girl and Karen is the rich daughter of the owner of Universe record label’s CEO

I hope I’m safe with what I just did. But I enjoyed it though. I’m happy I challenged her

“Don’t be scared , she can’t do anything” Helen said and I feel encouraged

“I think we should go and see Brian and the rest at the hospital” I suggested and Helen nodded

Helen and I drove to the hospital where Brian and co are

We were directed to their ward by Nicholas’s family doctor

On getting there , I saw Brian , Scot and Williams on the sick bed. They lay with their back to the bed but their legs were bandaged and hanged

I feel so sad and gloomy. I remembered what Brian did for me , how he made Anthony send me out of the house.
I remembered that Williams too was mute. Even Scot wasn’t challenging Anthony’s reckless actions towards me

Then I thought that I shouldn’t have even come in the first place. None of them deserve my visitation .

I held Karen and we turned to leave after staring at them for few minutes at the ward they are

“Nancy” A soft and gentle voice called. I turned and it’s Brian

“Please come around” Brian said painfully as he tries to adjust a little his bandaged leg

I walked closer to him pathetically and looked into his face directly this time unlike other times that I would bow my head

“Nancy, I know you must he pissed at me cus of what I did to you, I’m so sorry. I know who you are and I love you so much. but the truth is , unless I die, Anthony can never have you cus I’ll never allow that.
If you see me trying to stand as obstacle between the two of you, It’s because I want you. I love you. You are the one my heart desires. My heart beats faster than normal anytime you are around me. Nancy is for me while Donna is for Anthony and for all I know, Donna is dead” Brian said and groaned slightly in pain

“You said you know who I am, please who am I?” I asked and he smirked

“You do not expect me to tell you that” Brian said

“Okay, do you know why I keep remembering memories with Anthony. Did you think it’s some kinda hallucination or something ? Cus I’m really confused ” I said

“You do not need to be confused, I think you are only day dreaming and the day dreaming seems to he coincidental with Anthony’s past.

Nancy, let me tell you this. If you claim you remember any of those memories again, I advise you do not tell Anthony cus he will keep disliking you the more and he might do something worse ” Brian said

“Humn! ” I hummed and try to reason with what Brian just said

“He is my brother, we have lived together for many years, I know him very well, If you ever remember those memories, just tell me , I’ll be glad to listen but if you tell Anthony, you will only be hurting him cus you are only remembering him of his terrible past” Brian said and adjusted still in pain

“I promise , I won’t tell him whatsoever I recollect again, I do not even want to remember anything again now since it will keep hurting him, I do not want him hurt , I’ll do as you have said . If at all I remember anything, I’ll tell you instead ” I said

“That’s my girl, so where did you sleep last night?” Brian asked

“Larry saved me” I confessed

“Oh! Larry, that stupid boy that is trying to stop the relationship that should have ensued between Scot and Patricia. I’m still gonna deal mercilessly with the boy” Brian said and bite his lower lips

“If I’d being raped or molested , what would you have said ?” I asked

“I know it won’t happen and I apologize too. Pleas don’t start hating on me . I love you so much and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you” Brian said and I nodded

I can’t say If I like Brian or not now cus of what he did for me last night. My feelings for him had become neutral . Even though he apologized, I still feel a kinda distance between us

I turned my head at Williams and he was also staring at me.
I can’t just abandon him, he probably have a stupid reason for letting Anthony chase me out to the street last night

I walked closer to where he lay and I stood watching him without saying a word

“You know I Love you Nancy” He said but I didn’t reply

“You know I can’t stand you being hurt but I had to do that cus I want you to dislike that rude boy called Anthony. I sense that you have some kinda feelings towards him and I want it to die. The only way for the feelings you have for Anthony to die is for him to behave so cruel to you so you can end up hating him” Williams said and I smirked

“How did you know I have a feeling for him? And even if I do, his cruelty to me can’t stop the feelings I have towards him cus it’s beyond me myself, I can’t help it” I replied

“Nancy, you need to take down Noel and Romeo, they are the ones that killed your parents” William said and I smirked

“Dad, stop talking about all these , true, I remembered my real dad holding me and crying in the plane but I can’t remember the plane getting crashed ” I said and my head started aching

It started aching badly and I recollected an event that happened in the past

“I remembered” I said still placing my right palm my forehead

“Remember what?” Nicholas asked anxiously

What did Nancy remember ?

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