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Flower Boy Episode 37

Flower Boy Episode 37

By Oyebamiji Samue

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(This robot looks familiar )

Nancy’s POV

“I remembered that I saw myself falling to the ground. My body were burnt, I can’t remember where I’m falling from. I tried hard to remember where and why I was falling but I can’t remember ” I said to Williams

“Try more, maybe you can have more remembrance” Williams said

I closed my eye and tried hard to remember but nothing was practically coming forth

“That’s all I can remember ” I said and Williams closed his eye gently

“I really wish you can remember what happened before then” Williams said

“I’m tired of all these things I’m remembering ,I hope I ain’t running a psycho? ” I asked

“Do not think that way please, you are absolutely fine and I understand what is going on with you” Williams said and I nodded

Even though I had stopped having the remembrance, my head still aches

“Please I need to go home and rest ” I said and Williams nodded

“It’s alright ” Williams said and rested more comfortably on the bed

I held Helen by hand and we left the hospital. We took a cab home and I what I saw stunned me as we entered

“Welcome Nancy” one of them greeted and I stood still fretfully

I saw five men in suit who made Anthony kneel in their middle.
I have no idea who those men are

“This is the courageous miss Nancy that has the gut to slap our Karen” One of them said and they all laughed mockingly at me

I stood still watching them

” Don’t be scared girl, little Helen, how are you? did you remember us?” One of the men said and took few steps closer to us

“Nancy, they are evil right? What are you waiting for , run” Helen said and dragged me

We turned and we ran out of the house. we started running to no where , I turned as we keep running and I saw one of them jugging and smiling at me

“Nancy, let’s do this. There is a play ground at Chelsea over there, mum takes me there a times, turn left and meet me there , I will run right and meet you there ” Helen said and I smiled

Little girl, what did she know

She pulled her hand abruptly from my hand and ran left , I saw that and I ran right and started heading to the destination we agreed to meet.

I turned and I couldn’t find the guy again, It seems Helen’s plan worked

I ran inside Chelsea and I saw Helen there already.

“Wow! So smart of you” I said

“Shhhhh” She shunned me and pulled me away from the little children playing balls there

She took me to their bathroom and we hid there

“Helen, you are so smart” I said and I remembered Anthony. I do not want anything to happen to Anthony

“Anthony is between those two men, what do we do?” I asked Helen since she seems to be my saviour now

“I do not know ” Helen said and rested her back on the wall

“Nancy, Nancy, are you there?” I heard a voice in my ear and I turned around fretfully to see who was calling me

“It’s me Larry, are you there?” I heard the voice again and I remembered immediately that Larry had planted a small com in my ear that will enable me here him anytime of the day

“Yes I am, Larry, we are in a deep shit” I said

“I know, just be calm. I heard all your conversations , I would have come to your aid but there is an issue right now that needs my attention, as a matter of fact, I’m at Mexico presently fulfilling the mission but since I can speak to you , we can help Anthony together” Larry said and I hummed

“I guess you are there with someone?” Larry asked

“Yeah, I’m with Helen , Anthony’s sister ” I replied

“I see, I’m suppose to be seeing a blue mark at my GPS tracker here but I’m seeing a red mark which implies that I’m not the only one that knows where you are right now, some other people are tracking you” Larry said and fear engulfed me that those guys chasing after us are the people that Larry were referring to , but how are they tracking us?

“Nancy, be touching different part of the body of Helen, I think someone planted a tracker on her, you need to remove it as soon as possible” Larry said and I hurriedly and fretfully started touching different part of Helen’s body

“Wait!” Larry said as I placed my hand on Helen’s shoulder

“The red alert is blinking here , the tracker is on her shoulder , remove her cloth , you will see one tiny black dot , use your finger nail to pull it out” Larry commanded and I did as he has said

“Now, leave that pace quickly cus they will soon get to where you are” Larry said

“They will still catch up with us anyways cus we have no where to go” I said feeling loss already

“Don’t loose hope, I have a plan, I sent my robot already to meet you at the round about , it’s right behind Chelsea” Larry said and I held Helen’s hand

We ran out of the bathroom only for us to see two of the men I saw in Anthony’s house searching for us amidst many children there

“They will find us now ” I said and Helen pushed me with her side

“Be strong and smart ” Helen said pulled off her clothes and shoes

“Carry me now and be playing with me while I back them so they would not see your face. More so, be smart not to walk in your normal walking posture, twist your neck like someone having problem in the neck so we can pass beside them easily and they won’t suspect” Helen said and I nodded

I did as she said , I was walking in disguise and using Helen to cover my face as I carry her on my arms

The more we approach those people, the more fretful I become

We finally met them and they keep foolishly searching around till we escape their sight.

We got behind Chelsea and I dropped Helen

“I’m kinda tired ” I said and bent.

I rested my two palms on my knees and sighed heavily

“Nancy, what is the next step?” Helen asked

I held her hand and we went to the round about that Larry said his robot is.

We didn’t see anyone there cus cops don’t allow people to stay under the round about

I keep searching around and ignoring the man in suit standing under the bridge

“Nancy, what’s up? Have you found it ?” Larry asked trough the coms

“You mean the robot, No please” I replied

“Of course yes, cus my tracker here depicts that you are closed to each other ” He replied and I searched around again but still couldn’t find any except the man in black suit

“Please I can’t find any” I replied

“He is the man in black suit, approach him and place your finger print between his palms. Command him and he will do exactly as you have said , I have issues to attend to now , catch you up later” Larry said

“Okay” I replied and walked closer to the robot

I did as Larry instructed

This robot is really cute , how come he is a robot and not a human?

“Bend ” I commanded the robot and it did

“Stand” I commanded and it did

I gave it several commands and it obeyed

Good, with this, I should be able to help Anthony that is if they have not taken him away from his house

“Carry this little girl and run with me” I said and the handsome robot carried little Helen and ran with me

We both sped to Anthony’s house

“Hey robot, I do not know if you can fight well, but the guys inside Anthony’s house are strong and evil, make sure you defeat them” I said and the robot smiled and nodded

I had goose bombs and fear engulfed me . what kind of robot is this? How can a robot smile?


I placed my palm on my chest and breathed heavily as I try to cal my fearful self down

Now I’m scared of this thing called robot

“I’ll help you Nancy” The robot said and I staggered back as I quickly pull Helen away from it fearfully

But the voice of this robot sounds familiar

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