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Flower Boy Episode 46

Flower Boy Episode 46

By Oyebamiji Samue

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(Cus of Love)
Nancy’s POV
Happiness knew no bound inside of me when I heard that Brandon had the solution in his briefcase
I watched as Brandon brought out an injection and got it filled.
He dropped his briefcase on the chair and stood up ready to walk towards Anthony
“Hey robot , what are you tryna do?” Brian asked
“What does it look like?” Brandon retorted
“What the hell!” Scot exclaimed and walked closer to Brandon
He pushed Brandon away.
“That’s quiet rude of you. Is that how to reply the flower boys, have you gone out of your mind? Just because we allowed you into this house doesn’t give you the audacity to talk to us rudely ” Scot said with an angry look
I’m kinda scared. I do not want them to fight.
Brian stood up gently and walk closer to Brandon. He stood side by side and he shot Brandon a devilish gaze
“Are you so dumb to realize that it’s a honour for a common robot like you to stand before the flower boys. I had being living with Anthony for years, you really think if I know of a solution, I will not be the first one to administer it to Anthony.
Why are you being too forward. If you use the drug for him and he dies , what should we be saying. When did you become a doctor? You are just a robot, what did you use the laboratory you had for if not for evil. Now walk out of this house with your f*cken equipment” Brian commanded
Brandon gently packed back his equipment and walked out with his briefcase
Brian and Scot turned at me at the same time but their face had dropped into a gentle one
Brian walked closer to me and held me by my hands . He walked me to his room
He gestured for me to sit and I obliged sheepishly
“Nancy, you trust people easily. I do not like that. Brandon is a wolve in sheep clothing. He does not have the solution to Anthony’s memory loss. Time is what heal memory loss not some kinda crazy formulated injections ” Brian said with a stern face
He noticed that I was scared with his sterned face. He dropped his face into a smiling one and sat closer to me
“Nancy, Don’t he scared. I heard you telling Anthony that you have recovered your memory. Are you really sure you are Donna? ” Brian asked
“I’m serious, I’m Donna. The memories were so clear” I replied
“Did you still love me?” Brian asked
“I’m Donna, you know I always love Anthony, why asking that question”! I asked
“Firstly you can’t be Donna. I do not have a way to convince you since you are now Donna but I will convert you back to Nancy” Brian said
“What did you mean?” I asked
“I meant that I can’t stand you Love Anthony. i’m in Love deeply with you. If doing evil will make you Love me , then I will” Brian said
“You know I’ve never loved you. I had just liked you as a friend , and why will you do evil?” I asked
“Just watch” Brian said and walked towards his luggage
He squatted and filled in a injection.
“What’s that for?” I asked
“I wanna inject you so you can loose your memory again. You will forget you ever love Anthony and our love life will work. I promise to help you and stay by you afterwards. Nancy, I’m not being evil. Love is making me do this
I watched the door and I noticed that it’s opened.
I ran out abruptly.
This must never happen again. Why would he inject me just because he wants me to love him
Is Love by force? I ran down the stairs and I saw Scot sitting but backing me
I ran out of the house hoping that they won’t run after me cus I can hardly run
I finally get out of the compound and stared around for where I can run too
A hand held me by my left, I turned and I saw Brandon, another hand held me by my left hand and I turned and saw Brian
Fear overwhelmed me as I saw Brian
” please let me go Brian” I pleaded
“You are our babysitter, you have no where to go” Brian said
“Brian, leave her ” Brandon said boldly and Brian chuckled mockingly
“You this crazy robot is here still , Not until I teach you a lesson you will never forget” Brian said and left me and walked closer to Brandon .
He stood before Brandon. I noticed that someone was behind Brandon, I turned fearfully and I saw that it’s Scot
Jeez! But why should all this be happening ?
No, I can’t stand and watch Brian inject me just because he wants me to fall in Love with him.
Anthony is the one my heart has always desire . I Love him so much, even though he doesn’t treat me well, I still can’t stop loving him
Brandon bowed his head when he realized that he’s stuck between Brian and Scot
“Nancy, what did Brian wants to do you cus for you to run out of the house, it implies they wanna do something that is not right to you ?” Brandon asked me
I blinked my eye fearfully as I stared at both Brian and Scot. I use to find solace around them, I do not know why they suddenly changed
“Speak” Brandon said and I summoned little courage to answer his question
“Brian wants to make me …” I said but paused and shook in fear when Brian yelled at me in the middle of my speech
“Why are you threatening this lady?” Brandon asked and Scot placed a curve metal around Brandon’s neck while Brian kicked him in his stomach
Brandon stood still and maintained his bowed head
“I don’t wanna hurt you guys” Brandon said gently
Brian laughed while Scot hit him in his back
But he stood still like he isn’t even affected by their kicks and punches
Brian sent a very hard scary kick around his neck and he shook a little. Brian and Scot started beating Brandon and he was bending his body little by little
I closed my eye with my palm in fear. Omg! I do not want them to fight? What will happen now if Brandon starts to fight with them too
We have being through a lot already . I do not want anybody to get hurt just because of me
Brandon raised himself all of a sudden and grabbed Brian by his neck roughly. He threw him far away and Brian fell
He turned and gave Scot a heavy kick. Scot groaned in pain as he fell to the floor.
Brandon held me by my hand and we both ran towards where his car is.
We entered the car and I realized that even Anthony is not safe. Though I’m not sure of this , but what if it was Brian that orchestrated how Anthony lost his memory?
“Brandon, please help Anthony too” I pleaded
“I’ll come back for him, let me make you escape first” Brandon said but I insist
I can never let Anthony stay in that house with his brothers that are behaving strangely this days
Brandon ignored me and Started the car but I opened the door obstinately and ran back to Anthony’s house. I ignored Brain and Scot who were still trying to recover from the serious pain they were going through
I entered the house and I saw Anthony sitting
“Anthony, follow me please, you can’t stay here” I pleaded and held his right wrist trying to pull me up
He removed his hand from mine angrily and shot me an angry look
“Who the hell are you? And where on earth are you taking me to?” Anthony asked
“Anthony please follow me, we did not have time. those two guys you saw here some minutes ago might hurt you, please follow me ” I pleaded and Anthony’s face looked like that of someone that was reasoning with me but it seems he hasn’t trust me yet
“Please, follow me Anthony” I pleaded
“And see the baby sitter that is trying to steal our own brother from us, when did our babysitter becomes a kidnapper ” Scot said as he stood with Brian at the entrance

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