Flower Boy Episode 47

Flower Boy Episode 47

By Oyebamiji Samue

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(Nancy is prettier than Donna)

Nancy’s POV

Fear overwhelmed me and I was glad when I saw Brandon behind them. He knock them down with an heavy blows on their head. They fell and I held Anthony and ran outside the house

We entered Brandon’s car and he drove us to his place.

“This is getting complicated than I thought” Brandon said and I exhaled

“So tell me what Brian wants to do for you?” Brandon asked

“Never mind please” I said and rested comfortably on the chair

He left Anthony and he went Inside a room to do what only he knows

I moved closer to Anthony and stared directly into his face

“Anthony! ” I called and he turned at me

“Brandon will administer the drug to you now and you will be fine , okay?” I said and he nodded and faced front

Brandon came back later with some medical equipments in his hand. He administered the equipments to Anthony and Anthony felt dizzy

He slept off the chair that he is

“Why did he sleep off?” I asked

“He will be fine, that’s how the drug reacts at first” He said and I nodded

Brando showed me where a room I could lodge in for the main time.

I lay on the bed and I can’t stop thinking about Anthony. Why is Brian so much obsess about me? I hope he accepts fate soon that we can never be in Love

I rested for a while and I slept off. I woke up by midnight and walked out of my room to the living room where Anthony lay.

He was sitting down and placing his head on his palm

“Sir” I called with a fast beating heart hoping that he has recovered his memory

“Nancy, are you really Donna?” He asked and I arched my brow

“Sir, have you recovered fully well from your memory?” I asked anticipating for a positive answer

“Yes I have. I recollected everything , all thanks to Brandon who helped me. I’m more disappointed in my brothers for betraying me. Brian made me loose my memory and scot supported him. Scot supports him in all that he does though. I do not know why ” Anthony said gently and bowed his head slightly

“I’m happy you have fully recovered sir ” I said

“I can’t just believe you are Donna though. Cus with all what I’ve gone through, I find it hard to trust anyone. I’m happy really that I recovered my memory cus we going for a show tomorrow. The flower boys and you will be performing” He said

“But we have not done any rehearsal so far , how are we gonna do it?” I asked

“The issue isn’t even in how we gonna do it. The issue is in how I will perform with my brothers that betrayed me , but we must perform cus I really want us to win ” Anthony said and I nodded

“Can we do a little rehearsal now?” I asked

“Sure, but did Brandon have any musical instruments here ?” He asked

“I have no idea but I think I should ask him” I said and went to a room I assume to be Brandon’s room.

I knocked and he opened the door.

“Hi Nancy” he said as he fixes the button of his dress. He had just finish dressing

“Hi” I greeted wondering where he is going at the middle of the night

“What did you want at this time of the night?” He asked

“Erm…first, where are you going please ?” I asked

“Have you forgotten your foster father so soon. Remember that he was was the disguise man that was hit at the stomach at Romeo’s place ” He said

“True, Are you going to save him?” I asked

“I told you he is not dead. He had a plan B for what Romeo did , I need to help him” Brandon said

“Brandon, you such an angel, you have being helping us always , are you aware that the drug you administered to Anthony had made him fully recovered?” I asked

“I know it will, I need to get going” he said

“Please do you have a kinda musical room around here ?” I asked

“Sure, I like music too” He said and took me a very largely decorated musicals room

I thanked him and he left . I hope that he comes back safely with Williams

I went to meet Anthony at the living room and informed him. He followed me to the musical room gently and we both sat

The musical room was more like a studio.

We both sat before a piano that was opposite each other

He stared at me for a while like someone that was lost in thought. I coughed gently when he won’t stop looking at me and he took his face away and set it at the keyboard

“Set your key to C major” He said and I obliged

“Done” I replied

“Good! Have you listened to our second debut titled ‘Don’t leave me lonely’?” He asked

“Sir, I’m a big fan of yours, I’d listened to all your songs and even know all the lyrics offhand ” I said and he nodded

“I would not need to stress myself more that way. Switch on the instruments and place the media player on your head. Let’s get started ” He said and I did as commanded

“But sir, sorry for interrupting, I’m just thinking, what if Brian and Scot did not come? They can’t be so sure that you have recovered your memory” I said

“If they didn’t come, then just you and I will sing” He said

“Won’t people be disappointed and ask of where Brian and Scot is, the media might carry rumour that there are some kinda quarrel amidst the flower boys ” I said

“Let’s see what happens tomorrow” He said and started free styling on the keyboard

We commenced the rehearsal and did it with seriousness till it was day break

By the time he said we are done, I was damn tired

“Sir, I do not think I’ll be able to go to school today” I said before leaving to my room

“I’m not going either , school will stress us out before the show, just go and rest. Later in the afternoon, we will start going for the show ” Anthony said and I nodded

I was almost at the exit of the musical room when Anthony called me

“What dress do you plan putting on to the show?” He asked

“I didn’t think about that” I replied

“You are probably panning to wear one of your babysitting cloth to one of the most glorious show in America” He said sarcastically

“I think I’ll take you out myself and get some beautiful clothes for you and also take you to where your skin will be worked on so you can look the best for today’s show ” He said and I blushed

My dreams are coming true already. Anthony is gonna take me shopping. Wake me up, I’m probably dreaming

But why is he behaving so cool? Unlike the times he use to behave very cruel. Has he believed I’m Donna already or what?

I walked out gently and went to bath. I dressed and rested on the bed. I do not really know if I’m resting but one thing I know is that my thoughts are filled with Anthony

I’m Donna. I’m so sure of that. All I need for him right now is to believe me. I hope he believes soon , I can even tell him a thousand memories of ours if he will hear me out

After few hours, I heard a knock on my door. I stood and opened the door. It’s Anthony

“Sir” I greeted and bowed. He looked so handsome and his lips looks more sexy. He has just finished dressing and his scent is driving me crazy. I feel like grabbing him and kissing him

He already gave me my first kiss, kissing him again and again wouldn’t have being a big deal

All I need is just for him to believe me.

“Are you ready ?” He asked and I nodded while stylishly looking at his very cute face

It looks like that of an angel even though I’d never seen one before. His soft face that is devoid of pimples gat me thinking about how it will feel like to place my my soft palms on his check

He walked out and I followed behind. He shopped for me and we went out of the place with some sets of very gorgeous clothes

The memories of Anthony and I keep flashing in my memories and I wish I can sit him down and explain everything to him

But I’m still kinda afraid of him. Even though I now know I’m Donna. I still feel a kinda distance between us. Maybe because he is yet to believe that I’m Donna

No wonder I’d always love Anthony badly. I miss him so much anytime I’m not with him

We went to all the necessary places and different works are performed on different part of my bodies

He took me to large studio finally and those guys took me to a room and dress for me , I came out looking damn gorgeous . If anyone had seen me , they will have thought that I’m the queen of mermaid or the Queen of the sea

Everyone was staring at me and admiring me.

My eyes met with that of Anthony. He was flabbergasted at my sight. He is dressed too and he looked so gorgeous.

We both look adorable.

I walked closer to Anthony in my very beautiful dress and bowed my head stylishly

“Is she the Nancy I brought?” Anthony asked and everyone in the studio laughed at flower boy

“Yes she is sir, that’s our work on her” One of the worker said taking glory for the beautiful work they did on me

“You can never be Donna” Anthony whispered into my ear

My face dropped and I looked at myself from neck to toe feeling embarrassed and trying to decipher a meaning from what he just said

I summoned a little courage to ask him

“Why sir?” I asked gently and stylishly

“Cus you are prettier than Donna” He said and blushing almost kill me


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