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Flower Boy Episode 54

Flower Boy Episode 54

By Oyebamiji Samue

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(Anthony shot at Nancy)

Anthony’s POV

Nancy walked out without saying a word. I feel broken and perplexed. How can any reasonable man stand and watch his father being punished.

As much as I love Nancy , I will never allow this happen to my very own biological father

People make mistakes in life. There are people that had done the worst in life and yet they are doing fine in life. Not like everyone is perfect though.

I stood up from my knees and tried to walk outside but Brandon stopped me

“What for?” I asked

“You ain’t going anywhere until we bring Nicholas here , you must stand and watch your father go through pain just like Donna was present when her family and other innocent life when they got bombed in the plane crash

” Hey robot, I understand that you are not a human and you did not have any feelings nor understand what forgiveness is. I guess your creator needs to programmed the word forgiveness inside of you” I said and Brandon giggled

“I do understand what forgiveness is , but true forgiveness comes after vengeance , put yourself in Donna’s shoe. This is just two years for crying out loud. Won’t you avenge your parent’s death” Brandon asked and I opened my mouth and closed it cus words were not forming

I watched as Brian and Scot sat by a stool watching me.

“Nevertheless , no one has the right to restrict my freedom of movement” I stated

“I wish” Brandon said and force me into kneeling down

“Ya’ll should stay here till I’m back” Brandon said and everyone nodded

He walked out of the room and came back an hour later with my father

Omg! Is this gonna happen for real? Is Nancy really gonna punish my dad before me ?

My dad was made to sit beside worn out Romeo.

Brandon set a live video Coverage before the two of them, his hand was ready to press record

“I won’t like to take laws into my hand, but I must record your life confession to the world and also use it against you. I will be happy to see the government put you evil men behind bars” Brandon said and fear surged through my body

Is this gonna happen for real .

“Brandon, you are not suppose to be doing this, these guys here has changed , let Nancy avenge her parents death” I requested

Brandon tapped his fingers and Nancy entered

“Nancy, for the sake of love. Are u really gonna punish my father?” I asked expecting her to say No

Nancy walked closer to where my father sat and slapped him hard

“What! ” I exclaimed and arched my brow

I ran towards Nancy but Brandon pushed me roughly away before I can get to Nancy

Anger mixed with fear storms my stomach. My mind grows serious hatred towards Nancy. What kind of relationship is that? How will I be in a relationship with someone that slapped my own father ?

If my father by chance escaped this, how will they be looking at each other . why can’t she just let go?

I thought painfully and bowed my head

Brandon held my father by the collar and shook him roughly

“You wicked man, you were sent to destroy a whole family and other innocent families just because you do not want any record label that can compete with yours” Brandon said and slapped my father hard again

Deep pain surges through the innermost part of me . It was like I’m the one being slapped.

Slapping my father before me !

Brandon brought his face towards him

“You wicked man” He said and gave him a blow in his nose , Blood gushed out and he bleeds

Omg! My father may die now

I might do something stupid now. How long will I keep watching my own father keep getting tortured

“Nancy, take hold of that Metal pan” Brandon said and Nancy bent and pick a metal pan from the floor by it’s wooden handle

“Hey Romeo and Noel, I did not have much time to waste. I’m recording this video so answer all my questions otherwise Nancy will be electrocuting you with that electric metal in her hand ” Brandon said and pressed the record button as he stayed behind it

“Steev Scot is a popular record label owner , who killed him?” Brandon asked and Romeo and Noel lookef at themselves and bowed their head without saying a word like they actually planned it

“I ask again . Steev Scot is a popular record label owner , who killed him?” Brandon asked but Nicholas and Noel refused to respond

Brandon signalled to Nancy and she placed the electric metal pan on my father’s head

I saw veins come out visible in his head as he cried to his topmost voice. He shook painfully like someone that will die. The pain can be compared to hell itself

He rested his head on his neck like someone that has died as thick saliva poured from the left side of his mouth after Nancy finally removed the metal pan from his head

I turned at Brian and Scot and they were just bowing their head . I guess they can’t feel the pain I’m feeling cus he is not their biological father

My eyes became red and anger was rising inside of me..my mind is thinking of something evil it can do to end all this

Are they gonna kill my father just because of what he did two years ago? Who doesn’t make mistake and why don’t they just deliver him to the cops

I watched as Brandon signalled for Nancy to do the same for Romeo.

She obliged and Romeo cried out with his mouth widely parted like it will tear

Sweats appeared all over his body as he bowed his head like someone expecting death

“It’s good to get punished for all the bad you had done in the past. You even made our Bob blind. As much as I do not want to take laws into my hand , you may force me to if you keep proving obstinate ” Brandon said

“Confess now, who killed Steeve Scot, the owner of the second largest record label two years ago?” Brandon asked while everywhere became silent like graveyard

“Why…torture us …you mad imbecile ….why …why…not just kill us” Romeo said weakly

“Boy… You wasting ….” My dad said and swallows

“You wasting your ” My dad said and coughed.

He coughed again and wiped his nose with the back of his palm

I feel so pathetic for him

“You wasting your time, we ain’t gonna tell you …any…anything ” My dad said and coughed louder

Brandon stopped the recording and walked closer to the two of them

“Let me see how obstinate you can be” Brandon said and signaled for Nancy by twisting his head to the left

Nancy took the electric metal pan and stood before Romeo and my father

“This is for my mother” Nancy said and placed the metal pan on Romeo’s stomach

Romeo screamed like he is burning inside hell . His voice cracks in pains as he started loosing his sitting position to a lying position while behaving like someone convulsing

His eyes had being swollen and some red circles can be seen around his body

Is she about to do this terrible thing for my dad

I watched Karen, she was facing the wall , she didn’t bother staring at the terrible show going on

She opened my dad’s stomach and was about to place the metal pan there when I shouted suddenly

She jerked and turned at me

“Don’t do this to my father” I pleaded and she smirked at me

Her face has turned from the gentle Nancy I use to know to a scary Donna

She placed the electric metal pan on his stomach and my dad yelled in pain

Even after many seconds that looks like hours to me , Nancy won’t take the metal pan away from my Dad’s stomach

With the way he is shaking, what if he dies ? What if he…Jeez! Something terrible may happen to him

No, I can’t stand this again

I searched around and saw a gun at Brandon’s pocket

I ran towards him while he stood still not knowing or expecting what I was about to do

I took the gun off Brandon’s pocket suddenly and turned at Nancy who wouldn’t take that terrible thing off my father’s stomach and shot


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