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Flower Boy Episode 53

Flower Boy Episode 53

By Oyebamiji Samue

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Punish my father and loose me )

Nancy’s POV

I became more confused than Anthony, what the h*ll could be going on here?
Which of which is Karen now?

“Did you believe me now ?” Brian asked but Anthony couldn’t respond. He was looking confused

William walked inside and stared at all of us wondering what is going on. I took out my time and explained all that had happened to him and he smirked

He walked out and came back with Brandon

“I was informed that there is a confusion here, ya’all don’t know who Karen is between the assumed Donna and the new Karen” Brandon said

“Why calling me assumed Donna Mr.?” Donna asked

“Let’s prove this once and for all, everyone wants to be Donna, the pretence is too much. I’ll help put a end to this pretense and solve this puzzle. Anthony, I know you are confused but will you like to know who Donna is amidst the three ?” Brandon asked

“Yes” Anthony replied

“Follow me please everyone ” Brandon requested and we all follow Brandon to an empty room

We all saw Romeo being tied to a chair in a broken state, I can’t imagine how much torture Brandon would have infringed on this man

He looks worn out . Good for him anyways, he did worst for my parents and innocent people too

Brandon took out a metal plate and placed it on Romeo’s neck. Romeo got electrocuted as the current surges through his body . He cried louder that his veins were visible

It’s a scary view but I enjoyed it. He did worse for my parents

Brandon removed the metal plate and tore the cloth on Romeo’s body. He slapped him hard and saliva poured from his mouth

Brandon kicked him in his mouth and blood gushed from it .

“I’m electrocuting his male organ now” Brandon said as he tries to pull off Romeo’s trouser

“What the h*ll? What you tryna do?” Donna asked

“Excuse me ?” Brandon asked and all of us were stunned wondering why the assumed Donna took Romeo’s punishment personal

“Romeo should be an enemy of Donna, why is she tryna save the killer of her parents ” William asked and Anthony turned at him trying to reason with what he just said

“I’m not tryna save him, just that this is cruel? How will you strip a matured man naked just cus you wanna punish him, why not hand him over to the cops ?” Donna asked

“What are we gonna say he did. Moreso, we have the right to punish this evil man cus of what he had done in the past to your parents, you should be glad we punishing him. What can be more Cruel than killing innocent families in plane just because you having issues with a man , think Donna, you should be the one doing this for this evil man” Brandon said and turned at Romeo again

He tries to pull off his trouser but Donna yelled again .
Brandon ignored her and tore Romeo’s trouser

“What the h*ll?” Donna shouted and ran towards Brandon

“He killed my parents not yours, stop this cruelty and let this pathetic man be ” Donna said as everyone watched

“Well I get a plan B miss Donna” Brandon said and walked out

He came back few minute later with a cream

“Have this” Brandon requested facing Donna

“What for?” Donna asked

“Don’t be scared , I mean no harm, your boyfriend is here,have it” Brandon requested and Donna collected it

“Open it and rub the cream on your face” Brandon requested

“Excuse me” Donna pleaded

“Miss Donna, stop behaving suspicious , we mean no harm, do as he has said” William said and I watched as Donna turned at Brian

Brian nodded at Donna probably signifying for her to go ahead and use the cream

Donna sluggishly opened the cream and applied it on her face

“Jeez! It burns , it burns” Donna started crying and staggering as she close her eyes and maintained an expression of pain

“What the f*ck have you done to her ?” Brian asked as she ran towards Donna

Donna stopped crying all of a sudden and we watched her intently

Her facial skin start to melt and another face start to appear on the inside.

I have no understanding of what is going on but I received the greatest shock of my life when the facial skin on Donna’s face melted away and was left with that of Karen

She realized it and quickly covered her face with her palm.

“I said it, she’s Karen , omg!” I muttered and Anthony turned at me watching me with no expression

“How come we have two Karen?” Brandon asked Brian

“The secrete is unveiled , let’s do the same thing for this fake Karen cus we have unveiled who the real Karen is” Brian said

“I ain’t gonna allow you do that” Brian said as he guided the fake Karen outside

Her walking posture looks like someone I know very well even though she disguised almost everything about her

“So, Brian orchestrated all this , you are Karen for real claiming to be Donna , I’m happy I’d not kiss you” Anthony said

“Anthony, Nancy here is Donna, ask her three questions that only Donna and you knows ” Brandon said

“I do not need to ask her any question, I’d always suspect her to be Donna , either she is the real Donna or not, the most important thing is that I Love her . I’ll stop hating on poor people cus that is the only thing that did not make me accept my feelings for Nancy, I’d always thought that Nancy can never come from a poor home” Anthony said and moved closer to me

“I know you are Donna. I’m sorry for treating you bad all this while. I Love you Nancy” He said and I turned from him

Everyone was surprised at my behaviour

Anthony turned me to him romantically and looked into my face

He knelt before me and had a teary eye on his face

“I’m sorry Nancy , forgive me” He pleaded and the whole atmosphere became tense

No one had ever believe that flower boy can kneel for anyone

“I wish I can forgive you Anthony, but I must take down all those that are responsible for the death of my parent, your father killed my parent and innocent citizens , they will never forgive me from wherever they are if I do not take revenge on their behalf ” I said and Anthony bowed his head painfully

I loved him so much but that will never stop me from taking revenge for my own parents

“Brandon, where do we get started ?” I asked

“You mean you are ready to avenge your parents death ?” Brandon asked

“Yes , I am” I replied

“Nancy, can you please let go the past and forgive and forget” Anthony pleaded

“I can’t Anthony , My soul will never know peace until I take down Romeo and Noel Nicholas” I replied

“Romeo is here in our custody already , We won’t allow Karen go anywhere too, they will be locked up in here , till we bring Noel here too. Anthony and Karen must watch their fathers suffer severely at your hand” Brandon said and I nodded

” Nancy, because of love, can you change your decision, how can you punish my biological father before me ” Anthony pleaded with tears pouring from his face

“Your biological father killed my mother, my father and my sister , I must take them down” I threatened and walked away from him

“Donna” He called sternly and I turned as I was about getting out of the empty room we were

“If you do this to my own father , you loose me ” Anthony threatened

Teach Nancy what to do at this junction

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