HIS GOLDEN SECRET (being perfect) EPISODE 10

HIS GOLDEN SECRET (being perfect) EPISODE 10




I thought I didn’t know how to kiss but I actually know how to. James lips was soft and I wouldn’t lie I did enjoy it and it was my first kiss. We both ended our perfect kiss and James looked at me weirdly.. “what?” I smiled and his eyes widen at me. And then he sighed.
“I shouldn’t have done that!” he said and covered his face with his palm. “what, we kissed and now you’re regretting it” I primed and backed away folding my arms angrily.
“it’s not that, i don’t regret it” he said into his palm.
“then what are you saying?” I asked.
“you won’t understand” he sighed and moved his hair back sighing. He’s kind of making me feel unhappy.
“you know, you should have backed away when I kissed you first, why are you complaining” I said huffed. “I should have but I didn’t and that’s weird for me” he said.
“what?!! So it’s weird kissing me?” I yelled standing up.
“I’m not saying that it’s weird kissing you, I’m just saying its weird for me” he yelled back standing up.
“it’s still the same thing” I yelled, I feel hurt.
“it’s not!. It’s just that it’s
“it’s what?” I interrupted him.
“it’s my First and my first kiss wasn’t supposed to be with you” he rushed his words and I gasped.
“so you mean, you weren’t suppose to have your first kiss with me cause what, I’m not a good kisser or I’m disgusting to you or you don’t like girls like me or what the hell” I said bitterly.
“I don’t think you’re disgusting or not! And you’re a pretty good kisser but.. But.. Seriously I don’t even know what to say… I’m just gonna say that you’ve really really changed Me I wasn’t suppose to be like this” he stated.
“what!! a jerk?”
He looked at him with his totally adorable cute eyes and sighed.
“just forget any of this happened” he said and sat down back on the bed.
“I don’t understand you James, we kissed and suddenly you started acting like a jerk and now you want me to forget about it..” I said and my body shook. My eyes were starting to feel hot and I know I was about to cry. .
“I’m sorry Samantha but this isn’t me” he said staring at the floor.
“what a joke” I scoffed.
“I think we’ll end our meeting for today” I said and grabbed my bag. I already made it to his door when he pulled me back.
“I’m sorry” he said not looking at me.
“I’m sorry too” I said and walked out of his room, I ran downstairs and just as I opened the front door I bumped into three muscly boys and my tears dropped.
“whoa, who’s this pretty lady” one of them said.
and I didn’t care to look at their faces, I just shoved them aside with my girly strength and walked out of the building. I walked out of the building and and quickly got Into the limo outside, Evans is a really patient person.
Evans drove me home and I couldn’t be more happier when I spotted our building. I got out of the limo and sped into my room, I threw my bag at a corner, remove my shoes and laid on my bed and I released soft cries.
I didn’t know when or how I fell asleep until Beatrice woke me up.
“ma’am.. Dinner’s ready” she said.
“I’m not hungry” I tell her and used my pillow to cover my face.
“but you have to eat, your parents are home and you also have guests” she said and I sighed and sat up.
“goodness! Miss your eyes” Beatrice exclaimed and I rolled my eyes at her “what is wrong with my eyes”.
She didn’t say another word, she just moved to my fancy drawer and brought out a small small mirror and placed it in front of me. “see for yourself” she said and I snatched it from her and place it before my eyes.
My eyes look red and swollen, my eye lids were puffy both up and down and I looked like the word “misery”.
“whatever” I slammed the mirror on the drawer but luckily it didn’t break
“you must take care of it. Cause your mother will be furious when she sees that” Beatrice said and I sighed. “okay I’ve heard, you can leave now” I tell her and she nods and left my room.
I got in my bathroom and removed my dress washed my awfully dry face and dried it. I changed into something decent that says ‘dinner’ put on some flats and when I looked back at the mirror my eyes were back to normal. Almost normal, but you could hardly notice I cried.
I walked downstairs and I could hear sounds of fake giggling and laughter, made by Mom and I know this dinner is going to be so boring that I’d prefer being rejected by James a hundred times

“oh and this is our beautiful daughter, Samantha!” my mom said happily when I got to the dining room and walked to the dining table.. I could see the guests were unfamiliar people, we don’t have guests that much so I guess they must be pretty important people, a middle aged woman, her old husband, their little daughter and their son, who’s around my age or older than me.
I sat down beside my mom which made us opposite our guests. And I sat down opposite their son who kept grinning creepily at me. And I rolled my eyes at him.
“Samantha, nice to finally meet you” the middle aged woman said and I forged a smile.
“Samantha, this is Joyce, her husband Steven, his son Peter and their little girl Erica” my mom introduced and I smiled at them all, “they’re doing business with me” my mom whispered to me and I nod.
That’s why they seem important business partner.
I remained quiet picking at my dinner not feeling hungry.
“so Samantha!” Ms Joyce called and I looked at her.
“heard you’re going to one of the best schools,” she smiled.
Heard of my mom told you, I wanted to say but instead I nodded
“also heard you got all A’s in all subject in your former school” Mr Steven said and I nod.
“do you mind telling us how you scored all A’s in all subject in your former school” Ms Joyce smiled.
“I rather not” I said lowly and she moved back a bit.
“why not?” she asked
“I’m a bit tired” I replied and my mom turned to me.
“baby, are you okay? Is anything wrong?” she asked but I shook my head negatively. Honestly I tell my mom everything, even things I’m not supposed to tell her, I do tell her and he helps me with it, but I can’t just tell her it’s about James cause she’s not gonna force James to like me or something.
“everything’s fine” I lied and smiled at her.
“are you sure? Cause you look kind of exhausting. Do you want to take a nap baby?” my mom asked
“stop treating her like a child, she knows what she wants for herself she’s not a little girl anymore” my dad said to my mom and she sighed.
“it’s okay dad, I did wanted to take a nap” I said to him and my mom smiled. “okay sleep tight, we’ll go to the hospital tomorrow” my mom suggested
“what?!” my dad said and Joyce giggled. “there’s no need for any hospital mom” I smiled almost walking out of the dining room when she stopped me.
“wait!” she said and I paused while she turned to Peter.
“Pete dear, why don’t you escort Samantha to her room” my mom said and I gave her look while she smiled at me.
Really, she doesn’t want me near guys and now she’s pushing me with this Mr creepy grinner. Not that he isn’t cute, but he’s not my type and never will be.
“sure” Peter said, stood up from his sit and walked up to me opening the door for me.
“I could have open it myself” I tell him as we both walked out.
“such a match” I heard Mrs Joyce said back in the dining room and I almost puked, I let Peter Pan or whatever his name is to escort me to my room and after that he wanted to say some shitty stuffs to me but I just pretended I was feeling super tired and needed a quick sleep and then I walked inside my room.
I laid on my bed feeling down, I’ve heard people talk about heart break and I think that’s what I’m actually feeling right now even though we’re not dating or anything and we didn’t break up, it did feel like we’re broke up. That’s how I was that evening staring at my ceiling till I fell asleep. Till the next day.
The next day, I didn’t go for my morning jog cause I over slept and woke up mid afternoon. And I met my mom and a strange man before my eyes and gave a loud yawn. “mom” I called sitting up and my mom breathed out what seemed like a sigh of relief.
“what in the name of baby Jesus!! You scared me!!” my mom said.
“you went to bed around six pm yesterday and today you’re waking up 3o’clock on the dot, that I went to call doctor Adrian” my mom said and I apologized to her and she dismissed the doctor.
“there’s nothing wrong with you, said doctor Adrian, but I know when something’s actually wrong with you, and you know you can tell me okay?” my mom said and I nod, and she looked at me for some time before going out
I took my bathe and brushed my teeth, put on a jeans pants and a light sweater. I ate brunch and went back to my room, Naomi texted me that she’s coming over and that made me a little bit happy. But at the end of the day she didn’t come Which made my gloomy ness add up to level hundred and she later send an apology text message telling me how she’s sorry and how she couldn’t Make it, I just let her be be went to bed that night
The next morning, I went for my morning jog and did my morning routine before going to school. While I was in the limousine, I made sure I put myself together before stepping out of the car,.
I walked in school and greeted hi to Esther who I saw ruining like a crazy person, which she’s not.
I got to the hallway and bumped into Tiana and her friend who fought for her when I took over her chair, and I just sadly found out her name’s Catherine.
“watch where you’re going blind and Blonde ” Catherine said and I gasped and turned to her.
“what did you just call me?” I turned to her.
“blind and blon–
“just ignore her Cat” Tiana interrupted her.
“shut up Tiana I was talking to this psychopath you call friend” I said and Tiana gasped.
“me? Psychopath, just you wait, I’ll show you that I am more than a psychopath” Catherine said and I rolled my eyes.
“you’re already showing that, now if you you excuse me I don’t think I can talk to you losers anymore I’m allergic to losers, which makes me loserphobic..” I said and Walked away, just as I was about entering the class, I met Kaden and James as the door they were about retiring the class too.
“hey sam” Kaden greeted. And I just turned to him and smiled a little bit.
“h-h-hey sam??” James said but I ignored him, and with my head held high I walked in the class.
During math class that morning James kept staring at me, I know cause anytime I look back he’s looking at me and he won’t look away but just me. I rolled my eyes at him hundred of times and turned to the math teacher but still my mind wasn’t focused to the math teacher at all. I turned back for the sixth time but this time, he wasn’t looking at me, he was scribbling something down on his book and I felt awkward and turned back to the math teacher.
I guess I kind of like the way he’s looking at me.
Few seconds later Beth. a girl behind me touched me and passed a sheet of paper to me. “its from behind” she said and I took the paper from her and turned back to see James looking at me with sad eyes and I knew it was from him.
I dug the sheet of paper in my hand and read it to my self.
*Samantha I want.. ..
T. B. C


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