I got home that day and took my shower before putting on a conformtable cloth and heading down for dinner.
After that I went back to my room to search the web of how to make the nine planets for our project and my meeting with James tomorrow.
I heard a soft knock on the door and I expected to see Beatrice but instead Naomi walked in.
“Naomi!!” I screamed with excitement and rushed to hug her and she seemed kind of surprised by that.
“what?” I asked, cause she was looking at me weirdly.
“nothing” she quickly said and walked to my bed, grabbed my laptop and turned to me
“what are you doing?” she asked.
“oh, just searching the web for our school project” I replied and she nods.
“okay, what’s the project?” she asked.
“it’s making the nine planets out of balls or anything” I replied and she gasped. “oh maybe I can help, Neil’s made stuff like that before” she said happily. Neil’s Naomi’s older brother who’s in college.
“really?” I said and rushed up to her.
“yeah, he made it out of papers and crayons, water colours and markers” Naomi replied.
“well wish you could help but I’m going over to James house tomorrow, maybe I can share this idea with him” I said laying down.
“James house!!” Naomi towered me.
“keep your voice down! My parents could hear you” I whispered yelled!
“your parents are not home” .
“yeah, but Beatrice is.. And maybe you don’t know but she’s a blabber beak” .
“okay, I won’t yell but James house, when did you two start to get close” she asked with a full grin, and I couldn’t help the excitement that filled in me.
“well I don’t know, but we’re pretty close now.. And luckily we happened to be partners on our history project.. Isn’t it romantic” I said dramatically and Naomi laughed.
“yeah you guys are more romantic than Romeo and Juliet” she said sarcastically and I threw her one of my pillow, “don’t joke with our beautiful relationship” I smiled.
I suddenly sit up and held my hand. “have a sleepover tonight” I said happily and she slipped her hand out of my grip.
“I don’t know.. I’m not sure” she said and I rolled my eyes.
“C’mon please!” I said and wiggled her shoulder.
“we can both have one of our lovely tete-a-tete” I added in a funny British accent and she laughed.
“okay first, I have to check with my mom first” she said and brought out her phone. Dialed Her mom’s number and called her mom.
“hey mom” she said happily and I watched her solemnly.
“yeah, I’m at Samantha’s” she said and I quickly grabbed the phone from her hand.
“Hey Mrs Alexei, it’s me Samantha” I said happily.
“Samantha how are you” she said happily.
“I’m fine” I replied.
“I thought I was talking to Naomi, where is she?”.
“Naomi’s still here, I just took the phone from her, I just want to know if you’d give Naomi the permission to have a sleepover here?” I said and bit my lips.
“does she wants to have a sleepover there?” Mrs Alexei asked.
“yeah,” I replied
“give Naomi Back the phone” Mrs Alexei instructed and I gave Naomi the phone.
“what?” Naomi said into the phone.
“yeah, I do” she bossed quickly while I watch with anticipation.
“okay thanks mom” she said and dropped the phone.
“so?” I asked.
“she said yes” naomi grinned Naomi grinned and I gasped happily.
It was 12:22am Naomi and I were both alone in my room and on my bed still talking, we’re on our pajamas and we’ve both passed our bedtime. If my mom was home she could have yelled three times for us to fall asleep.

“you missed that spot” I said to Naomi who was painting my nails with a peach colored nail polish that rhymed with my finger.
“hey, I’m the painter don’t correct me” Naomi said and I rolled my eyes.
“I need it to be prefect for James” I smiled .
“you’re way to obsessed over James, he’s taken some part of you” Naomi stated and I raised her head to look at me.
“is it a bad thing?” I asked inquisitively and she smiled.
“for you, it’s definitely a good thing”.
“what’s that supposed to me, for you it’s definitely a good thing” I mimicked her almost tiny voice and she laughed. “just forget I said that cause..”.
“cause what?” I asked.
“cause I’m done.” she replied dropping the nail polish and placing it’s lid. .
“wow you’re gifted” I smiled staring at my nails.
She got up from my bed and walked out of my room, and later came back with a bowl of water.
“okay dip your fingers in here” Naomi instructed and I did. And after a minute I removed them and she went to dispose the water while I cleaned my hands with a dry towel.
Naomi came back and got into the bed lying down. “I’m sleepy” she announced.
“I’m not” I tell her.
“it’s because you’re too excited to go over James house tomorrow”.
“how did you know!!” I gasped.
“sammy, it’s written all over your face” Naomi said and I touched my face and laughed making Naomi laughed too. But then I paused.
“you know how I told you how I almost kiss James yesterday!” I said and she nods.
“the truth is, if he shouldn’t have resisted that kiss he would have totally be disappointed in me cause I don’t even know how to kiss?” I said sincerely and Naomi sat up. “really?” she beamed.
“why are you smiling?” I asked.
“cause, you know..
“know what?” I raised my brows at her.
“I thought you knew everything” she said still smiling.
“don’t mock me Naomi” I warned. And she stopped smiling
“I am not mocking you, looking at someone like you, kissing would be the least problem in your list, since You’re perfect’..” she said and did air quote around perfect. Which made me release a sad sigh. What she just said hurt and it’s still hurting, but she’s right.
“okay maybe when it comes to kissing, I’m not perfect, but I’m sure you don’t even know how to kiss too, so we’re both in the same shoes” I tell her.
“uhm.. Don’t you remember Daniel.” Naomi said in a ‘duh’ tone.
Daniel was Naomi’s first boyfriend.
“what do you think we did while we’re together, Stare at each other all day??” she said sarcastically and I sighed. Looks like I’m the only one who hasn’t dated or kiss any one before. Maybe I’m not that perfect.
“okay I give up, you win maybe I’m not that perfect” I said and she laughed. “you’re still perfect to me” she smiled and held my hand.
“really?” I said and she nods.
“thanks” I smiled.

“but what am I gonna do if james kiss me” I whined like a child.
“you go with the flow” Naomi replied.
“go with what stupid flow, what if I ended up biting his lips and he ends up in the hospital he’ll never be friends with me” I said rushing my words which made Naomi burst into laughter. And I glared at her.
“I’m sorry.. She apologized.. “it’s just weird and funny seeing you this way”
“wait, Naomi you know how to kiss right?” I asked happily and she nods. “why what’s wrong”
“practice with me” I said and held her hand.
“what?! We’re both girls,” she half screamed!
“yeah I know and it doesn’t matter” I rolled my eyes.
“it does matter!” she said and moved back. “well I don’t care cause I’m not gonna embarrass myself in front of James” I said and pulled her head towards mine while she moved her head back. “what is wrong with you sam” she struggled out of my grip.
“James is wrong with me” I replied and with the force we’re having we both bumped our foreheads into each other. And burst into laughter.
“I’m crazy right?” I laughed.
“more than crazy” she said and we kept laughing until I felt sleepy and decided to just go to sleep.
The next (morning) day, I woke only to find Naomi not beside me, and I grabbed my phone to look at the message she left for me *good luck with James* I smiled and dropped my phone, that’s Naomi for you, whenever we have a sleepover she wakes up before me and the leaves a message.
I got out of my bed and walked to my closet grabbing my yoga pants and a sweater. I removed my pajamas and wore those instead.. And I went to jog, after jogging, I took my bath, brushed my teeth, wore the most beautiful, decent and extensive dress from my closet, all my clothes are expensive but this particular one, is worth trillions of pounds.
I ate breakfast made by Beatrice as always and after that I packed my blonde hair in ponytail and carried a small black bag which I place my man and space in.
“Beatrice!!” I called and she ran up to me.
“yes miss”
“I’m going over to a friend’s house for our history project if my mom comes home tell her that or she can call me” I said and Beatrice nodded.
While I walked out of the house and got to my limo, “Evans” I called and he turned “good morning miss” he smiled .”going somewhere?” he smiled.
“yeah, take me here” I said and showed him James address from my phone.
“no problem ma’am Hop in” he said and I got in my Limousine…
“We’re here ma’am” Evans announced though the limo phone and he stopped the car. I got out of the car and I was standing in front of a big house.
“are you sure, this is the right place” I asked Evans just to be sure and he nods.
“I cross checked the address ma’am this is the place” Evans said and I nod.
“okay just stay around the block” I tell him and he nods.
I walked to the huge building, walked in the small open gate and moved to the front porch, I decided to knock not seeing the doorbell stopped first but stopped when I saw the door bell, I pressed the door bell and no one answered. So I pressed it again, and again. And again but no one answered, I hate waiting. I pressed it for the fifth time and gave up that no one’s home ..i turned back to go back home when I heard clicking sound and my name.
“Samantha??” I heard his voice and I turned swiftly.
“James” I smiled. He was wearing a loose sweater and a short, his hair wet and cereal box in his hand.
“I didn’t know you’d be here early” he said while I walked closer to him.
“it’s just 11:40, it’s not that early” I primped.
“I just woke up like five minutes ago” he said and I shrugged. “I like being early” I tell him and walked inside his house without him telling me to.
He closed the door and walked in too. His house looked nice expensive and fancy, just like my taste, we’re the same class, we have one thing in common.
“C’mon let’s go to my room” he said I nod. He shoved his hands in the cereal box and grabbed a hand full of Kellogg’s Apple jack and shoving it in his mouth.
“is that how you eat cereals?” I asked.
“that’s how I enjoy it” he replied and I rolled my eyes. As we walked through the hallway I saw frames of James parent and he looks so much like the woman I saw, who I assume is his mother. And then moving to other frames were pictures of boys and I don’t know how many cause they were many and James and I were moving but I stopped
“who are they?” I asked pointing to the picture of the boys..
“my brothers” he replied.
“all of them?” I asked and he nods, and I tried counting them.. “don’t bother I’ve got eleven of them, ten made by my mom and one adopted and together we’re twelve” he said and I gasped “whoa” softly.
“and that’s me” he said and pointed to a little boy at the eight side of the picture.
“wow, you’re so adorable” I smiled looking at him, he’s so little here and his hair was cut so low, unlike now.
“that was taken four years ago” he said and I nod, if that’s taken four years ago then he grew up pretty fast.
We got to his room and likewise mine, his wasn’t as wide as mine, but it wasn’t claustrophobic either. We got on his bed and brought out the book.
We both talked about the book ‘man and space’ which was remaining only three chapters for James to finish so I had to summarize the remaining three chapters for him before reading it.
I shared the idea of Naomi’s paper planets to him and he liked the idea..
He suddenly talked about how man and space’ reminds me of a movie he watched and he asked me if I knew that movie. And I told him I haven’t watch any movie my whole life.
“what you haven’t watch any movie your whole life?” he asked again and I nod.
“aside Romeo and Juliet, looney tunes.. No. No one” I said and he arched his brows.
“wow! May I ask why?”
“my mom thinks it’ll let me loose interest in a lot of things and she wants the best for me, since I grew up without watching movies I got used to it and I also think it a distraction from many things” I said and he laughed.
“bummer!” he said.
“cause if you have watched movies you’d have kn–.. He stopped talking.
“I would have what?” I turned to him.
“nothing” he shrugged.
“really? Cause I think you’re about telling me something’ important” I smiled and moved closer to him.
“it was nothing” he said lowly.
“well I like to know this nothing you speak of” I said and he smiled. “you know our faces our apart right” he said and I didn’t know the time I got so close to him.
“oh sorry” I said and moved back a bit. Gosh I can’t control myself.
“it’s okay, I enjoy your company” he laughed.
He enjoys my company.
“so you don’t mind it when I come close to you” I asked and moved closer to him.
“nope I don’t mind it” he said staring at me, we were so close and that feeling came again and I went for it AGAIN I can’t kiss and I’m still going for it. But this time he reciprocated. And I just went with the flow.
T. B. C




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