HIS GOLDEN SECRET (being perfect) EPISODE 11

HIS GOLDEN SECRET (being perfect) EPISODE 11




I dug the sheet of paper in my hand and start to read.
**Samantha I want to know why you’re ignoring me, if I’ve done anything wrong.. I’m sorry** I read and scoffed,
He’s got to be kidding me so he doesn’t know why I’m angry.
I grabbed my pen and start to scribble something on the sheet of paper.
**don’t talk to me or write to me**
I folded the paper and passed it to the girl who gave me “pass it back to the back” I said and she took the paper back from me while James watch me with anxiousness.
“kress!!” I heard my surname and flinched and turned to see the math teacher staring at me.
“you’re not paying any attention to my class!” he yelled and I sighed.
“I was”.
“oh really?” he raised his brows and I hesitantly nodded.
“here go solve that equation on the board” he said and handed me the board marker while I stood up, I wasn’t listening to what he was teaching but after putting my head together and after a serious gaze at the question on the board I smiled. At least I did listen a bit.
I solved the question on the board and smiled at the math teacher and he angrily took the market from my hand. “make sure you.. He sighed not knowing what to say, what can he say, when I’m perfect. I glance at James who was looking at me from his seat, he must have received my letter.
“go to your seat” he (the math teacher) ordered and I primped and walked to my seat.
I didn’t glance at James anymore, which wasn’t an easy task and after math we had three more subjects before lunch break.
Molly came to our class before we could even get ready to stretch and get our butt off our chair. And damn, she was looking beautiful.
“hey Sam” she smiled at me.
“hey” I said tiredly standing up. “hey Molly!!” victoria screamed happily and rushed to us. While molly laughed.
Why is she so happy.
“still psyched about last night” molly asked? “no not that, the past is in the past already, is just that my dad made a promise, I’m gonna have my own private car when I turn seventeen” Victoria said happily.
“but isn’t that like till next year?” molly asked.
“well duh, it’s just eleven months and two days remaining” Victoria said happily. “geek” molly said and they both laugh.
“but last night sleepover was fun” Victoria said.
“yeah” molly agreed.
A sleepover???
“what sleepover?” I asked.
“the one we had” Tracey from nowhere and we all turned.
“yeah it was like the old times when we were little” Tori said and smiled.
“the three of you had a sleepover last night?” I asked and they all nod.
I love sleepovers, and they all had a slumber party without inviting me, how cruel.
“you guys didn’t invite me!” I said slowly,
“we thought you’d be busy, so we didn’t invite you” molly quickly said.
“no I was as free as a bird yesterday” I stated and Molly shrugged
“actually we agreed on inviting only the three of us cause.. You know we’ve been friends for over a long time and we haven’t had one of ours sleepovers tog–
“so I’m not your friend that’s what you’re saying.” I interrupted Tracey.
“we’re not saying that” Molly added.
“what Tracey’s trying to tell you is, we’ve been best friends since forever, since age zero and we’ve always had sleep over together but during this few years we didn’t have them cause of high school stress and we just had to had one yesterday in lost of old times” Victoria explained and I rolled my eyes .
“we used to be a group of friends having so much fun anytime molly has a slumber party, we used to invite Esther, the school’s president, James, Kaden and Lucas but we got to high school and Esther skipped a grade and somehow became the school’s president, James started to hang out with Kaden and Lucas, Esther became really busy and that’s how it ended up being only the three of us and we just kind of had a get together slumber party yesterday” Victoria explained. And I sighed, didn’t even know they were all childhood friends, I wish we could have a sleepover and I would be there and James would be there and… Wait. I’m not talking to James so I shouldn’t think about him.. But I somehow can’t help it, but think so much about him..
“don’t worry you’ll totally be on the top list when I have another sleepover” Molly said.
“can we invite James?” I asked.
“sure we can IF he wants to be invited” Tracy said and I shrugged.
“let’s go eat lunch, I’m starving” Victoria mumbled
“yeah” Molly said and before walking out of the class I glanced at James and he was laughing seriously with Kaden and Co.
We got to the car ordered our food and we went to our special table to eat.
Tracey and Victoria talked about movies and later molly joined in and they’ll talk and laughed about a particular movie which I don’t know about, and which I’d really like to know about cause they all sound interesting it wasn’t nice for my parent’s to not make me like movies.
“so anyone watched teen spirit?” molly asked while Victoria nodded happily.
“I haven’t” Tracey said sadly.
“Samantha how about you?” molly asked me, she finally asked me, I thought I was invisible.
“I haven’t.. I’m not a movie person” I tell her
“oh” she said and I looked away.
“C’mon tell me, what happened in teen spirit?” Tracy whined and Molly laughed and start to explain the movie to her while I listened, it seemed interesting but I would liked to watch it myself.
“I’ll be heading to the bathroom” I announced and stood up but no-one replied cause they were engrossed in talking about this stupid movie.. Teen spirit or whatever, I rolled my eyes and walked out of the cafeteria. I glance at James table and saw all of them talking but James wasn’t with them
As I walked through the empty hallway just about to take a turn to the next hallway, someone pulled me into the physics lab and closed the door.
Startled!!. I turned swiftly and yelp.
“sorry, I had to do that” he apologized and I became calm but I had to pretends.
“I could have died of shock” I yelled but he immediately placed his hand over my mouth for me to shut up.
“can you not yell, Mr Bach believes everyone to be in the cafeteria” he whisphered and his mouth smells like strawberry milkshake.
I removed his hand from my mouth and sighed.
“what do you want with me?” I asked. Folding my hand my specialty.
“I want to know why you’ve been avoiding me” he said .
“uh.. You’re pretty dumb to not know why I’ve been avoiding you” I said and he shook his head negatively.
“I don’t know, and I am pretty dumb If you don’t know, but I have a feeling it’s about that kiss We had at my house” he said and I sighed disappointingly, shaking my head.
“it is about the kiss but don’t worry since you told me to forget about it, that kissing me was disgusting then I’ll forget about it” I said and was about to walk away when he pulled me back.
“what the heck, I never said kissing you was disgusting! A–and I actually wanted more that day too” he said shyly looking away and I couldn’t help as my face heated up.
“and.. I didn’t know how I could not have noticed it but I really like you Samantha, I really do” he said and muttered something which I think he said “even if it’s weird”. But scratch that part out james likes me.. This is a dream come true. He’d confess to me, I’ll share my feelings too and we’ll get married and have kids that looks like him even though they’ll be more prettier if they look like me, their mom.
**you’re thinking too much Samantha” my subconscious hit me and I laughed a little.
“uh.. why are you laughing?” James asked. And I stopped laughing.
“nothing”. I quickly said and he smiled and continued. “and I know you like me too, well everybody knows that.. But believe when I say that I have never liked anyone, any girl as much as you, you’re a disturbance but it in a good way and it’s actually a good thing cause I find you free and attractive, I don’t care with what people will say when we date” he said and I gasped.
“really?” I asked lowly.
“yeah, would you like to?” he asked.
“to do what?” I asked like I don’t know what he’s talking about.
“date me?”
“why wouldn’t i” I smiled, this is the sweetest moment of my life, I’ve never experienced something like this before and– he suddenly kissed me and I didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, we got into a deep kiss that I lost a few breaths and I gently wrapped my hand around his waist which strangely happened to be so slender and soft, I thought boys body are strong and hard but his happened to be soft and petite.. Well that’s why he’s special. And that’s why he’s mine.
We got back to the cafeteria, and he went to his table while I went to mine.
“seems like you and the bathroom had a lot of gist” Tracey said sarcastically, glancing back and forth between James and I.
“oh I almost got to the bathroom but then I bumped into James” I smiled and admire him from my seat. And Tracey snapped her fingers in front of my face.
“stop crushing on that boy, he’ll never be with you” Tracey Said.
“yeah,” Victoria added.
“nonsense!” I exclaimed happily.
“have you guys heard of a language called non-sense? That’s what you’re all speaking, non-sense” I said and Tracey looked at me deeply and with a small smile she asked.
“and what makes you think we’re speaking this language called non-sense?” Tracey asked while molly and Victoria looked at the both of us actually waiting for my reply.
“cause James and I are dating” I said and Molly fork dropped while Tracey laughed
“you’re joking right?” Victoria asked
“do I look like a comedian to you?” I said with a serious face and she gazed at Tracey “she’s not kidding Trace, stop laughing” Victoria said and Tracey quickly turned to me.
“you’re not kidding?” Tracey asked.
“noPe!” I said popping the “P” sound.
“what then that means you’re– I think I’m full” molly said and gulped down her entire bottled water.
They’re just jealous!.
“but like James knows he’s dating you” Tracey asked.
“of course what kind of absurd question is that? Don’t think you can take him from me cause you’re nowhere near my beauty” I primped .
“eww take James from you, gross!” Tracey said and Victoria laughed.
“i think you and James are a perfect couple” Victoria said and I smiled at her.
“awwn thanks, Tori, you’re a good friend” I smiled and glared at Tracey.
“I actually think you guys are a perfectly match too” molly said
“thanks you’re also a good friend but, this girl here is not!” I said referring to Tracey and she shrugged.
“good friends are the hidden ones” Tracy said and I rolled my eyes.
“keep telling yourself that, what I know is James and I are together and we’re unbreakable” I said and immediately the bell was rung..
Tracey smiled at me and seriously I don’t even understand her. But who cares. I’ve got James.
We all got back to class ready for other subjects and we did have the other subjects before school was over and we all packed our bags for drama class.
While heading to drama class Tracey quickly rushed to meet Kaden and even though I couldn’t hear what they were saying since they were in front of me I could see how happy they looked as they both laughed together and I kind of wanted to hear what they’re saying and I watched them.
“we just started dating and you’re looking at another couple that way?” I heard James voice behind me and my heart skipped a beat.
“oh I.. I wasn’t looking at them that way I was just..
“just what?” he said and I smiled “nothing”. I linked our arms together and moved my body close to his.
“so heard we’re going to be given roles on our school play today” James said
“whatever role I may be given I want to be close to you, if you’re given the prince then I’ll be the princess, if you’re the king then I’ll be queen, if you’re the frog then I’ll be your lily pad, if you’re the servant then I’ll be a maid, If you’re the sky then I’ll be the ground, if you’re the well then I’ll be the pail if you’re the wall then i–
“can you stop, you’re kind of making me feel too highly of myself” he smiled.
I didn’t even realise I was saying all that.
We got to drama class and the drama teacher gave other unimportant roles to some students and said he’s going to give the important roles tomorrow and we’re going to act that role before he gives it to us, I’ll make sure I get the main role as the princess and James gets the frog prince.
Before going home that day I pecked James in front of Kaden and Lucas, who looked a bit shocked at that, and I got into my limo and Evans drove me home.
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