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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 43

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 43 (FINAL)

A story written by HAPPY

Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


🎵Jingle bells, Tessy smells
🎵Freddy stole the cake
🎵Oscar thinks that Brya’s cute
🎵And Edward kissed Margaret……. Yay!
Diana gave a little bow after rendering her home-renowned carol, and we all bursted into loud laughter as we clapped for her and blew her kisses😘 and threw her roses🌹.
It’s happened to be December, not exactly Christmas but Diana was already getting into the spirit. And, well, so was everyone. The whole family, and friends too, sat in the big hall by the fireplace at dinnertime as we hosted a little pre-christmas party for loved ones.
Grandpa Oswald and Grandma Diana were present and they sat on the antique ottoman; grandma Diana was knitting while grandpa puffed on a pipe. They are tough people to please, especially grandpa, but luckily for me I learned that you didn’t exactly have to be all out to please them else you’ll fall face down on the ground. It was better you were a natural, and perfect at whatever you did. My baking skills earned me an ace in their records, and even though they were somehow skeptical about me being Lady Liz’s daughter out of wedlock, they got used to me pretty fast. And I loved them too because in a way grandpa reminds me of gramps, dad’s father. Both’re stern on the outside, but on the inside they were big ol’ softies💓.
The Earl of Rutherford was quite an old man, which made me somehow averse to the idea that mom had to be forced to marry him. I later found out that it was for political reasons. Being an old man, the earl didn’t have time for jollies and pleasure because he preferred his own dukedom to the state. That’s why he wasn’t here with us. I’ve met him once and he didn’t give a damn about me, not that I was bothered anyway. Personally I don’t like the old man, and I don’t know whether this is right or not, but I just wish the recent illness he’s having quietly takes him away one day. That way, mom would be free to love dad, the way Freddy, Tessy and I want it to be💓.
Hannah left. After dad found out that she was infidel throughout their loveless marriage and it was during one of her many affairs that she had a complicated abortion which made her unable to get pregnant. I guess I was two or three then. She pleaded for forgiveness and the next hour, we didn’t find any sign of her or her stuff. I felt kind of sad, but I got over it pretty quickly💓.
Dad’s leg was completely healed, except for a slight limp in the affected leg. Which explains why he didn’t need Hannah anymore. I visited him as often as I could, which wasn’t much because of exams at school and baking contracts I receive. But mom was always there when ever she was in primrose. Seems they’re getting back together💓.
We’d graduated some months ago, and it was a grand occasion. I mean, it’s quite rare before you see a set of students that packed so much drama💓.
Edward and Maggie were going to be married on new year’s day. With the whole country loving them, it sure as hell was gonna be a helluva wedding ceremony and none of of could wait.
And Diana…. when she saw dad’s healed legs, she’d taken the challenge and upped for a surgery. Her chance, as the doctor said, was fifty fifty because she’d been crippled from birth. That didn’t deter her. She got operated on and now walked on crutches. Her hope is that before New Year’s Day, she’d walk perfectly to be the little bride on her brother’s wedding.
“That’s kind of like… insulting the adults don’t you think so Di? I mean I’m thirteen so technically I’m a young adult and Edward and Maggie are way out of our league plus Umbria and Oscar too although I won’t exactly say that they’re offended since in a way it’s true and from the look on their smiley faces they like your song lyrics and Freddy did take a slice outta the cake Umbria baked for this occasion from the icing on his mouth but seriously I stink? Gosh Di, did you get a whiff of my deodorant? Because if you did you would know that I don’t smell. I fragrate.” Tessy concluded with rolls of her shoulder and blink of her lashes.
“Ugh Tessy you talk too much! Gosh!” Diana said and rolled her eyes.
“And besides I don’t think fragrate is a word. Do you think so Jessy?” Audrey asked as she sipped a drink from her glass and turned to Jessica.
“Nope,” Jessica replied monotonously and took a bite of her cookie. She still doesn’t talk to either me or Oscar, especially after King Oswald II threatened to dethrone her father from Senate. It’s not like I care, but I really wish we’d get along like we do with Audrey and everyone else. As for Oscar, he made it clear that apart from social circles he never wanted anything to do with her. Jessica didn’t seem affected. Audrey told us that it was for show. She cried almost every night.
I laughed as Tessy and Diana engaged in a stare off and shared a smile with Oscar who sat beside me at the piano where we played earlier. He grinned and winked at me, and I tapped his shoulder playfully.
“Uhm, girls timeout okay? This is a prechristmas party so you shouldn’t fight,” said Victor. “As a matter of fact I’ve got some candy canes wrapped in bows. Girls like bows right?” he reached into his bag for the canes, but brought out drumsticks instead. He glared at Stan and Chris who sniggered as they highfived Freddy.
“Seriously guys? Childish pranks? Mature. Real mature,” Victor muttered and threw the sticks away.
“And there goes the candy canes….” Maggie sang and brought another tray of cookies from the kitchen, making the kids scramble to her.
King Osborne and Queen Fiona got up from the corner of the fireplace where they sat with grandpa, grandma, mom and dad having boring grownups discussion.
” You kids are so noisy. What’s a person got to do to have peace around here?” gramps asked in his grumpy voice.
“Now now Ossie, let them be. They’re celebrating love,” grandma said and signed dreamily, “U should know how it feels. I remember once…. once upon a time under the lime trees and huge figurines in the orchard, with birds flitting about… it was a Christmas season too I Remember quite correctly. First time of meeting my betrothed.”
Grandpa shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “You don’t need to tell the story Diana,” he grumbled.
“Oh but I do!” granny dropped her knitting and announced, “who wants to hear an oldie’s but romantic love story?”
“Yay!!” we chorused and got up to walk towards the fireplace. Edward held out his hands for Maggie and kissed her lightly when she got up.
I shuffled with my pullover as I made to stand up too but Oscar’s hand on mine stopped me.
“Why do you wanna listen to a boring story when we could sneak out and spend some time together?”
“We are spending time together,” I said with a stifled laugh.
“Alone, Brya. I really want to kiss you right now.”
I giggled. “I know. We’ve still got all the time in the world darling. We can spend it all kissing if you want.”
He grinned. “Sounds like a plan.”
“Hey lovebirds, come on we’re waiting here,” Edward called with a smile.
“Right with you,” Oscar replied as we walked towards them.
Suddenly Freddy gasped. “Guys, Umbria and Oscar are standing under the mistletoe. They’ve gotta kiss!”
“Yeah,” everyone chorused as we both looked up to see the mistletoe. Oh, ancient Christmas tradition. Any couple standing under the mistletoe is to kiss, and they were meant to be.
Oscar grinned at me, and I smiled back. “Guess you’ll get that kiss you’ve been pinning for huh?”
“Yup. I’ll make the most of it,” he replied and captured my lips.
O1st January💓
“…..you may kiss you’re bride,” the priest said, and Edward didn’t hesitate to lean down and trap Margaret in a kiss that had the whole crowd clapping and awwing and oohing and aahing and wishing them a happy and blissful wedding.
When finally they broke apart, Maggie and Edward grinned widely at the huge crowd that crammed the church on the first of the month. My best friend looked astonishingly beautiful in her white longsleeved sparkled dress and a tiara on her head. Nothing simple for princess Margaret Kent Oswald of Primrose.
Oscar and I stood in front line and our friends too.
As part of our new year resolution we decided to drop old grudges and that included Jessica. From the look of things she’s found a new fashion runway guy whom she’s sticking with. Audrey says its kind of serious which is good.
Carl waved at me from the left of the crowd where he stood with Lucy and maggies mom janet, and Oscar and I waved right back.
“I’m so happy for her, and Edward too,” I said while clapping.
“Yeah baby. I’m thinking… wanna know what I’m thinking?”
I smirked cause I know its going to be something crazily romantic coming from my boyfriend. “What?”
”That soon, probably next couple of years later, we’re going to be the ones up there, beaming down here, with people being happy for us,” he said.
“You’re crazy,” I laughed.
“Only for you, but it’s true. I love you so much Brya,” he kissed my knuckles.
“Keep up with that and we’d be married immediately,” I replied.
“Good thing right?” he winked.
“Bouquet toss,” somebody announced as Maggie backed the crowd and prepared to swing her bouquet to the back.
When she let go, I watched it fly and land into Oscar’s hand. Before the crowd could turn he slipped it in mine and whispered, “First engagement phase down.”
“You silly, silly boy,” I replied and kissed him too.
👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 THE END👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑


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