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School that day was finally over after drama class and I waved goodbye to Tracey as I got into the limo, and Evans drove me home.
I got home and after taking a bath, I ate dinner and went back to my room to continue reading ‘man and space’ but surprisingly Naomi Showed up and I had to leave the book and tell her about today and how everything went with me and James and she told I was really making progress.
She left later that night and I had to continue with my book and I read another nine chapters making me complete eighteen chapters with just twelve chapters remaining.
The next morning my alarm didn’t need to wake me up cause I couldn’t wait to go to school so I woke up before my alarm, I already wore my joggers before Beatrice walked into my room and saw I was already dressed for my morning exercise.
I had started this exercise since I was ten years old and I’ve gotten used to it, my mom always tells me exercises makes the body fit and healthy and I do have a fit body, even though I really want to have an hour glass figure like my mom so badly, but she said I’m still growing up.
I took my morning shower and got ready for school after my exercise, I ate breakfast and then Evans drove me to school.
I got to school and met with Esther by the gate who greeted me and complimented me of how pretty I looked. I thanked her and walked to class, getting to class I met the person I least expected to meet molly, her class is close to ours so I guess running into her was still expected.
I ignored her and continued walking but she called me which made me stopped on my tracks, ugh my name with her voice sounds weird.
“what is it?” I asked moving my fabulous hair back. She gazed at me before saying,
“why do you hate me?” she asked. Oh so she noticed it.
“why do you ask? Do you want me to?” I asked and folded my arms.
“I..i d-don’t w-want y..you to” she stutter and I sighed, she’s wasting my time.
“honestly Samantha, I really admire you, no I envy you, we’re both from the high classes of family but you’re pretty smart, bold and you have beautiful body and hair, and seeing you with my friends just makes it so Hard for me to meet with them, I don’t know if you hate me because I’m not pretty like Victoria or Tracey but If that’s the case, I’ll change, I’ll change my looks just for you to like me” she said looking down at her feet.
“well if you do that you know where to find me” I smiled and walked to class.
I saw Kaden and James talking to Victoria and Tracey and I wanted to be a part of that conversation like so bad. James noticed me and glance at me, I waved at him and he smiled a little and looked away.
I dropped my backpack on my seat and was about to go join the foursome conversation when our English teacher walked in, I was a bit disappointed but it doesn’t really matter anyway. I’m not always disappointed to learn, I love learning.. We had three more subjects before surprisingly our drama teacher Mr Yung walked in.
“good day guys, I came here in a bit of a hurry” he said and the school bell was rung for lunch break.
“no one’s going out until I’m done talking, but if you’re not in drama class, you can leave” Mr Yung said and five or six student left the class.
“okay, you know how I said the drama student are going to put on a play at the end of the semester based on this book “time”- we’re not going to put on a play by the book “time” again cause it consumes a lot of time and it also has a lot of scene which can’t be acted and I don’t know what we’re going to act now cause drama class is forced to put on a show every term, Esther suggested we just act a short familiar play, ‘the frog prince’ but we’re going to change the story line a bit, and rehearsal starts next week, thank you all for your time” he said before walking out.
Everyone start to leave the class and Victoria was the first to meet me. “let’s go without Tracey, she’s busy drooling over Kaden” she laughed and I glance at Tracey which was true she was admiring Kaden who was laughing with Jerold, I looked around to see if I could see James but he was nowhere to be found. “Tracey your saliva are all over the class” Victoria yelled at her and Tracey shyly looked away before running up to us.
“what the hell Tori you totally embarrassed me” she said and Victoria laughed ..”I couldn’t help it you were killing Kaden with your gaze”.
Someone tapped me from behind and I turned to see my James.
“James!” I called happily.
“can we talk, like privately” he asked and I nod “sure”
He glance at victoria and Tracey and they both glance at me before walking away..
“so..? what do you want to talk about?” I smiled and he stood still and glance at Kaden and the rest of his friends who walked out of the class, each and everyone’s of them glancing at us.
James didn’t say anything until the class was empty leaving only the two of us and I sighed and sat down on my desk.
“what is it you want to talk about James, I’m starving” I said, I’m not really starving I actually feel happy he’s here with me.
“W..well s..see I don’t really have anything to talk about but..but seriously I have to ask you again, why do you like me?, how much do you like me?” he asked.
“i don’t know how much I like you but I know if you’d walk with your legs from here to the sky, then that’s how much I like you, and I like you because.. I don’t really know what made me like you aside from your pretty face, I still don’t know but I’ll tell you when I do” I said and he chuckled. “you’re funny”. “so you don’t know?” he asked.
“know what?” I tilt my head.
“you don’t see it?” he asked
“see what?”
“never mind” he smiled, this time he smiled a warm smile that melted my heart.
“truthfully James, you standing in front of me is making me so happy, you don’t even know how your presence is making me feel, I didn’t know liking someone would made you feel so alive, I’ve always doubted feelings or liking someone, but now I’ve seen what it does to someone, trust me I’ve never liked anyone before, you’re my first and I don’t want this feeling to end and now I can see how Tracey feels whenever Kaden’s beside her” I smiled looking at my feet.
“really you feel all that about me” he asked and I slowly nod.
“hold on, and Tracey likes Kaden?” he asked. “yeah” I murmured and he smiled. We both stood still and silent not saying anything and he occasionally glance at me but my eyes never left his face.
“we better go grab something to eat before lunch break’s over” he said and I nod happily.
He start to walk to the door while I quickly followed him and grabbed his hand, he looked down at me and I smiled at him.
“you’re indeed strange” he widened his eyes as we both exit the class.
We walked in the cafeteria still holding hands, actually with me still holding his hand and after ordering our food he walked to his table while I followed him. He sat down opposite Kaden while I sat down beside him. Kaden glared at me, “what are you doing here?”
“eating” I rolled my eyes.
“I thought you said you wanted to make things clear to her” Kaden said to James.
“well it doesn’t really matter” James shrugged. And for the first time in history Kaden glared at James, James noticed it and sighed. “I don’t know why the hell you looking at me like that but please stop it” James arched his breed and Kaden angrily looked away.
“what’s his problem?” I asked James and he shrugged, Kaden heard me and scoffed.
My eyes suddenly averted to Tracey and Tori, but this time molly was with them laughing her ass out with them, seeing that made me angry, I warned her to say away from them. I wanted to stand up, walk up to her and pull her out that place but that would ruin my vibe with James.
Jerold, James and Lucas talked about some pretty boy stuffs that wasn’t my business while Kaden remained quiet. And after finishing his food, he grabbed his tray and walked away, James turned to look at him go but quickly turn to Lucas and Jerold who wanted his attention.. They talked about a lot of things which made me more interested in their conversation, but then my ears became bigger when they started to talk about Tracey.
“yeah the way you broke up with her wasn’t nice at all” Lucas said and James nodded, maybe agreeing to Lucas.
“I had no choice, she was being clingy and it was annoying as fuck” Jerold said squeezing his juice box.
“she wasn’t really being clingy, she was just fine” James said.
“I’m sorry but you’re not the guy she dated” Jerold snapped.
“don’t lie to yourself, she wasn’t being clingy you were suddenly interested in that girl.. Uhm.. Linda or what was her name?” James asked Lucas who was cracking his name trying to remember the girl’s name too.
“Lana!” Lucas snapped his finger and James nodded, “yeah, you were in love with Lana while you were with Tracey, but man, seriously that’s messed up” James said earning a glare from Jerold.
“actually Tracey’s a nice girl, she’s not clingy or annoying, she’s the type you call girlfriends not Lana who behaves like a possessed doll.” James laughed and so did Lucas.
“okay you guys are just jealous and stupid cause you both haven’t dated anyone, and you James try dating Tracey and see if she’s what you call a girlfriend” Jerold snarled and James smiled “I will”.
“what?!!” I turned to him, he’s going to date Tracey while I’m still alive.
“what?” he turned to me.
“you’re gonna date Tracey?” I asked plainly looking at him.
“well I mean is there a reason not to, she’s the girlfriend type,.. James said and glance at Jerold.. And then continued “she’s pretty, but beauty doesn’t matter, she’s nice, has a sense of humour, giving, loving and caring I mean who would choose an ill-mannered possessed bitch over that” James explained and I raised my eye brows at him.
“and by ill-mannered possessed bitch, you mean?” I asked. And James face moved closer to mine.
“Lana, the girl Jerold’s in love with” James whispered in my ear and I shivered of how cold his breath was. Oh he’s been drinking cold milk. He surely loves milk.
“let me make this clear to you James, and you Lucas, including you Samantha since you’re on your boyfriend’s side” Jerold said angrily placing his hands on the table.
did he just call James my ‘boyfriend’??.. I like this guy already.
“I date whoever I want okay? And it’s none of y’all businesses tell kaden when you see him” Jerold warned.
“sorry Mr Jerold, we’ll totally mind our businesses” Lucas laughed and James joined him to. Jerold didn’t know what to do so he just sighed and got up. “I’m going to class” he announced and walked away. “tell Lana I said hi” Lucas yelled and Jerold turned back to glare at him and after that Lucas and James shared a heart warming laugh.
Lunch break was finally over and everyone went back to their classes. I got to class with James and seriously I didn’t want to let him go as he told me he has to go to his seat, Kaden was staring at us, and I rolled my eyes at him when we made eye contact. James went back to his seat and I went back to mine.
We had three more classes before school was over and we went to drama class
Instead of having rehearsal as promised today Mr Valentine just talked more on the story of the play.

I got home that day and after eating, I continued my ‘man and space’, Naomi didn’t show up so it gave me a lot time to read cause I would have been saying if hundred of things to her by now.
I couldn’t believe I finished the story that night, cause the last part seemed interesting and I just had to finish it that night which made me slept late.
The next morning, I woke up, did my morning routine and went to school, walking through the hallway, I heard a somehow familiar voice called me and I huffed cause I suddenly realised it was Molly’s, what does she want. She’s lucky I didn’t scold her yesterday.
“what?” I said and turned to swiftly, only to find my jaw dropped.
I’m not sure if it was molly in front of me cause the girl in front of me looked different, her red tangled hair has been straightened making it fall on her shoulders and instead of red hair, she had brown dark hair, her small eyes was big and round and I assumed she was wearing ‘double eye lid’ glue, the freckles on her cheeks and on her nose were gone. Not fully gone, actually they’re still there but they’re not easily seen, and her lips were red and full. And believe me I’m in short of words.
“how do I look? Do I look okay now?” she asked.. But I gave no reply.
“I changed my looks because of you sam..Samantha, I want to hang out with you and you said changing my looks would make you talk to me so I did my best” she said and I smiled.
I am such a good influence.
I moved closer to her and grabbed her hanky from her breast pocket and start to clean the lipstick on her lips.
“your lipstick doesn’t go with your look” I said as I gave her back the hanky.
“thank you” she said shyly looking down “no problem” I smiled.
“then I join you during lunch today” she asked squeezing her handkerchief in her hand.
“sure” I smiled before walking away.
T. B. C

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