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I got to class that morning after meeting with Molly, I was on top of the world cause, she changed her look because of me and she looked pretty nice.
I sat down on my seat and someone suddenly towered over me. “hey” Tracey said her hair on my face.
“hi” I smiled.
“you look happy, what’s the secret?” Tracey asked and I giggled “I’m always happy”.
“yeah right?” she rolled her eyes and walked away and I watched her go, my eyes suddenly caught the laughing faces of Kaden and James and I felt angry about that, I thought they’re not speaking why are they being all smiley today. James caught me looking at them and he smiled and waved at me which made Kaden turn to look at me. He didn’t glare at me, this time he just looked at me and looked away. I smiled back at James and mind my own business as the teacher walked in. Well instead of a teacher it was coach Rick, she is a teacher but she teaches sport and I hate sports.
“do I have to remind all of you what day is today?” she said angrily adjusting her face cap.
“Friday?” Tiana said from her seat.
“of course it’s Friday and what happens every Friday?” coach Rick asked .. “sports??” Tiana said lowly and coach Rick glared at all of us.. “of course it’s sport you lifeless brats!!!” coach Rick barked and before we know it half of the class ran out of the class.
“C’mon we have to get ready” Tracey said behind me. “we forgot to mention to you that Wednesday and Fridays are sports day, but we barely have sports on Friday that’s why everyone forgot” Victoria added as we walked out of the class.
Tracey, Victoria and i got changed into the sports jerseys and we got into the girls changing room, and I neatly folded my uniform and place them in my small locker. I packed my hair in ponytail so when I sweat it wouldn’t stick to my body. “wow you look beautiful with your hair up” Victoria complimented.
“I always look beautiful” I assumed her.
Molly suddenly walk up to us, her hair divided and was packed into two pigtails. and she looked okay unlike before.
“hey guys” she said happily.
“molly?” Tracey called and walked up to her. “what happened to you”.
“what do you mean?” molly laughed.
“you look–
“beautiful” Victoria gasped from behind.
“so I wasn’t pretty before?” molly asked.
“I didn’t say that” Tracey tells her.
“neither did I but, your hair, and your freckles are gone” Victoria said touching Molly’s cheeks lightly, and Molly swept her hand away, “all thanks to the Hera foundation I bought” molly giggled.
“but why the hell, did you change your looks, I liked your old look” Tracey said .”really?” molly looked at her feeling somewhat guilty.
“you’re speaking nonsense Tracey, she looks beautiful this way” I quickly said and step in front of them placing my hand on Molly’s shoulder.. “did you have anything to do with this?” Tracey asked me.
“what do you think” I smiled and turned ..”C’mon molly, victoria coach Rick won’t be happy if we’re late..” I said and glance at Tracey who was looking at me strangely.
We all came out of the changing room and now inside the gym, and I could also see unfamiliar faces in the gym.. And they were wearing blue jerseys instead of red like us.
“who are they?” I asked
“they’re G2B class. every Friday’s G2a class and G2b come together to have sport” Tracey explained and I nodded.
I spotted James and Lucas bouncing a ball at a corner and I happily skipped to them.
“hi James!” I smiled.
“oh hey Sam” he smiled as he threw the ball to Lucas.
“good morning” I smiled not knowing what to say.
“morning to you t– coach Rick loud whistle stopped him from completing his words.
“everyone gather around!!” coach Rick yelled, and everyone start to gather around. And I hurried back to meet Tracey, victoria and Molly.
“okay! Now we’re supposed to run round the field before starting any sport game.” coach Rick said and everybody groaned.
“but.. We’re not gonna do that cause it’ll take most of your energy so we’re gonna start with a game and exercise I invented myself” coach rick explained. “just hope it’s not something dangerous” Tracey whispered to me and I shrugged.
“first you’re all going to shared into give, since boys are not much, you’re going to be four girls and a boy” coach Rick said and I gasped and glance at James who was having a silent conversation with Kaden. And Kaden was grinning from ear to ear.
“so arrange yourselves, I’ll be back” coach Rick said and walked out of the gym and everyone starts to choose their group.
“how about you, me, Molly Victoria and James” Tracey said to me and I nod happily.
“but James’s..
“a perfect boy for our group” Tracey glared at molly and she kept quiet.
“James!” I called happily.. “wait.” Tracey said and pulled me back.
“maybe I should try convincing him to come myself” Tracey said.
“okay” I shrugged and she walked up to James. And I turned to Victoria and Molly, “okay we’re a group and we really need to try our best in whatever game or whatever coach Rick invented okay!” I tell them but they just shrugged, Tracey came back with James while Kaden watched from behind.
“congratulations, you’re in the group for beautiful people” I said and he laughs, “yeah whatever”
“okay are you all ready??!” coach Rick yelled from nowhere and everyone turned to the sound of his voice.
“yes!” they all replied when they saw her.
“you there why are you standing alone” coach Rick asked Kaden.
“all the groups are complete and I don’t have any choice but to be alone” Kaden said dryly and coach Rick placed her hand on her chin.
“looks like you’ll have to join one more group then” coach Rick said and Kaden quickly pointed to our group, “can I join that group?” he asked.
“why not” coach Rick said and Kaden happily walked to us.. He earned a stare of admiration from Tracey, a grin from victoria, a straight face from Molly, a small smile from James and an eye roll from me.
“okay now everyone, I want you to stay very close to your group members and stay in a straight line” coach Rick ordered and everyone did so.
“now what we’re going to play is ‘catch the ball” she said and ordered a boy to get her a ball and when the boy did she grabbed it from him and placed it in front of her. “Now I’m going to pass this ball to the first group by my left and then that group is going to pass that ball to the next group using only their head or leg but not with their hands,”.
“what?” my voice echoed through the whole gym.
“ma’am, using heads to pass balls or any bouncing object Is also self suicide and I can’t possibly do that to my beautiful hea–
“shut up blondie” Ms Rick said and everyone giggled which made me huffed and glare at her.
“now while passing the ball any of the group member can pass the ball to the other group and if they successfully pass the ball they can still play but if they fail to the person from the group who failed to pass that ball is out of the game” coach Rick explained but I’ve lost interest in the stupid game already. .”okay if you here my whistle go just know I’ll pass the ball to the first group, and Now everyone space out, cause you already know your group members” Ms Rick said and everybody spaced out. She blew her loud ear watering whistle and threw the ball to the first group and one of the group member passed the ball with her leg and the other group one of their member who’s a guy passed the ball with his head and then the ball started coming towards us and almost landing on Molly’s feet but with her strength she kicked the ball to the next group.
“go molly!” Tracey said happily. “nice one molly” James said to her and she smiled. Stupid game. That’s how they kept passing the ball until it came to us again and this time it started coming to me, I didn’t make any effort to pass the stupid ball and it landed on my feet and rolled away.
“Samantha..” victoria and Tracey called my name disappointed.
“you’re full of disappointment” Kaden said but I ignored him. “you’re out Blondie, group three, you’ve lost a member” Ms Rick said and I rolled my eyes and walked out of the group.
“pass me the ball and sit at a corner so you won’t interrupt the game” Ms Rick said and I throw her the ball and sat at a corner where someone could hardly See Me but I could see them and the only person I wanted to see was James and when I looked at him he suddenly glance at me but turned back to the game. I sighed and turned to my front, staring at the small window above me I moved back my hair and sigh. If only James could like me back then we’ll be dating by now. Just then I heard everyone groan and I turned to see what happened.
“you’re out” coach Rick yelled at James and he shrugged “bummer!” and started to walk up to where I was seated and I could see Kaden looking back at James as he walked up to me and suddenly Tracey tapped Kaden to focus on the game.
“looks like we’re both loosers” James said and sat down on the floor beside me.
“we’re not loosers and I didn’t want to play that stupid game” I said and James smiled. “really? I think it was a fun game”
“then why’d you loose, or did you purposely loose to hang out with me?” I smiled,
“yeah. Or is anything weird about it” he asked and I shook my head negatively.
“I think it was pretty nice and mature of you” I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder.
“do you think we’re dating or what? What if somebody sees us” he laughed.
“I don’t care, we are dating” I said and he laughed. “you might not be dating me but I’m dating you” I tell him and he laughed again.
“you’re pretty funny, the way Kaden described you is way different from the you now, he said you’re not nice, bitchy, arrogant and proud but I don’t see any of that” James said and I gasped.
“he’s the bitchy, arrogant, proud and the donkey-headed one not me” I defended.
“but I am definitely not nice, when you’re being nice to someone you’re wasting your time.. I’m being nice to Tracey, victoria and Molly cause I lie them and I’m being super nice to you cause I really really like you” I said and he giggled.
“you’re so straightforward” he said in a strong tone.
“why wouldn’t I be, why wouldn’t anyone be.. It’s better to be straight forward, say out what’s in your mind than keep it and let it break you down, and that’s not healthy” I explained looking at my feet.
“yeah that’s actually a pretty good talk right there” James said.
“so James, have you dated any one before?” I asked.
“no why do you ask”.
“I just wanted to know if we’re in the same shoes, which we are” I said and laughed a bit, before raising my head up and moving closer to him ..so close.
“Now for the billion dollar question, is anything going on between you and Kaden” I asked lowly and he turned to me swiftly.
“what? No way, why would you assume that” he said squeezing his face.
“cause you guys stay together so much, which is annoying and anything I say or do with you, Kaden gets angry and glares at me” I explained and James sighed.
“Kaden and I have been friends since childhood, he knows everything about me and I can’t possibly blame him if he does all that Cause he’s just looking after me”.
“oh but to my own opinion I think there’s more to his behaviour” I added.
“really; how do you mean” he asked and turned to me, and the way he blinked at me and left his small lips parted open, my breathing hitched cause he looked so adorable and I didn’t know how I did it but I did it. I reached for his lips and kissed him, but he quickly backed away.
“what you guys are kissing now?” Kaden said coming from nowhere a lot of sadness in his voice.
“why are you freaking out it was just a kiss” I said.
T. B. C

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