Okay sweeties take care!” Taylor yelled from the door waving to her Rebecca and Helen as they both found their legs heading to school.
“Why are you dressed like this?” Helen asked as she and Rebecca walked to school.
“Shut up and mind your business” Rebecca snapped freaking Helen out.

“Okay just know you look your worst and you look like my age” Helen said.

“You wish, you looked prettier than your age” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“Rebecca!!” Rebecca and Helen suddenly heard someone called, Helen looked back but Rebecca kept walking.

“Becca!” Helen called trying to make her sister know she’s being called from behind.
But Rebecca kept walking.
“Becca!” Helen called again touching Rebecca and Rebecca looked down at her..

“What?” Rebecca asked.
“I’ve been calling you but you were ignoring” Helen replied angrily.
“Did you? I didn’t hear!” Rebecca said.

“I’ve been calling Becca now but you ignored me you were just two feet away from me how could you not hear?” Helen stated.

“Oh right… Rebecca that’s my name… Yeah… I forgot” Rebecca giggled nervously.

“How could you forget your name. You’re acting weird, look he’s caling you” Helen said and pointed to Zane who was running up to them and angrily walked away.

Rebecca stopped and waited for Zane to catch up to her and when he did he was already out of breath due to running.

“Wow…” Zane said taking aback by Rebecca’s Dollish appearance.

“What?” Rebecca snapped.

Zane swallowed “you look nice…?”

“And you are..?” Rebecca asked eying him with a smile.

“It’s me… Zane!” Zane said looking at her weirdly her pale lips spread into a smile as her Hazel didn’t lit up as she laughed.

“Yeah… I Know that, tall, brown hair… You are the Zane I know” Rebecca said cupping Zane’s cheeks.
“Becca… Are you okay?” immediately Zane asked that, Rebecca’s eyes lit up and her hands slowly slid down from Zane’s face.

“Zane..” she called looking a little shocked… “I… I’m.. I’m sorry” she apologized looking down at her feet and suddenly gasped at her shoes.

“I never wear these” Rebecca muttered to herself looking at her skirt and touching her hair.
“Why did I… Wear..
“Are you sure you’re feeling okay maybe you should call in sick” Zane suggested looking at Rebecca’s confused face.
“No..” Rebecca said still looking down at her feet and touching her neck choker…

“Okay then let’s go to school then.” Zane said.
Rebecca and Zane walked through the wide road of Rainal streets, Helen had angrily walked to school herself.

Zane glanced at Rebecca occasionally worried for her, she looked like she couldn’t put her finger to something, her eyes looked like she held a thousands questions, suddenly she pulled down the bowties she used to hold her two ponytails and her hair fell to her shoulder. She moved her hair back and scratched her forehead.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Zane finally asked.

“Yeah…” she looked at Zane.
“No…” she added “Last night I.. I can’t believe I can’t remember what happened after…

“After what?” Zane stopped cause Rebecca stopped too. It seemed like she was trying to understand something but it was hard for her.

“After meeting that girl”. Rebecca said and suddenly her sparkly eyes faded to just plain Hazel.

“What girl?” Zane asked.
“What girl?” Rebecca repeated.
“Uh… You were talking about a girl?”. Zane said looking confused.
‘what is wrong with Rebecca?’ he thought.

“I was?” Rebecca grinned
“yeah just now” Zane said.
“Right that must have been Rebecca talking.” Rebecca smiled.
“But you’re Rebecca” Zane said trying to be on the same page with Rebecca.
“Oh yeah… Yeah… I Am Rebecca… Come on… Let’s hurry to school” Rebecca said with a nervous laugh and starts to walk ahead of Zane.
Zane glanced at her as he tried to put his head in one place and recall what had just happened.

Rebecca and Zane got to school and immediately Rebecca froze.
“what’s wrong?” Zane asked.
“we are in school” Rebecca repeated.
“Yeah and so what?” Zane said. “you came here yesterday and the day after, and may I tell you, you’re acting awkwardly different” Zane said
“Oh really how does Rebecca acts… I mean how do I act?” Rebecca asked placing her hand on her hips.
“First I know someone like you would really mind exposing their thighs in that short skirt, two you’re rude used to be, but not today, which I find amusing, you smile less and you don’t call yourself by your name, I mean where is that Rebecca” Zane asked.
“Oh Zack..” Rebecca began.
“It’s Zane”.
“Yeah Zane.. I’ve changed and you have to learn to love me that way, now lead the way to class, I’m happy and don’t ruin it” Rebecca while Zane gave a light shrug and they both head to class.
Rebecca sat down on her sit quietly after she had gone to collect her book from her locker while Zane head to Janet to see if his flirting would work on her this time.

Rebecca just sat still staring at at her desk not saying or doing anything, she barely blinked and that freaked Thelma out as she watched Rebecca from her seat where she applied makeup and immediately she ran over to Zane who was busy courting Janet.

“So Janet what do you think about Friday?” Zane smiled at Janet.
“I already told you Zane. It’s not going to work out” Janet primped her lips sparkling from the lip gloss she just applied.
“Janet I won’t force you, I kind of noticed I will soon be lucky in love.” Zane boasted.
“Yeah right” Janet rolled her eyes.
“Seriously I already confirmed that from a fortune teller and it’s bound to happen. You’ll be crawling back to me before you know it, I confessed to you a hundred times that’s something you don’t see everyday and I bet one day you’ll come crawling to me” Zane smirked.
“you’re dumb!” Janet said standing up. “What if your stupid fortuneteller Is actually talking about someone else and not me?” Janet scoffed.
“That can’t be possible.” Zane laughed.
“Yeah for example Rebecca?” Janet said bitterly.
“What? No…” Zane shook his head.
“Or maybe Thelma, who’s walking up to us now” Janet announced as Thelma walked up to them, making her roll her eyes.

“Hey Janet.!” Thelma wave.
“Don’t talk to me like we’re friends” Janet shook her head sitting down.
“Okay… Sorry miss” Thelma said as she turned to Zane.
“come on”
“What… Am kind of in the middle of something.” Zane said.
“Well you’ll be back I just need a few information from you” Thelma said grabbing Zane’s hand.
“Janet I’ll be back!” Zane announced.
“Like I care” Janet rolled her eyes.
She did care.
She likes Zane. But she was too spoiled to let her self accept that fact.
“okay first Janet is such an annoying brat, she was a wingless fairy when she first enrolled here, and then I gave her wings and now she’s using them against me!” Thelma said angrily.
“Okay first don’t insult my lady I’m only being nice to you because you’re the class president!” Zane said.
“Oh… Really only because of that?” Thelma asked.
“Yeah what else” Zane scoffed.
“So you forgot how extra nice I had been to you buy bringing myself down and helping you tell Janet you had a crush on her before you finally did! And how I sacrificed my jacket for you when you accidentally tore you shirt and didn’t like walking around shirtless, and how I even–
“Okay fine… Great you’ve done so much for me and I love you so much” Zane said making Thelma smiled.
“Good. Now tell me what’s wrong with Rebecca she’s weird” Thelma said and they both looked at Rebecca at the same time.
To see her seated like a statue not moving.
“i don’t know… But what’s weird is that she was more weird this morning, while coming to school together, one minute she was another person the other minute she was Rebecca, I don’t undertand” Zane shrugged.
“Hmm… I hope she’s okay” Thelma said.
“Yeah me too” Zane said.

“Wait. Did you say you and Rebecca came to school together?” Thelma asked dubiously.
“yeah what’s wrong?” Zane asked not getting her tone.
“You know I’d prefer you two to you and Janet” Thelma said poking Zane’s stomach.
“what? No way? And do you know Janet and I are going to be together forever?” Zane said sliding his hand over Thelma’s shoulder..
Thelma rolled her big bright eyes “And what made you say that”.
Zane smiled. “I got it confirmed by a fortuneteller, I’ll be lucky in love with a girl… Though i didn’t get the girl name I got a feeling it was Janet”.
“You’ve been stupefy by her Zane, what if she’s not the one what if the one you’ll be lucky in love with is Rebecca or maybe Felicia… Or even maybe… me!” Thelma said. Making Zane look down at her, she looked up at Zane and smiled as they held eye contact.
“Okay Thelma, Becca and Felicia are great… But you… No way…” Zane said getting a soft punch in his stomach.
“I was just joking dickhead… Dating you would be like having a play date with one of my childhood toys”. Thelma said slapping Zane’s buttock.
“Okay that was harsh!” Zane said.
“I’m gonna do it again!” Thelma said raising her hand but Zane caught it.
Zane faked an anger “okay that is enough, we’re not children anymore, come on don’t you have a heart you’ve been punching, kicking, smacking and slapping my life out ever since we were little, even though I was older. Just because you were taller then, but now I’m taller I mean have that respect”.

“Oh Zane… things can never change, even though I did not grow tall” Thelma rolled her eyes making Zane smiled remembering when he started to grow taller than her mom would tell his mom how Thelma cried all night saying Zane’s growing taller than her.

“Okay well things have changed, I’m a grown man, I love a woman and I’m willing to make her mine, don’t ruin my life Thelma” Zane said giving her hand he’s holding a small squeeze.
“A man… okay..” Thelma smiled looking at him. “But just know your relationship with Janet isn’t going to work out” Thelma said moving closer to Zane..

“What..wh..at are you do.. do.. Doing?” Zane stuttered.
“shh.. Janet’s looking at us I want to get her jealous which is totally working so just stay still”. Thelma said.
“But I thought you said you didn’t want me and her together.” Zane said.
“Well I have to help you somehow” Thelma smirked.
And it was working Janet was trying to contain the jealousy inside her but she couldn’t not until Thelma wrapped her hands around Zane’s neck.
Janet rolled her eyes and immediately walked out of the class, bumping into Felicia and shayne who was coming in with Mark behind them.
Thelma fell out laughing making Zane smile.
“Okay you won bravo, my real friends are here!” Zane said.
“So I’m what”.
“An annoying short girl who used to be my friend and now my fake friend” Zane said, knowing Thelma would be pissed hearing she’s short.
She wasn’t pissed not until she kicked his leg and he said.
“Be more like Janet… Pretty, girly, respectful and… tall..” Zane said.
“Great. You just ruined my mood” Thelma said before angrily walking out of the class,
“Hey Thelm… Th.. Thelma” Zane called chasing after her.
“Hey Becca you’re in school early” Felicia said sitting down with shayne and Mark too.
Rebecca looked at her awkwardly, then turn to shayne..
“Uhm… Hi?” Rebecca said unsure.
Felicia and shayne turned to face their fronts and slowly mark leaned towards Rebecca. And he asked.

“You okay?” he asked and Rebecca suddenly turned and they made eye contact.

“I’m okay…” she replied and gasped afterwards moving back like she had just seen a ghost.

“Mark.!?” she called.
“Yeah what’s wrong?” He answered.

“I didn’t know I would be seeing you again it’s been ages.” Rebecca said her breathing getting faster.

“Rebecca we saw each others few hours ago… Last night?” Mark said.

Rebecca stared at him blankly “Last night?.. Or you mean that night?”.

“I don’t understand what you mean and you look sick, are you okay, you look a little pale” Mark said his voice full of worry.

“No I’m fine… It’s just that it’s nice seeing you again… And trust me. It’s an honour” Rebecca smiled.

“Okay…” Mark said confused.
‘what’s wrong with her it’s like we’re having a different conversation’ Mark thought.

“So during lunch Mark… Do you want to sit with me?” Rebecca smiled revealing too much of her dimples.

“uhh… Sure.. Though we all sit together.” Mark said.

Rebecca shook her head. “No I want it to be just us.”

“Uhm okay?” Mark said, surprised! But still flattered.
She just changed! He thought.
Thelma and Zane came into the class before the teacher walked in and starts to teach.
After third and fourth period every student starts to walk to the cafeteria..

“So let’s go eat I’m starving” Zane said standing up.
“We all are” shayne added.
From the corner of Zane’s eyes Zane could see Janet standing up and he smiled as he watched her.
“Why are you looking at her like that?” Shayne asked.

“Because he’s in Love with her!” Thelma’s voice echoed from nowhere before she starts walking up to them.
“No way… And you didn’t tell any of us about this?” shayne asked.
“To be precise she found out herself and just made me admitted it in front her” Zane elaborated.
“Still you’re in love with Janet Sawyer and you didn’t tell us” shayne almost yelled.
“Who’s in love with Janet?” Felicia chipped in standing up making Mark and Rebecca interested.
“Great. Now they’re all going to find out” Zane rolled his eyes.
“Wait for real? You like janet?” Felicia gasped.

“Yeah” Zane said shyly rubbing and giving Thelma a death glare.

Thelma smiled at him, showed him the middle finger and walked out of the class.

“So… Guys let’s go eat. While eating we can talk about Zane and Janet.” Felicia said happily.

“Great I can’t believe I’m the topic of today” Zane rolled his eyes.

Shayne smiled. “Don’t worry dude we’ll talk about Janet too, then Zanet will be the topic of today”.

Rebecca’s voice suddenly made everyone turn to her.
“You guys can eat without us, I just want it to be the two of us”.

“But we all eat together.!” Felicia frowned.

“Yeah I know… But today I want to eat with Mark alone, I want to spend the day with him, don’t you get it?” Rebecca rolled her eyes, linking her hand with Mark’s.

“Okay I don’t understand, when did this happen?” shayne asked gesturing his around their linked arms.

“I’m surprised as you are” Mark said trying to unlink their arms but Rebecca held on to him tighter.
“Well let’s all eat together, you guys can do your whatever in detention today!” Felicia said looking at shayne and then at Mark and Rebecca before Marching out of the class.
Mark finally unlinked their arms and followed the others as they walked outside the classroom, Rebecca happily trailing behind Mark.
Mark glanced at Rebecca who walked behind him with a smile her eyes focused on him, something was way off and Mark could feel it, her eyes didn’t lit up like normal and Rebecca would actually smile for real and this smile looks a little bit forged, her face was pale, dull and her skin looks whiter.
And since when did Rebecca ever become so clingy. Mark swallowed his thoughts not agreeing with what his male subconscious was telling him.

“No way…” He muttered to himself.

The five friends sat around a table in the cafeteria and laughed about Janet and Zane which shayne has officially announced the couples to be called Zanet, Thelma had joined them adding her own choice of words to the Zanet couples insulting every features Janet had and teasing the life out of Zane making everyone laugh.
Rebecca had remained quiet all through, picking at her food and Mark watched her all through and immediately they heard the bell. Mark dragged Rebecca and took her out of the cafeteria leaving everyone surprised and wondering if anything was actually going on between them.
“Whoa I thought you didn’t like me.!” Rebecca giggled.
“Rebecca!” Mark called grabbing her hand.
“what?” Rebecca smiled leaning closer to him. “Are you finally in love with me?” she added moving closer to him.
“Rebecca what is wrong with you…? This isn’t you”. Mark said.
“Of course it is. You like me, I like you let’s celebrate with a kiss.” Rebecca said happily.
“For god sake Becca can you please stop this!” Mark yelled fustrated and Rebecca flinched.

“Mark?” she called, her voice soft but scared, her eyes litting up under the afternoon sun.

“What are you doing?” Rebecca added. Looking at the way mark held her hand and the proximity of closeness their body held. She suddenly moved back removing her hand from his grip.

“But you came up to me…?” Mark paused to look at how confused and lost she looked.

“Are you okay?” Mark asked stepping closer to her but she moved back immediately.

“Stop! Don’t come any closer” Rebecca yelled. Making him stop on his track and watch her hand dug into her looking at her surroundings.

“Something is wrong with me Mark!” Rebecca shivered.
“Wh.. What?” Mark asked to be sure something was definitely wrong with Rebecca.

“I don’t know, Minutes ago I was with Zane and now I’m with you, Zane asked me the same thing and… And I… I.. I don’t even know how to explain myself” her eyes had started to get teary,.

“Okay calm down!” Mark told her.
“I am trying” Rebecca’s voice faded.
“Okay tell me, how do you feel?” Mark asked.
“I… I… Don’t know.. I just don’t feel in control of my…
Actually I feel great” Rebecca suddenly smiled, cleaning the tears that was threatening to fall. And her Hazel eyes became dull again.

“Becca…” Mark called shocked at how she switched mood quickly

“Oh Mark! Quit with your questions I’m fine! And I’ll be heading back to class now” Rebecca smiled before walking away… Mark stood still speechless.
Rebecca got to class and as she sat down a teacher walked into the class and starts to teach.

“So where’s Mark?” Zane asked.
Rebecca replied “He’s still outside”.
“So what… Are you two dating or what?” Zane asked making Felicia and shayne turn to her curiously.
“What do you guys think… Should we?” Rebecca smiled her face getting more beautified by her dimples.
“Uhh… Sure…?” Felicia shrugged.
“You two should!” Zane added.
“But I thought you didn’t like Mark” Felicia added with a sly smile.
“Oh well people change!” Rebecca shrugged, before they all turned back to their book and the teacher.
Mark suddenly walked in the class without anyone noticing, and as he sat down beside Rebecca he ignored her stares and touched Felicia lightly making her turn.
“When did you walk into the class”.
Shayne and Zane turned to him, but he ignored both their stares and focused on Felicia.
“That’s not important… Here” He said giving Felicia a small key.
“what’s this fo…
“it’s for my locker, I’m calling in sick” Mark said.

“What? Are you really sick?” Rebecca chipped in.
“No.” Mark replied without looking at her.
“Then why are you suddenly skipping school.?” Felicia asked.
“I have something important to look into” Mark said.
“What is it?” Rebecca asked suspiciously.

“None of your business” Mark replied cooly.

“Okay everything you do is my business” Rebecca said angrily.
“Well this is None of your business okay!” Mark said standing up.
“Felicia if school closes, take my backpack to my locker. Thank you!”.
And like that Mark disappeared without the teacher noticing again.
“What do you think he’s up to?” Rebecca asked Felicia.
“I have no idea” Felicia replied, turning back to the teacher.

“Oh”. Was what Rebecca could say staring at the door angrily.
School was over and Rebecca almost cried when she found out she had detention today, and would be having it without Mark.
Finally detention was over, Rebecca stumbled out of the class angrily and walked home alone in dark scary night.
Rebecca got home and got welcomed warmly by her family with late dinner.

“We had to eat late because of you!” Taylor said.
“Thanks mummy!.. I mean mom.” Rebecca said looking at her plate.

“You look gloomy is everything alright?” Vera asked.
“Stop asking me useless questions” Rebecca snapped.

“Don’t yell at me Becca, I’m trying to be nice here, why are you suddenly acting like a bitch!” Vera yelled angrily.

“Because I am! … Happy?” Rebecca yelled back.

“Girls calm down”. Mr Steven yelled walking up to the table.

“Good thing I’d be going back to college next week, I’m tired of seeing your idiotic face” Vera snarled.

“Well hurry up cause no one needs your stupid ass here too” Rebecca snapped.

“Fuck you!” Vera said angrily.

“Vera! Language!” steven yelled.

“Okay girls quiet… Let’s just eat dinner in peace. And I thought you guys were bonding” taylor shook her head negatively.

“I thought we were too!” Vera arched her brows.
The Adam’s ate dinner quietly without any bicker, and immediately after dinner Rebecca quietly dragged Helen to her room and locked the door behind them.

“What do you want?” Helen yelled sitting on her bed.
“Shhh… Don’t yell!” Rebecca gave a devilish smile.
“Okay what do you want with me, I want to go do my homework or else mom would scold me like this morning!” Helen sighed.
Rebecca sat down opposite Helen on the bed and smiled.

“Helen it’s me!” Rebecca smiled.
“What? What’s you?” Helen asked confused by the statement.

“It’s me Delilah!” Rebecca smiled.
“Delilah… Delilah the one who comes to my room every night?” Helen asked lowly.
“Yeah” Rebecca nodded happily making Helen stand up in shock.
“Then… Why are you Rebecca?” Helen asked angrily.
“Oh Helen, don’t be mad, Rebecca’s a nice girl, she gave me permission to live inside of her for a while”
“Really?” Helen asked.
“yeah, I’ll be gone before you know it” Rebecca smiled.
“Then if you’re in Rebecca’s body, then where is Rebecca?” Helen asked, her child brain trying to understand the ‘magical’ situation.
“She’s In here too taking a nice nap” Rebecca smiled.

“Okay!” Helen scratched her blonde hair.
“i want you to do something for me Helen”.
“which is?” Helen pouted.
“Help me find my doll”.
“Oh that’s easy I think it’ll be somewhere in the living room, cause I remember Rebecca angrily throwing it away there.” Helen smiled.
“Good. Oh you’re so nice Helen, everyone had always pushed me away if I try to befriend them but you’re different and nice” Rebecca said making Helen smile widely.
“And if you help me find my doll, I’ll give you a reward, and then I’ll give those who tried to push me away an ending reward starting with pretty boy Mark, who tried to end me two years ago. Well I’m back and here to stay” Rebecca laughed devilishly while Helen joined her, happy she’ll be collecting a reward and she couldn’t wait to find the doll.
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