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Drenched by the rain and still getting drenched by the rain.
Mark and Rebecca walked in front Rebecca’s house the rain getting heavier than ever.

“Okay goodnight! Don’t think about anything okay, everything is going to be okay” Mark yelled over the pouring rain.
“okay…” Rebecca replied but she barely heard her voice.
“Okay… Goodbye” Mark said, fighting the urge to give her a hug cause he felt like she really needed it.
She looked lost,
“B..bye..” As Rebecca slowly waved, Mark sighed and gave her hug.
“It’s really okay Rebecca!” he said closer to her ear.
She really did needed that hug.

“Thanks.” Rebecca sighed but he barely heard it as he let’s go of her and starts to walk under the rain to his house.
. : .
Rebecca walked into the living room, Wet and cold, she saw her family in the living room all having a wonderful time and conversation without her.
Taylor and Steven snuggled up in each other’s body a blanket placed over their bodies and hot tea in their hand.
Vera lying on the couch with her phone to her face, and Helen reading a story book on the rugged floor with doughnuts and tea in front of her.
“Oh you’re back!” Taylor said standing up.
“Yeah” Rebecca’s voice was low and the loud thunder made everyone shudder.
“Oh you’re soaked, second day of school and you’re already getting detention, bravo sis” Vera smiled raising her head up to look at Rebecca who looked lost.
Rebecca ignored what Vera had said and slowly walked to her room, she had better things to think of.
As Rebecca closed the door to her room, she turned on the light that suddenly brightened the room. She glanced at the wadrobe and sighed.
She dropped her wet backpack pulled out her books and placed it in front of the standing fan beside her bed.
Rebecca moved to her bathroom and stripped off all of her wet clothes and as she climbed Into the bathtub she felt someone behind her, but when she turned she saw no one, the sound of the rain became heavier and the sound of unstoppable thunder grumbled in the sky, making Rebecca shivered in fear as she tried to be calm under the warm water.
She couldn’t be calm, not tonight, not when she heard what happened to Mark’s sister, not what has been happening to her… Everything felt so unreal but at the same time real, she wanted to cry, but she was too weak to cry.

Rebecca felt her all the hairs on her body stand, when she felt a hand on her back, moving from her lower back to her neck, as Rebecca shook in fear, she slowly turned and slowly saw a naked girl behind her holding ‘a white familiar Teddy bear’, Rebecca screamed louder than the rain trying to run out of bathtub when she slipped, falling and hitting her head on the edge of the tub.
Her head throbbed, her sight doubled and her head spinned, she couldn’t see clearly but when she saw the figure in front of her again, she screamed.

Vera who had became suspicious the moment Rebecca walked into the living room, had walked into Rebecca’s room to Check on her, when she heard a loud scream coming from inside Rebecca’s bathroom and she quickly found her legs running into the bathroom.
She found no one in the bathroom but when she turned to the bathtub she saw a hand holding the edge of the tub and she quickly ran towards the bathtub to see Rebecca lying naked on the floor of the tub, horror written on her face as her eyes were shut and as she screamed for help.

“Becca…!” Vera touched her sister making Rebecca screamed even more.
“Becca it’s me!” Vera said getting scared by the way her sister was, holding her cheeks and bringing her up slowly.
Rebecca slowly opened her eyes to see Vera and immediately hugged her neck almost crushing her neck.
Rebecca lets out a loud cry that made Vera scared.

”what’s wrong” Vera asked, almost crying too.

Instead of replying Rebecca cried even more, making Vera pat her back.
Vera slowly pulled away from Rebecca and watched as her sister shivered in fear, “c’mon get up” Vera said as she held Rebecca’ s shoulder and helped her up, she grabbed one of Rebecca’s towel and wrapped it around her body, and walking Rebecca out of the bathtub and Into her bedroom.
Vera sat Rebecca down on her bed, her body still shaking from fear and cold, and her hair glued to her face and her body…
“Okay do you want to talk about what just happened?” Vera asked, looking around Rebecca’s room.
“I saw a girl…” Rebecca started. “In… the bathtub”.

“A girl!” Vera arched a brow, “What did she Look like?” Vera pressured her voice a bit shaky.

“She had… S..she..Had no face her hair covered.. H..her.. Face.. “. Rebecca stuttered trying to make her voice come in one piece.
“And I felt her hand on… On..my back.. Rebecca burst into tears saying the last part. Vera pulled her sister in another hug trying to be strong, trying to be the older one here, trying to hold back the way her eyes had gone hot and

“Okay… Don’t you think we should tell mom and Dad things are really getting out of hand.” vera said.
“I don’t know do you think they’d believe us? I really don’t know… Do You… Even believe… I probably sound like a lunatic… A five year old scared to be all alone”. Rebecca cried.
“Of course I believed you, I’ve always believed you!” Vera said meaning every word she said, she had always believed Rebecca, And why wouldn’t she now when she saw her sister in the worst state, screaming at the top of her lungs, naked, helpless, horror on every corner of her face, tears cascading down her eyes.
“I don’t even know what to do anymore…” Rebecca cried.
“C’mon of course you know what to do. And what you need now is sleep.” vera said making Rebecca look up at her.
“And don’t worry you’ll be staying with me” Vera said quickly wiping the little tear wanting to crawl out of her right eye.
Vera opened the doors of the wadrobe in Rebecca’s room, and Rebecca shivered as she watched her sister take out her pajamas.
“it all started from here didn’t it?” Vera asked Rebecca referring to the wadrobe.
Rebecca slowly nodded.
“Then it’s going to end here, cause I stand any stupid wadrobe or what the hell spirit, come and torment my sister when I’m alive”. Vera said boldly, and thunder suddenly roared loudly in the sky, adding a dramatic effect.

“Here put this on!” Vera said as she handed Rebecca the pajamas and Rebecca quickly starts to put it on.
Vera angrily slammed the door to the wadrobe making the wadrobe move back a bit.
“See I told you it was moveable” Vera smirked, as she opened the door and slammed it again making one of the door creek and loose it place falling to Vera’s feet.
“Oops I totally did that on purpose now let’s see who this ‘girl’ is going to come to know.” Vera said grabbed her sister’s hand and they both walked out of her room.
Their parents and Helen had evacuate the living room, and as they both got to Vera’s room, the rain became more heavier.
Vera pulled her sister on her bed and covered both of their bodies with her thick blankets.
“it’s gonna be okay now Becca” vera touched her sister’s face.
“i hope so.” Rebecca sighed heavily moving closer to her sister and burying her face in Vera’s neck holding her body tighter than ever.
Vera could feel her sister’s fear, her sister pain, and she was really ready to catch that wardrobe spirit or whatever Rebecca called it.

“Do you want to tell me now, how the girl looked and why she touched you?” Vera asked.
Rebecca moved back from her sister and gazed at her sister’s necklace before saying.
“You know Mark I told you about” Rebecca asked.
“Yeah” Vera replied happily, thankful that her sister is willing to talk.
Rebecca swallowed the big lump in her throat and started. “He had a sister… Who’s dead now”

“Oh… I didn’t know” Vera said lowly.
“Do you know how she died?” Rebecca asked looking up at her sister, her eyes getting wet.
“How?” Vera asked.
“She was possessed and whatever might have possessed her made her jump from a ferris-wheel” Rebecca continued making Vera gasp.
“And… I.. I feel like I’m next cause…
“No Becca… You’re not next. Don’t say that tomorrow is going to be a good day, now just close your eyes and let sleep tak you” Vera said and Rebecca sighed saying no more.
Vera slowly pat Rebecca, till she got herself sleepy and so did Rebecca and they both fell asleep.
It was 2:am, the Adam’s house was quiet only the sound of the pouring rain from outside could be heard, everyone was fast asleep and the rain became even more heavier.

Rebecca tossed and turned feeling uncomfortable in her sleep,and all of a sudden she sat up, and slowly came down from the bed, her eyes were closed as she walked out of the room, someone would she was sleep walking.
She slowly made it passed the living room and into her room, She slowly closed the door, locked it and went to lie on her bed, sleep walking isn’t really friendly.
Rebecca suddenly woke up and almost nose bled when she saw herself in her room,
‘How did I get in here’ Rebecca thought, Rebecca is not a person who sonmabulates, so the idea of sleep walking here didn’t occur to her.
Rebecca quickly got up from her bed and ran to the door, she tried to open the door but it wouldn’t open, she unlocked the bolt she had locked while sleep walking but still the door wouldn’t open.
She angrily pull the door knob until it fell and shattered to the floor.
‘no no.. What is happening’ Rebecca thought as she picked up the broken knob and try to fix it back but it was hopeless.
Rebecca breathing hitched when she saw that the lights in her room had start to flicker,
‘No not again.’ Rebecca breathed her eyes gathering tears.
Thunder roared angrily in the sky making Rebecca even more scared she started to scream this time for help knowing something weird was about to happen but the rain and thunder storms were louder than her voice.

“Rebecca!” Rebecca heard her name and she screamed.
“Rebecca” Rebecca heard again but she shook her head covering her ears.
‘it’s not real’ she tried to tell herself, but still with her hand over her ears Rebecca could hear the voice.
She didn’t want to turn cause the voice sounded so near and it was like the person was close by, tears was at every coners of her face as she heard the calm voice call again.
She Rebecca quickly turned, trying to face her fears, but the fear heightened when she saw the girl she had seen few hours ago, but not naked this time, she was wearing the same clothes as Rebecca and she held that Teddy bear Rebecca had found in the wadrobe.

“Who… Who.. Are you?” Rebecca voice trembled.

The girl’s hair was all over her face and as she slowly raised her head, Rebecca saw one of her eyes, they were plain grey and had no sign of life.

“Delilah!” The girl replied her voice call but frightening, Rebecca shivered even more not knowing what to do, her head was trying to understand what was happening, she was talking to a non-human being, who seemed more like a blood thirsty looking creature.

“What… Do you want with me?” Rebecca’s tears fall from her eyes, The girl did not reply Rebecca, instead she starts to move closer to Rebecca…
Rebecca starts to move back too but when her back and her closed door collided she knew there was nowhere to run to.
“I said what do you want?” Rebecca yelled.

The girl stopped. “I want you”
And then continued walking.

“Me?” Rebecca breathed, glancing at her open bathroom door. She wanted to run there but as soon as she set her legs forward, she felt a hand on her wrist and she suddenly couldn’t move, the girl’s hand was cold and it felt like she was doing something to her cause she couldn’t move.
“Let go of me!” Rebecca yelled with all her might.

“Don’t scream it will all be over before you know it” The girl said and she raised her head up properly for Rebecca to see her lifeless and pale face…

“Get away from me” Rebecca screamed but the girl’s broken and pale lips creeped up into a smile, showing no teeth but green particles inside her mouth.

“Your sister ruined my home” the girl said and glanced at wadrobe and the door Vera broke from the wadrobe.
“What sister Get away from me this instant!” Rebecca screamed louder still stuck.

“I guess we’re doing this the hard way then!” The girl said and immediately everything went blank for Rebecca and her body fell lifelessly to the ground.

Vera woke up to the sound of her mother’s voice scolding Helen from downstairs.
A Ray of sun shone on Vera’s face and she came down from her bed, moved to the window and opened the curtain letting all the sun get in, though it rained pretty hard yesterday the sun still shone like nothing happened, but the whether remained cold.
Vera turned to her bed to see Rebecca fast asleep, she smiled and walked up to her bed, she leaned closer to Rebecca and bent closer to her ear about to Whisper her name but surprisingly Rebecca said.
“Don’t do that I’m already awake.”.
Vera quickly moved back.
“Whoa you scared me”. Vera giggled.

“Well you always scare me now it’s my turn, mom’s voice already woke me up.” Rebecca said sitting up and stretching her hands.
“Well you have to get ready for school you know” Vera said.
“yeah” Rebecca yawned looking a little pale and Vera noticed.

“You look pale, hope you didn’t think about last night afterwards and cried your eyes out, cause if anything happens just know I’m here and I’m willing to share my room”. Vera said calmly.

Rebecca rolled her eyes with a small smile. “Thanks sis. I’m fine and I think I’ll be sleeping in my room back from now on”

“Really? Are you sure?” Vera asked surprised by her sister’s words.

“Yeah you’ve done enough for me and forget about last night I’m ready to face my fears now” Rebecca smiled widely revealing her dimples.

“Ok..okay” Vera said still stunned.

Rebecca walked downstairs as she spotted her mom, Dad and Helen at the dining table and smiled at them.

“Good morning family!” she shouted happily before walking into her room.

“Huh? She seems weirdly happy today!” Taylor said.
“Yeah and that is something we don’t see everyday” Steven replied as he gave his wife a surprised look.

Rebecca glanced around her room as her smile beamed even more she opened her wadrobe and glance at the spoilt door.

“Oh well I’ll just fix you later, first let’s find something to wear to school” Rebecca grinned as she rummage through the wadrobe.
After finding an outfit to her taste she left for the bathroom to take a shower, after taking her bath
she brushed her teeth, while brushing her teeth Rebecca rinsed her mouth and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

“Becca’s beautiful… but I’ll make her more prettier” Rebecca said touching her face.
“Oh and she looks so pale now, because of me!” Rebecca said with a sigh.
Rebecca got dressed for school and she took out a box from the wadrobe that didn’t look like something Rebecca would have.
It was filled with jewelries, bows, and lipsticks.
She put on a pair of pink earrings, A black choker that hugged her neck tightly that would feel really uncomfortable for a normal person but Rebecca felt comfortable. Rebecca slipped on a pair of pink sandals that went with her black short skirt and pink top, she added two pink bowties to her two ponytails, and she loved how she looked when she looked in the mirror letting her smile.
Rebecca carried her backpack and walked into the living room seeing her whole family around the dining table she joined them.

“Wow… You feeling okay?” Vera asked Rebecca.
“Why would you ask that?” Rebecca retorted.
“Cause you dressed up like someone who came out of a dollhouse”. Vera said.
“And how is that any of your business Vera?” Rebecca rolled her eyes taking Vera off guard.
And Vera thought she and her sister were finally bonding and ending their nonstop bickering but looks like Rebecca’s been better to start the childish hate again.

“Oh well sorry to be all up in your business Becca, I guess you’re fine now since you are being all bitchy, don’t ask for my help again and don’t bother having a sleepover in my room either” Vera said angrily.

“I wouldn’t make such a foolish mistake again, now would I?” Rebecca smirked and Vera suddenly saw something her eyes, something she couldn’t understand,
That wasn’t the eyes of her sister.

“Okay you two what are you talking about now?” Taylor asked sitting down.

“Oh nothing mummy… Just about some stuff” Rebecca smiled.

“Mummy?.. Since when did you leave mom and start calling me that” Taylor smiled moving some strands of Rebecca’s hair back.

“You don’t like it?” Rebecca asked.

“You know I don’t… It Makes me feel old”. Taylor added turning to her food.

“Well sorry..” Rebecca said turning to her food and her eyes suddenly saw Vera’s eyes on hers.
Rebecca rolled her eyes while Vera looked away feeling a bit off.

That wasn’t her sister.
T. B. C

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