Janet froze on her spot when she saw Thelma and Zane kiss. She couldn’t believe it. But yet it was happening.

“what’s wrong.?” Janet’s friend asked.

“Nothing! Let’s pass this way” Janet replied as she and her friend walked to the opposite direction.
“What the hell!” Zane yelled when he broke the kiss.
“You’ll thank me later.!” Thelma smiled.
“Thank you later? You just ruined my first kiss!” Zane barked.
“I didn’t. And this isn’t your first kiss!” Thelma said before smiling and walking away and Zane giving her a death glare.
Lunch break was over and everyone went back to class, Zane and Thelma avoided each other while Janet mood was ruined, Rebecca kept clinging to Mark and shayne and Felicia kept arguing with the little things everyone does.
School was over before they knew it and Mark was kind of glad Rebecca helped them out of detention, he didn’t know how she didn’t but he was glad. He’ll be meeting her sister after all.

“Okay goodbye guys..” Felicia said to, Zane, Mark and Rebecca as they take their route letting the others go their way too. Helen already left thinking Rebecca was still in detention leaving Rebecca to go home with Zane and Mark.

“Okay can you let me breathe for just a second!” Mark said pulling his hand from Rebecca’s grip.
“Hey you should be happy I’m being all clingy to you!” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“Well don’t be cause I hate clingy girls” Mark said
“Well you’re gonna love me” Rebecca smiled.

“Are all girls like this?”
Zane asked, his voice low.

“What do you mean?” Rebecca and Mark asked at the same time.
Making Rebecca grin at him happily.
“Like how noticed how Rebecca just changed all of a sudden” Zane said taking Mark off guard and Rebecca too.

“What do you mean change?” Rebecca asked almost angrily.
“Don’t get me wrong but you were like quiet and you always hide your emotion and voice out things you think that’s wrong and you definitely didn’t like Mark and now you’re all clingy being all different and I just want to know if all girls are like this!” Zane sounded sad and Mark he wanted to talk about ‘a girl’.

“What are you trying to say?” Rebecca asked calming down knowing her cover hasn’t been blown.

“I’m saying.” Zane sighed.
“Okay is something the matter?” Mark finally asked.
“It’s Thelma!” Zane breathed out.
“Thelma?” Mark repeated.
“Yeah, she’s been acting like Rebecca, being all clingy and watchful over me and seriously I don’t just get why she watches my every move!” Zane sighed.
“i don’t watch Mark’s every move, but if he wants me to then I will” Rebecca smiled.
“Thanks but I don’t want you to” Mark tells her.

Mark turned to Zane “Well I don’t see anything wrong with her watching you”.

“You don’t undertand she just doesn’t watch me, she scolds me, tells me not to like who I like, she’s acting like a teenage mom and I hate it”. Zane complained…
“That’s not–
Rebecca suddenly interrupts Mark. “You know Zane, I don’t think you should be pestering my Mark with your complaints like this, do all this babbling to Thelma okay?”.
“I have and then she kissed me!” Zane blurted out.
“No she didn’t!” Mark let out a gentle smile.
“Oh yes she did.” Zane nodded giving him a serious look.

“Well I don’t see how that’s a bad thing!” Rebecca chimed.

“It’s not a bad thing, but I like Janet not Thelma…” Zane stated.
“And Janet doesn’t like you..!” Mark said..
“where did you hear that misinformation… I”I thought you didn’t always listen to our conversations” Zane said angrily but in a playful way.

“Sometimes I try to mind my business but your voice can be louder than my music!” Mark shrugged.

“Janet likes me I can feel it she’s just pretending not to!”.
“If she’s pretending then she’s been pretending for a long time don’t you think?” Mark suggested.
Zane sighed knowing Mark words were meaning a lot.
“But I don’t want to give up on her! I know am so close” Zane said.
“So close to what? Embarrassing yourself even more… Give Thelma a chance” Mark said.
“I’m sorry Thelma?… Thelma doesn’t like me, she just wants to see me live miserably” Zane explained.
“Really? do you really think she wants that?” Mark asked.
“If not that, then what else do you want me to think she wants with me?” Zane asked.
“just let this lay on your mind for a while… Thelma likes you”. Mark said.
“Yeah right” Zane said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.
“Seriously” Mark started to smile “What do you expect for a girl you grew up with, maybe she has feelings for you maybe she don’t, but how do you think she’ll feel when Her childhood boyfriend is suddenly falling for another girl instead of her.” Mark explained.

“Whoa Mark you’re so smart!” Rebecca giggled.

“Well… Now I don’t know what to say”. Zane sighed.

“Because I’m right!” Mark smirked.
“And i wasn’t her childhood boyfriend or whatever you called it!” Zane blurted.
“You are!” Mark tells him.
“I’m not!” Zane retorted.
“Okay if you answer all this questions with a yes! You were her childhood boy friend!” Mark said as a matter of fact.
“what questions?” Zane asked.
“While you guys were kids, did you always spend the whole day together?” Mark asked.
“Yes. Because she was living next door and the only one around my age”. Zane replied.
“Well it’s still a yes, okay second question, did she ever bully you?” Mark asked.
“All the time!”
“Okay, Have you guys have a play date?”
“That’s like everyday” Zane smiled recalling his childhood memories with Thelma.
“A sleepover?” Mark asked.
“Yeah! We have that most of the nights we couldn’t get tired of playing” Zane replied..
“And the last question, Have you ever fought for her or as she ever fought for you?” Mark asked…
“Well she always fought for me, cause she was taller and she look older! But she always fight with boys around my age and she always wins, she was pretty strong, but I’ve fought for her once but then got beaten.!” Zane said making himself and Mark laugh.
“You’re still pretty lazy you know!” Mark chuckled.
“I’m not!” Zane said showing Mark his biceps.
“See you replied all my questions positively, which means you’re her childhood boy friend!” Mark shrugged.
“I’m sorry where did you get to learn all things like this, I always picture you to know cool things, not care about a boy and a girl childhood play date!” Zane laughed
Mark laughed too “I once had a sister who you know… she forced me to listen to her own theory of one of her boyfriend once being her boyfriend when they were little and I get to learn all this!” Mark said and Rebecca’s head snapped up with the mention of Mark’s sister.

“Yeah Jessica was a real deal!” Zane smiled.

Rebecca seemed like she wanted to partake in the conversation but she kept quiet and listen to the boys talk.
Helen walked into the house house with a tired but happy expression. She walked up to the dinning table where her mother and Vera sat and joined them. She greeted them happily and her mother dropped a glass of water for her.

After gulping half of the glass down Helen sighed, “I’m full mom”.
“Its not a matter of being full, you have to finish that before you can have dinner!” Taylor said.
Helen sighed and managed to finish the whole glass earning a smile from her mother who gently took the class for her.
“And Rebecca’s still in detention?” Vera suddenly asked.
“Yeah!” Helen replied.
“What about Mark?” Vera asked.
“Huh? Who’s Mark?”.
“Long hair, grey eyes, voice of an angel”. Vera described.
“huh? You mean the guy who waited for Rebecca the day before yesterday?” Helen asked
“Yeah.. That’s him!” Vera smiled
“How would I know if he’s in detention with Rebecca!”. Helen’s voice echoed around the house.
“Well you’re right!” Vera huffed and stood.
“mom…” Vera called.
“yes?” Taylor arched a brow “Has Rebecca been acting strange to you?” Vera asked.

“strange?” Taylor paused. And Helen’s eyes suddenly dart up to Vera.
“yeah!” Vera nodded.
“Not really…!” Taylor shook her head.
“Seriously she’s not acting like another person to you?” Vera asked.
“Or the fact that she’s acting like a total different happy person?” Taylor smiled.
Vera rolled her eyes, her mom is way behind what’s happening maybe to tell her will be the best.

“What about you Helen, has Rebecca been acting strange to you?” Vera asked.
“Uhm… N..no?” Helen said nervously and Vera raised her brows suspiciously.
“Are you sure?” Vera asked and Helen hesitantly nodded. Vera still remained suspicious staring at Helen until Taylor chimed in.
“I don’t know why you’re asking that cause Rebecca’s still Rebecca”.
“Well to me she’s not! Watch her closely mom!” Vera said before walking away.
Zane said goodbye to Mark and Rebecca seeing that Mark is willing to walk Rebecca to her house, and as they got to the Adam’s residence Rebecca nodded and smiled.
“It’s good you’re willing to come with me to my house, my parents will love you”.
“I’m not going in there for a marriage proposal or anything, I’m here for your sister Vera!” Mark added.
“None of your business”. Mark rolled his eyes.
“Why do you always make me out of your business!” Rebecca huffed.
“Because you’re not supposed to!” Mark retorted.
“Okay…” Rebecca held Mark’s hand. “Tell me what you’re up to and I promise tell you a secret of mine.” Rebecca smiled.

A secret of hers? Mark thought! He knew it wasn’t Rebecca speaking, so he definitely needs to know the secret she’s talking about.
“Okay deal.” Mark smirked.
“okay… why do you need to see my sister?” Rebecca asked inquisitively.
“Cause she promised to teach me some moves…”
“Some moves on what?” Rebecca pressed.
“On how to win a girl!” Mark lied with a smile.
Rebecca’s smile beamed as he giggled.
“Wow because of me?” she asked making Mark nod.
“Now tell me… This secret of yours.?” Mark asked. “Remember a promise is a promise” Mark sounded dark and Rebecca’s expression changed.

She sighed. “I have a list!”
“A list?” Mark asked befuddled.
“Yeah a list of people I love the most!” Rebecca said prolonging the “Love”.
“Really…” Mark arched his brows!
“Yep.. And you’re number one which means… I love you most” she responded happily placing both her hands around his neck.
Mark rolled his eyes as he brought them down.
“You are… I don’t even know what I would call you!” Mark said, and suddenly heard his name from the door of the Adam’s residence.

“Vera!” He called happily walking up to her and Rebecca walking up behind him.

“So no detention today?” Vera asked.
“yeah! Rebecca got us out of it I don’t know how!” Mark shrugged.
“How nice of you Becca!” Vera said bitterly.
“I do things for the ones I love!” Rebecca smiled batting her lashes.
“Get lost!” Vera rolled her eyes grabbing Mark’s hand.
“Hey where are you taking him?” Rebecca yelled.
“Oh wait yeah…” Vera paused and moved closer to Rebecca so close they were inches apart. Vera was slightly taller than Rebecca so she leaned her head on Rebecca’s forehead and in a Whisper she blurted out quietly.
“None of your fucking business Delilah!” Vera smirked and starts to walk up to Mark again, she grabbed Mark’s hand and they both walked away.
Rebecca stared at the two of them fuming in anger, her breathing was Loud and her face became more paler. And in anger she made a turn and walked inside slamming the door.
“I thought we were supposed to be inside… Your house!” Mark said as he and Vera stood under a shady one metre away from the Adam’s residence.
“And let Delilah eavesdrop on our conversation? no way!” Vera shook her head.
“Uh… What did you call her?” Mark asked.
“Delilah! Cause as far as I’m concerned that bitch isn’t my sister.” vera stated.
“Delilah?” Mark repeated. His expression sour and confused.
“Yeah what’s wrong?” Vera asked watching his expression.

“That’s the girl that possessed your sister?” Mark asked.
“Yeah she told me herself, and she said she’s never leaving the body, what does her name ring a bell?” Vera asked.
“It doesn’t even ring a bell.. It is the bell… Delilah is the one who killed my sister!” Mark voice was low and sad.
Vera gasped. “No way… But… How?. How can she posses your sister and then mine.!” Vera asked not sure of what she was saying.
“It happened two years ago…” Mark breathed out.
“And…?” Vera pressed.
“And what?” Mark asked.
“Tell me the whole story!” Vera almost yelled.
“But that is–
“Mark please I need to know everything about Delilah to take her down.” vera sighed.
“Uhm… Okay” he said as he started.
“It was just one night while Jessica, my sister, and I were in my room, then she suddenly asked me if I called her name I said no cause I didn’t, and she started to tell me to stop joking if I was, I said no and we just brushed it off that night, Then the next night she brought her boyfriend home while making out with him i think, in her room, she screamed running into her room, I asked what was wrong thinking her boyfriend had done something to her but she suddenly starts to scold me saying she didn’t like the prankster I’m starting to be, and I wondered what prank I played, I told her I wasn’t the one and I made her believe it really wasn’t me, and when she realised I wasn’t the one she cried telling me she saw a strange looking spider in her room, her boyfriend testified he saw nothing the next day I asked him, and then one night she came into my room saying she heard and saw strange things, I asked her to explain, but she said she couldn’t. I became really worried with her recent screaming and crying, and I decided to know what was wrong, so I volunteered to stay with her that night, my parents weren’t aware cause Jessica never really tells them anything but me since we were so close. That night was peaceful we slept soundly and happily but the next day Jessica changed.!” Mark sighed and paused to catch his breath.

“It’s like the same thing that happened to Rebecca” Vera muttered engrossed in Mark’s story already and he continued anyways.

“But what Jessica turned into wasn’t like Rebecca, Rebecca’s really hyperactive and cheerful, she’s mean and scary at the same time, but when Jessica was posssed she hardly talk, she stays alone and just watches everyone around her, I noticed her awkward behaviour and asked what was wrong, instead of replying she asked who I was, and then I knew it wasn’t my sister, when it got too much I told my parents about it and they too kind of noticed her behavior, we decided to take her downtown to a priest cause you don’t get to see situations like this everyday and there he told us she was possessed he actually made Delilah talk, there he told her to say her name, she said her name and when he made her answer more questions, he started to bleed from his nose and then he died… And seriously maybe another day I can continue this story but not now.. ” Mark breathed out, seeing how scared, angry and sad he looked talking about the past Vera apologized.

“Okay I’m sorry… Maybe another day” Vera nodded.
“But before Jessica died… Before Delilah killed her, she told me I was a weigh on her shoulder and I’m killing her, and then she threatened to kill me when she comes back, she said I’ll be on her list when she comes back!” Mark said and Vera gasped but then Mark head sparked at a thought.
He couldn’t believe what his head just arranged.

“Wait.! If Delilah is back in Rebecca’s body, that means she’ll continue with whatever she came here for in the first place, and before she left she threatened me saying she will kill me and I’m the top in her list, and minutes ago Rebecca told me she had a list of the people she loves most and I’m number one and–
Vera suddenly interrupted. “And that means, Delilah is back to murder you”. Vera gasped.
“She’s pretending to like me to kill me?” Mark asked confused.

“She even threatened me too she told me congratulationsthat I just got on her list as the third!” Vera jaw dropped as she and Mark shared a horrid look.
T. B. C



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