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So if Delilah is back and we are first and third on her list then who’s second?” Vera asked.

“Who knows?..” Mark shrugged

Vera scoffed. “She thinks she’s smart.”

“Two years ago when she was in your sister’s body, did she… Like did Jessica ever came out?” Vera asked not sure how to arrange her sentence.

“Huh?” Mark seemed confused.

Vera sighed, “Haven’t you noticed, sometimes Becca talks, like she sometimes takes control of her body, it’s like she’s still there but Delilah takes over her body the whole time, last night she talked to me, like Becca really, she told me she wasn’t possessed that she was just having memory gaps but I told her she was, she seemed lost and didn’t understand what was going on! She wasn’t even allowed to be herself for minutes and Delilah took over again,” Vera expound.

“Yeah you’re right, just yesterday too, Rebecca… I mean Delilah… When she tried to kiss me, I yelled and told her to snap out of it and then I guess that’s when Rebecca’s spirit came back, cause she suddenly asked what I was doing and she looked confused, and I also noticed that ever since Delilah had possesed Rebecca, she’s been pretty pale and her eyes her dull and plain as well, but yesterday when Rebecca came back, her eyes lit up and it looked alive again.” Mark explained.

“So my sister’s still in there but Delilah is now the owner of her body?” Vera scoffed angrily.

“What do you think we should do, and don’t you think you should tell your parents?” Mark said calmly.

“My mom’s pretty clueless telling her would still be a waste of time, but what I know is I have to act fast.” vera said.
“You’re not alone… I’ll help!” Mark added,.
“Thanks Mike!” Vera smiled.
“It’s Mark” Mark corrected with a shy grin.
“It sounds the same” Vera rolled her playfully.
“So how do you think we should help Rebecca?” Mark asked.

“Rebecca once told me that you guys went to visit a fortuneteller downtown, and I personally think she’s pretty good cause she like saw this whole situation coming, and maybe she’ll be of help talking to us” Vera smiled.

“Yeah you’re right!” Mark nodded.
“So how about this weekend… Me And you? Downtown?” Vera asked.
“Yeah I’m free!” Mark nodded.
“You’re sounding like it’s a date!” Vera joked.
“What no!” Mark quickly defended. Flushed already.
“it’s just a joke!” Vera said.

“Wow you still make jokes like this with even the situation you’re in” Mark rubbed his neck.
“Just because Rebecca’s possessed doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, for all I know she’s still in there and Ive talked to her. Delilah is going down” Vera uttered confidently.
“Back then when Jessica was posssed, it was just Delilah the real Jessica was somewhere else, she didn’t come back to her body like Rebecca does sometimes, she just stayed quiet and secretly do a lot of bad things.” Mark sighed.
“Bad things?” Vera flinched. “Bad things like what?”.

“Bad things.” Mark repeated unable to speak.
“Can we talk about this again, another day. I.. I have to go home… I’m running late!” Mark said.
“Uh uhm okay!.. Sorry for taking a lot of your time” Vera apologised seeing how solemn Mark has suddenly become.
“It’s okay.! So we’re going on Saturday right?” Vera asked.
“No the earlier the better, Friday, tomorrow, after school.!” Mark suggested.
“Okay fine by me.!” Vera smiled.
“Okay… Good bye” Mark said walking away.
“Bye.!” Vera said before walking towards her house.
Vera walked inside the living room and met her mom and Rebecca talking and laughing over something she didn’t know what the hell they were talking about she rolled her eyes and walked up to them.

“Vera where did you go.! You just suddenly disappeared” Taylor said.
“Yeah I went outside to see someone!” Vera replied.
“Someone? you mean Mark…? My Boyfriend.” Rebecca smiled.
Taylor suddenly gasped.
“He’s not your boyfriend you snitch, he’s Rebecca’s boyfriend” Vera uttered, and earned a look from her mother who was confused by her words.
But Rebecca smile made Vera understood that she knew what she was talking about.
“So you have already have a boyfriend?” Taylor asked sounding a little bit disappointed
“Yeah, I mean I’m sixteen what’s the means to wait” Rebecca smirked.
“But don’t you think it’s too early?” Taylor pouted.
“It’s not.” Rebecca grinned.

“Uhm hey mom.” vera interrupted.
“Dad’s not here yet so I guess I’ll tell you alone and maybe you can tell him after”. Vera stated earning great curiosity both from Rebecca and her mom.
“okay what is it?” Taylor pressed.
“i won’t be going back to college until next two weeks and don’t worry I won’t be missing out on anything I’ll just tell Henry or Brenda to cover up for me!” Vera explained.
“what!! Honey that’s absurd, why do you and what do you want to stay home for?” Taylor asked.
“It’s for a reason best known to only me!” Vera sighed.
“But what if–
“Seriously no but and what ifs mom it’s gonna be fine!” Vera said before glancing at Rebecca and walking away.
Mark walked into the living room of his parent’s house and gently closed the door behind him.
“Mark is that you?” Mark heard his mother’s voice from the kitchen and when he didn’t reply, she came out of kitchen to check for herself.
“You always do this to me, you never reply me when I ask who’s at the door!” Daphnie, Mark’s mom said to him.
“Sorry!” He said calmly his eyes rasing up to meet his mother’s eyes, their undeniably resemblance brightening up the room.
“It’s okay… How was school?”
“The same.!” Mark shrugged, walking pass his mother and ascending up the stairs to his room, he stopped halfway on the stairs and turned back to his mom.
“Mom!” he called making his mother turn.
“The key to Jessica’s room, where is it?”.
His mother mood changed and with a frown she asked.
“Why do you want it?”.
“Mom I wish I could tell you but I can’t” Mark’s cool voice made his mother heart calm down and she sighed, it was one charm Mark hard but he didn’t know, his voice. It could soothe anything down even wild animals.
And he didn’t want his mom to find out that what killed his sister two years ago is back again to kill him this time.
“Its behind the broken clock in the basement!” Daphnie said before walking away, Mark hurried down the stairs and dropped his backpack on the living room table, he walked around the house and came across the basement door, he opened it and as he turned on the bright light bulb he descended down the stairs.
Mark moved around the quiet basement, He found the broken clock his mother was talking about and he moved it aside and grabbed the key he was looking for.
He walked out of the basement switching off the lights, and slamming the door.
Mark stood in front of his late sister’s door and shoved the key in the keyhole, he turned and turned the key till it let out a clicking sound, Mark pushed the door open and walked into the room.
His body froze at the familiarity, the memories and pain the room held, nothing was untouched, everything remained the same, the scattered bed, the broken shelf, the dried blood on the wall, he remembered so much at that moment but pushed everything at the back of his mind.
He looked around her room again reminding himself when he came here to do, he walked over to her pink drawer and as he opened the first one he found lotions and jewelries, he shut it back, opening the second one, he found only jewelries and a small knife, he shut it back, opening the third one to reveal a black diary.
“Jessica had a diary?” Mark thought! Taking it out and sitting down on the floor beside the drawer.
He opened the diary to the first page and sighed when he saw how she had scribbled down how she fell in love with the diary at the bookshop and then bought it, he flipped through a lot of pages, reading and skipping a lot of parts when he figured that they weren’t important.
Then his heart skipped a beat when his eyes came across the date before he started reading.

‘July 7th, Tuesday, 2016’

He started to read that part attentively cause it was a few days before Delilah took over Jessica’s body.

Mark shifted his weight after getting to a part that suddenly got him interested.

“Diary, going to the Rainal’s only forest with Hudson, Kate and Patty has been the best, we all had fun and you wouldn’t believe Hudson pretended to propose to me, he’s such a sweetie… it didn’t end there, coming home I found a cute little pink box at a riverside in the woods and decided to take it with me cause it was cute.”
Mark stopped reading cause the next part was actually talking about how sweet her boyfriend Hudson was.
Mark turned to the next page and he starts to read more attentively after the fifth line.

“Diary, That cute little box I found that day, it’s gets to be even more cuter today when I opened it to see that it had a cute little white Teddy bear inside and a picture of a girl around my age I think, the picture looks like it was split in half but the girl’s face was full and perfect. But how I wish I could return the box to the owner though, I feel pretty guilty picking it up!” Mark sighed reading that part he knew it was Delilah his sister had written about.
He wasted no time in turning the next page and he starts to read,
“Oh my God diary, Kate told me she has a crush on Mark, I mean eww… is she crazy, I’m not saying my brother isn’t pretty, but he’s a weirdo.” Mark smiled at that his chest tightened a bit remembering the small brawl he had with his sister those days.
He tilt his head at the book and shook his head. No he couldn’t cry… Not now, not ever.
And he continued reading.

“But my brother and my best friend… Nope that is not even possible… And Mark doesn’t like her, Mark doesn’t even like any girl, I don’t think he wants to ever get married… And diary keep this between us will you?” Mark laughed at his sister enthusiastic writeup.

“Diary… I’m home alone and its pretty boring without Mark here, he’s gone out with dad, mom’s not here either and worst of all Hudson isn’t in town and Kate have things to do. Life is pretty boring without people around you, so when I get married I’ll make sure I give birth to seven kids, I wouldn’t mind what Hudson thinks of that. Oh I heard mom calling me downstairs I’ll be write back diary…
…. Diary okay this is funny but strange I went downstairs after hearing my name but mom wasn’t even there, but I heard my name when no one actually called me. Looks like loneliness can cause a lot of damage T_T”

Mark gulped the big lump in his throat, she had no idea! Mark thought wishing he could turn back time and fix what’s right.

Mark skipped a lot of empty pages wandering what has happened already , and why his sister hadn’t written all those days, then he found some arranged ink on the next page and breathed out a sigh of relief.

“My sweet diary, How I missed you, Mr Jacob gave us a hell of project that made me a little distant from a lot of things but now I’m done with that stupid project thanks to Mark, he’s the best!” Mark’s head sparked at that and he didn’t care as his eyes got wet.
He missed Jessica so much.! She was always the one to keep the house alive, she was jilttery and funny, always happy and cheerful. He wished he was the one who died instead of her.
How he couldn’t wait to get rid of her.
But how? He asked himself as his eyes went back to the diary, his heavy tears wetting the pages.

“Now is not the time for this mark” he reminded himself and cleaned his eyes he continued reading anyways.

“And after this project Hudson is planning to take me to the amusement park downtown, but now sadly he’s postponed it to next Saturday, and I’m fine with it! And diary it’s me strange how I hear my name these days, last night it got creepier cause it sounded like it was coming from the cute little box, but I didn’t let my imagination get in my way”.

Mark turned next page to see it blank and he turned it again relieved to see some handwriting.

“okay diary I’m freaking out right now! Last night when Hudson came over, while we were kissing I saw a scary looking huge spider on the wall, it looked like it had hair but I didn’t have time to observe it cause I screamed and hurried to Mark’s room, I thought Mark would have played a prank on me, but he said he wasn’t the one and I believed him cause Mark isn’t that type of person and now… Oh No I just heard my name again, I’ll be back diary…”
Mark body had start to heat up, his heart pounding and slamming against his rib cage.
If only he knew…
He turned the next page and saw it blank. He turned the other page and saw it filled with ink and he wasted no time in reading.

“Diary… I don’t know what’s going on anymore, I don’t know what’s wrong with me I keep hearing my name and I keep seeing strange figure of a girl, I’m scared… I even had Mark sleep with last night.!”

Mark turned next page but it was blank, after opening seven more blank pages he knew it was the day before Jessica was possessed.

He dropped the diary grabbed Delilah’s picture and shoved it in his pocket.
He is sure going to kill her himself.
T. B. C

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