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Seriously Thelma don’t confuse me!” Zane gritted his teeth making her laugh.
“Don’t worry I’m not trying to still you from Janet.”
“But tell me is it a yes or a no!” Zane asked trying to make things clear between them. But Thelma said instead.!

“It’s a No! Okay!” Thelma giggled. As they both suddenly heard the bell.
“Good… Okay” Zane said standing up.
“I’ll be going to class, you coming?” Zane asked.
“Nope not really… I have to rest,” Thelma replied. “You can go alone!”.
“Oh okay!” Zane said, glanced at Thelma one last time before walking out of the nurse’s office.

As Zane walked back to class, he met his friends in the hallway and dragged Mark in a corner, without any of them knowing.

“What is It?” Mark asked as he watched Zane smile sheepishly.
“You’re scaring me with your smile, what is it?” Mark added.

“You were so wrong! Mark! Thelma doesn’t like me!” Zane smiled.
“Uhm okay… You talked to her?”
“Yep! And she apologized for kissing me and then I asked her if she liked me but she said she doesn’t, like she doesn’t at all…” Zane stated.
Mark chuckled. “You don’t undertand girls do you, they pretend they don’t like you but at last you’re the one the love most!”
“And how did you know that Mr know it all?” Zane asked unhappily.
“Well to remind you again. I once had a sister! I always asked her if she liked Hudson, but she always says no, denying it, to me, to her friend! To Hudson too, but then a week after I found out she was going out with him and then I asked her ‘but I thought you said you didn’t like Hudson’ and she replied ‘Mark you don’t know but when we girls say no, there’s a way you’re supposed to understand that, that no really means yes! And a no that actually said no! And my no meant yes, I do like Hudson!’ and that’s what my sister told me, now you know Thelma no was a yes!” Mark said leaving Zane speechless.

“Mark… I hate you!” Zane sighed.
“I know cause I always say what’s right!” Mark shrugged.
“I thought I finally broke the awkward tension between me and Thelma with that stupid kiss, now you just build up a higher and awkward wall, great”. Zane sighed
“Cause you know I’m right” Mark said.
“But she said no! And I like Janet!” Zane added
“Okay… want to try out something?” Mark asked.
“What is it? Try out what?”.
“Okay since you got a ‘no’ that’s actually a ‘yes’ from Thelma–
“And how do you know it’s a yes?” Zane cut him off.
“Because she kissed you and that kind of explains it all!” Mark breathed tiredly.
“It was a mistake, she said she didn’t mean to” Zane said.
“Are you crazy no one kisses another person and say it’s a mistake, anyways do you want to hear my plan or not?” Mark asked impatiently.!
“fine! What is this ‘brilliant’ plan of yours!?” Zane asked doing air quote around “brilliant”.
“You have to act, can you be an actor for a few minutes?” Mark ask.
“I can try, tell me this plan of yours first!” Zane said placing his hand on his hips.

“Okay, you have to be a Pinocchio with this plan of mine.” Mark said.

“Lying?” Zane scoffed.
“Yep. First you just have to walk up to her and say, Thelma, I like you would you like to go on a date with me? And boom she says yes!” Mark smirked.
“I always thought you were a creepy person, but now you’re scaring me, not the creepy way though, I mean who would look at you and think you have all this things you just said cramped up in your head, they would think you’re this quiet guy when you are just more than that, now tell me were you a player.?” Zane asked.
“I would love to be a player but, I’ve got better things to do!” Mark shrugged.

“And what if Thelma Says No?” Zane asks.
“Trust me, she’ll accept your proposal!” Mark smiled.
“I doubt that!” Zane rolled his eyes.
“Either way, if she says No tell her you were just kidding, laugh if off and pretend you never said anything and after that I’ll give you twenty Dollars” Mark promised.
“Done!” Zane grinned hearing money was involved.
“You’re gonna thank me for this Zane.” Mark rolled his eyes.

“So this is where you two were hiding” shayne’s voice suddenly towers Zane’s voice and they both turned.
“We’ve been looking everywhere for you guys, class started a while ago,” shayne smiled.

They both ignored him. “Okay thanks Mark for that even though you’re still wrong I’ll go with your plan!” Zane said about to walk out when shayne stopped him.
“Hold up. I asked what you two were doing in here. Or perhaps are you both… Gays?” Zane grinned earning a sounding punch from Zane.

“What the hell man, I was just joking” shayne yelled, as he came out of the hallway.
“Well joke with my fist” Zane said wanting to throw another punch but missed it, cause shayne was quick dodging the punch and punching Zane on his stomach.
They both start to battle in a serious but playful way like children, while Mark placed his headphone over his head and walked passed them pretending he never knew them.
Mark walked into the class and sat down without anyone knowing, but Rebecca knew cause they both sat close to each other.
“Markie where were you?” she asked quietly to prevent the teacher from hearing.
“None of your business!” Mark muttered.
“Why do you always say it’s none of my busi— Rebecca suddenly starts coughing making Mark look down at her, she coughed for a really long time her head facing the floor, making even everyone in class look at her,

“Becca are you okay?” Mark asked..

“Is she okay?” the teacher asked from front of the class walking closer to them.

“Uhm no..!” Felicia quickly got up and starts to pat Rebecca’s back really slowly and holds her hair back.

“Becca are you okay?” Zane asks.
“You can see she’s not!” Felicia barked.

“Did I do anything wrong?” Mark thought!

“Maybe we should take her to the nurse’s office!” Mark said standing up.
“No…” Rebecca coughed. “I’m..” she coughed again “fine!”.
She ended the cough with a heavy one and raised up her face that looked flushed.

“I’m okay!” Rebecca breathing was thick and everyone breathed a sigh of relief, as they watch her move her hair back, her cheeks were high and red, and her eyes were alive and lit again.

“Still you have to take her to the nurse’s office!” the teacher suggested and Mark nodded standing up.
“I’ll take her!”.

“Okay well hurry up!” the teacher ordered and Mark took Rebecca’s hand and walked her out of the class.

Rebecca tried to slip her hand away from Mark’s hand as they walk through the hallway but pulled her hand back.

“Mark let go!” Rebecca said with sigh and Mark did so with a smile, it’s Rebecca! The real Rebecca she’s here! And he hoped she’ll stay for long.

“You’re back!” Mark breathed out.
“Yeah, I fought my way back!” Rebecca said and starts to tremble and slowly burst into tears.
“Hey… Hey… Don’t Don’t cry it’s okay!” Mark’s voice echoed through the empty hallway as he placed his hand on her shoulder.
“No its not okay! You don’t know what I’m going through… everyday I fight… ReRebecca’s voice faded. Due to the cry
“Fight… Fight for what?” Mark asked.!
“I’m possessed! Mark you know that! And I’m fighting everyday for my body! But it’s hard.” Rebecca said weakly sweating profusely, her hair sticking to her face due to the swear and tears.

“It’s okay… Becca Delilah will be back any minute now, I want you to stay strong and keep fighting okay! Now come with me!” Mark said and slowly took her by the hand and led her to the nurse’s office.
Mark and Rebecca walked into the nurse’s to see it empty, Mark slowly led Rebecca to one of the bed and told her to sit. Mark was sure glad it was empty at least he’ll be pretty comfortable asking Rebecca some questions openly.
“Okay now Becca, I want you to tell me… How you feel so we can help, you, your sister has been going through a lot to help you and I have to too, now tell me how do you feel or where do you go when she’s in control of your body!?” Mark asked.

“I don’t know when she’s in control actually!” Rebecca sniffed. “Cause it’s always like I’m stuck in a bad dream where I can’t come out! And I think that’s when she’s in control!”.
“Okay and how do you mange to be in control sometimes?” Mark asked.
“The bad dream I said I’m in, I feel aware of myself in that dream, it’s like a dream, meanwhile it’s not, it’s a dark room where I can see nothing but a small door, a door that shrinks everyday, I can move and do all sort of things but I can’t see anything it’s pitch black except, when you get close to the door, you see light, and people, my family, you, Zane, and others! But I just can’t open that door or get even close to the door, because tiny little pins are being placed in front of the door everyday and before I get to open, It’s a must I step on those pins, but I had to overcome that pain today… because I saw you all talking to me when I wasn’t even there! And I believed I was truly possessed, I could hear all you voices but I reach out to you guys, it was hard for me! I don’t know how Delilah behaves when she takes on and how she reacts with everything you guys tells her, but I can here y’all voices and today I reached out!” Rebecca expound.
“Normally when you come back to your body, you never coughed, care to explain why you coughed today?” Mark asked.
“I got slammed on the wall by something, when trying to open that door… And… Rebecca’s voice was fading and her face was getting pale again.
“She’s coming back, I can feel it, she’s pushing me aw… Rebecca’s eyes were slowly shutting but she was trying to keep them open.

“No… No.. No.. Becca! Becca! Stay with me!” Mark said holding her hand, and touching her cheek.
“I’m trying!” Rebecca starts to breathe heavily. “Do you know how it feels not to be in control of your own body I feel useless!” Rebecca said like she was tired. But she wasn’t, Delilah was making her way through.
“Please make me stay!” Rebecca pleaded as her eyes slowly shuts.
“No I can’t have that witch back now. Becca c’mon stay with me” Mark placing both of his hands on her cheeks and patting them lightly.
“Becca! listen to my voice and keep your eyes open.!” Mark said moving his face closer to hers, Rebecca opened her eyes and found Mark’s grey eyes piercing into hers.
“Good look at me… Don’t break the contact and fight it Becca. Be in control!” Mark ordered, and it was Rebecca didn’t had to fight it cause as she held his gaze she was in control, but she could still feel as Delilah forced her way back…

“Mark! History repeated itself just like the fortuneteller predicted! And she said you’re the one who can save me, help me mark!” Rebecca said, her Hazel eyes watering.
“I’ll help you but first stay strong… Stay with me for now!” Mark said placing his forehead against hers and Rebecca’s eyes never left his until they heard.

“What are you guys doing?” Rebecca and Mark turned to see Thelma’s sleepy eyes looking at them.
“Nothing!” Mark replies.
“HI Thelma!” Rebecca said slowly, staring at Thelma, wishing she could see Thelma everyday, see mark, Vera, Helen her friends, her family, everyone everyday she’s tired of being a substitute for her body.
“Are you two dating already?” Thelma asked..
“Yes! now! leave us alone!” Mark said turning back to Rebecca. He looked at her eyes and breathed out a sigh of relief knowing it was still Rebecca.!

“I can’t… Cause I’m suddenly curious, I heard what both of you were saying and you know I got curious” Thelma grinned.
“Curiosity kills the cat!” Mark mumbled as he turned back to Rebecca to see her still intact.

“Seriously! What is wrong with Becca?” Thelma asked coming closer to them, “Becca are you okay?” Thelma asked standing in front of Rebecca.
Rebecca shook her head negatively, Mark sighed, and then looked at Thelma in a way that says ‘he’ll tell her what she needs to know but not now!’.

Thelma understood and asked no more questions and she just watched Mark hold on to Rebecca like she’s going to break any time soon, and she couldn’t ask questions, but quickly gave up when she tried to undertand the situation herself.

“How’s my family? Are they all doing well?” Rebecca asked.
“Yeah they’re fine!” Mark replied.

Thelma watched them in awe wondering what was happening, but kept her cool cause it felt like she would be disturbing their weird conversation.

“Does anyone knows about this? About Delilah?” Rebecca asked.
Mark shook his head “Apart from Vera and I… No One, not even your parents!”

“I wish I could see them! But she’s fighting her way through!” Rebecca said breathing heavily as tears circled in her eyes.

“Then fight Rebecca!” Mark ordered, moving the strands of hair from her face. As she shivered and cried.
“I can’t, somehow she’s in control now!” Rebecca cried.
“I want to stay longer, but everyday it’s hard to reach you guys, the door that’s my only way here is shrinking every single day, and it’s going to be gone one day and I feel like I’ll be stuck there forever!” Rebecca quivered.

“Then that’s why I’m here! Rebecca! I’ll help you, you’ll be able to be yourself again!” Mark promised as she stood straight still holding Rebecca’s hand.

Rebecca stood up, let’s go of Mark and walked up to Thelma.
She hugged Thelma leaving her surprised.
“Uhm.. Okay!” Thelma said as she hugged her back!.

Rebecca let’s go of Thelma and walked up to Mark, she hugged him before sitting back on the bed.
Mark watched her as she slowly close her eyes and open it back again! The sparkle fading and her face becoming pale again.
Mark felt like meeting Delilah in person kill her for once, walk into that room Rebecca was talking and help her out.!
“Why… Are we here?” Rebecca asked. Her high pitched voice making Mark angry.

“You passed out minutes ago!” Mark lied knowing she wasn’t of herself since and it would be a good opportunity to keep the dice rolling of pretending to play dumb about him knowing about the possession.
“Oh… Well I’m okay! Let’s go back to class!” Rebecca said standing up and walking up to the door.
“Meet in class Markie!” Rebecca said before walking out of the nurse’s office happily.

“Uh… What in the world just happened?” Thelma asked feeling like the most confused person on earth. “How did she manage to get from sad and gloomy to just…. That!” Thelma asked pointing at the door and referring the ‘that’ as Rebecca’s sudden attitude.
“Tell no one about this!” Mark suddenly said. “And I’ll tell you what’s going, pretend you know nothing, I promise to tell you everything later!” Mark said before walking out living Thelma in a horrid state.
School was over that day and as usual, Zane, Mark and Rebecca walked home together, Mark has been pretty quiet since the Rebecca came back to her self and then left, it has left him in a state, of passion, willing and determination, to do all her can to bring back Rebecca, she was trapped and he felt every of her pain, when he thought of how Jessica was once in her shoes, and how hard must it have been for Jessica, for her not even fighting for her body.
Rebecca must be a fighter!

Zane noticed his quiet state and wanted to ask him what was wrong, but realised Mark’s a quiet person, and maybe he’s just being himself.
Mark indeed was a quiet person, but right then at that moment, he was lost in thought even as Rebecca talked about this and that. He wanted to see the real Rebecca talking.
Zane said goodbye to Mark and Rebecca as Rebecca grinned happily at Mark.
“So you’re coming with me today again to my house?” Rebecca smiled.
“Yeah, seems like it but I’m here for your sister!” Mark said.
Rebecca rolled her eyes “What do you have with my sister? Are you guys in a secretly weird relationship?”.
“No…! We Just happened to share the same wish at the moment!” Mark replied and immediately the front door of the Adam’s house opened and Vera came out, dressed in all black and wearing a black face cap, that highlighted her blonde hair.

“Uhgh…” Rebecca said in disgust seeing Vera.
“Any way whatever you two have is going to end when we finally get to be in a relationship! Understood?” Rebecca stated.
“Don’t dream too much Becca… We’re never going to be in a relationship” Mark voice was cold and scary but Rebecca giggled instead.!
“just watch and see!” Rebecca said before walking away, and raising her head high when she passed Vera.

Mark sighed, who the hell wants to be in a relationship with a devil.

“you ready?” Vera asked.
“Let’s waste no time… And I think you need to hear what happened today in school!” Mark said as he and Vera starts to the direction he just came from.
“Am all ears!” Vera said and listened carefully as Mark narrated the whole story in school to Vera, as they head downtown to the fortuneteller!
T. B. C

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