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Vera sat on the couch with her phone in her hand, she watched as Rebecca whispered something in Helen’s ear and watched as Rebecca giggled and Helen followed her to room.
Vera couldn’t control her anger, Vera knew Helen knew something, but she wasn’t going to act wild… not now.

As Vera angrily moved around the living room, her feet suddenly connected to the floor table she didn’t know get any idea it was there, causing a great surge of pain that made her whince in pain and kick the table angrily moving it a bit from it’s spot!.
She was about to walk upstairs, whenever her eyes caught a white familiar looking doll, She grabbed the white Teddy bear on the floor and immediately head upstairs.

Rebecca smiled at Helen creepily as Helen sat still, facing her…
“So I brought you here so we can talk in private.!” Rebecca smiled.
“Uhm… Okay!” Helen blinked rapidly.
“Okay so now… Rebecca stopped talking and glance at the door to see it unlocked and she sighed and tilt her head to her right and immediately the door locked itself.

“Whoa… How did you do that?” Helen asked happily.
“You like that?” Rebecca asked with a smile.
“Yes… it’s like magic.” Helen smiled.
“It is magic” Rebecca smirked.
“Want to see more?” Rebecca asked with a smugly smirk.
“Yeah” Helen yelled.
“Shhh…” Rebecca said quietly placing her index finger over Helen’s little mouth.
“You mustn’t yell! And you’ll keep this as a secret!” Rebecca stood up.
“I can’t even tell mom?” Helen asked.
“Not even your dolls!” Rebecca shook her head.
“Uhm okay!” Helen frowned.
“But… Rebecca added making Helen raise her head up
“But what?” Helen eyes beamed..
“You can tell only Vera, tell her what I can do…!” Rebecca smiled as she made the pair of scissors on her drawer float on air.
“Wow.!” Helen jumped.
“Can you make me fly?” Helen asked.
Rebecca laughed. “I can do a lot more than that Helen. Just find my doll… it’s still In the house I can feel it”.
“Okay I promise I’ll find your teddy bear”. Helen grinned.
“Remember a promise is a promise and you don’t want to get on my list!” Rebecca beamed revealing weak and pale dimples.
“What list?”.
“Don’t worry you’ll never be on that list” Rebecca grinned.

“And by the way” Rebecca added. “Your sister says hi!” Rebecca shrugged.

“Who? Rebecca?” Helen asked.
“Who else…”.
“Oh tell her I said hi too” Helen’s tiny voice faded.
“Why are you suddenly sad?” Rebecca asked.
“I miss my sister!” Helen pouts.
“But I’m the new Rebecca, you don’t have to be sad. Don’t you like me?”
“I like you, But I like my sister more!” Helen says happily.
“But remember how she always says you imagine things too much with your toys, don’t you think that’s a bit rude?” Rebecca asked.
“Nope. I never find that ride, my sister isn’t rude, she’s nice, and so is Vera, but Vera is not all the time” Helen tells her…
“So You like both of your sisters more than me?” Rebecca asked sitting down again…
“Yes… They’re my family and you’re not!” Helen shrugged.
“Okay whatever. Just find my doll and I’ll grant you your wish.?” Rebecca smiled touching her cheek.
“Like making me fly?” Helen asked happily again.
Rebecca stood up and repeated. “Like making you fly.”
Rebecca walked to the door but stopped when Helen called her name.
“Bec… Delilah?”.
“Yeah.” Rebecca turned.
“Are you a fairy or an angel?” Delilah asked sheepishly.
Rebecca chuckled…
“I’m both! But a complete opposite!” Rebecca walked out of the room leaving little Helen to crack what she had just said.
“Opposite?” Helen muttered as she walk out of the room too.
It was night time and was raining a bit, the house was cold and everyone was already half way asleep, Vera couldn’t sleep she kept tossing and turning, and she angrily got up from her bed and walked to the bathroom.
Vera almost jumped when she saw something looking at her when she flicked up the light switch, but she calmed down when she saw it was only Delilah’s teddy bear she had picked up and place in the bathroom sink.
She grabbed the doll, washed her face from the running water and went back to her room,
She laid back on her bed and brought the doll to her face.

“What in the world are you?” Vera asked sighing, she suddenly felt and saw a label on the doll’s feet and turned on her night light to see it clearly.

The label on the doll’s feet was small and red and has tiny writings on it.
Vera moved the doll under the night light and she narrowed her eyes before she was able to read the writings on the label.

“/courstey; Mama doo/”

Vera titled her head trying to feel like she understood what she just read, she did understand it, but who’s mama doo. Obviously it was mama doo who gave the doll to Delilah since it says courtsey, mama doo.
Vera rolled her eyes as she dropped the doll on her drawer, she suddenly starts to get sleepy and before she knew it she was fast asleep.
Vera woke up few minutes later and flinched when she felt something cold on her neck.

“HI!” Rebecca smiled.
“It’s me Delilah” Rebecca grinned and shoved the cold object into her neck slowly, creating a sharp pain for Vera, Vera’s eyes dart to the object to see it was a knife.
“What are you doing?” Vera’s voice was Shaky and scared.
“What does it look like I’m doing?” Rebecca retorted rolling her eyes.

“Remember… I told you, you got yourself on my list and well this is how I pay people on my list.” Rebecca shrugged with a smile.
“You witch!” Vera muttered.
“Oh I’m more than a witch Vera, and besides you’re the only witch here, you’re going to ruin everything cause that’s what witches do and I’m not here to ruin things, I’m planning to have a quiet life here but you’ve figured out who I was already, cause you’re way to smart and I hate smart people, because you know why? One they ruin things and two I’m not smart so Vera, why should you live, just die already so it will be just me! Helen!, mom and dad.” Rebecca smirked, before Vera Vera could protest, Rebecca angrily shoved the knife inside her throat causing her to choke, blood gushing out of her nose and mouth, she couldn’t breathe.
“And… The end… Vera is gone!” Rebecca smiled. Stood up and walked away.
Vera suddenly jerk away breathing heavily and touching her neck, the whether was cold but she was sweating pretty badly, she quickly touched her neck and looked around her room, no sign of Rebecca, no sign of blood or knife on her neck.
‘Thank God it was just a dream’
Vera breathed out a sigh of relief and stood up from her bed, she glanced at her drawer and found the Teddy bear laying lifeless, she sighed and grabbed it, threw it at the bottom drawer and locked the drawer.

That night Vera couldn’t sleep, she stayed awake all night and fell asleep when the sun started to rise.
“You slept like crazy, is everything okay?”
“Yeah…” Vera replied, after waking up twelve in the afternoon, and heading downstairs to see her mom making coffee.
“i just… I couldn’t sleep last night so…” Vera shrugged taking the mug of coffee in her mother’s hand.
“Hey I was about to drink that.” her mother yelled.
“Sorry.!” Vera shrugged taking a sip and handing back to her mom
“Don’t worry you can have it all… So You had a bad dream or something?” Taylor asked pouring herself another coffee.
“Yeah kind of…” Vera sipped her coffee.
“Really?” Taylor giggled. “About what?”.
Vera hesitated not feeling like sharing anything but slowly she breathed out. “About Rebecca!”.
Taylor suddenly burst out laughing.
“Okay what did my sweet Rebecca did to you this time?”.
Seeing her biased her mom is Vera rolled her eyes before replying.
“She shoved a knife in my neck and boom.. I died!” Vera said plainly.
“Are you making this up?” her mother fold her hands against her chest.
“Why would I?” Vera asked angrily, not liking why her mother always thinks ill of her.
“Because you kind of have a problem with Rebecca!” Taylor said as a matter of factly.
“I do not!” Vera dropped her coffee angrily on the kitchen counter making it spill a bit.
“You always think I make things up, you always think ill of me when I speak about Rebecca! Seriously mom what the hell!” Vera yelled.
“okay… Okay… it’s fine you has a dream about Rebecca killing you! You were dead. It’s fine it’s all fine just know she can’t do that in the real world.” Taylor said lowly.
“I know but I’m afraid she won’t be able to control herself and kill me at last!” Vera stated.
“What? What is up with you?” Taylor asked angrily.

“Okay fine… I am tired of keeping this to myself mom you seriously have to know about this!” Vera said making Taylor suddenly curious.

“keeping what from me?”.

“Okay mom you know how I told you about how Rebecca is acting a bit different? And how I told you to watch her closely?” Vera asked.

“You really should watch her closely cause Rebecca isn’t Rebecca anymore, This house is fucking haunted, she doesn’t tell you but she tells, she tells me the things she saw and heard!–
“I’m sorry I’m lost!” Taylor interrupted.
“Becca’s possessed mom!” Vera said swallowing the fact that she may be sounding like a dummy in front of her mom.
“what?” Taylor said.
“Rebecca’s been seeing and hearing voices mom, before she got possessed by this so called girl Delilah, oh and remember how the wadrobe in Delilah’s room couldn’t move when we tried to move it, cause one, a girl and the Teddy bear you gave to Helen, lived in there!” Vera stated.
“Vera I don’t understand where you’re getting all this.” Taylor said.
“i know you’re not going to believe me but hell! I’m going to say it! Rebecca is possessed and by a girl called Delilah, she’s in control of Becca’s body and have you noticed how pale and gloomy Becca’s been lately, do you even see how her eyes have become dull?” Vera voice was high and serious, leaving Taylor in a deep thinking state.
She in fact has noticed Rebecca being pale lately, but didn’t consider that as any thing!.
“And about the doll talking to Helen, somehow that must have been true, because Delilah threatened me the night before yesterday saying she’s going to kill me. It’s seem like it’s Rebecca’s speaking but it’s not, it’s the girl in control of her body, and how can Becca wakes up one morning and calls you mummy instead of mom when she knows you hate that, don’t you notice how different her character is? Becca is a happy person but not filled with so much bitchy enthusiasm like Delilah. Think about it mom!” Vera finished talking and started to breathe heavily due to the way she was using all her energy to make her mother understand Becca isn’t the Becca everyone knows.
“And how did you know about all this?” Taylor asked, feeling frightened already. Every point her daughter had pointed out was actually making sense in her head even though she wished it wasn’t supposed to..
“Mom Rebecca tells me things, I’m the only one she shares everything with and it’s your fault cause you make me do everything with her when we were little and she suddenly feels comfortable telling me everything, the night she heard her name by an unknown person she told me!” Vera said and her mother suddenly looked interested which made Vera start the whole story from the beginning telling her mom from the first night she saw Rebecca in the living room in the midnight, to the day of the fortuneteller, to the day Rebecca was posssed.

Taylor was completely speechless she didn’t know what to say but Vera did.
“I’ll be going back to my room, and mom when Rebecca gets back from school watch her closely, you carried for nine months, you can’t tell me you can not identify your own child” Vera said before walking upstairs leaving Taylor to think about the whole story she just heard.

“Mark… Do you think I should dye my hair blonde like my sister’s?” Rebecca asked as she ate lunch with her set of friends.

“No… Your hair suit your beautiful eyes!” Mark replied glancing at Rebecca’s dull eyes.

“Okay… I’m jealous you two are so cute.” Felicia beamed.
“Right?” Rebecca said happily as she and Felicia giggled.
“I don’t care about the cuteness, you guys should just date already!” Zane added.
“Yeah… But Markie doesn’t want that” Rebecca pouts.
“Markie?” Mark scoffed. Hating that he has to pretend to be in love with the so called Delilah, if she can pretend to be in love with him and then kills him, why couldn’t he!.
“Yep, that’s the cute name I improvised for you!” Rebecca said.
“Awwn that’s so cute!” Felicia added.
“Sorry but, I love Mark!” Mark said calmly.
“Is it me or Rebecca you’re getting whiter” shayne said touching Rebecca’s face, but Mark moved his hand away.
“Don’t touch her.!” Mark barked like he cared, he did care! For the fact that it was Rebecca’s body, but he didn’t care because it was Delilah talking.
“You’re so protective Markie but don’t worry he can’t take me away from you.” Rebecca smiled.
“Yeah whatever!” Mark muttered.

Zane’s eyes suddenly dart to the short haired girl at the cafeteria door, getting yelled at by the vice principal.
‘What did Thelma do this time?’ He thought as his eyes couldn’t leave her cause he wanted to know what was going on.

Mark glanced at him and traced his eyes to see them on Thelma, he threw one of his greens at Zane for his attention since he was sitting across the table and opposite him, he wanted his attention without anyone knowing since they were all focused on their foods.
Zane’s eyes landed on Mark’s eyes and he sighed.
“What?” Zane mouthed to him.
Mark beckoned his head towards Thelma’s direction, and Zane getting the idea that Mark means he should go talk to Thelma as Thelma angrily walked out of the cafeteria.
“No way.” Zane said, making everyone look up to see who Zane was talking to.
“Seriously dude!” Mark added.
“She won’t talk to me remember? Because of what she did!” Zane said.
“But still she’s your friend!” Mark added.
“And yours too… why don’t you go talk to her!” Zane barked.

“What are you guys talking about” Felicia chimed.
“Nobody!” Zane sighed.
“Seriously, just cut off, forget yesterday’s incident and go talk to her!” added.
“What? How can I forget that?”
“So You enjoyed it?” Mark said slyly.
“What… Mark when did you turn crazy!” Zane asked angrily.
“Since now. Now go to her!” Mark said slowly.
“If you know you didn’t enjoy the kiss go talk to her!” Mark said loudly.

“What kiss?” shayne and Felicia ask in unison.
“The kiss Zane an—
“Shut up Mark! Okay fine… I’m going!” Zane said and stood up angrily.
“okay” Mark chuckled, as he watched Zane walk out of the cafeteria angrily.

“So what kiss did Zane had and with who?” shayne asked.
“I’m sorry I can’t tell you guys!” Mark shrugged, “he left probably because he didn’t want me to tell you guys so sorry…” Mark shrugged.
“Bummer!” Felicia sighed with a frown.
Zane walked around the whole school looking for Thelma, but gave up when he didn’t find her, as he gave up and walked through the hallway to go back to the cafeteria, he heard her voice coming from the school’s nurse’s office. His heart beat rose
‘is Thelma sick?’ he thought, as he opened the door and walked here.

“Here drink this, rest and you’ll be fine!” The school nurse said giving Thelma a glass of water and some pills.
“Thank you!” Thelma said calmly.
“Uhm hi…” Zane said to be noticed!
“Oh hi…” the school nurse smiled at him.
“Hello!” Zane grinned.
“What are you doing here… Are you sick?” Thelma asked a lot of care in her voice.
“What? No? I’m actually here to Check on you!” Zane replied. “You know cause you’re the one holding the cup and the pills”.

“Okay well since you’re here to see how your friend is doing I guess I better leave the two of you alone!” the nurse said, stood up and walked out closing the door behind her.
Zane slowly walked towards the bed and sat on the chair the nurse just stood up from that was facing Thelma…

“Uhm.. Okay how do you know I was here?” Thelma asked, throwing the pills inside her mouth and using water to push it down her throat, squeezing her face in a way that made Zane laugh.
“Okay you’re still bad at taking pills!” Zane laughed.
“No one is good at taking pills” Thelma said dropping the empty glass.
“Yeah…” Zane replied. “And I saw you getting yelled at by the vice principal! Is everything alright?”.

“Yeah.” Thelma said and when she looked up at Zane, he gave her a look.
“Okay no!” she rolled her eyes. “What the school is doing to me is so unfair, I just survived with arranging the class’s attendance list that our dumb ass class teacher messed up, and now the vice principal said I’ll be taking care of class C class-president‘s job since he’s ill and since the teacher is ill too. And now all the teacher’s work and class president work are on me because the school doesn’t have enough money to hire a substitute teacher or well organized class to pick a substitute class president, but yet the stupid vice principal said it must be me since class C is our neighboring class, and I have to be my brother’s keeper. And what the fuck! I protested but he said I must do this, because I’m supposed to! And now I have no time to talk to my friends cause I’ll be too busy covering for an ill student and teacher. My life sucks! And now because of his loud voice I got headache and I had to come here to take pills”.

“Okay first of all its your fault for being smart!” Zane said trying to lighten up the mood, but earned an eye roll.
“And I think the vice principal gave you this job because he knows how, smart, and independent you are!” Zane said.
“Thanks Zane but I just think he dislikes me!” Thelma sighed.
“Oh okay… If This makes you happy, then I’ll help!” Zane said making Thelma almost jump.
“Yep” Zane smile.
“Say you promise! Cause you sure know how to back down on something”.
“Okay I promise!” Zane beamed.
“Cross your heart!” Thelma ordered and Zane did so.
“thanks” Thelma said and they both remained quiet, well until Thelma said..

“I’m sorry about yesterday!”
“Oh yeah… That.” Zane said.
“I shouldn’t have kissed you, I mean I just wanted to sho–
“It’s okay” Zane nodded cutting her off.
“i know you didn’t mean to…” Zane added. “It’s not like you like me or something.” Zane laughed
“what?” Thelma asked.
“Do you?… You know. Like me?” Zane said.
His question made Thelma Stare at him blankly and without hesitation she said.. “No!”
Zane breathed a sigh of relief “Oh thank God you said no.”

“What… Okay what if I had said yes” Thelma asked
“What? Is your answer really yes but you just said no for cover ups” Zane asked bewilderedly.
“Do you want my answer to be a yes?” Thelma smirk.
“Seriously Thelma don’t confuse me!” Zane gritted his teeth making her laugh.
“Don’t worry I’m not trying to still you from Janet.”
“But tell me is it a yes or a no!” Zane asked trying to make things clear between them. But Thelma said instead.!
T. B. C

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