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Taylor quietly walked back to her room and slowly closed the door, she couldn’t believe what she just saw. Rebecca isn’t actually Rebecca, so Vera has been right all along and she thought Vera was lying.
And it seemed like Rebecca wasn’t just possossed by a normal being, but someone with an outrageous ability.
“Finally almost home! I’m starving” Vera whined as she and Mark got close to her parent’s house.
Mark remained quiet, being the quiet guy he is until Vera stopped and turned to him.
“Wait… you know Betty said we have to invite Rebecca right? So she has to know what kind of spirit Delilah is.!” Vera said.

“Yeah?” Mark leaned his head forward trying to understand where Vera was going.

“Well Delilah knows I know about her, and it would be totally weird if I walk up to her and said ‘hey Delilah would like to come to a party?’ don’t you think that will sound weird? She’ll know we have something planned under our sleeves!”
“okay so?” Mark asked.
“You do the invitation, invite her! At least she’s pretending to love you, why won’t she say yes!” Vera shrugged.
“Oh okay… But don’t you think it’s weird.” Mark asked.
“what’s weird?”.
“That a stranger whom we just met today invited us to a party and we said yes! What if she’s planning something?” Mark asked.
“I already had the same thought don’t worry, whatever happens I’ll bring a knife with me!” Vera joked.
“This isn’t a joke Vera… I’m Serious,” Mark sighed.
“I’m sorry, okay, look I know it’s weird but Betty seems like a nice person she can’t actually be that bad, we didn’t do anything bad to her so why would she?” Vera shook her head.
“You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, just like how you can’t actually think, this girl wants to murder the both of us!” Mark said pulling out a small picture from his pocket and handing it to Vera.
“Who’s this?” Vera asked looking at the girl in the picture with a cute smile and black straight hair that matched her round face.
“Who else..! it’s Delilah!” Mark said.
“Wow… Why didn’t you give this to Betty, maybe she might have seen something” Vera said.
Mark scratched his head “i kind of forgot and… She said she needs to meet her in person!”
“And that’s why we need to go to her dream party!” Vera smiled.
“Oh… yeah!” Mark said with a sigh.
“So I need you to invite Rebecca and dress well for the party!” Vera smiled.
“Yeah right” Mark said sarcastically
“And how did you get Delilah’s picture!” Vera asked.
“Found it from Jessica’s stuff, long story I’ll tell you later!”Mark said tiredly.

“Oh it’s going to be great I have look my best! I love parties, but it’s kind of sad I’ll be partying with a bunch of high school kids!” Vera primped.
“High school kids?” Mark rolled his eyes.
“Yeah, aren’t you like 17 or something?” Vera rolled her eyes.
“I’m nineteen!” Mark tells her.
“Which changes nothing, I’m still older and in college!” Vera pointed out.
“Yeah whatever!” Mark said.
“Finally home!” Vera said when they walked in front of her parent’s house.
“You know you have to come in, sometime!” Vera smiled.
“Really?” Mark arched his brows.
“Yeah!” Vera said and held his arm pulling him to the door.
“Uh… I don’t really have to!” Mark said resisting.

“You have to invite Rebecca yourself and don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to my parents as Rebecca’s groom!” Vera joked.

“What?” Mark cheeks flushed.

“joking! Again. Now come on in and meet my, not so welcoming house with Delia’s spirit and ego all over the place” Vera said, as she opened the door and they walked in.
Vera quickly fixed Delilah’s picture inside her Jean pants pocket as she saw Helen and Rebecca in the living room, looking for something.
“Vera!” Helen called happily. Running up to Vera and Mark, making Rebecca notice them and gave a faux smile seeing them.
“Hey Helen… what are you guys up to?” Vera asked referring to the guys as Helen and Rebecca.
“Uhh… We’re just playing games…” Helen lied nervously.
“What kind of game?” Vera ask suspiciously.
“Uhm.. ..” little Helen couldn’t think of anything!.
“We were playing hide and seek!” Rebecca helped walking up to them.
“Really… Cause the Rebecca I know doesn’t play games… And then again with her little sister!” Vera said while Mark glance at Helen who suddenly said. “That’s because Rebecca isn’t th– Rebecca quickly shoved Helen preventing her talking and Helen kept quiet.
Vera glanced at Mark to signal him that Helen knows something but she’s hiding it from them.

“Well sis… People change and so did I!” Rebecca snarled, making Mark look at her softly, that word made her big impact on what he was thinking, when Delilah possessed Jessica, she was so quiet she hardly spoke, her words fumbled each time she tried to talk but now in Rebecca’s body she’s all hyperactive.
She really did change.

“Oh Markie, my mean head sister didn’t let me acknowledge your presence!” Rebecca said walking up to Mark to give him a hug, but wanted to protest but one look that says “play-along” from Vera, he decided to hug her head, his hand circling her tiny waste.

“Oh it hasn’t been long since we came back from school together but I miss you already!” Rebecca said letting go of Mark.
“Yeah and I came here to see you actually!” Mark said feeling uncomfortable lying.
“oh wow!” Rebecca smiled happily while Helen walked away from them and so did Vera.

“DISTRACT HER!” Vera mouthed to Mark before leaving, while he gave her a nod of approval, Vera dragged Helen upstairs.
“What?” Helen asked scardly.
“What? Seriously Helen what has Delilah done to you?” Vera raised her brows.
Helen gasped. “You know about too?”.
“Of course I do, you think I’m dumb, you knew and you told no one, Helen are you crazy?” Vera yelled. “I’m so sorry, she said, I should keep it a secret!” Helen mumbled.
“Okay when anyone tells you a secret! Family excluded! got it!” Vera stated.
“But she said I should keep it from you guys the most!” Helen stated.
“Well guess what? You’re the worst sister of the year” Vera said knowing the word would pierce a whole in Helen’s heart and it did.
She suddenly starts to tear up.

“Cry all you want, you deserve it!” Vera said sternly.
“I’m sorry!” Helen said.
“Yeah, whatever.?” Vera rolled her eyes.
The door to Vera’s room and Taylor walked in.
“What’s going on?” Taylor asked scared Vera might be bullying Helen, seeing the heavy tears in her eyes.
“Oh… Why don’t you ask your daughter, who’s now become a liar” Vera said sternly folding her hand.
“She told me to keep it a secret I’m sorry!” Helen cried.
“Shhh…” Taylor said to Helen turning to Vera.
“Vera!” Taylor swallowed.
“I believe you, I can’t believe I didn’t see the changes in Rebecca and what kind of mother am I?” Taylor huffed.
“It’s okay mom… You believe me… But guess what? Helen here has been a pretty little minion for–
“And it’s not just that! She has powers too… I.. I saw her lift Helen up the ground.” Taylor breathed out.
“What?” Vera said confused. And turned to Helen.
“Is this true?” Vera asked Helen.
“Yes” Helen nodded. “she can make things float too!” she sniffed.
“And you didn’t tell me? What kind of sister are you? Do you know Delilah is planning to kill me, kill the boy downstairs and then end Rebecca’s body!” Vera yelled.
“What?” Taylor half yelled.
“Yeah mom, she threatened me. She said she’s gonna kill me!” Vera rolled her eyes like it was nothing.
“I’m sorry” Helen apologized again cleaning her tears.
“It’s okay, now tell me, what else did Delilah tell you?” Vera asked.
Helen glanced at her curious mother then at Vera before spitting out.
“She said she’s going to make me fly even higher if I find her doll” Helen sniffed.!
“Her doll?” Taylor replied.
“Yeah mom , that creepy Teddy bear you gave Helen, is Delilah’s and now judging from Helen’s story, that stupid doll must be quite powerful, but good thing it’s under my custody!” Vera said.
“Oh God this is all my fault, if I only believed you! If I had…
“No mom it’s not your fault, it had to happened. But don’t worry I think everything is going to be fine after tomorrow!” Vera said.
“Why what’s happening tomorrow?” Taylor asked
“We’ll be partying”.
“A party?” Taylor asked.
“You know what? I’ll tell you about all this later mom, I have to go” Vera said hurrying out of her room leaving Helen with her mom.
“A party?” Rebecca asked excitedly.
“Yeah a party, I was wondering if you’d like to go with me!” Mark said.
“Of course, and we’ll be going as a date right?” Rebecca asked with the most attractive dimple smile.
“Ye… ah” Mark hesitated. Flushed by her smile.

‘She’s not the real Rebecca!” he tells himself… As she moved closer to him still smiling.
She lifted her body, wanting to kiss him but stopped and smile,
“Did you call the others about this party.?”Rebecca asked suspiciously.
“Uhm yeah… All our friends they’re coming too.” Mark lied not wanting to sound suspicious.
“Good!”? Delilah smiled.
“Okay then it’s a date, I better start preparing what I’ll wear for tomorrow night” Rebecca smiled.
“Yeah I can’t wait” Mark said with no enthusiasm.
“Okay… Markie.!” Rebecca kissed his cheeks.

“Stop! I told you not to do that!” Mark said.
“Why? We’re this close in being in a relationship and you don’t want a simple kiss on the cheeks.” Rebecca pouts.
“Close to a relationship” Mark chuckled.
“And what’s so funny?”
“Nothing! So Becca! Can I ask why you like me so much?” Mark asked.

Rebecca smiled “Because… You’re smart, handsome, cool and funny even without saying anything funny, and people like you don’t give up easily, and that’s what I envy most about you! That’s why you became top on my list, I put people who tends to care for the people they love most on my list! “.
“And this list of yours, Am I allowed to see it?” Mark asked calmly.
Rebecca laughed. “You can’t it’s written here!” Rebecca pointed to her chest.
“Wow how nice of you!” Mark smiled bitterly, while Rebecca smiled too.
Mark’s eyes suddenly dart to Vera who was coming down the stairs and he moved back a bit, “I have.. uhm, I have to go!” Mark said.
“Why? Stay a little bit!” Rebecca smiled..
“No my mom would kill me if I missed curfew!” Mark laughed nervously.
“I can’t believe your parents still set up curfew fo you!” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“Well they do and I love them. I’ll be back here tomorrow by seven pm to pick you up…” Mark forced a smile.
“Can’t wait!” Rebecca beamed, as she watched walked out the door and then Vera.
She rolled her eyes and muttered the word “Losers!” before walking away to search for her doll.
“Can you believe that little blonde actually knew about Rebecca being possessed by Rebecca but she said nothing about it!” Vera stated. As decided to escort Mark home and in other to tell him other things she just found out.
“Well maybe she had her reasons?” Mark suggested..
“Her reason were because Rebecca told her to keep it a secret! And like promised her she’d make her fly” vera ranted.
“Make her fly?” Mark repeated.
“Yeah, I found out from my mom and Helen that Delilah had super powers or something!” Vera scoffed.
“Superpowers?” Mark paused looking befuddled.
“Yeah like telekinesis or something, Helen says she makes things floats!” Vera expound.
“What? The?” Mark’s voice. For the first time was almost loud.
“Yeah you heard me right, I haven’t seen it myself but my mom told me so, she said she saw Helen being lifted by Rebecca! That sounds a bit like a crazy fictional story, but it’s my mom we’re talking about she once doubted me, but now she saw it with her own two eyes!” Vera said.
“Okay I have so many questions now!” Mark said.
“Save it! We have Betty you can tell her everything, I’m as confused as you are and it’s already getting dark so…” Vera shrugged

“Yeah!” Mark said.

“And also Rebecca kind of sounded like she was suspecting me when I invited her to the party!” Mark said.

“Really, what did she say?” Vera asked.

“She asked if the others, you know my friends were coming along and I lied and Said yes.”

“Wait! What? You didn’t lie! of course you’re going to invite your friends over tomorrow! How do you expect us to go to a party with just me, Betty, you and Rebecca don’t you think Delilah would be suspicious?” Vera scoffed.
“But Betty’s having a party she’s supposed to bring friends right, she doesn’t need mine!” Mark said…
“Betty’s hosting a party, she’s the only guest and also the host! Where were you when she said she had no friends because of her kind of being?” Vera rolled her eyes.
“Anyways just invite your friends over, so there’s a little crowd and Rebecca doesn’t become suspicious okay!” Vera said.
“Okay!” Mark gave in.

“Thanks Mark, And goodnight” Vera said a small smile
Wanting to walk away but Mark stopped her.
“what?” Vera asked.
“Delilah’s photo” Mark replied
“Can’t I keep it?” Vera asked.
“you live with the devil. No you can’t!” Mark said, Vera sighed and gave the picture to Mark.
She wanted to go again but she stopped and asked for his phone number, …. After getting it she smiled and waved goodbye to him again,
before walking away.


Mark got home feeling a bit tired, he showered before eating dinner, going back to his room and falling on his bed.
Mark took out his phone and phoned Zane.
“Well I’m surprised? Why did you call?“ Zane asked.
“you know a simple hello would have been nice” Mark said calmly.
“it’s because you never call, so… Okay sorry, hello Mark, to what do I owe you for calling me!“ Zane hissed.
“Can you not be a prick and hear me out?” Mark’s voice was low and calm.
“okay fine what is it?“
“What do you think of a Saturday night party?” Mark asked.
“What? Who’s the host, what’s the address… I wouldn’t miss it for the world.“ Zane rushed his words.
“Oh right I already forgot this prick is a party popper!” Mark said sarcastically.
“You know me too well“ Zane laughed devilishly.
“Okay then I want you to call the others and invite them too, I’m a little bit sleepy, invite, just us friends. The host doesn’t like a crowd” Mark said, his eyes closing.
“Okay! Can I invite ja–
“Yes you can Invite Thelma… No One else” Mark said. “tomorrow I’ll send you the address… Goodnight”.
“What? I wanted to say Janet you di–*
Mark hung up on him and dropped his phone beside him as his eyes slowly closes and he goes to sleep.

Zane stood beside his window and texted shayne.

*Yo shay… Mark just invited me to a party tomorrow… You’re invited too.. And ishia too. *
It wasn’t long until shayne replied
*Wtf? This news just made my night! Felicia’s gonna be so happy hearing this… It’s been ages we lived like teenagers*
*okay man… gotta go invite the rest*. Zane said,
He looked at Thelma’s name and picture on his contact list wondering if he should call her or text her, after thinking for a while he went with texting.

*hey Thelm.. We just got invited to a party!*
And right away she replied.
*Really? Where.?*
*Don’t know but I think Mark’s one of the host?* Zane sent.
*Wow Mark! Great I’ve been wanting to talk to him for ages, a party and meeting Mark, that’s double great!* Thelma replied making Zane read the message over and over again.
‘Why does she wants to see Mark, is anything going on between them’ Zane thought but shrugged it off cause once again it’s none of his business.
*Okay tomorrow I’ll text you the address of Mark text it to Me*.
*Okay sure*. Thelma replied.

Zane started to think of a way to invite Janet, he didn’t have her phone number. He decided to ask Thelma for it, since Thelma has a book that contains the information of every single person in the class, but then again, Thelma isn’t going to give it to him.
Felicia sat on her bed, trying to contain her laughter watching a comedy series on her small laptop, when she heard a knocking sound on her window door.
She glanced at her window and the dark night outside to see the silhouette of a boy standing outside, she already knew who it was so she moved to the window and opened it letting shayne in.
Shayne crawled through the window and fell on the floor.
“You could have gone to the front door of my house and give it a knock, walk up to my room and knock on the door like a normal person.” Felicia suggested.
“Shut up ishia… You know how your mom is, she always asks never ending questions even though we live like so close, she asks things she sees everyday and I don’t want her to waste my time with me telling you this exciting news!” shayne said, sitting on her bed.
“What happened! What news?” Felicia asked, curiosity eating its way through her.
“Get me water first, I’m thirsty!” shayne said.
“Water! Dude you Live next door, crawl out the window get your water and come back!” Felicia said, sitting on the bed too and grabbing her laptop.
“Okay fine… You’re so mea–
Shayne held back his words when he saw Felicia bring out a bottle of water. She’s always nice.
“I’m so what? ” Felicia asked.
“You’re so nice… thanks” shayne rushed his word snatching the water from Felicia.
Felicia let him enjoy the cooling thirst of the water and as the water burned his thirst, he smiled and said.
“We’re going to a party!”.
“Party? What Party?” Felicia asked.
“Mark’s party?” Felicia asked pushing her laptop aside on the bed.
“Yeah! Surprised too.? Mark having a party! Well seems like it cause he called zane and Zane called me, we’ll receive the address and time tomorrow!” shayne explained.
“And everyone is going!?” Felicia asked.
“Yep everyone!” shayne said.
“And I don’t see any reason for us to be left out!” Felicia grinned.
“Now get lost I have to continue my series!” Felicia said using her leg to push him off her bed…
“You’re mean!” shayne got up angrily, opened her door and walked out.
“So you’re using the front door now…” Felicia yelled mockingly, as Shayne slammed the door angrily.
“Leave me alone Felicia!” shayne yelled back.

Felicia shook her head giggling, she grabbed her phone and one by one Felicia starts to invite everyone from class to the party. And Mark’s words were to invite only themselves, but Felicia not hearing that from anyone she went and invite the whole class.
That night everyone slept like never before, the party on everyone’s mind, Vera couldn’t wait for the party, mostly because Betty would be meeting deliah and so did Mark thought. Rebecca couldn’t wait too. And Delilah couldn’t wait because it’s been ages since she attended parties…. Other Than that everyone’s mind couldn’t help the fact that they’ll be having a good time at the party!
T. B. C

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