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It was morning! The morning sun shone around Rainal town keeping the town at beaut.
Vera woke up feeling strangely hungry, she suddenly figured out why she was hungry, she persevere a great smell of bacon and egg travelled through her nose, making her eyes balls dance to life..
Vera went downstairs after brushing her teeth, it was Saturday and all she had to do today was laundry.

“Morning… Mom… Dad.!” Vera said sitting down around the dining table for breakfast.
“Morning dear, how was your night?” Taylor asked.
“Oh you know how it went!.. With a lot on my mind.!” Vera shrugged taking a slice of bread from the center plate on the table.
“Oh its okay!” Taylor said and they both glanced at each other, one glance holding so many things, talking about so many things, yet one person!

Vera had indeed spoken to her mother last night, about Delilah telling her the whole story from when Rebecca was hearing voices and then to how they went to meet Betty.
Taylor had fully believed Vera and playing along was one thing she could try and do best, pretending not to know about the truth about Delilah.

“Oh and Vera, you know how you were supposed to do the laundry… Well I changed my mind Becca is doing it now” Taylor said earning a “not-cool-mom” look from Vera.

“Oh okay!” Rebecca agreed.
“Wow!” Steve said. “is this Rebecca talking or someone else… You just agreed to do the laundry…” Steve laughed.
“Yeah I mean is it that hard?” Rebecca shrugged.
“Nothing… No… No.. I’m just glad to see you all growing up and accepting chores” Steve said, while Taylor and Vera rolled their eyes.

Helen remained quiet, as everyone talked around the table, Taylor doing a good job by pretending Rebecca isn’t possessed.

“So?…” Taylor grinned.
“What?” Rebecca asked cause Taylor was looking at her.
“I heard you guys are going to a party!” Taylor smiled.
“Yeah… Wait you guys? I was the only one who got invited in this house!” Rebecca said.
“Sorry Becca… I got an invitation too!” Vera smiled.
“Great” Becca rolled her eyes angrily.
“Double great! Cause I have to go find something to wear, cause I have to look my best, cause I am the best and it’s a tradition for me to always be at my best” Vera said standing up and grabbing her food.
“I’ll be taking this to my room mom!” Vera yelled as she walked up the stairs…
“No problem dear.!” Taylor retorted.
Vera grabbed her phone from her drawer and narrowed her eyes when she saw a notification from an unknown number.
*It’s Betty… party starts at six Vera, so this is my address -37-dranlane-
without reading furthermore Vera forwarded the message to Mark and wrote a message under it.
*Do you know this place?*
After minutes of waiting and waiting, Mark texted back.

*Betty’s address… Yeah I know this place*.
*Okay forward it to everyone you invited* Vera replied back immediately, before heading downstairs to drop her plate on the dishwasher.
Mark did as he was told, he forwarded the message to his friends, while Felicia sent the address to the whole crowd she invited.
It was twenty past five in the afternoon, the sun looked like it would set any time soon,
Betty had called Vera telling her to come to the party early with Rebecca, and Vera told Mark immediately Betty called.

Rebecca got ready for the party, it’s been ages since she went to a party, she hummed an unfamiliar song as she brushed her golden brown her that cascaded on her beauty girly shoulders.
Rebecca opened her wadrobe after applying a little bit of makeup.

“Uh… God, Rebecca has nothing!” Rebecca uttered angrily and she rummage through the hanging clothes amongst her clothes.
Her eyes suddenly caught a silvery pink glistening dress..
“Well Hello! I didn’t know Becca had one of this” Rebecca laughed happily as she brought out the dress.
“Wow… I will be looking my best!” Rebecca grinned as she stripped her clothes off her body.

Vera stood in front of her mirror looking like a diva, her blonde hair curled and bounced, her lips sparking from the lip gloss she inserted, she had done a little makeup and her beauty was extremely beautiful.
“I’ll murder those high scholars with my look” Vera giggled.

Her sky blue dress was sweeping the floor from the back, while the front was short and above her knees, the dress had tiny diamonds stone on the chest side and it was armless and at the same time dashing, it matched Vera’s teal blue eyes, and as she grabbed her purse she grabbed her phone and called Mark.

“Sorry Mark, where are you!” Vera asked, her voice low but impatient.
“I’m on my way, you know I have to make this look like an actual date cause Delilah thinks we’re going to the party as a date, that’s why I’m taking a little bit of time.” Mark said.
“Well you are kind of Delilah’s boyfriend but not Becca’s! And seriously you really need to get your butt here as early as possible. Betty’s waiting and we have some business to take care of about your new found girlfriend!” Vera said.
Mark laughed. “Yeah she’s so not my girlfriend, whose fucking girl wants to have their boyfriend dead!”.
“Delilah!” Vera stated and they both laughed
“Okay, anyway I’ll be there in a couple of minutes!” Mark said said as he hung up the phone.
“You look like hell fire itself, are you crazy ishia?” shayne yelled at Felicia who wore a normal plain dress that had no design and looked like it was from the 90’s at least that what’s shayne thought.

“You look like you just walked out of your grandma’s closet…!” Shayne said, still surprised by the fact that Felicia is still low on fashion sense.
“Well this is what I can think of.!” Felicia shrugged.
“Felicia we’ve lived as neighbors and best friends since… Forever and I’ve seen you wear pretty dresses… Very pretty dresses unlike this shit you’re wearing!” shayne shook his head.
“Don’t call my dresses shit, you’re the one looking like shit!” Felicia cried.
Shayne wasn’t actually looking like ‘shit’, he was infact pretty handsome as he moved all his hair forward in a bad boy way, dressed in platinum Jean jacket, white shirt on the inside, black jeans and white snickers, he was looking his best…
“I may look like shit, but you look like… whatever comes next after shit! If you go to the party like this, don’t look at me! Don’t talk to me! Pretend like you don’t know any of us okay?” shayne tells Felicia.
“Okay so what should I do?” Felicia bat her lashes.
“Let’s bring down all your clothes!” shayne smiled opening the door of Felicia’s walk in closet.
Zane spayed a whole lot of perfume around his well dressed body, admiring his chiseled face and brown eyes from the mirror, he knew he was looking dashing, he sure was, being a fashion king. He wore a Jean jacket, a crazy Jean pants, white shirt on the inside and a simple blue converse sneakers… He Was perfect and good to go.
Mark parked the car he rented for the ‘so called date stuff’ Rebecca had thought, them attending the party together was,.
He parked the car at the front of the Adam’s yard and walked to the door to give it a light knock. Mark was looking like a prince in children’s fairytale books. He was wearing a black leather jacket, black leather boots, black jean pants and white and black stripe shirt on the inside, his long hair was packed roughly at his back, while the other strands on air remained on sides of his face, giving me a graceful beauty.
What was remaining was his princess, or besides a witch in reality.
He was about to knock on the door when Vera opened the door.
“Whoa… Thanks I was about to knock anyways!” Mark said and got pulled in my Vera.

“About time!” Vera said as she slammed the door, to see Mark, looking around then his eyes landed on her, he held a shy expression as he felt uncomfortable with the word he was trying to say.
“what?” Vera asked.
“You… Look… Look..
“I look dashing, thanks Mark, if you can’t compliment a girl Mark how do you expect to win my sister, the real Becca” Vera rolled her eyes.
“But I’m not trying to win anyone!” Mark said.
“Oh shut it Mark I know you like my sist–
“Markie… you’re here, Rebecca’s happy voice towered Vera’s eyes and they both turned to see Rebecca.
There, it was like in slow motion, as Rebecca walked up to them in the most amazing dimpled smile, Her silvery pink dress sparkling from any reflection of the lights around the house.
The dress was hugging her body and above her knees calling for attention, to notify her attraction, the dress sparkled with her dull Hazel eyes, and the arms came off on each shoulder
Mark was completely speechless, he felt peculiar about the whole situation, and He suddenly had a wish.
‘Why wasn’t Rebecca the one really there, why is it Delilah!’

“Wow you look pretty!” Mark rushed his words. Which he really meant.
“I know right?” Rebecca said walking up to him to give him a hug.
Which Mark didn’t respond to, but Rebecca didn’t care.
“And you don’t look bad yourself!” Rebecca grinned.
“Thanks. We can go now the car is waiting outside.” Mark suddenly said.
“You have a car?” Vera asked immediately.
“No.. Rented it for the party” mark shrugged.
“Great!” Vera said sarcastically walking out.

“Markie is she coming with us?” Rebecca asked calmly.
“she’s your sister I don’t see any reason not to give her a ride!” Mark replied.
“Oh gosh, whatever.!” Rebecca said before going out too, then Mark followed too.

The two girls walked into Mark’s rented car, their beauty competiting, Rebecca sat on the passenger seat beside Mark, while Vera took the back seat.
As Mark drove the girls to the party Vera informed Betty of their arrival with a simple text.
Zane was about to open the door when he heard a knock on his door.
He opened the door anyway and Thelma was standing there, looking pretty, she jelled her short black hair back and her earrings made her face more exposed and sharp.
“I… it’s not like I didn’t know the address I just didn’t want to go alone.” Thelma said.
“Okay is this what you’re wearing!” Zane asked eyeing the big jacket covering from her neck to her knees.
“What? No!” Thelma rolled her eyes taking off the jacket to reveal a white short body hug dress that rested against her upper thighs.
“What… The… Zane jaw dropped.
“What?” Thelma eyed him.
“Didn’t your parents scold you for this?” Zane asked.
“That’s why I wore this jacket silly, help me Drop it inside.” Thelma said.
“You can drop it yourself and say hi to my mom, she’s been asking for you pretty lately.” Zane said.
“No thanks, she’s gonna see me dressed this way, tell my mom about it and I’m screwed!” Thelma said.
“Yeah right!” Zane said. Taking the big jacket from her.
“You’re a bad girl, and you’re supposed to be the good girl you know.” Zane said hanging the jacket behind the door.
“Well I don’t want to be the good girl!” Thelma shook her head.

“Okay mom I’m off” Zane yelled before he walked out of the house to join Thelma.
As Thelma and Zane walked down the front porch of Zane’s house, both looking like couples and both matching, they heard a car sound and their name being called.
They looked up to see Felicia and shayne, and Greg, a boy from their class, in a sweet looking car.
“Hey… Zane!” shayne yelled and Greg stopped the car.
“Whoa… You guys look amazing!” Felicia said walking out of the car… “Sup guys” Greg said and raised up his glasses.

“Thelma… you look hot!” Shayne said giving her a small smile. “Thanks.” Thelma smiled.
“But is that real cleavages or…
“Are you crazy?” Thelma yelled at shayne.
“They’re probably push ups bra” Zane added earning a punch from Thelma. “ouch.., okay fine… Geez… they’re your real boob’s sorry…” Zane said while Thelma rolled her eyes and walked up to Felicia to compliment her simple but yet dashing yellow dress that shayne had picked out from her.

“Seriously dude! You invited Greg, mark said not to invite anyone else!” Zane said to shayne.
“I didn’t know how Greg heard about the party but he’s pretty useful you know, we can’t possibly take the bus looking like this, especially Thelma.” shayne scoffed walking away to join the girls in the car, and then Zane followed.
Greg revved up the car and starts to drive
“I think this is the place” Mark said as, he and the Adam’s sisters walked out of the car to the front door of a huge house.
“Well knock!” Rebecca pushed.
“Okay…” Mark said and was about to knock on the door when Vera pushed the doorbell.
“There’s a doorbell!” Vera boasted.
Betty opened the door, looking different, her hair black and pink, she was wearing a short mini black skirt and pink sparkly top.
“Guys!” she yelled happily hugging Mark.

“Uh… Sorry, but you don’t do that in front of me.. Mark’s mine!” Rebecca said removing the Betty’s hand from Mark’s body. “sorry!” Betty giggled wanting to hug Vera but she shook her head and Betty got the message.
“I’m Betty and you are?” Betty asked Rebecca.
“I’m Rebecca Betty and you are?” Betty asked offering Rebecca a hand shake.
“I am Rebecca… sister to Vera and girlfriend to Mark” Rebecca said boastfully taking Betty’s hand…
As they shook hands, Betty’s breathing hitched and her smile faded.
They let go of each other and for some time Betty looked lost. Rebecca walked passed Betty and walked inside the house to see it fully decorated, music mp’s all over the place, wine, food… But no one was there.

“Betty are you okay?” Mark asked.
“Yeah… I.. Saw a lot of… IeI saw erything!” Betty sighed.
“Really?” Vera and Mark glanced at each other.
“What did you see?” Vera asked, Betty glanced at Rebecca who was now coming out of the house and she quickly
“We can’t possibly talk about that now, Delilah is here and all we have to do is focus on the party first… You guys should come tomorrow if you want information on what I saw”. Betty rushed her words.
“Okay thanks Betty!” Vera said. And immediately Rebecca burst out of the door!
“How come we’re the only ones at the party, where the hell is everyone!” Rebecca yelled and Betty started to breathe really fast moving back her eyes wide open.. Vera noticed Betty was scared as she starts to move back.
“Shut up Becca! Everyone will be here Ve–
The sounds of different kind of car sounds stopped Vera from talking and from different angles, cars all drove to Betty’s yard and parked, different kind of faces came out from each of the car, making Vera gasped.
‘Where did they all come from!?” Vera thought.
“Wait! Are they all coming to my party?” Betty asked.
“Uh… I Think so!” Mark said as he watched someone set of boys from his class bring out wine from their car trunk.
“Mark… You had to invite all of them!” Vera yelled. “I told you to invite only your friends” Vera gritted her teeth.
“I didn’t invite any of us them… Just Zane – –
“I don’t care who you invited, the more the merrier.” Betty jumped up happily, opening the door wider for the four boys to come in with the boxes of wine they were carrying.
“c’mon let’s go in!” Betty said happily dragging Mark and Vera.

“Wait! I thought you said, it’ll will be just us friends… Whose cars are these?” Shayne asked, as Greg stopped the car in front of Betty’s house, whose yard was already blocked with a lot of cars.
“Well I kind of passed out a few invite to everyone in our class and… Maybe they invited others!” Felicia said.
“What? Mark’s gonna kill me!” Zane said.
“Well it doesn’t seem like it, cause everyone here is already having a good time! Look!” Thelma said pointing a window with blasting music and silhouette of male and female dancing..
“Well what are we still waiting for?” Greg said opening the door and walking out!.
The others followed and they made it to the door. Zane pressed the doorbell arranging his hair.
“I wonder how Mark got to host a big party like this, or who invited him.” Zane said and immediately the door opened revealing Betty whose smile was bright and luminous.
“HI” she said holding a cup of wine.”welcome to my party! I’m Betty!” she grinned.
“Okay… We’re friends of Mark?” Zane said maybe mentioning mark would give them recognition and it did.
“Oh Mark… Okay.. Come on in then,!” Betty said cheerfully letting them all in.

“WOW!” Zane gasped seeing his whole class mates, and class c..
“Whoa!” Shayne smiled seeing different kind of served wines on different tables.
The music went straight into their ears causing a heat that radiated through their body, that made them want to dance.
“This is going to be one of the best party I’ve attended all my life and I can feel it!”. Thelma said
“The last party we attended was Zane’s fourteenth year old birthday party!” Felicia said and they all giggled at the memory.
“And now we’re all grown up attending a real high school party!” Zane smirked. Greg walked away from them as he saw his group of friends.

“Oh there’s Rebecca and Mark!” shayne pointed, to a corner to reveal Vera and Mark standing together.
“Uhm she looks like Rebecca but I don’t think that’s Rebecca!” Thelma said.
“Yeah… And she’s pretty gorgeous, Rebecca doesn’t have blonde hair.” Felicia said.
“Oh that’s Vera.! Felicia’s older sister.!” Zane announced.
“Wow, beauty sure runs in that family!” shayne said.
“There’s Rebecca!” Zane said as he spotted Rebecca grabbing wine from the wine spot.
“Wow… She’s pretty” Felicia said, and started to walk up to her.!

“Hey Becca!” Felicia called.
“Oh.. Hi Felicia?” Rebecca smiled.
“Wow you look amazing!” Felicia smiled.
“You don’t look so bad yourself either.” Rebecca said.
“Wine?” Rebecca asked handing a glass of wine to Felicia.
“Sure thanks.” Felicia said grabbing the wine and slurping it down in one Shot.
“Whoa… Nice one!” Rebecca laughed.
“Is that your sister?” Felicia asked. Pointing to Vera.
“Yeah” Rebecca rolled her eyes seeing as Betty quickly rushed up to them.
“And who’s that girl anyway she seems pretty nice!”.
“She’s Betty, I don’t know where or when my sister and Mark found her but I hate her already,” Rebecca said glaring at Betty talking to her sister and Mark.
“So I got the stuff.” Betty said holding a small box.
“What stuff.?” Vera asked.
“I heard you telling Mark you wished it was the real Becca here experiencing a normal high school party!” Betty said.
“And…?” Mark leaned his head forward.!
“I think I found a way to do that!” Betty smiled.
“Okay… How?” Vera asked.
“with this?” Betty smiled opening the small box in her hand revealing some green powders.
“what’s that?” Vera asked.
“It’s called summoning powders. We’re pretty weird family, and it’s my mom’s, she summons all kinds of spirits with this!” Betty explained.
“And what are you going to do? Summon Rebecca’s spirit back to her body?” Mark asked.
“Exactly Mark!, all we have to do is get Rebecca upstairs to my room and then I’ll do the rest, but I can’t go near here! She scares the shit out of me!” Betty said.
“No worries leave it up to me!” Mark said and walked up to Felicia and Rebecca who seemed like they were having a good time laughing at other people.
“Okay we’ll be waiting for you upstairs!” Betty said as she dragged Vera away

“Mark… Hey, wow you look cute” Felicia said.
“And you look beautiful Felicia!” Mark smiled and turned to Rebecca.
“Rebecca… I.. Can we.. Can we go upstairs. I have something to tell you!” Mark said innocently his grey eyes shining silver under the spotlight.
“Uh… Sure! See you later Felicia” Rebecca said happily as she linked her hand with Mark’s and they both walked upstairs.

‘easy peasy’ Mark thought.
“Okay… what do you want to tell me?” Rebecca asked as she watched Mark locked the door.

“Surprise!” Vera’s voice echoed as she walked out of Betty’s closet with Betty behind her.
“What are you guys doing here. Mark what’s going on?” Rebecca asked angrily.
“Were here to help Rebecca and I really need to see what kind of person mark likes not you… Delilah,” Betty said as she opened the box and poured the green powder on her palm, rubbing her palms together.
Rebecca flinched hearing the name Delilah…

“Don’t worry you won’t remember a thing! You once practiced black magic, I guess you’ll know what this feels like,” Betty said walking up to Rebecca, Rebecca wanted to move back but Betty’s hand laid on her cheeks and immediately Rebecca realised she couldn’t move.
Betty starts to mutter some odd words closing her eyes.
“What are you doing… Get away from me… Mark… Mark help!” Rebecca cried unable to move.
Betty’s voice became loud saying the strange words and immediately she yelled the name “Rebecca!”… Rebecca breathed out heavily and moved back breathing heavily.

“And she’s here. Hi Rebecca” Betty smiled dusting her hand.
“Whoa…” Vera said as she watched her sister’s eyes come to life and her paleness faded..
“Delilah’s still in charge of her body but I just made Rebecca hold on for tonight, after tonight Delilah will be back.” Betty said.

“Who… Are you?” Rebecca asked looking at Betty.
T. B. C


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