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Hey Mark!…” Betty giggled as she got to Mark and Rebecca, who seemed to be dancing.
“Hey… Betty” Mark paused to observe her situation.
She’s drunk.
“Are you okay?” Mark asked.
“What… why would you ask that she’s perfectly fine!” Vera said from nowhere her hand sliding over Betty’s shoulder.

“What is wrong with the both of you? Are you guys drunk!” Rebecca said letting go of Mark’s hand.

“Yeah kind of…” Vera sniffed.
“Who’s drunk… I know I’m not!” Betty protested, moving closer to Mark.
She removed Vera’s hand from her shoulder and got closer to Mark placing her hands around his waist.
“Uhm what are you doing?” Mark asked trying to remove her hands from his waist.
“Stay still…” Betty snapped.
Rebecca felt a bit mad seeing Betty like that, but she made no suspicious expression.
“Uhm… Okay… but no.” Mark said and finally removed her hand from his waist.
“Hey..!” Betty pouted. “I was going to tell you how I can make you say hi to Jessica even for just a minute!” Betty said folding her hand angrily.

“What?” Mark asked, shocked by her words.
“Yeah, you’ve been so nice we wanted you to meet your sister!” Vera added.

“Y…you can do that?” Mark asked feeling a bit awkward. He did miss his sister and it would be an honour if she’s back again. And If he can say hi just one last time.
“Yeah! It’s my mom’s thing, but I can do that!” Betty smiled.
“But you’re drunk, can you do anything like this, you’re not in your right mind!” Rebecca chimed in.
“Huh… Is This Rebecca speaking or Delilah?” Betty asked gazing at Rebecca.
“It’s Rebecca talking” Mark helped as Rebecca rolled her eyes at the question.
“Why is she talking to me so rudely.!” Betty asked angrily, her body moving from side to side, so mark held her so she wouldnt fall.
“Well that’s how rebecca is!” Mark said.
“Well she and Delilah are not different” Betty said.
“We are… She’s creepy but I’m not and I’m sorry if I sounded rude!” Rebecca apologized.
“It’s okay! I just want to bring Jessica here!” Betty said looking around.
“what are you looking for?” Mark asked.
“A volunteer, I can’t use Rebecca she’s like a subsidiary to her own body and I can’t use you you’re supposed to be the receiver and well Vera is drunk!” Betty laughed.
“What? You’re the drunk one!” Vera barked.
“You’re crazy how am I the drunk one… look at yourself!” Betty said wanting to rush up to Rebecca but Mark caught her cause she almost fell.
Vera starts to laugh manically “Well who’s the drunk one now!”

“Both of you are drunk!” Rebecca yelled.

Making them look at her angrily.

“Okay so… And if we get this volunteer?” Mark asked.
“Then I’ll use the summoning powder mix it with the words I have to say and boom Jessica is back” Betty said.
“Are you a witch?” Rebecca asked.
“Seriously,… Nobody told you I’m kind of like a shaman?” Betty rolled eyes.
“I know but you know…”
“I know nothing Rebecca now shut up!” Betty said looking around.

“How about that girl! She looks pretty use-able!” Betty slowed her words pointing at Felicia.
“You mean Felicia?” Mark asked.
“Yeah, she’s okay!” Betty said.
“How come you’re going to use Felicia can’t you just bring back Jessica!” Mark said.
“Mark, don’t forget the fact that Jessica is dead, and her body is too, actually how spirits doesn’t die but our body do, no one knows where our spirit lies, but we can summon them back if we want to, and since Jessica body doesn’t exits anymore we need a body for her spirit to stay when I summon her, so Felicia’s perfect!” Betty expound.
“If you want to see your sister, bring her to my room!” Betty words were weak and she walked recklessly up the stairs, Vera followed feeling a little balanced and light headed.
She is a bit strong when it comes to drinking, she’s already getting sober.

“So are you really going to bring Felicia to her?” Rebecca asked Mark as Vera and Betty were out of sight.
“I don’t know… I feel… I feel like I’ll be cheating doing this!” Mark said.
“Cheating!” Rebecca scoffed, ” I know this idea sounds weird and off and creepy at the same time but Mark! You get a chance to talk to your sister, even if it’s just a second tell her you miss her, tell her how sorry you are for the hard times you’ve given her! Tell her everything!” Rebecca paused starting to get teary.
“Wh… why are you crying?” Mark asked confused.
“Sorry!” Rebecca cleaned the tears that threatened to fall. “I just got emotional cause it’s like my current situation now, do you know how happy I feel now to be in charge of my body? Even though its just for tonight, at least I’m in charge, do you know how bad I want to yell ‘mom’ do you know how bad I want to call Vera and tell her I miss her, I mean I do tell her name and tell her I miss her but no body hears me, it’s like I’m dead! And I know it feels like I’m just a freaking ghost, cause not always but sometimes I hear what you all say to Delilah, I want to reach out and tell you all the real me is locked up in this dark world, but somehow I couldn’t, I prayed every day even if it’s just for a few seconds for me to have my body back and say the things I want to say, to see the things and people I miss, to be myself again just for a few seconds. When I came back to my body yesterday I didn’t very well feel in charge cause Delilah still fought her way through, but somehow you guys met Betty and she gave me an opportunity like this, Don’t you think Jessica would be watching us, don’t you think she’ll dream of this opportunity to be back and tell her brother how much she misses him, Don’t you think she’ll want to touch you in person and see how you’re doing! Though I don’t know how Betty’s going to do it but she got me here and I trust her! Think of what Jessica would want to say, it’s been two years now! And besides I think you’ll have something to say to her too!” Rebecca explained drying her eyes completely, she was suddenly taken aback when Mark suddenly hug her, wrapping his hands tightly around her body.
“Thank you Becca! Those words were just enough!” Mark sighed letting go of Rebecca.

Rebecca smiled. “So what are you saying?”
“I’m saying, we go get Felicia!” Mark said.
“Good!” Rebecca smirked.
“Uhm hey Felicia!” Mark smiled at her Felicia who was drinking and dancing at the same time.
“Oh hey Mark!” Felicia yelled over the music “HI Rebecca!” she yelled again and Rebecca smiled at her.
“You guys wanna dance?” Felicia asked jumping up and down.
“Oh boy! She’s drunk,” Rebecca said.
“That’ll make everything so much easier, Felicia isn’t great with drinks!” Mark said holding Felicia’s hand and taking the cup from her.
“Hey… What are you doing?” Felicia pouted.
“You know, I really want to dance but… I don’t want to do it here, how about we head upstairs,?” Mark asked.
“Why? It’s more fun here!” Felicia stated.
“Well they serve more drinks there and it’s so much fun up there than here” Rebecca added.
“Yep!” Rebecca and Mark nodded.
“Well… What am I waiting for?” Felicia said happily running up the stairs before them.
“Well that was easy!” Rebecca said.
“Yeah… I just hope Betty isn’t going to do something hurtful to her!” Mark said.
“Did she do anything hurtful to my body before bringing me back?” Rebecca asked.
“No,” Mark replied.
“Then nothing is going to happen to Felicia… Come on!” Rebecca said holding Mark’s hand and pulling him up the stairs.
Vera gulped down the bottle of water she had taken as she and Betty walked up to Betty’s room, she had become fully sober, but still a bit dizzy, but Betty was still drunk, but she still did a pretty good job, walking about and taking some one or two things from her small cupboard and placing it on the floor.

She sat in front of the small boxes she has gathered and sighed, Vera sat on the floor too opposite her, and asked.
“What are these?” she asked.
“Oh they’re the things I need!” Betty said…
“To bring Jessica?”
“Yep!” Betty said nodding countlessly..
“Here drink this! You still look drunk” Vera said handing the remaining bottled water to her.
“Thank… You” Betty said trying to open the bottle lid.
“i can’t open this” she whined.
“That’s because you’re not trying… Give it to me!” Vera said snatching the bottle from her and opening the lid.
“Here!” Vera gave it to her.
“Thanks” Betty grinned and moved her head all the way back just to drink water, and when her shaky hands pushed the bottle to her mouth, it ended up spilling the water on her face and her body.
“Seriously!” Vera stood up! “And I thought I was the worst when drunk!” Vera rolled her eyes and took the water from Betty,

“Open your mouth!” Vera added..
Betty giggled before opening her mouth, Vera turned the bottle letting the cool water into her mouth. “There, that’s how you drink water” Betty closed the empty plastic bottle and toss it on the floor.
“Now I feel a bit better!” Betty said. Opening the small boxes in front of her, her hands were still shaky and unbalanced but Vera let her do her stuff.
The door opened and Mark walked in with Felicia and Rebecca behind him.

“We’re here!” Mark said to Vera and Betty.

“Huh?” Felicia said looking at Betty and Vera then at Mark and Rebecca.
“Where’s the party up here and where is the drink?”.
“Well… Betty here has something to tell you before we go to the real party!” Rebecca said taking Felicia forward..
“Oh yeah… Betty! The host! The girl you said you didn’t like” Felicia laughed,
“What? When did I?” Rebecca asked cause Betty suddenly starts to glare at her.
“When we both stood together” Felicia said.
“She’s drunk and I guess she’s talking about Delilah!” Mark said to Rebecca.
“Who’s drunk? And who’s Delilah?” Felicia asked.
“No one… Just come over here!” Vera smiled at Felicia.

“Oh you… you’re Becca’s sister,” Felicia said walking closer to Vera and sitting on the floor too “You’re so pretty up close!” Felicia added.
“Thanks…” Vera said.

“And now I will begin!” Betty said standing up.
“begin what?” Felicia asked. But no one replied her instead Mark asked.
“Sure it’s not gonna hurt her or harm her!”.
“Mark… just let me do my job!” Betty rolled her eyes, picking up a box, opening it to reveal a white powder inside, she grabbed a handful and blew it across Felicia face, who was about to say something but stopped due to the powder that was blown to her face and immediately her eyes closed. Besides breathing Felicia did nothing but stayed like that.

“Whoa.. What did you do to her!” Mark asked walking closer to them and Rebecca followed.
“Felicia’s spirit is now resting. Now to get Jessica!” Betty said sitting opposite Felicia.
“Hand me that box” Betty said tiredly, and Mark quickly gave her the box before anyone would…
It was the same small box from earlier and when Betty opened the box, it revealed the Same green powder Betty had used on Rebecca.
Betty took a pinch of the powder and rubbed her palms together, letting the green powder stain all her hands.
Suddenly she didn’t seem too drunk, as she slowly took Felicia’s hand in hers and closed her eyes.

Everyone remained quiet and watched as Betty starts to mumble strange words, Rebecca glanced at Mark while Mark just shrugged and they both turned back to Betty, after saying the strange words Betty breathed out and said.

“For you’ve hold on to her enough, I request for her tonight, Jessica is her name and you will oblige!” Betty said making Vera and Rebecca glance at each other this time.
It was weird, for them, cause it didn’t feel real.
But if ghosts do exist why won’t things like this exists.

Betty opened her eyes and moved back from Felicia, she stood up and turned to Mark.
“Jessica is here! Come say something to her to wake her up!” Betty said feeling sober all of a sudden.

“Uhm.. Okay… What should I say?” Mark said as he sat opposite Felicia.
“Actually say something, only Jessica would understand, say something you two are both common with, say something that’s simple but holds a lot of memories and only Jessica could understand what it means or else she won’t wake up!” Betty said and as Mark watched the sleeping Felicia, he opened his mouth and uttered the word.

“I’m mom’s favorite!”

“What?” Vera almost laughed but Betty gave her a look that says she should shut the hell up.

Felicia’s eyes fluttered open and her brown eyes turned grey and plain immediately holding no life at all… Mark breath hitched as he watched Felicia look side ways. Looked at Rebecca, looked at her for a while before turning to Vera, then back at Rebecca, then back to Vera, and then her head suddenly went up to Betty who smiled and waved at her. Everywhere was quiet as everyone watched her, only the sound of the loud music and voice from downstairs could be heard,though it sounded distant.

Felicia’s eyes turned to Mark and she leaned her head forward.
She wanted to speak but ended coughing.
“Are you okay?” Mark asked holding her shoulders.
“Oh she’s fine. And she’s supposed to cough, she hasn’t been able to talk in human form for two years what did you expect?” Betty rolled her eyes…
Felicia stopped coughing and slowly looked at her hands, touched her face and then touched Mark’s face.
“Mark!” she called slowly.
“Yeah.. Jess.. Its me.!” Mark said. And immediately Felicia hugged Mark hugged her back.
Best present he’d ever receive in his life.
He missed his sister so much.
They used to more than just siblings, they loved each other so much, but then Delilah ruined everything.

“Is this really you?” Felicia starts to cry as she pulls away from Mark.
“Yeah it’s me!” Mark nodded with a smile…
“Oh my God…” Felicia cried.
“It’s okay jess…” Mark consoled.
“How come… i am..alive.. I can see you…” Felicia cried.
“That’s because, that girl over there, she’s sort of like a you know, witch doctor and she brought you back!” Mark smiled. Holding back his tears.

“Witch… Doctor? Hello! I’m a fortunetel—
“You’re more than that! How come you can do all this, and I personally think, shaman, fortune-tellers, witch-doctors are all indre one perspective!” Vera said to Betty.

“Oh God I miss you so much!” Felicia hugged Mark again.
“Missed you so much sis!” Mark said hugging her back!.
Mark let’s go of Felicia and smiled at her.
“How’s mom and dad!” Felicia asked.
“They’re… Fine!” Mark said.
“Are they doing well without me!?” Felicia asked.
“They’re trying to…” Mark gulped, containing his tears.
Felicia burst into tears hearing that.
“It’s all my fault!” Felicia cried…
“No.. No.. Jess it’s not your fault,” Mark held her hand.
“I shouldn’t have picked that stupid box, somehow I know it started from there!” Felicia cried.
“huh? What box?” Vera asked curiously.
“A box! I found in the woods, I shouldn’t have picked it up” Felicia sniffed.
“Mark you have to find that box and throw it away please!” Felicia begged.
“It’s okay!” Mark said. “I will”

“Where are you now? Is it okay there?” Mark asked.
“i can’t say…” Felicia said.
“What?” Mark was confused. So Betty explained
“when we summon spirits that are completely dead, they can’t tell us where they come from, it’s against the rules!” Betty explained.
“What rules.?” Mark asked.
“Seriously I’m eighteen.! Do you expect me to know it all! Just learned all this from my mom without real interest so no questions.” Betty said.

Mark turned back to Felicia. “I’m just glad I could talk to you one last time, I wasn’t even there when you jumped off that ferris wheel!” Mark scoffed angrily
“She made me do it!” Felicia sniffed.
“I know and she is going to pay!” Mark said and glanced at Rebecca.
“Mark, she made me do a lot of things,… I killed so many.. Felicia cried earning a hug from Mark.
“It’s okay!” Mark pat her back.

“Guys… I’ll go take a bit of fresh air!” Rebecca stuttered rushing out of the room.
“Hmm… what’s with her?” Betty asked.
“I’ll go see!” Vera said rushing out after Rebecca.

“What about Hudson? How is he?” Felicia asked.
“They moved out of town about a year ago! Haven’t heard from him.” Mark said.
“Okay… Felicia sniffed.

“Uhm… Time is running out you guys better be quick!” Betty said.

“Tell mom and dad that I love them!” Felicia rushed her words.
“They know.” Mark smiled.
“And I love you too Mark!” Felicia said.
“I know.. I love you more, it was great talking to you like this jess… You know there’s a funny secret I never told you before!” Mark sniffed. His eyes has become red for holding his tears back!
“What is it?” Felicia asked cleaning Mark’s tears that fell from his eyes.
“You know how I always lie about being mom’s favorite?” Mark laughed sadly.
“Yeah” Felicia starts to smile sadly.
“I’m not her favorite you are! She told me herself!” Mark said.
“What… Then why does she act weird with me like she doesn’t like me?” Felicia sniffed with a smiled.
“She didn’t want to be busted!” Mark smiled.

“Time is up guys.” Betty said from behind.
“Tell mom. I love her so much, and please throw the box away!” Felicia said before her body fell to the ground.

Mark was shocked and he turned to Betty immediately, “what… Is She dead!
“No she’s not silly, Jessica is gone and Felicia is back and fast asleep and spirits have ground rules of coming back to earth within a specific time.”. Betty explained.
“Oh okay!” Mark said sadly, carrying Felicia and carefully placing her on Betty’s bed…

“Thank you! At least I get to talk to her!” Mark said to Betty.

“Oh its nothing” Betty shrugged.
“Well you better go look for Rebecca, she was feeling a little awkward while you were talking to Jessica, I wouldn’t say awkward but… Just go look for her, and I’ll wash this off my hands.” Betty smiled and Mark nodded before going outside.

“Becca!.. Wait up” Vera yelled as she tried to catch Rebecca who was walking faster than ever trying to walk out of the house, she didn’t know what happened or why Rebecca suddenly walk out of the room when Mark and his sister were having a reunion.

“Becca!” Vera called angrily catching up to her and grabbing her shoulders and pulling her back.
She flinched when she saw tears on Rebecca’s face.
“What’s wrong?” Vera asked, as both girls stood under the night sky, not caring as the cold wind pinched their bare shoulders.

“It’s just!… I’m scared Vera!” Rebecca sniffed.
“What? Why?” Vera asked.
“I’m scared, when Betty brought back Jessica, it’s just, it just felt too… I don’t know, too familiar, I mean she was once possessed like me and then she died.! Because Delilah killed her, what if I die too? What if she kills me too!” Rebecca sniffed.
“What if? Listen to yourself Becca, she’s not going to! And please don’t give up please Rebecca I beg of you, don’t think about anything else we’ll get you out! I promise, please your case is not going to be like Jessica’s please!” Vera begged holding her sister’s hand.
“Promise?” Rebecca sniffed, her tightened chest, suddenly easing down. She really needed to hear all that!
“I promise with all my heart Becca, I’m always here for you!” vera said.
“Thanks!” Rebecca mumbled.
“It’s okay, c’mon let head inside!” Vera said pulling Rebecca’s arm but Rebecca pulled her hand back.
“what’s wrong?” Vera asked.
“It’s been ages since I felt the wind on my skin like this, I’d like to stay outside for a while.” Rebecca said and Vera nodded.
“i understand… I’ll be inside then!” Vera smiled before walking inside.
Rebecca sighed as one heavy wind pass by making her shiver, she really wanted her body back, Rebecca looked up at the night sky and twinkling stars, she suddenly had a memory of she and Vera wishing upon a star at the small balcony of their old house, all their wishes had come true, so why wouldn’t it now.
Rebecca clasped her hands together, closed her eyes and made a wish.
Even if wishes come true, even if it doesn’t, she just wanted anyone to hear her and grant her wish.
God, the heavens, the stars, the moon, anything! To grant her wish she is wishing tonight.
‘I want my body back’ Rebecca wished and flinched when she felt something warm on her cold shoulder.
“Mark!” she said when she turned.
“sorry, did I startle you? Vera said I’d find you here!” Mark apologized
“No… it’s okay!” Rebecca shrugged.
“Are… you okay?” Mark asked.
“Yeah, why would you ask that?” Rebecca turned to him.
“Well you have dried tears stain on your cheek!” Mark said trying to hide his smile.
“Oh!” was all Rebecca to say. “well I’m fine thanks though, how are you feeling, after talking to your sister?” Rebecca asked.
Mark sighed, “Well somehow I feel like something has somehow fall off my shoulder! Cause I didn’t get to see her or talk to her before she died.”
“Well I’m glad you’re happy! I hope I find my happiness too!” Rebecca said,
“You will!” Mark smiled down at her, both staring at each other.
“Thanks!” Rebecca looked away..

“Becca!” Mark called.
“what?” Rebecca slowly turned to him.
“I only told Delilah this, but now I’m telling you, you look really stunning tonight!” Mark said, he looked like it took a lot of his gut saying that.
“Well Delilah really deserve a compliment like that, cause I always thought this dress looked stupid and usel–
Mark sudden kiss shut her from saying anymore.
T. B. C

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