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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 40 (final)

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 40

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)




🌺🌺Tori Vega’s POV 🌺🌺

I showered and wore a green short dress
I wore green slippers and strolled down the stairs

Jade and the kids had gone out. I was the only one left, with Trina actually

I went to the kitchen and met her cooking dinner with the chefs

Me: hey sis… What’s cooking?

Trina: it’s an Italian dish
I took in the sweet savor and smiled. One thing Trina is good at is cooking. No wonder Seth fell for her. He loves good food

Me: how’s the kicking? Still much?

Trina: hahahaha… Not yet Tori
Me: yeah yeah… Mine started at two months
Trina: that’s because Benedict is so stubborn

I chuckled
Trina is three months pregnant for her husband, Seth. They got married a year ago.
Seth is a journalist and they met in a radio station. I wonder what Trina was doing there

Me: I’ll go get fresh air outside

Trina: all right then. I’ll alert you when dinner’s ready

Me: thanks
I walked outside and sat on the bonnet of my dad’s new Ferrari. He too is spending the night here and I think he’s taking a nap upstairs

I looked through my phone and looked up when a car drove in. That’s Andre’s car

He got down with Beck and they moved towards me

Beck: hey

He pecked my cheek

Me: where from?

Andre: hey Tori
Me: hey Andre
Andre: is Jade in?
Me: nope, she went bowling with Tessa and Benedict

Andre: okay… I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I’m still in LA for now

Me: that’s all right

He tapped Beck

Andre: I’ll see you tomorrow buddy
Beck: be careful… You’re the only one Jade says I love you to. We wanna keep hearing that from her

We laughed

Andre: I’ll be careful. Bye guys

He waved and left in his car

Beck faced me

Beck: can I kiss you? Here?
Me: of course

Beck: not a short kiss Tori

I could see the desperation in his eyes.

Wait… Does he mean the…?
Beck: hahaha… Bad girl… Look at your eyes. They darkened

I pouted

Yeah he got me

Beck: Tori
He held my hands

Me: what?

Beck: do me a favor
Me: what is it?

He squeezed my hands

Beck: please forgive my mother. She’s so sorry for everything she did. She’s dying of guilt baby. Please forgive her, for my sake

I wasn’t expecting that. I mean, expecting him to talk about his mom. I thought he was gonna say something else

I couldn’t speak

Beck: baby please… She wants you to forgive her

His eyes were turning teary

Me: you went to see her?
Beck: yeah
Me: that’s really nice Beck… And I’ve forgiven her. I can’t hold anything against her. She’s still your mother

He smiled
Beck: you’re sure about that?

I nodded and placed my hands over his neck then twitched my lips

Beck: thanks babe
Me: hmm umm

I wanted him to kiss me

Me: don’t I deserve a kiss baby

Beck : just a kiss?
He raised his brow

Beck: maybe I should just give you the kiss you want

He reached for my lips and kissed me slow. I didn’t want it to end but then someone drove in roughly

Someone in the likes of Jade

Beck: she shouldn’t drive that way with the kids. Does she want to rip their hairs out?

I chuckled as they stepped out of the car

Tessa: whoa huuu that was so fun
Bene : the funnest of the fun!

Tessa: hey parents
Bene: HI parents

Then they ran off inside.

Jade: hi
Me: maybe those two should quit hanging out with you
Jade: come on… Bene and I have been hanging out for years

Beck: well Tessa wasn’t with him then
Me: and the both of them together is like an atomic bomb… Then with you? You’d burn my house down

Jade: that would be fun
She smirked evilly and walked inside

Me: OH Jade. If only she changed just like Cat did

Beck: I’m quite surprised about Cat. How did that happen?

Me: well, after we left high school, her grandma took her to Cambridge University. Far from the both of us. So she knew no one there and didn’t really engage in lots of things for some time. When she made friends, it was with a girl from the royal family. She was all royalty and moral and all that

Beck: so Cat took her steps?
Me: yeah and then her friend’s elder brother fell in love with her

Me: the royal girl?
I nodded

Me: and I think he has plans of engaging her

He smiled
Beck : how about Trina?
Me: OH shoot! I forgot to tell you. She’s married and pregnant

His eyes widened
Beck: are you serious?

Me: yeah… His name is Seth and he’s a Blondie

He chuckled and kissed my cheek

Me: it’s getting dark
Beck: yeah
He kissed my neck and held unto my waist

He bit gently on my flesh and I moaned to the feel

Then Trina’s voice rang through the air

Trina: dinner’s ready
I groaned and glared at Trina while Beck chuckled
Beck: it’s time for dinner
He winked at me

Trina laughed and went back inside

Beck brought me down and we headed inside

During dinner, it was all fun. It was a complete family

I loved it. Looking beside me was handsome Beck. Opposite me were the best kids ever. Beside me was Jade, my backbone and sitting at the other edge, my dad my pride and Trina, the lady I’ve grown to love so much

I was the one who said Grace and I thanked God for everything that had happened. I was sincerely grateful to him. He has been so kind


Tessa: what is she like? Really old?
Beck: no. Grand dad is just the same age with her

Bene : grand dad ain’t in jail.

I rolled my eyes
Me: don’t think that way. She’s really a nice person

Tessa : I can’t wait to meet her though

Bene: yeah yeah

He brought out a video game from his phone

Beck: Benedict you’re not taking that. Drop it now

Bene : dad…
Beck: drop it…

Bene: ahhh
He dropped it on the cushion. I held Tessa’s hand

Tessa: mom, I’m twelve. Not ten

Benedict : so what do you mean by that? That I should be the one who’s hand should be held

Tessa chuckled

Beck: we’ll hold both your hands. Non of you are teenagers yet

We held their hands and walked out of the house to the car.
My driver drove us to the jailhouse and we went in to see Beck’s mother

She was really happy to see us. Especially the kids and I. She cried and begged us to forgive her. She was so glad when I hugged her and told her I forgave her already

Bene sat on her laps and asked her to tell them a story about her cell mates which she did.

I pulled Beck
Me: should I tell her she’ll be out in the next two months

He looked at her and smiled
Beck: nope. Let’s take her by surprise

I smiled

Me: how’s your arm?
I held it and rubbed it up and down

Beck: no longer hurting too much. I can lift it now

Me: I’m just grateful she didn’t touch your hair. Your precious hair
I smoothed the hair and he chuckled

Beck : but my balls still hurt

I chuckled and buried my face in his chest. Jade blindfolded him and kicked him all round. Including that place

Tessa: mom… You’re distracting us

I chuckled again
Me: sorry

I hugged Beck and looked at them as they listened to what Beck’s mom was saying

Beck: I didn’t tell you she smashed my phone on the wall
Me: your phone?
Beck: yeah… I replaced it though

I shook my head
Me: I better tell her that it’s enough. She burnt your history books. That was too far

Beck : and I thought you promised to tell her not to kill me

Me: well I told her and she agreed. That’s why you’re not in a hospital now

Beck : okay… Thanks for that

He kissed my forehead

His mum finished the story and both Bene and Tessa clapped

I wonder the type of story she told them

Beck : I’m hungry… Who wants to eat?

Me: yeah. We still have about an hour here

Bene : you know we’re always hungry
Tessa: yeah let’s eat. I hope grandma likes chicken

Grandma: chicken? Gosh I haven’t had that in years

Bene : I can’t stay a week without chicken

We laughed and set the table to eat

Months later, Mrs Oliver was out. She was so surprised when she was called upon to sign her leaving papers. I was really glad to see that surprise look.
We took her to a house we bought for her. It was Beck’s house actually. He’s been living there with Benedict.
Tessa lives with me

We took her to the house where dad and Trina were waiting for us with the kids. Trina’s tummy was already bulged out.

Mrs Oliver was really happy. She apologized to everyone and we all accepted her as family

Beck soon got into the movie industry. As you would have guessed, he blew it up. Everyone loved him.
He even acted with Benedict as his father.

But I hate those movie producers and directors who keep giving him romance characters because of his looks. And all those silly ladies who feel they can snatch him from me

Only Benedict cools me off when that anger comes. He keeps saying that beautiful gardens are loved by all and visited by many but owned by one.

That usually cools me down but where the heck did that boy learn that from?


🌺🌺Beck Oliver’s POV 🌺🌺

I rubbed my temples and sighed. It’s been a stressful week
Thank God it’s over
For the past one month we’ve been into a movie. An action movie and it’s been stressful. This week was the finality of it and it was even most stressful

I took off my suit and shoes then went downstairs to collect my mails

When I got downstairs, I met a nineteen year old playing a guitar

Me: hey Tess
She looked up

Tessa: dad
She stopped playing

Her nails were blue and she was wearing blue bracelets. She was also wearing a ring and her hair was now straightened. She had her lashes curled and a little make up on her face

Me: when did you get here? I thought you went out

Tessa: no I was in my room . Just waiting for San

San, her boyfriend.

Me: where’s Benedict?
Tessa: buddy ran off to Jason’s house. Says he forgot his script

Me: he took which car?
Tessa: the blue one… He wouldn’t dare take yours again

I chuckled and walked to the fridge in the dinning. Tessa resumed playing the guitar

She’s now a singer and actress but mostly voice acting for cartoons and Mexican movies when they want to translate to English

Benedict on the other side now acts mainly for Nickelodeon. And he’s really popular with teenagers

Tori is still in the Music Industry. She’s now a grand music mama. With people under her

But I’m glad she kept her beautiful shape. Without plastic surgery or anything else

My babe is beautiful.

We didn’t get any other kids. These two are okay for us. Especially now that they’re grown up. When they were in their midteens, they almost turned the house upside now

I came back to the living room and met San taking pictures with Tessa

Me: you two need anything?

Tessa: no we’re good

San: HI sir
Me: San Diego

He chuckled. I always call him San Diego

Tessa: and mom is back. In a pretty bad mood

Me: really? I better go check on her

I raced upstairs to our room and saw her pacing

Me: who got the queen angry?

Tori: can you imagine? Beach Records chose Rina over me

I sighed
Me: is that it?
Tori : Beck you know how much I’ve worked hard to get into Beach.

Me: come here baby
I opened my arms and glared at her as she hesitated

Me: you are gonna come or not?
She sighed and walked into my arms

Me: do you know why Beach didn’t choose you?
Tori: I don’t know but it’s so pissing me off

I chuckled and rubbed her arms

Me: because you’re married honey. They need a girl who can pull down pants

Tori: hmmm
Me: and you can’t do that
Tori: well

I took her up and laid her on the bed

Me: Now let’s forget about that. Babe you haven’t seen me well for some time, come on, treat me good

She chuckled and got up

Tori: I’m going to shower
Me: whatever
I pulled a pillow under my head and took her phone

Tori: lock the door before I get out

I jumped off the bed

Me: now you’re talking

I quickly ran and locked the door.
The last time, Benedict banged in on us
Thank God we didn’t start then

I laid back on the bed and looked through her phone. I smiled as I saw our wedding pictures. So cute. These trouble makers have grown to independent young adults. I overheard Tessa warning Bene not to get a girlfriend yet. I had laughed because I knew he was going through a hard time with all those girls. That dude is twice as handsome as I was when in high school. His eighteenth birthday is coming up in five months and Tessa will be twenty next month.
Tori and I are planning to buy her a house or maybe get her a penthouse somewhere in New York where she’s studying Cinematography.

I laid on my tummy and closed my eyes. I was really grateful to God for taking me from Grass to Grace.
From Average Boy to millionaire dad and husband. I’m just so grateful

Tori: I’m out baby
Me: come give daddy a kiss then

I sat up and stretched my arms then grabbed her and pulled her to the bed.
The End

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