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Vera walked into Rebecca’s room with her pajamas, and met her sister tieing her hair up.

“What are you doing here, I thought you’d be asleep by now!” Rebecca said as she turned to her sister.
“I couldn’t sleep! And my head hurts like so bad, and I hate the sound of rain all of a sudden!” Vera said lying on Rebecca’s bed.
“It’s because you drank too much!” Rebecca laughed.
“Yeah! And I came here because, before tomorrow you won’t be Rebecca anymore and I’d like to be with my real sister for a while” Vera said.
“Oh” Rebecca said fell sad.
Vera knew her sister’s sadness was her fault so she tried to brighten up the mood.

“So…. I caught you and Mark K-I-S…
“oh shut it!” Rebecca yelled shyly when Vera tried to spell the word.
“So…? What is this… You’ve liked Mark all along and you pretended?” Vera teased.
“I never pretended..” Rebecca said.
“Really? Cause… well…” vera sat straight placing Rebecca’s pillow on her thigh. “You don’t show your emotions that much, you hide everything! When you’re happy, when you’re sad, it’s not all the time we see that, like I see that every time… But not everyone can see it, we only get to see your anger mode all the time, and if you’re able to hide happiness, sadness, then what Is love that you can’t hide!” Vera explained.
“What… nonsense are you talking about, I don’t hide my emotions, when I’m happy. I’m happy, when I’m sad. I’m sad” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“That’s a fat lie! I don’t remember whenever, but I should be able to tell you this, sometimes, back then, when you receive presents from me, mom or Ross, you pretend not to not like them, but at last it’s what you love and use the most!” Vera said…

“Okay I don’t think I know what you’re talking about… but seriously can we go to sleep I’m really sleepy!” Rebecca said climbing her bed and making vera move aside.
“Okay, I’m not sleepy but I can stay here for a while.!” Vera said lying beside her sister.
“Okay suit yourself!” Rebecca said adjusting the pillow under her head.

“Becca!” Vera called.
“If you do get your body back, where would be first place you’d like to go, or what would you do first!” Vera turned to her sister.
“Uh… I don’t think there’s any place I’d like to go, and if I do get my body back, I’ll really appreciate every single moment I get to live, breathe and talk, just like how thankful I am now for coming out tonight, some people don’t really appreciate what they really have, they feel like they don’t have to appreciate that little thing cause it’s their right to own it, but now speaking out of appreciation and experience, I’m really thankful for being able to see you, mom, Helen, my friends, tonight, I get to tatse that sweet shrimp at Betty’s with my own mouth, get to taste sweet liquid with my own mouth, get to dance, get to–
“Kiss mark?” Vera suddenly interrupted making Rebecca turn red.
“Why do you always do this to me,” Rebecca groaned.
“what? Aren’t you thankful for that too!” Vera smirked.
“I am… But do you have to make it feel so awkward.. Ugh..” Rebecca rolled her eyes and Turned to the other side.
“I’m not making it awkward I was just picking out the little things you wanted to leave out on purpose!” Vera smiled.
Rebecca turned to her “Like I asked you to!”.
“Okay, fine, sorry I won’t help you pick out those little things again.” vera said, while Rebecca shook her head and muttered “Good!”.

“But… Becca, can I ask a question?” Vera started.
“You’re already asking!” Rebecca retorted.
“Oh shut it!” Vera rolled her eyes…
“I was joking,” Rebecca chuckled.
“Well okay can I ask?” Vera asked for the permission again.
“Hope it’s not a stupid question!” Rebecca sighed.
“It’s not trust me!” Vera smiled.
“Okay go on.”

“If you get your body back, so what will you to be, are you guys going to date or, you know since you’ve both kisse–
“Seriously Vera!” Rebecca yelled sitting up.
Vera laughed “What? It’s just a question, and it’s definitely not a stupid one”.
“It’s not but–
“But what?” Vera quickly interrupted.
“I… Okay, honestly I don’t like talking about things like this!” Rebecca said.
Vera sat up, “Why? ’cause it’s your first time liking someone?”.
“Well no… and it’s not my first time liking someone!” Rebecca scoffed.
“Oh really! Like who did you even crush on before Mark? And how come I did not notice!” Vera said crossing her arm over her chest.
“Well…!” Rebecca started, her eyes not meeting Vera’s.
“Well!” Vera shouted making her sister look up at her.
“I used to like Chad!” Rebecca quickly said.
Swallowing the embarrassment that crept into her body.

“Chad… Wait! Chad, Ross’s best friend younger brother. Like Chad Jenkins, the younger brother of Henry Jenkins?” Vera mouth was wild open.
Rebecca nodded hesitantly looking sideways.
“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Vera laughed.
“What’s so funny?” Rebecca asked.
“Nothing! I mean Chad’s cute and all but he’s a bit weird!” Vera said…
“I don’t think he’s weird. Even though I’ve never really talked to him, I’ve always watched him and he’s pretty funny!” Rebecca said.
“You’ve never talked to Chad before?” Vera asked surprised.
“Yeah? I think so!”
“Of course you have, remember when Ross and Henry came over one night, mom and dad weren’t home and then Chad had to tag along with his brother, I saw you guys talking at the kitchen counter!” Vera explained.
“He just said ‘hey Becca, can you show me where the already bought pizza is, your sister said I should get them, and then I just pointed it to him, I never ever counted that as talking you know,”.
“But on the bright side he knew your name!” Vera smiled.
“Of course he does, because of you, everyone knew my name at school!” Rebecca sighed falling back on the bed.
“Yeah because of me, I’m a great sister!” Vera boasted.
“Like it’s helpful to me, I would really like the term invisible when it comes to my life” Rebecca sighed.
“Why… We’re a total opposite!” Vera scoffed…
“Yeah! We are, I would love to live a quiet life with the people I know, I don’t like the term, famous or popular, it’s comes with a rare headache of its own! And that’s what you gave me at school!” Rebecca explained.
“Okay sorry, so that’s why you don’t talk to me at school.!” Vera said.
“Yep pretty much! Cause every time I see you, you’re always surrounded by everyone, you guys laughing about lame things, and when I walk into that crowd everyone be like, is this Becca, wow, she looks like you, she’s more prettier, no you’re more prettier, Oh she’s so thin and… Gosh I just hate attentions like that!”Rebecca explained…
“Well you can’t blame me, I’m born to be popular!” Vera boasted making Rebecca roll her eyes.

“So let’s get back to Mark!” Vera smile.
“Seriously, you’re a big headache V” Rebecca said grabbing her pillow and placing it over her face.
“What don’t you want to talk about your boyfriend!” Vera joked.
“Mark’s not my boyfriend!” Rebecca groaned while Vera laughed.

They both talked, joked and laughed, till they both got tired and Vera retired back to her room, while Becca fell asleep in her own room…
Both waiting for whatever tomorrow may bring!.

“What?!!” Steve almost yelled.
“Shhh… The kids are sleeping!” Taylor said.
“It’s raining heavily Tay, even I can’t hear your voice clearly!” Steve scoffed.
“But what nonsense are you speaking about! What do you mean by all those things you just told me?” steve asked surprise.
“They’re not nonsense but true! We’re both living under this room and a lot has been happening right under our noses but we couldn’t see anything, but Vera, Vera knew from the start!” Taylor explained.

“So my daughter has been possessed by some witch or sorcerer and posses some kind of outrageous power that can make things fly! Taylor do you know you’re actually speaking nonsense!” steven barked.
“Nonsense! Steve I saw it with my own eyes, Helen’s legs weren’t touching the floor! And can’t you see how Rebecca’s been different lately with her pale skin!” Taylor almost yelled.
“I have to see for myself too, and Rebecca is still Rebecca!” steve said.
“How can you see anything! How can you notice anything, when all you do is sit on this bed all day and do nothing, the only time you get to see your children is when we eat around the dining table, other than, your butt is glued to this bed, so how can you see or notice anything!” Taylor yelled.
“Oh shut up Taylor, I don’t know what you’re trying to do by telling me this kind of fairytale, but I don’t believe you okay?” Steve said.

“What? Steve our daughter is in danger, she already suffered a lot in the past, why won’t you just believe me! I can’t let her suffer anymore, why do you have to be so strong headed, why do you always have to wait for evidence before believing anything, why do you like to act so soft, Rebecca’s in trouble!” Taylor yelled like she’s going to loose it.
“Well until I get evidence, Rebecca is still my Rebecca!” Steve stated, before laying on the bed.

“Oh God!” Taylor sighed. “You’re the worst Adam Steve, I can’t believe I got married to a two headed man like you!” Taylor remarked angrily.
“Say what you want! I’m going to sleep!” steve said and pulled the blanket over his body.
The morning sun, shone like never before, and one could hardly believe it rained.
Thelma shifted a little before opening her eyes to see her body in her Zane’s arm. She gently pulls his hands down from her body and step out of the bed,
As she adjusted her top, she recalled last night and smiled.
Zane had said the words she was dying to hear and now they’re together and she couldn’t be more happier., she looked back at his sleeping body and smiled, remembering how they had kiss last night till they fell asleep.

The door to Zane’s room suddenly open and Vanessa, Zane’s mother walked in.
She suddenly sighed seeing Thelma, as she walked in with a tray of hot tea.
“So good morning…”
“G..good morning Ms Van” Thelma replied feeling a little embarrassed.
Vanessa glanced at her son who was still asleep and then glance at thelma.

“Honestly Ms Van, it’s not what it looks like!” Thelma stuttered.
“Really what does it not look like, cause it looks like a lot of things happened in here last night! And what? You even slept here?” Ms vanesaa scoffed, a bit angrily.
“Well… last night We we’re just talking and I managed to fall asleep here!” Thelma said.
“Really?” Vanessa raised a brow at her.
“Y..yeah!” Thelma smiled.

“Do you know I can tell you’re lying?” Vanessa said with a small smile walking up to a table to drop the tray of tea.
“What?.” Thelma said.
“I can tell some thing’s going on between you and Zane, last night, you guys hardly talked, like you were fighting and during midnight I saw him tell you to be quiet and you both crept out of my room and to his!” Vanessa expound.
“Oh you saw that!” Thelma laughed nervously.
“And it’s true Zane and I were kind of fighting, but we figured that out already and I’ll explain everything to you another time, but for now, I’d like to go home!” Thelma said.
“It’s not like I’m firing you with questions or anything, go downstairs, Ben’s gotten his car ready he’s waiting for you, but before you go have tea first, it’s really cold outside!” Vanessa said handing the cup of tea to Thelma, who gulped it all at once.
“Thank you!” Thelma said before hurrying out the door.
Vanessa smiled as she glance at the door then at her son. And she dramatically shook her head negative-like
The loud ringing tone from Vera’s phone woke her up and she groaned as she grabbed the phone and look at its caller.
“You’ve got to be kidding me” she replied angrily before tapping the answer button.

“What?” she asked angrily. Last night after being drunk, Vera had contacted Ross countlessly telling him she hates him and its over between them. Even though she has done that before.

“Babe… I Am so sorry, I don’t know who spread a rumour like that but Brenda and I didn’t do anything, we’re not even a thing! Where did you hear a rumour like that!?” Ross asked.
“Well… let’s say I have this girl who’s really good–
“Your girlfriend?” Ross suddenly asked.
Vera rolled her eyes, he’s really dumb.
“Let’s just say she’s my girlfriend, and she’s really a good spy you know, she caught you and Brenda kissing and going on dates like idiots, look you backstabbing fool! Don’t ever call my line!” Vera warned.
“So you moved on without me?” Ross voice was shaky.
“Like you didn’t… even earlier before me! Goodbye Ross don’t call me again. Di*k” she yelled angrily cutting the call.

She almost yelled when she couldn’t fall asleep again, and had no choice but to get up for the day.
“Morning mom!” Vera yawned as she grabbed the coffee her mother was placing in front of Helen.
“That’s for Helen you know!” Taylor remarked angrily.
“Why do you always take my stuff!” Helen groaned.
“Tch..” vera smirked, “you should be happy I’m taking your stuff, do you know how happy I make people by taking their stuff at school? Try to be more like me Helen, don’t be dumb!” Vera said.
“Well I’m not them, and they’re the dumb ones.!” Helen yelled.
“Don’t yell at me Helen, you’re still a traitor you know, working with Delilah!” Vera said like she was joking and said it in a Whisper but said it in the most serious way ever.
Helen remained silent while Taylor sighed and turned to her daughter.
“Vera, do you know how foolish your dad can be?” Taylor started angrily.
“I’ve always known!” Vera smiled jokingly, “But what’s the matter mom I’ve never seen you insult that, what did he do?” Vera asked taking a sip of the coffee.
“I told him about Rebecca and Delilah… But he didn’t believe me, he said he needed evidence!” Taylor scoffed.
“Well look for evidence! If dad’s smart he’ll catch on quickly, and mom Rebecca came ba-
“Huh?” Taylor suddenly interrupted.
“Nothing… Mom I’ll be going out today, and when I come back, can we talk?” Vera said lowly when she heard the sound of Rebecca’s door being opened.

“Sure!” Taylor said.

Vera smiled, she needs to tell her mom, what’s been going on, so she’ll know Rebecca’s still alive and talking to them.

“Good morning family!” Rebecca’s loud voice echoed round the house, and as Vera glanced at her. She knew Delilah is back and it wasn’t her sister. She rolled her eyes and starts to walk up the stairs.
“Finally… You’re here!” Vera said as she walked up to Mark, who stood on front of the Adam’s residence.
Few minutes ago, she had contacted Mark, telling him about their meeting with Betty today, and she had later contacted Betty telling her about their coming!.
“Yeah, I came as fast as I could!” Mark said.
“Oh you brought the rental car!” Vera gasped happily.
“Yeah I get to keep it for today before returning it back tomorrow and so why take the bus today!” Mark said opening the car door for Vera.
“Oh thank God, I hate the bus!, its always crowdy and filled with different kind of smell!” Vera complained making Mark smile as he got into the car too. And they both closed the door at the same time.
Vera looked at Mark, Mark looked at her and they made eye contact.
“What?” Mark asked.
“I don’t know, for some reason I’m feeling a little uneasy, being with you like this,”. Vera said.
“What? Why?” Mark asked.
“Cause we now hang out a lot and if people sees us they’ll think I’m a bad sister who’s trying to steal her sister’s boyfriend!” Vera said.
“What?” Mark laughed.

“I feel like your girlfriend should be hanging out with you like this not me!” Vera said.
“What.. Uh.. Becca isn’t… My Girlfriend!” Mark said calmly

“Yeah right, then was it a dream, or did I really see the two of you kissing and biting each other’s lips like dogs last night!” Vera shouted.
“You know what?” Mark’s face had already turned red.
“I’ll just keep quiet and drive!” Mark said taking out his keys

Vera laughed “you can’t even hide your emotions, look how hard you blushing, I’m sure your blood must be boiling too!” Vera said touching his neck, though it was the normal body’s temperature, she over reacted by moving her hand away from his neck and blowing air from her hand to her mouth complaining about how hot it is.
She was such a character.
“Vera!” Betty yelped happily hugging Vera, before Mark.
“I’m so glad you guys came.” Betty smiled.

“Yeah we’re glad to!” Vera said as they both walked in.
“You guys sit, I’ll go get you drinks!” Betty said about to walk away when her phone rang.

“Sorry! I have to take this, it’s my mom!” she squealed,beforerunning into the kitchen, she couldn’t contain the excitement she felt of Mark and Vera being here at least she won’t be bored.

“Hey mother!” Betty’s voice was calm and respectful, unlike the the loud and high pitched she often use.
“How are you?” Her mother asked.
“i am fine… How about you mother, How are you!” Betty asked sensing something was off.
“I’m fine… something happened and we won’t be home until next week, Sheherazade!” her mother called and Betty rolled her eyes at her real name.

“I saw something this morning! And I’ll be warning you, I don’t know but stay away from them, Mark and Vera, I don’t know who they are, but stay away from their case, I saw it all, something bad happened to you Sheherazade, I must not loose you too, someone died and it’s you that I saw! Stay away from that demon, it’s not what you can handle..!”
T. B. C

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