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Betty slowly dropped the phone down from her ear to the side of thigh, clutching it with all her might!.
Hearing this absurd news from her mother just made her weak.

Her mother had said not to do anything that involved Delilah, because it is a dangerous quest. But she really wanted to help, her mother had mentioned the two people, whom she thought she was starting to get closer to as friends, Her mother had mentioned them to her, to stay away from them.!

She wanted to help them, they were her friends but with what, her mother had said. She was starting to doubt it.
Betty walked in front of Mark and Vera with one of her cheerful smile, this one it wasn’t cheerful from the inside.
“Sorry that was mom!” Betty apologized sitting opposition the two of them.
“It’s okay!” Mark shrugged,
“Yeah it’s fine!” Vera added.

“Okay, good!” Betty smiled dropping her phone, she was forcing up a happy expression, a ‘no problem smile’ and an ‘I’m okay’ smile.
But deep inside all of those things were complete opposite.

“So we came here as you told us and you promised us we’ll get to hear what you saw about delilah!” Vera began, while Betty just Stare at her blankly.

“Betty?” Mark called… seeing she’s a bit lost
“Betty!” Vera snapped her fingers waking Betty up.
“Oh… Uhm sorry! I was a little lost!” Betty giggled nervously.

“Really, Betty lost? What were you thinking, is everything okay?” Vera asked calmly. And care-full.

“Everything is fine!” Betty smiled.
“Really, because if some thing’s wrong you can definitely tell us!” Mark added, making Betty look at them with guilt.

“Yeah, friends tell each other stuff!” Vera said making the word ‘friend’ echo in Betty’s mind.
For once in her life, she made friends, they didn’t call her names or laugh at her, or pretending to like her but still calls her a weirdo on the inside. She made real friends who accepted her being, and her weirdness.
Do they really see her as a friend?
Betty look up at them with that question in her head and she asked.

“Are you only pretending to be friends with me just because i am helping you get Delilah out of Rebecca!” Betty’s voice was low.

“What?” Mark voice tried to be loud.
“What rubbish are you speaking Betty!” Vera splurt out a bit angry.

“No… I’m just assuming!” Betty’s voice shook.
“Your assumptions hurts my feelings!” Mark sighed.
“I’m really sorry Mark!” Betty apologized.
“It’s okay!” Mark’s shrugged and finished it all with his gentle smile.
While Vera was just getting started.

Vera suddenly stood up.
“is that how you see me? Is that how you see us? Look.. I am a very straight forward person, in life if you’re not straightforward you’re killing yourself. And as a straight forward person, meeting a person for the first time, whether it’s good or bad behaviour you exhibit, I’ll tell you about it and don’t you think I would have called you a weirdo by now, if you are really one!” Vera yelled, her voice echoing through the whole house.
Betty looked up at her.
“I’m sorry!”

“You should be! Cause that really mean to say!” Vera sighed.
“She’s sorry, now sit!” Mark said calmly, pulling Vera’s hand until she sat down again.

“I’m sorry it’s just…
Betty sighed.

“It’s just what? What’s really wrong Betty?” Mark asked.

“You know minutes ago, I got a call from my mom!”
“And” Vera folded her hands.
“You know our families are all… like me and, we all see things, and she called me to tell me she saw something..!” Betty said.

Mark leaned forward “Something like what?”.
“Something about me! She… She mentioned your names, both of you, she said I should avoid you and your cases” Betty said guiltily looking at the floor.
“What?” Mark was a bit surprised.
“She said I was putting on myself on a dangerous quest by helping you two out with Rebecca, and believe me I really want to help you guys but–
Betty sighed biting her lips.
Vera and Mark glanced at each other, making Vera sigh angrily.

“It’s okay… so that means Delilah is dangerous?” Vera asked.
“Yeah…” Betty nodded “But According to what I saw I don’t think she’s hard to pull away from Rebecca’s body, I just think on her own she’s a dangerous spirit!” Betty explained.
“Okay… So Why did your mother have to say it’s a dangerous que-
“Because, she saw that someone died, and the person’s face was me!” Betty cut Vera off leaving both of them in shocked state.

“Oh..” Vera started feeling, and she was starting to think Betty was her only hope.
“Well if you think it’s too dangerous for you well you can just tell us what you saw and leave the rest to us, or to me, she’s my sister and that evil spirit is not going to take over her body!” Vera said sternly.

“Don’t worry, we’re in this together! I don’t know what’s going to happen, how we’re going to make it happened but no matter what, Delilah will be gone for good!” Mark said staring at Betty.

“Okay” Betty started, seeing how determined they looked. “According to what I saw, in one flash I really do think Delilah really deserves more cause it was a sad story, she was just a sad jealous sister”.
“What? She doesn’t deserve anything, do you know how many people she killed?” Mark asked making vera turn to him immediately.
“What? How many? I don’t think I’ve heard you say Delilah’s killed anyone before!” Vera blurted out.
“Well maybe I didn’t just want to mention, cause it’s a bad memory, when she was in Jessica, every single day we hear about someone being dead, by the same method, A big slit in a the throat, no matter the investigation, no matter what they did, they never caught the culprit, but somehow I knew it was Delilah, she had always carried a silent happy face when she heard about the deaths, I didn’t see her do any of it, but somehow I knew it was her!” Mark expound.
“Wow… That girl is something else” Vera scoffed, “But why doesn’t she scare me.!”

“Because… You’re bright,” Betty began, making them look at her.
“You’re brighter than you think, you’re like a gem stone reflecting from a bright sun, you’re a light, from the day you were born, your light weren’t just made to reflect around you, it reflect around others around you, guide, protect, and give you strength, everyone is born with lights, but some people lights go way beyond just like yours!”.

“Wh…at? Really?” Vera was dumbfounded as Betty looked at her weirdly like she just woke up.
“Really? What really?” Betty asked.
“You just said, I shine… like gems?” Vera said.
“Huh? When did I?” Betty asked cluelessly.
“seconds ago!” Vera said confused.
“I didn’t!” Betty shook her head.
“You did!” Vera said.

“How come I don’t remember?” Betty asked…

“You just–
“Stop… She doesn’t remember you really don’t have to force her” Mark said holding Vera’s arm.

Betty looked at the two of them and sighed.
“I hate myself!” she muttered.
“Huh?” Mark said, and he and Vera quickly raised up their heads to meet her said face.
“Why would anyone hate the–

Betty interrupted her eyes meeting the floor. “It’s just… I’m weird and I hate it, my mom said we all received this gift of seeing things, but I think it’s a curse, for me… cause I’m weak and this kind of gift is not meant for weak people like this, sometimes I have really awful nightmares that makes me scream till my throat falls off, sometimes it feels like I’m watching a horrible movie that I can’t take my eyes off, ‘stay strong… This is a rare gift’ my mom had said countless of times but I still think it’s useless, And sometimes, like what just happened, which is really annoying! I say things and I don’t realise I say them! And that is messed up! Who wouldn’t think I’m a freak! I wish I was normal! That would be the best gift ever!”

“But still… Mark tried to help the sad atmosphere
“i think its an amazing gift, to be able to read someone, see what’s ahead of them, seeing who they are!”.

Betty raised her head making Mark arch his brows seeing her teary eyes.
“Don’t say curses like this are amazing, if I were to wish this so called gift to you, that means I really hate you, you don’t understand what I see every single day, it feels like darkness is haunting me, every night I try to close my eyes, but I see people screaming, someone being killed, another asking for help, another being kind, another being a thief, different kind of people doing good and bad things at the same time different kind of voices dragging down my eardrums to the extent I feel like it’s bleeding, my mom had said, ‘the little snores you hear while you fall asleep from different houses, crawls up into your head and you can’t help but see through them, through that distant and tiny snores, it’s a gift… Be proud of it! Sometimes I wake up when feeling like I’m about to die cause I see things not good but bad, because this world doesn’t have the word ‘good’ in its definition, and that’s why I see bad things the most!” Betty sniffed.

“Okay I’m sorry!” Mark said.
“Yeah we’re really sorry!” Vera added seeing such a fun free and cheerful person like Betty cry, she must really hate who she is.

Betty cleaned her tears and looked at Vera.
“My mom says not to help you guys anymore, but I want to help cause I somehow feel she’s wrong,
Because before you guys came here, I saw it! Never have I ever seen my own future or who I’m going to meet or what’s going to happen to me! Only about others, But before meeting you two I saw it first! It was one afternoon having lunch with my family, when my mom suddenly morphed into Vera, Vera smiled at me and she walked up to me and gave me a hug, a hug, that meant so much, it gave me strength, I saw another person behind Vera but only the silhouette of that person, I smiled knowing good people were coming my way, it was the first time I had a vision about who I would be meeting, I was happy, cause I know it was good, for your smile that meant so much and your hug that gave me strength, I think my mom’s pretty wrong!”.

Vera smiled, “Betty… Your mom said not to do it, it could be dangerous, why don’t you just listen to your mother.”
“If it’s dangerous for me then what about you two, it’s my instincts Vera, it’s telling me nothing bad will happen, so I’m going to do it!” Betty said.
“But your mom said she saw you dea–
“Mark!.. Like the saying there will always be a reason why you meet people either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs, I met you guys for reason, And whatever reason it’s for, I’m sure it’s something good! Don’t worry about me and let’s go on this together.” Betty expound.
Vera glanced at Mark, before turning back to Betty.
“Thanks.” vera smiled…
Betty nodded and looked at the both of them and starts to speak suddenly,
“According to what I saw meeting with Delilah, I saw two little girls, both looking identical, and it was Delilah and her twin sister, They both got brought up in the same way, dressed the same way that people gets easily confused, Well they didn’t have a problem until they turned teenagers and started the same high school, Delilah’s twin being the busy body and social fuel she is making new friends abs all, while Delilah being the quiet sheep and not so social, didn’t care to make friends, or should I say she was scared, Though they were twins, they looked identical but immediately they got to high school they started to live differently, dress differently and act differently, people could differentiate them after Delilah sister dyed her, and somehow everyone just pretended they didn’t know Delilah, when her sister was very popular among everyone, Delilah minded her business, she acted like she didn’t care, she had no friends but she didn’t care, she was living her quiet life, but then again the plot was twisted cause Delilah was actually sad and jealous for the fact that she was invisible and her sister wasn’t, but yet she let No one knew, she was too quiet and never shared what she was feeling, she suddenly starts to grow this stupid hatred for her sister. Wishing they would switch lives, many times she had tried to act like her sister, but she wasn’t that way, she was who she is! Delilah got very mad one night when she and her sister got into an insulting fight, well her sister won with her sharp tongue and loud vouce, Delilah had cried and ran out of the house, only to bump into a strange looking negro woman, she was having difficulties, in carrying her luggages. And then she smiled at Delilah and asked for help, being the timid and guilible girl Delilah was, she helped the woman in no time… If only She hadn’t meet that woman!” Betty sighed and looked at Mark and Vera who seemed very lost in the story.

” And? Then what happened.?” Mark calm voice made Betty continued.

“Delilah helped the woman to her small strange shop, which someone couldn’t tell what specific things she sold cause there were different strange object, the woman introduced herself as mama-doo–

“Wait…. Mamadoo? That name sounds familiar…!” Vera interrupted trying to remember where she heard the name.
“Really?” Betty asked.
“Yeah… But just continue I’ll try remember where I’ve heard that name” Vera said and Betty nodded before she continued.

“Mama-doo offered Delilah tea, but she declined. She asked Delilah what was wrong ’cause delilah was in tears when they met, and Delilah narrated her whole life story for this strange woman. I mean she was dumb, why would she do that, to a stranger.
*Do you really want to be like your sister?* the woman had ask Delilah who nodded..
The woman searched one of her old cupboard and brought out a Teddy bear, she poured some different dust over it and handed it to Delilah..
*This will be your little god* mamadoo had told Delilah.
*Tell it anything you want and it’ll give it to you, take it with you, never let this out of your custody, guide it, protect it and worship it* mamadoo had said. *and it will make your wishes come true!*.
Delilah had looked down at the doll and smile feeling relieved all of a sudden, but she didn’t know she was joining hands with the devil himself.
Mamadoo was a black magic practioner, and she wasn’t nice at all.
Delilah was happy, a little god that will answer her prayers before leaving mamadoo’s shop mama-doo had said one last thing to her.
*No matter what you pray for, never wish another for Death* but silly Delilah had misinterpreted that word thinking the woman had said she shouldn’t wish herself death.
After that day, Delilah did as she was told, she had whispered to the doll her tiny prayers, and the next day they would come true, she had wished her sister would loose friends and wished for herself friends, and it came true, but delilah’s sister was a strong headed one, cause it felt like the more Delilah was bringing her down, she was progressing more, she loosed her friends but made another set of friends, it was funny, Delilah got mad and wished her sister would get injured and her sister got hit by a car and landed in the hospital for two weeks, with a fractured hand and neck, Delilah was happy, she had her own god, she was just stupid and desperate one could tell! Delilah ruled the school for two weeks, but her sister got healed and came back, Delilah was mad again and felt like dying when her sister got her life back at school, one night Delilah and her sister got into a fight, that got delilah’s sister giving her a sounding slap that crashed her to the ground. Her sister was a hot tempered alright, and right at that spot, Delilah couldn’t do anything, cause she’s not as fierce or violent as her sister. Delilah had cried back into her room and had grabbed her tiny god, and the fifteen old girl wished for the most absurd thing ever.
*I wish my sister would just go away… I wish Dahlya would just die!* Delilah had said. But the heard another scary voice that suddenly said. *never wish for another death* and immediately Delilah choked to death, her little devil god had killed her, Delilah spirit turned dark immediately, she immediately possessed powers from her little god and had been marked by the devil,
She was a stupid child! And now she kills everyone who got involved with anyone who had gotten to her sister, or close to someone close to her sister cause she couldn’t stand near her sister for some reason,
Delilah is a devil and her spirit was very dark when I met her! And that’s why I was scared, her aura was something to be afraid of.” Betty sighed. Ending the story.

“Whoa!” Vera had said.
“Delilah is stupid!” Mark muttered.
“She isn’t just stupid, she’s gullible, greedy and pretty useless for a sister.” Betty sighed.
“So a devil’s been living at my house?” Vera scoffed.
“It won’t be easy getting rid of her, we just have to find her weak spot!” Betty said.
“And what will that be?” Mark asked.
“What else! Her sister!” Betty said.
“How can we even find her?” Vera asked.
“24. Crimson Street… I saw that in my vision, the place is at the end of town!” Betty explained..

“God… This is crazy!” Vera sighed.
“I know right?” Mark added.

“And to say we’re in the list of the devil’s Death note!” Vera smirked.
“Yeah” Mark moved some strands of his hair back

“Oh that actually good you know!” Betty said.

“What? how is it good!” Vera asked.

“It’s better to be in the devil’s death list than for him to call you friend, cause the devil doesn’t make friends… And his so called friends suffers it the most! So I am saying it’s actually good to be in his hatred book of death, than to be among his friend list. ”
T. B. C

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