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So Delilah’s a really stupid kid who died because of jealousy and now we all have to suffer?” Vera scoffed.
“Yeah she’s dumb, wishing for her sister death she sure is stupid!” Mark added.

“Rebecca and I fight all time, but why in the world would I wish for her to be dead!.” vera stated angrily.

“Yeah I–
“Guys” Betty interrupted. And they both turned to her.
“I think I… You know what, just give me a minute.!” Betty said and hurried upstairs with her phone.

“What do you think she’s going to do?” Vera asked.
“i don’t know! Anything!” Mark shrugged.
Betty closed the door to her room and walked over to her bed, she breathed out a heavy sigh before calling her mom.

“What is it?” her mother asked immediately she answered the call.
“Mom… I…” Betty started.
“You what?” her mother interrupted.
“I’m going to do it!” Betty said with all her might.
“Do what?”
“I’m going to help my friends!” Betty replied.
“what friends!”
“Mark and Vera!”
“You must be crazy Sheherazade, Do you have any idea of what you’re–
“I know mom, I do, I know you think it’s dangerous but trust me! I know what I’m doing, my instincts are telling me to help them!” Betty said bravely.
“I never gave birth to a coward, don’t go beyond your boundaries!” Betty mom yelled.
“What boundaries mother?, Rebecca needs me!” Betty yelled back.
“Take her to a Priest.”
Betty scoffed when she heard her mom saying that.
“Mom I’ve seen you do this, in exchange for money! You help people a lot, I’ve seen you do excorcism on people. Why can’t I? Evil or not you exorcise people who needs exorcism. So why is it different for me! I can help too!” Betty yelled.

“You will not, you will do as I say, And I’m saying you should stay away from them, and I thought you don’t have friends, I thought you were living a quiet life, what’s up with the sudden friends!” Betty mom asked.
“Well I hate my quiet life, I never pictured my life (this story is written by ruthie lee) that way and well now I have friends, they’ve been friendly and I want to help them, for once in my life mother I feel so right, even though hundreds of people come here and tells me I am so wrong, I’ll stand on my feet telling them I am right, because I feel it mom, I feel so positive mother, don’t make me back down on this, support me, tell me what I need to do, and I’ll do it!” Betty explained, her eyes starting to get wet but her mother was a tough one.
“Sheherazade, you heard me, You are not going to be helping any body! Now hang up and stop wasting our times.!”

“Well guess what mom? I’m helping them and you’re too far away to stop me!” Betty stated angrily.
“And guess what dear, I’m coming back on Tuesday because of you, and it’s the day after tomorrow! Good day dear!” Her mom said before turning off the phone.
Betty bit her lips in frustration, and threw her phone on the bed, she walked out of her room and angrily walked to the ending of the hallway, she stood in front of a closed door, and after unlocking it, she pushed the door open and walked in.
She closed the door and looked around her mother’s room.
“That’s right! Mom had always looked at that book when performing excorcism!” Betty thought as she moved around to her mother’s shelf, where her mother kept books and boxes,
Betty checked every books, opened every boxes, before coming across the big old brown book she was looking for
She smiled as she took the book and hurried out of the room,

“What do you think she’s doing?” Vera ask Mark.
“I don’t know,” Mark shrugged.
“Then why is she taking so long!” Vera said as she bit her lips impatiently
She Breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Betty coming down the stairs.
“Finally!” Vera said.
“Sorry I took, so long, I had to get this!” Betty said showing them the brown book.
“Huh?! what’s that?” Vera asked standing up, and walking to Vera.
“This… This is a way to bring Delilah out of Rebecca!” Betty smiled, handing the book to Vera since she wouldn’t get her eyes off it.
Vera opened the old book and her expression changed when she saw writings she couldn’t understand.
“What language is this?” She asked, confused showing the book to mark, to see the writings.
“That’s English silly!” Betty laughed.
“What? English? This looks like a page of written spaghetti,” Vera said.
“I don’t think so” Mark stood up and took the book from her “I can understand it, here this says, ‘take a cup of grounded sesame seed’…” Mark read out loud.
“What? This is an ‘s’..?” Vera asked pointing to an alpahebt.
“Yeah” Mark nodded.
“Wow… You must have good eyes!” Vera said, and Betty slowly takes the book from the both of them.

“Guys!” she called,
“My mom will be back in two days! And you know she’s opposed with me helping you guys, so we must be able to do this before she comes back!” Betty said dropping the book on the couch. “That book, my mom uses it to perform exorcism on people. And if she can exorcise, why can’t I. We have no time, we have to do this tomorrow because you guys will be attending school tomorrow and we have to do all this after Rebecca’s back from school. So I think it’s best if we have to meet Dahlya today!” Betty expound.
“You mean Delilah’s sister!” Mark asked.
“Yes!” Betty raised her brows at him.
“What are we waiting for then, you know the address, Mark’s got a car, and I can’t wait!” Vera said and Betty smiled before they all walked out of the house…
Mark, Vera and Betty made it to the last part of Rainal, and it took almost an hour to get there,

“And if we take this route we’ll be appearing in crimson Street.” Betty said, while Mark and Vera glanced at each other before starting to walk with Vera.

“Why do I feel nervous?” Mark suddenly asked, breaking the silence among them.
“Because we’re about to go meet the twin sister of your girlfriend!” Betty replied.
“What girlfriend… Are you talking about Delilah or Rebecca?” Vera asked.
“Uh… I don’t know… I think both!” Betty laughed. And so did Vera.
“You know it’s not funny!” Mark said a bit angrily and walked ahead of them.
Betty moved closer to Vera and asked… “What got him angry all of a sudden!”
Vera shrugged. “I think our one side joke hurt his feelings!”.
“Well, it was just a joke!” Betty shrugged linking her hand with Vera’s…
Vera looked down at their linked arms and then looked up at Betty.
“What?” Betty smiled.
Vera sighed, “It’s nothing! Let’s just go!”.
Betty smiled even more as they both hurried to catch up with Mark.

The three friends stood in front of a white building and it had a big tag at the gate that wrote. ’24 crimson Street’.
“So… should I ring the bell?” Vera asked.
“Yeah!” Mark nodded, and she gulped down nervously before pushing the doorbell.
The three of them waited silently until the gate opened revealing a girl in brown hair. Who would be in her early twenties.
She raised her head up and Mark and Vera recognised her face immediately, she looked like the Delilah they have found in the picture. But this one looks a little way too matured…

“Uhm… Can I help you?” the girl asked, looking at them strangely.
“Can we come in!?” Betty asked.
“Sorry, but I think you’ve got the wrong house. We don’t let strangers in!” The girl replied, sounding rude.
“We’re not strangers!” Betty retorted.
“yes you are!” the girl replied strangely wanting to close the gate when Betty placed her hand on the gate and stopped her.
“Stop!” Betty smiled at her.
“What do you want?” the girl yell.
“Don’t yell, Dahlya!” Betty said.
“What?” the girl muttered lowly.
“how do you know my name?”

“Oh so you are Dahlya, nice to meet you I’m Betty!” Betty giggled cheerfully.
“What do you guys want, how do you guys know me?” Dahlya asked…
“We’re here because of Delilah!” Vera stated and The name almost made Dahlya stumble.

“Who…Who’s Delilah… I don’t know who you’re talking… About” Dahlya stuttered.
“Of course you do!” Betty glowered at her.
“I don’t!” Dahlya stated.
“Oh for Christ’s sake she’s your fucking twin sister. Why do you have to act so lame.” vera yelled.

“Still… Don’t know who you guys are talking about!” Dahlya said. Making vera roll her eyes and immediately that made Mark pull out something from his pocket and hand it over to Dahlya. It is Delilah picture that mark had found in the box his sister had found, he just decided to carry it along with him today and it actually came in handy, cause Dahlya looked super schocked when she saw the picture and fought the tears that circled in her eyes.
“So?.” Dahlya looked at them.
“Who did she possess this time?”
The question caught, Mark Betty and very off guard and they all shared a glance.
Befire turning back to Dahlya.

Rebecca slammed her hand on the couch, and sighed heavily.
‘Where is this stupid doll!’ she thought and smiled immediately when she saw Helen coming down from the stairs…

“Helen…!” she called happily.
“What?” Helen glared at her.
“What’s with the attitude!” Rebecca backfired.
Helen ignored her and walked to the dining table to drop the plates she was holding.
Rebecca tilt her head. Not believing Helen just ignored her..

“Helen!” Rebecca called and walked up to her,
“What?” Helen asked.
“Okay, why are ignoring me!” Rebecca asked standing in front Helen to stop her from walking away.
“I’m not ignoring you!” Helen stated looking up at Rebecca.
“Yes you are, and your attitude too.!” Rebecca scoffed.
“I just don’t want to talk to you!” Helen yelled.

“What?” Rebecca scoffed, “What did I do?”.
Steve who was coming out of his room, heard his two daughters voice and he hurried through the stairs to see what was happening but paused when he heard Helen’s voice saying.
“Because I want to talk to my sister! I want to talk to Rebecca not you!”.

Steve was speechless as he heard that, he watched the two girls from afar his eyes widen with surprise.

“Don’t worry… You can talk to Rebecca through me!” Rebecca shrugged.
“I don’t want to! I want my sister back!”. Helen’s voice hit Steve in the head like a hammer.
“So you don’t like me anymore, c’mon Helen you’re my only friend here, everyone hates me in this house, but you’re the only one nice to me, c’mon don’t be like Vera!” Rebecca pouted.

“I have enough friends, I don’t want to be friends with you, I will be friends with you only when I see you in your own body, stop using my sister’s body!” Helen yelled and Rebecca suddenly paused.
Her body froze like a statue as she looked down at Helen who was giving her an angry glare with her big eyes.
“You want to see me…!” Rebecca muttered.
“Yes!” Helen stated. “Just like you used to come to my room in person before you entered my sister’s body, even though I haven’t really seen your face, I will really prefer it if you come in person!”

“I can’t come in person Helen!” Rebecca stated angrily her eyes getting wet.
“And why is that?” Helen folded her hand.
“Because I’m not real!” Rebecca replied.

“What do you mean you’re not real?” Steve chipped in walking close to them.
Rebecca turned to him swiftly,.

“What do you mean, you’re not real?” Steve asked looking at his daughter suspiciously.
“Dad…!” Rebecca laughed “I was just joking!”.

“No… No… you’re not joking… I have been listening to your entire conversation!” Steve said and the memories of his wife telling him Rebecca isn’t actually Rebecca swarm up his head and his jaw dropped.

Rebecca sighed and gave in.
“Okay fine. You caught me Steve… I am not Becca!” Rebecca said plainly looking at steve.
“What?” Steve said, shocked by the fact that Rebecca’s calling him Steve, also by the fact that she’s admitting to be someone else instead of being Rebecca.

“What’s what? Steve! You heard the entire conversation, do you need me to explain more!” Rebecca asked. “Okay… I’m Delilah. Nice to meet you Steve, this conversation is staying within us!” Rebecca added making Steve almost stumble.

“So… My wife… My…wife has been right the whole time, but I doubted her!” steve shivered looking at Rebecca who’s eyes suddenly widen.

“Mom knows about this?” Delilah asked.
“She’s not your mom, she’s our mom and not yours!” Helen said.
“Shut up Helen!” Rebecca snapped.

“Taylor has been telling me about my Rebecca being possessed by some some psycho ghost girl, but I doubted my wife!” Steve added, guilt washing him over.

“Wow!” Rebecca laughed. “So you all knew I wasn’t Rebecca but you still kept it as a secret! And played along, Fooling me into thinking that I was the one fooling you that I’m Rebecca, this family’s something else.” Rebecca smiled.

“Helen did you tell Taylor about this?” Rebecca asked Helen.
“No I did not!… Now leave me alone!” Helen stated wanting to walk away, but somehow she couldn’t because she was stuck, and little Helen starts to cry when she knew it was Rebecca’s doing.

“Dad..! She’s making my feet stuck to the ground!” Helen cried.
“stop doing that to my daughter you witch!” Taylor said out of nowhere rushing down the stairs to meet Steve and her daughters.

“Witch!” Rebecca paused and as she turned to Taylor, Helen got a hold of herself and ran up to Taylor to hide behind her skirt.

“Mom… you’re calling me a witch!” Rebecca said lowly looking at Taylor.
“Don’t call me mom, you’re not my daughter!” Taylor yelled…
“I am your daughter, I am Rebecca, I am no one else.!” Rebecca stated walking close to them.
“You can never be my Rebecca, I don’t know what you did to my Rebecca, but you will never get away with this Delilah!” Taylor sniffed her eyes getting red…
Rebecca smiled “I’ve already gotten away with this, but it’s a good thing you’ve all find out I’m not Rebecca cause now I can live without hiding, I can live with answering my real name Delilah and not someone else’s name.!”

“You’re not living anywhere stay away from my family, get out of my daughter!” Taylor yelled like a maniac.
“Sorry Tay, but I can’t do that, Rebecca’s body’s just too perfect and just the perfect size for a fifteen year old, though I’m twenty one but I’m still fifteen. And living Rebecca’s life is just perfect, I’ve got friends at school, a perfect boy friend and a wonderful family who’s starting to get annoying!” Rebecca scoffed…

“What In the world are you?” Steve asked bitterly.
“I’m your daughter Steve, try to keep up!” Rebecca rolled her eyes…
Taylor yelled. “Stop claiming to be my daughter you witch!”.

“Stop claiming to be my daughter you witch!” Rebecca mimicked and laughed hysterically,
Tears fell from Taylor’s eyes as she watched her daughter’s body being used by this so called Delilah to show stupid behaviours.
“You know Taylor…! I Would to have you all here with me, so I could show you what special things I can do!” Rebecca said and a cup on the dining table starts to float in the air making Steve eyes widen.
And he had doubted his wife.

“But sadly, your first stupid child Vera isn’t here and I don’t know where she has gone to, she just does stuff without telling anyone, claiming to know it all, always being smart and annoying, ugh God I hate her!” Rebecca made a disgusting face..

“None of my children are stupid except you Delilah!” Taylor said angrily, her eyes suddenly reminded Rebecca of Vera’s own and immediately the floating plate came crashing down to the concrete floor.
“Guess what mom? You all just got on my death list! And I mean it!” Rebecca said as a single tear dropped from her eyes.

“My mom’s asleep you all should be quiet!” Dahlya said and closed the door as she let Betty, Vera and Mark inside.

“Yeah sorry!” Betty apologized realising she had been the talking parrot.

“C’mon!” Dahlya said as she led the three friends to her room. She closed the door as they all got in and told them to sit on her bed.

“Okay still yet I don’t know who you guys are but I know you’re here for my sister!” Dahlya said…

“Yes Delilah, is in my sister’s fucking body and she’s as annoying as this town!” Vera said looking at Dahlya.

“Oh… Well Delilah died six years ago!” Dahlya said.
“And have you been hearing from her?” Betty asked.
“How can I be hearing anything from a dead person?” Dahlya asked.
“Then how come the last question you asked before letting us in is, ‘Who did she posses this time?’…” Betty asked.
Dahlya hesitated but after getting a look from Betty she sighed and started to speak.

“A year after Delilah died, on our sixteenth birthday. Well I’ll say on my sixteenth birthday because she was already dead then, I just acknowledged the day that it will be the day we will be turning sixteen, but I never thought of celebrating it, not without Delilah, it wouldn’t be the same without her, well It was raining but still i went out to buy some food stuff, and when I walked into the supermarket, a girl about my age walked up to me and starts to glare at me.! I didn’t know what to say. I tried to ignore her but she called my name and it’s schocked me cause I didn’t know her but yet she knew my name.! The girl suddenly starts to cry saying if only I had helped her make friends, I started to think maybe the girl was lost until she said. I hate you so much Dahlya more than your stupid palm pack you think is so perfect! And then the girl walked away and I was like. What? That was definitely Delilah, cause she’s the only one who knows I have a backpack which I love more Than anything and whatever she had said then sounded like Delilah so much, I never really believed in possession but the is started to believe, years after years I heard people died, all from the same possession story, though I don’t have proof or evidence or haven’t really seen it. I just felt like all was Delilah’s doing and I couldn’t do anything about it! “.
“Dahlya!” Betty called.
“Hmm.” she replied looking at Betty

“we’re running out of time here and look I’m going to be performing exorcism on her sister tomorrow, taking your sister out and please can you be there?” Betty asked
“Yeah… Sure if it’s really my sister I would like to have a word with her!” Dahlya said.

“Good. Take put in your phone number and I’ll text you address and time you need to come!” Betty said, while Mark and Vera just watch her do her stuff.

“Here!” Dahlya said handing the phone back to Betty…
“Guys our job here is done, let’s start going home!” Betty smiled.

“I’ll… I’ll escort you out!” Dahlya said as she opened the door for all of them. And they all walked out.
Vera stopped walking when they got outside of the building and turned to Mark and Betty, “You guys can wait for me in the car, I have like one or two things to say to Dahlya.” Vera said.

“Okay sure. C’mon mark!” Betty said as she linked. She and Mark’s arm together and they both walked to the car.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” Mark asked.
“Don’t know, don’t care…!” Betty said and starts to smile.
“Oh” Mark said sadly.

“Oh I’m just so happy!” Betty smiled.
“Huh? Why? In this kind of situation?”. Mark scoffed.
“No… You know that type of feeling you feel when something good is coming your way and you just feel it coming?” Betty replied with a smile.
“Really?” Mark asked.
Betty nodded.
“okay, I hope it truly comes for your. You’ve done more than enough for us!” Mark smiled down at her.

Betty looked around the quiet street and turned to Mark.
“I thought crimson street is well known for good looking guys. But how come I don’t see anyone!” Betty said.
Mark laughed. “What? Looking for a boyfriend?”.
“No way. If I have I would have stolen you from Delilah or Rebecca, whoever you’re dating. I would have stolen you a long time ago cause you’re definitely a boyfriend material. But…”.
“But what?” Mark asked inquisitively gawking at Betty who suddenly smiled at Vera.

“I’m not interested in guys!”

“You’re serious.?” Mark asked.
“As serious as I can be!” Betty shrugged… “it’s not my fault, it’s just… where my sexualities lies…”

“So you… you like Vera?” Mark stuttered.
“What?” Betty gasped glancing at Vera who was now walking up to them and then at Mark.
She whispered yell at Mark. “yes. And Don’t ever mention or ask me about that again or you’re dead and if Vera finds out about this, you’re so dead.!”.
Betty threatened and Mark nodded speechlessly.
“So you guys ready to go home?” Vera asked.
“Ready!” Betty smiled. She linked her arm with Vera’s own again but immediately let’s go of them gasping.

“vera.. She called.
“Your family…

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