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Mark and Betty paused when they look around the empty room to see it actually empty, no sign of Rebecca anywhere.
“Where is she…?” Mark asked.

“Over here!” Rebecca’s voice echoed behind them and they both turned immediately to see Rebecca wide awake and smiling devilishly.

“What? I thought you said she wont be awake until four in the morning!” Mark said looking at Rebecca.
“Well… I don’t.. I..
Betty was speechless.

“Well I’m wide awake and guess what I found!” Rebecca said raising up her doll for Mark and Betty to see…

“Oh no!” Betty breathed out.
“Oh yes! You think you’re so smart but let me tell you one thing, you’re not! Helping them take me out of this body was the dumbest thing you could ever think of!” Rebecca scoffed.

“I know, so how about you leave on your own and that way everyone will be happy.” Betty giggled.
“What this!” Rebecca laughed. “You sure are dumb!”.

“Thanks for the compliment.. bitch!” Betty spat angrily, and Rebecca head snapped at the world bitch and she twitched her neck sending Betty flying her and hitting her back to the walls.
“What the hell!” Mark yelled as he ran up to Betty who was lying on the floor and groaning in pain.

“Betty are you okay?” Mark asked helping her up.

“Yeah I’m fine!” Betty said standing up slowly.
“Mark, she should be fine! That wasn’t painful!” Rebecca said rolling her eyes.

“Delilah… You’ve gone too far!” Mark scoffed.
“And I can’t wait to get farther!” Rebecca giggled.

“You know Mark, I’ve always hated you, from the first day I Jessica brought me home!” Rebecca smiled. Making Mark roll his eyes.
“I know, I never liked you too, I was just pretending, cause you know, no actual human being could actually like you!” Mark scoffed.
The words hurts Rebecca like real crazy and immediately starts to choke Mark, just using her eyes.
She was one devil al right.
Seeing how Rebecca’s angry eyes were fixated on Mark’s grey eyes and was choking him and willing to kill him at all cost, Betty used this chance and ran out of the room.
Rebecca was filled with anger and focused on Mark, that she barely noticed…
Mark was helpless, glued to the wall and somehow an invisible hand was squeezing his neck, shortening his breath and making his vision blurry.
He was seriously helpless.

“Del..ilah…. Stop!” he managed to say.
“And why would I?” Delilah laughed. “I’ve always wanted to kill you, you and your pretty face! And now Mr pretty boy is coming to an end!”.
“Y..ou w..on’t ga..in anyt..hing by do…ing this!” Mark breathed.
“I know but its kind of fun watching people die! Remember how many people Jessica killed? It was fun you know, watching people die, it’s like when you’re addicted to games you can’t get enough of, and now I’m playing that game right now, slowly, your breath starts to hitch, you start to pant like a lost goat, you feel light, your body will suddenly see that you’re not breathing and slowly you starts to loose consciousness your vision becomes blurry and that is the end of Mark! Gosh I love this game!” Rebecca laughed happily…

The sound of Betty slamming her door close, suddenly woke Vera up and was surprised when she saw Betty who immediately sprinted across the room and inside her walk in closet.

She quickly got down from the bed, startled of what might be going on.

“Betty!” she called, surprised.
Betty gave her no reply as she seemed to be rummaging through a pile small boxes.
Vera walked close to her and grabbed on box and walked out of the closet.
“Rebecca is awake.” Betty rushed her words. Opening the box to reveal grey coloured fine sand.
“And somehow she found the doll which I left carelessly and if we don’t hurry, she’s going to kill Mark!” Betty said grabbing Vera’s hand “open your hands” Betty ordered and Vera obeyed opening her hand…
Betty poured half of the sand on Vera’s palm,
“Keep your hand closed!” Betty said and Vera did so.
She poured the remaining sands on her hand and did the same thing…
“This is called spirit binders, and all we have to do is use this to draw a circle around Rebecca and by that we’ve got her caged. Come on!” Betty rushed her words as she hurried out of the room and Vera followed her.
The made it to the empty room, and saw Mark at his last breath seeing Rebecca already dealing with him.
Vera gasped but Betty told her to be quiet and they both quietly walked in.
Betty moved closer to Vera and whispered in her ear.
“Draw an arc on the floor by Rebecca’s right and I’ll do the same on her left.” Betty instructed and Vera nodded.

Rebecca was engrossed in finishing off Mark, and had no idea when the two girls bent beside her and started to draw an arc on the floor beside her from both sides until she looked down and saw them, but they were always done drawing a circle around her and immediately Mark got a hold of himself and Betty quickly snitched the doll from Betty and walked out of the circle, careful not to scatter the grey sand.

“What… What have you done!?” Rebecca asked as Vera rushed up to Mark who seemed pale and weak.
“I caged you! Bitch!” Betty spat angrily.
“Let me out of here now?” Rebecca yelled.
“And why would I?” Betty smirked.

“Are you okay!” Vera asked Mark.
“Yeah I’m fine!” Mark said breathlessly as he gathered all the breathed all the air he couldn’t breathe in minutes ago.

“Now you’re powerless and your excorsim will begin.!” Betty said and walked out of the room.
Rebecca tried to go after her but it was like a sudden forcefield pushed her back causing her to fall.
She screamed angrily knowing she won’t be able to walk out of the circle.
Vera helped Mark up, but he didn’t seem like he needed help cause he was looking better already and he was glad the girls saved him.
“Stay here, she’s harmless now! I’ll go see what Betty’s doing.!” Vera said and run out of the room leaving Mark and Rebecca.

Suddenly Rebecca starts to cry.
“Mark?” she called her voice was gentle.
“What do you want?” Mark said looking at her.
“Help!” she sniffed.
“And why would I do that… Delilah?”

“Who’s Delilah?. Its me Rebecca!” Rebecca cried…
“Really?” Mark asked.
“Yes… it’s me, help me, out of here”.

“Okay!” Mark said.

Rebecca cleaned her teary eyes and stretched her hand forward. Waiting for Mark’s help when he suddenly laughed.

“Okay seriously, you can’t fool me Do you think I’ll fall for your lame cry pretending to be the real Rebecca, and your acting failed when you pretended you didn’t know who Delilah was because Rebecca knows who you are and she has been back to her body more than you can ever imagine and trust me she knows she’s possessed by you so I’m not helping you, and even if the real Rebecca was to come back to her body now, I wouldn’t help her and she would definitely understand why! To get rid of someone like you!” Mark explained and Rebecca fumed in anger…
They’ve got her and she knew it.

“What are you doing?” Vera said walking into the room Betty had walked in too. And had found her tossing her phone on the bed.
“Oh, Dahlya will be here anytime soon and I will perform this exorcism and pray that it will go well!” Betty said bringing out her mother’s exorcism book, some strange looking ceramics pots and kettles and old little boxes which she had found out lately that those little boxes, different kinds of powder can be seen in any of them.

“Here, help me carry some of these!” Betty instructed and Vera wasted no time in helping her and they both moved the items to the empty room, where Mark sat on the floor and Rebecca still stood like a robot without saying a word.
Rebecca glowered at Betty and Vera as they walked inside the room and place what they were holding on the floor.

Betty sat down on the floor, and in front of Rebecca, she placed her mother’s book on front of her and opened the page of Taoism excorcism.
She looked around and opened one of the small boxes revealing black sand.

“You can’t do this, you don’t know who you’re dealing with!” Rebecca yelled.
“Yes I know who I’m dealing with, I’m dealing with a fifteen year old girl, who’s supposed to be alive by now If she hadn’t taken that stupid doll that contains black magic and wishes her sister death!” Betty replied paying attention to the black sand she was gathering in her hand.

“What? How did you kno–
Rebecca was speechlessly surprised.
“Because.! I see things! And believe me, black magic is dangerous and fighting black magic with black magic is more dangerous than driving a car without brakes in a slippery road, Which makes what I’m doing pretty dangerous, my mom’s a fortune teller and a black magic practioner, but that doesn’t mean she’ll use it foolishly, she uses it for avengful ghost like you.!” Betty explained as she sprinkled the black sand on top of the grey sand she has used to cage Rebecca.

Betty sighed, “And don’t get me wrong! I don’t see why you’re an avengful ghost, cause you killed yourself, no one did!”.

Vera and Mark watched as the playful and cheerful Betty attitude suddenly changed into this dark, ambitious and serious girl…
Betty glanced at the book beside her and then looked up at Rebecca and she ordered.

Rebecca unwillingly sat on the floor, inside her small circle.

She was confused, why did she sit down when didn’t want to, did Betty just control her?

Betty sudden smirk was wicked, as she looked at Rebecca who was now at the same eye level withe her.
“See this right here?” Betty asked referring to the black sands.
And she continued “These black right here are called Satan sand, Why?.. Because they’re black and because they control evil spirits like you, as long as I place this sand on this spirit binders sand, I can control your damn spirit!”.

“No…” Rebecca shook her head.

“yes… Delilah it is my turn to take you down!” Betty said and she turned to Mark and Vera.

“Mark, Vera, can you guys stand at the door, cause this may get ugly!” she said and Mark and Vera nodded and soon were found at the door watching Betty,
Betty glanced down at the small kettles in front of her and she opened all revealing different types of coloured powder.

She took a handful of each powder and poured them on the floor, mixing the whole powder together, her head turned to the book to read what to do next and she smiled.
“this should be easy!”

Betty opened a small pot and brought out a small sharp looking knife, Vera gasped silently as Betty slit her wrist letting her blood fall on the powder she had mixed in front of her.
Rebecca was speechless as she watched the teenage girl do strange things.

Slowly Betty starts to say some incantations that felt like gibberish to Mark and Betty and as she starts to get faster, she paused, with her eyes closed and she suddenly breathed out heavily, more heavier than those who would (written by ruthie lee) run a four hundred meter race.

Mark and Betty glanced at each other.
“What do you think is…
“I think she saw something!” Vera interrupted Mark.
“What?” Mark glanced at her and was shocked when he saw a single tear crawl down her cheek.
“And I think she saw something, very bad!” Vera added.
A pretty woman who looked like she would be in her late forties was sitting cross legged at the back seat of a taxi car, she looked worried and had bit her lips occasionally, She had almost similar features as Betty and one could tell it was Betty’s mom.


“Ugh… why isn’t this silly girl picking my calls!” Hera bit her lips anxiously as she exit from her call log seeing how many times she had called Betty and it was more then fifteen.
“I hope what I saw back at the hotel isn’t going to happen!” Hera silently prayed as she told the driver to drive faster.

She had planned to come home the next day but decided to come back today, because the visions she had been seeing wasn’t good and it was only about Betty.

As she grabbed her phone again and turned it on, the picture of Betty and her sisters laid on her wallpaper and as she gazed at happy Betty in the picture, suddenly in a flash, she saw Betty lying on the floor with blood all around her body, she gasped and shook her head.
Being a strong woman with a strong she denied that vision and believed nothing would happen to her daughter as she told the driver to step on it, she wanted to get home as fast as possible.
Betty cleaned her tears, she just saw herself failing at the excorsim, not only failing but something worse.

She cleaned her tears and shook her head.
She didn’t want anything to bother her, and she continued her incantations.
Vera became nervous as Betty’s voice became louder, And suddenly Rebecca starts to shiver, and it was Betty’s going.
Betty mouth’s rushed more words and Rebecca starts to scream.
“Leave me alone!” Rebecca yelled.

Betty ignored her voice as grabbed a handful of the mixed powder and her blood and blow the powder and blood into thin air, in Rebecca’s direction.

They all heard the door bell but Betty ignored it and continued saying her incantations.
Which left Betty to say to Mark.
“I’ll go get the door!”..

Vera left to get the door while Mark stood and watched Betty.

“Come out!” Betty mumbled.
“Come out!” Betty yelled making Rebecca scream with all her might.
Betty starts to mumble “come out!” really fast making Rebecca scream, whince, and fall.

Vera opened the front door of Betty’s house and Dahlya walked inside…
“Dahlya!” Vera called surprised, but suddenly remembered Betty called her here.
“Where is she?” Dahlya asked.
“They’re upstairs!” Vera replied and the two of them head upstairs.
“I’m not coming out of this body!” Rebecca yelled, making Betty stop talking and open her eyes, she looked at Rebecca who stands to pants.

“You’re seriously stubborn!” Betty scoffed.
“And you’re not listening to my warnings!” Rebecca sniffed, her face was sweaty and her eyes was circled with tears.
“Listen to yourself Delilah, I’m the one who has you trapped in a spirit binding cage and don’t you think I’m the one who’s supposed to make warnings?” Betty’s voice was loud and angry as she watched Delilah breath heavily and weakly.
She was getting weak and that was her goal.

“I’m warning you, and I’ll still warn you! Stop what you’re doing!” Rebecca said tiredly as tears fell from her eyes.
“Nope!” Betty retorted , opening all the pots and boxes with different powders and strange looking leafs and other unexplainable items.

“You think you have the gall to beat me?” Rebecca breathed glaring at Betty.
“I don’t need to have a stupid gall, I can beat you!” Betty said and immediately Dahlya and Vera walked into the room.

Rebecca head turned to the door and she froze seeing Dahlya.

Dahlya paused to look at what was going on. She glanced at Betty, then at Rebecca and then at Vera.
“Is she your sis–.
“Yeah!” Vera nodded. “but right now you’re looking at your sister!” Vera added and Dahlya turned to Rebecca, who looked weak with her hair all over her face because of swear and tears, and she looked really helpless inside her small circle.

“Delilah?” Dahlya called bending down so she and Rebecca could be at the same eye level.
Rebecca didn’t say a word instead she just gaze at Dahlya.

“If you’re there… Delilah… I just-

“What are you doing here?” Rebecca asked angrily.

“I’m here to see you!” Dahlya replied.

“Get lost, I don’t need you!” Rebecca sniffed angrily.
“Why do you always make things so difficult for the both of us!” Dahlya replied.
“Making things difficult I’m dead and you’re alive, I’m not making anything difficult for you! At least I’m out of your life isn’t that what you want?” Rebecca held back her heavy tears.
“What? How can you say that is what I want! You think you being dead is okay to me? You think I’m happy?” Dahlya yelled.
“Of course you’re happy, you’ve never liked me don’t pretend!” Rebecca replied.

Dahlya sighed “I heard your whole story from Betty, how you died, and I can’t believe you tried to kill me I can’t even believe that incident that happened was you fault, and yet you’re saying that I’m the one that hate you, you’re smart but when it comes to reality Delilah, you’re dumb, it’s been six years but I forgive you, I forgive you for trying to kill me, because we were still young and yet I don’t understand why you’d be jealous of me… because you had everything I had, you were smart, you were quiet and that’s why mom liked you the most, and you–.”

“Friends! Dahlya I didnt have friends!” Rebecca interrupted and a tear dropped from her eyes. “And do you know, what it means not to have friends, it means you’re weird and I knew that I wasn’t weird but still yet I didn’t have any friends, I was Lonley, you barely even talked to me and hang out with your friends, how could I not hate you!?” Rebecca cried…

“I can still see you’re acting like a child. Because you are still a child, Delilah, Do you know how much I love you, we bicker everyday, and that every day I’ve always wanted you to yell at me as loud as you could, to fight me as long as you can, to win in every fight we fought because you were just too isolated, too quiet and it sickened me because you couldn’t speak or stand up for yourself and I wanted to build a better you, and the day I got mad at you was because we were fighting but I was the only screaming at the top of my lungs and it made me look like a psycho and then I hit you thinking you’d fight back because… “. Dahlya paused and cleaned her tears.
“Because you were older and you should have acted like the older one, even though we’re twins, and you’re older with just six minutes, at least you should act like a six minutes older sister but you’re just too dull and then the next day you died after wishing I was dead, I’ve pictured so much for us Delilah, we growing up together, going to college, having great jobs and getting married but you ruined it all… And I forgive you and I hate myself for being like that but … I think you deserve more than hell, for all the people you’ve killed I don’t know when you turned into a killer Delilah i–

“Get out!!!!” Rebecca cried loudly her voice towering Dahlya’s voice.
“Get out!!” Rebecca yelled again making Dahlya stand up.
Rebecca let out a loud cry as tears cascaded down her eyes.

Vera was hurt, she felt like it was her sister crying and she needed comfort but then again it wasn’t her sister crying.

Looking at Dahlya “Delilah” had become envious of dying early, her sister had start to grow into a beautiful lady of twenty one and she’s just a fifteen year old ghost wandering around.
She suddenly wished she was alive, with her own body not someone else.

“Look at you!” Dahlya scoffed.
Making Rebecca raise her head up.
“Look at you being treated like an animal, just because you want to live again when you’re already dead, And you’re letting all this people suffer by possessing an innocent person, when will you give up Delilah?” Dahlya asked bitterly.

Betty suddenly spoke up. “she doesn’t want to give up, cause somehow she’s programmed not to give up, but tonight you’re leaving this body!”
Betty stated and threw some coloured dust on Delilah’s body which made her breath seize, she gave, Vera Dahlya and Mark a look that says, “move-back” and when they did, she started to chant some incantations.

Rebecca starts to Choke, holding her neck. Betty’s voice became louder and it became windy in the room and later became more windier, Betty raised her hands up saying weird things.

But she didn’t know that her wrist she had cut earlier was still bleeding and little droplets of blood dropped from it and entered one of the pots that contained black sands.

The exorcism was going well, Delilah was getting weak and defeated, her spirit was fading, she barely breath or spoke and Betty did well with her chants, she was winning and what was remaining was for her to take some black sand and spray it in air and all will be done. And as she did some more chants, Hera her mother, stood at the front door of her house and as she opened the door and walked in, she looked up the stairs and had a strange feeling before hurrying up the stairs.

Betty continued her chants and as she dipped her hand into the pot to grab a handful of the black sand, which she had no idea that it has been mixed with her blood. She grabbed a handful and sprayed it in the air and immediately she fell to the floor, and the cage she had held Rebecca suddenly opened releasing Rebecca.
But Rebecca was already too weak to stand up or move. Cause her spirit was starting to leave the body.

Vera quickly rushed to Betty on the floor and so did Mark.

“Betty..” Vera called shaking her shoulders.
But Betty didn’t not respond.

“she’s not breathing!” Mark said placing his finger under her nose..
“Oh no, what do you think happened to her?” Vera said panicking.

“What’s going on?” Hera’s voice echoed around the room and everyone turned to the door.

“Oh my God!” Hera gasped and immediately walked up to Vera and Betty.
“What happened!” Hera asked observing the whole place, she then glanced at Betty’s bloody wrist, weak Rebecca, her exorcism book, and the powders on the floor.
She immediately understood the situation and sighed heavily,
“Take her out of the room” Hera said to Mark and Mark wasted no time in lifting Betty up and taking her out of the room.

Hera grabbed her excorcism book and walked in front of Rebecca who was crawling towards her doll.
Hera chanted some words and Rebecca froze,
Vera and Dahlya watched as Hera bent down grabbed different colours of sands and powders from different pots and sprayed it around Rebecca’s body,

“No… No… please…” Rebecca cried as Hera looked down at her angrily.
And as Hera this two words “be gone!” Rebecca screamed before passing out, and the doll suddenly vanished into thin air.

Hera sniffed and turned to Vera. “There, you can go talk to your sister, she’s back and the evil spirit is gone!”.

As Hera rushed out of the room, Vera went to where Rebecca’s body was lying on the floor, and tears of joy crawled down her eyes as she found out she was breathing, which means she must be asleep.
But Betty…
T. B. C

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