Mark stopped the rental car in front of Betty’s parent’s house. And as Mark carried Rebecca’s sleeping body out of the car Betty held the car door for him so he wouldn’t hit any part of her body on the car.

“Careful,” Vera said when it seemed like Mark almost let go of her head.
“It’s okay! I got her! She’s pretty light you know!” Mark said as he walked inside.
“Okay good!” Betty said as she and Mark walked inside.

The three of them got into the house and Betty led Mark upstairs to an empty room while Vera trailed behind them.

“So this is the room, my mom performs excorcism!” Betty announced as Vera took a sight of the place, it had a little window, a dim red light, empty and had strange writings, and Crosses on the wall.

“Here, put her on the floor!” Betty ordered as Mark slowly and gently lay Rebecca’s body on the cold floor.!.

“The day is almost over and won’t the floor be too cold for her when it gets dark?” Vera asked worriedly.
“Delilah has taken over her body, which makes her body cold already, so it really doesn’t matter if she’s in a cold place!” Betty explained, but seeing Vera in a worried state she added.

“But since you want her warm, I’ll bring in a blanket later!” Betty said assuringly.
“Okay thanks” Vera smiled weakly.

Betty walked out of the room leaving Mark and Vera, Vera looked down at her sister and sighed tiredly.

“I know… All our wish is for Rebecca to be okay and Delilah to be gone for good.” Mark’s calm voice echoed around the whole room and Vera sighed.
“Yeah! Back then at home, if you guys hadn’t come… I don’t know what would have happened, I just didn’t care about dying at that moment cause I just wanted to get in her head, I just wanted her to be regretful, I wanted her to listen to me calling out her every mistake, the wrong path she had chosen, she’s just so dumb and I hate her so much, hate the fact that she’s in Rebecca!” Vera explained angrily fighting back her tears.
“I just hope everything’s going to be fine!” Mark said.

“I also wanted to slam her head against the wall, smack her face more than a hundred times, but I couldn’t because I saw Rebecca’s face and doing all that I would be hurting the real Rebecca not Delilah!” Vera shook her head wanting the rest her back on the wall when she heard.
“Don’t touch the wall”. It was Betty… “or rest your back on the wall, it’s not good” Betty shook her head as she walked in the room and placed the blanket she held over Rebecca’s body.
“There, your sister is warm!” Betty said.
“Okay thank you!” vera sighed.
“And Vera you really have to get that cleaned, your blood’s drying up on you face!” Betty said and Vera nodded… The three of them walked out of the empty room and Betty closed the door and led them to her own room.

“You can both sit on the bed, and Vera I’ll get my first aid box!” Betty said as she moved to her closet, open a small cabinet and brought out a smaller first aid kit.

“Okay, do you want me to help you cleanse your wound?” Betty asked as she stood in front of Vera with the first aid kit.
“Uhm… No… You’ve done enough please… You should go rest i will do this myself!” Vera gave her an assuring smile as she gently took the kit from her.

“Oh… Okay!” Betty’s voice was low as she walked away, to the other edge of the bed to sit down.

Vera opened the small first aid kit in front of her and the first things she saw, were cotton balls. She started to see other things too and immediately place something in Mark’s hand.
“Here!” Vera said.
Mark opened his hand to see antiseptic wipes…

“What do you want me to do with this?” Mark asked.
“Help me with my face!” Vera said turning to face him.

“Want me to wipe off the dry blood?” Mark asked and Vera nodded.
“Okay, remember it stings and don’t try to budge okay?” Mark warned before placing the wipe on her face, and she could suddenly smell the strong alcoholic smell coming from it.

As Mark carefully, cleaned the blood on her face with the wipe, Betty watched them, and slowly crawled closer to them on the bed.
“You Mark, go rest and I’ll help Vera do the rest!” Betty offered.
“No Betty! I know why I asked Mark to do this!” Vera glowered at her.

Betty pouted, “I know I just want to help!”
“You’ve helped enough!” Vera half yelled.
“Why do I feel like I haven’t” Betty added.
“Okay Betty can you just go sit down, you’re really making it obvious!” Mark said to her and they both gave each other a glare before Betty moved away.

“Making what obvious?” Vera asked… curiously
“She’s making it obvious that she likes being so helpful!” Mark rolled his eyes…
Vera scoffed as she closed her eyes, cause Mark had already start to move the wipe across her face.
After that he put some iodine in and around the wound before finally covering the small cut with an adhesive bandage.

“Thanks Mark! You’re the best!” Vera said closing the first aid kit and turning to Betty on the other side of the bed who has been awfully quiet too.
“And thank you too Betty, you’re the best too. I’ll just never stop thanking you!” vera sighed feeling less stinging pain on her cheek.
Betty smiled “it’s okay!”. Stood up and walked to her closet to put back the first aid kit.

She joined Mark and Vera on the bed and the three of them remained quiet.

“Okay, are we going to wait like this, untill she wake up!” Mark asked breaking the silence…
“Well… I don’t know, it’s just seven forty five and she won’t wake up until 3-4am ” Betty stated.
“And according to our exorcism tradition, I’ll have to set the barrier around her, one hour before the exorcism!” Betty added making Mark and Vera look at each clulessly.
“What barrier?” Mark asked.
“Oh, See its hard explain now, but easy to explain when I’ll be doing it. So don’t worry I’ll explain later!” Betty assured.
“Seriously what could we do without Betty!” Mark smiled.
“Exactly… I Am really grateful Betty,” Vera looked up at her.
“Oh, oh thanks,” Betty smiled “you know you don’t really have to thank me or be grateful or anything, cause it’s kind of my job, this is why people like us exist, to deal with things like this, so don’t thank me cause it’s my job!”.

“Really? Why shouldn’t we thank you, it’s your job and people have jobs to make money, you’re supposed to receive from us but I think you’re making all this free and it doesn’t seem fair” Vera said…

“Well I have enough payments from you guys!” Betty said cheerfully.
“What payment?” Mark asked looking at weirdly.
“Having you guys as friends! That’s enough payment, so stop being thankful or anything, I should be the one saying thank you, cause for the past few days I haven’t been talking to just myself, I’ve been talking to actual people, You guys, you both are making me feel more human in me and not the weird shaman I see in me.!” Betty smiled laying on the bed.

“I just hope all this drama ends soon!” Vera sighed….
“It is going to end!” Mark said.
Vera smiled weakly “Look at you sounding so sure, you must really have faith in your girlfriend!”…
“Okay, do you have to joke at the wrong time!” Mark asked.
“There’s no wrong or right time to joke and that wasn’t a joke!” Vera tells Mark.
“Sounds like a joke to me!” Mark shrugged.

“But you didn’t laugh!” Betty added.
“Some jokes isn’t just for you to laugh but to just find the humour in it and note it as a joke!” Mark explained..
“Oh really? Thanks teacher!” Betty added sarcastically making Mark give her a brief but playful glare.
Mark and Betty suddenly turned to Vera because she started to speak.
“Want to know a secret about your girlfriend!” Vera asked Mark.
Mark chuckled. “We’re not dating!”
“You’re not, but you will soon!” Vera shrugged.
“I don’t know, maybe, but It’s like you’re forcing us into the relationship!” Mark stated.

“I don’t know maybe I am, it’s just that I’ll be going back to college soon and I just want someone like you by her side, cause no matter how tough Becca acts, she can easily break and I’m afraid that breaking might lead to something worse!” Vera said staring at the floor.
“Worse..? how?” Mark asked.

“Well see it’s not actually a secret but something we chose never to speak of, because it sad… See out of my mom’s children, Rebecca was the unlucky one. Born with a heart disease and well long story short, I don’t really like to remember those days when she’ll pass out every minute, When she feels sad, she passes out, when she’s too happy, she passes out, and then will be taken to the hospital for days before coming back home, it was sad to see your healthy looking sister so vulnerable, she looked so healthy on the outside, but no Body knew what she was dealing with at the age of ten! When it got worse my dad placed his card down and decided it was time for her to get a heart transplant, and thankfully the surgery went fine. Normally heart transplantation is not considered to be a cure for heart disease, rather it is a life-saving treatment intended to improve the quality and duration of life for a recipient. But after that Rebecca seemed better and I felt like it was a miracle, but two years later, it started with her kidney, long story short, I had to give one of mine up!”. Vera explained not trying to hold back the tears.
She’s been holding a lot of things and she really wanted to cry.
She snuffed, “So you see Mark, if you guys date, it’s okay for her to break your heart, but it is definitely not okay for you to break her heart!” Vera said as droplets of tears dropped from her eyes.
Mark remained quiet watching Vera. Being the fragile girl she has always been, Betty almost cried seeing Vera cry too. She must have been holding her tears for too long.’ Betty thought.

“That’s why every time she gets mad at my dad, she yells at him but he never yells back, the same thing with my mom, they’re both afraid of breaking her, and now with Delilah, I’m so afraid I don’t know what that demon is doing to her poor body!” Vera cried.
She couldn’t believe she was crying like this in front of Betty and Mark, but then again they were her friends and it was all just too much!.

Mark moved closer to Vera and pulled her in the most comfortable side hug ever, letting Vera cry on his shoulder.

Betty sighed as she watched Vera cry like it was her last, it didn’t reach a minute, Vera sniffed, pulled back from Mark and slowly clean her tears.

“I’m sorry!” Vera apologized for crying.
“It’s okay! Sometimes! All we just have to do is cry and be okay!” Mark tells her.
“Yeah!” Betty agreed with a nod.

Vera smiled. “Thank you! Both of you!” vera said.

And the three of them remained quiet until Betty’s head snapped up at Mark and she sat up and moved close to him, she shoved her hand into his jacket’s breast pocket and brought out Delilah’s photo.
“I just had a feeling it will be there and it was!” Betty smiled at him before sitting down and staring down at the photo.

Mark and Vera glanced at each other before turning back to her and watched her stare at the picture. She breathed in heavily and lowly raised her head up at Mark.

“Mark, you have to go home!” Betty said.
“What? Why?” Mark asked.
“You have to go home and get the box, the box you found this picture, you have to go home and get it!” Betty said.
“But the car’s almost out of gas!” Mark stated.
“Take the bus!” Betty replied.

“It’s all connected!” Betty said looking down at the picture.
“What’s all connected?” Vera asked lowly, still recovering from her break down.

“This! The picture, the Teddy bear, How it had ended up at your home and Rebecca’s wadrobe! I’ve seen it all!” Betty breathed out!.
“Really?” Vera asked.
“Yeah! It was Jessica, I bet she didn’t write that in her journal or diary or whatever, but this doll had been inside the box Jessica had found, I don’t know how the box got to where Jessica found it, but the day Jessica found the box, she, Kate and Hudson had gone to a reckless party like they called it, and somehow Jessica had taken the doll with her without knowing, the party was being thrown at an empty home, and I think it was at Vera’s house, A bunch of high scholars had decided to hold the party there so they could party recklessly since it was an empty home, and the people who used to live at that place left the wadrobe there, the wadrobe wasn’t haunted, not until Jessica placed the doll inside the wadrobe, she was making out with Hudson beside that wadrobe and realising she’d been holding the stupid doll for no reason her hand reached for the wadrobe and she placed the doll in it.
Though after that night Jessica got drunk and forgot the whole night!”
“Yeah, she wasn’t a good drinker!” Mark interrupted.
“Yeah, and she spent the night at Hudson remembering only the box but not the bear (written by ruthie lee) since Jessica first brought the box at her place, Delilah’s spirit was already called there even though her doll was at Vera’s place, and when she possessed Jessica and when Jessica died, Delilah’s spirit had gone back to the doll. Which was inside the closet, inhabiting the place, Like she got used to wadrobe making it haunted and immediately you guys moved in the house, she spotted the Rebecca as her next target and that’s just how it all happened.!” Betty explained giving Mark the picture.

They all remained quiet, until Mark said.

“So, you saw all that by looking at just this?” He said waving the picture.
“Yeah!” Betty nodded, not liking how Mark sounded..
“Wow!” Mark scoffed.
“Why what’s wrong?” Betty asked with a pinch of anger.
“Nothing… I just think it was a little…
“weird?” Betty asked angrily,

“Well I’d say weird but in a good way!” Mark said, knowing she hates the word weird, and he didn’t mean to make her feel bad.
“Good or bad weird means weird!” Betty stated.

“I know but mine is in a good way, and I think your extraordinary vision is cute!” Mark assured pulling her cheeks.
“I don’t like cute!” Betty rolled her eyes.
“Well too bad cause you are cute!” Mark smiled.
“Don’t think you’re giving me a compliment!” Betty scoffed.
“Well I know I am!” Mark stated.

“Guys, can you both stop flirting and Mark can you hit the road so you can be back on time!” Vera said and Mark nodded.

“Flirting with Mark? Eww that would be the last thing I’d like to do!” Betty said as a matter of fact.
Mark scoffed. “I know, cause there’s a nine percent possibility you want to flirt with someone else in this r–
Betty’s sudden hand that landed on Mark’s stomach prevented him from saying anymore, and he looked up to see her glaring at him.

“Okay, i’ll be on my way then!” Mark stood up.!

“Okay, do you have money for bus, or should I give you mine?” Vera asked.
“It’s okay, I have a couple of cash here with me!” Mark said, as he glanced at the two girls before walking out of the room.

Vera and Betty remained quiet not saying anything.
Betty, wishing she could find something to say and break this awkward silence.
Vera, having a lot on her mind. About her sister and how the excorsim will go.

‘Rebecca’s going to be fine!’ Vera assured herself as she suddenly decided not to worry too much, and she breathed out a heavy sigh relieving a bit of her heavy heart.

“Are you okay?” Betty asked calmly.
Vera nodded as she replied calmly too. “Yeah! Just trying not to think of the fact that nothing bad is going to happen!”.

“Okay…! Nothing bad is going to happen, I have enough faith and I have enough confidence!” Betty said.

“But… Vera sighed.
“But what?” Vera asked.
“What if something bad happened and Rebecca is stuck like this!”

Betty shook her head negatively “Let it be at ‘what if’ cause nothing bad is going to happen, and you can stop worrying now!”.

“Yeah… You’re right” Vera nodded. “Thanks!” breathing out a sigh of relief.

She wanted nothing bad to happen! So she stopped worrying the two of them remained quiet not knowing what to say and Vera starts to get sleepy.
The day was getting dark and when Betty noticed. She glanced at the time to see it was 8:30pm..
‘It’s been an hour since Mark left’ Betty thought.
She glanced at Vera to see her fast asleep, she smiled welcoming the heavenly face she was seeing.
“i want to be yours” she whispered quietly, so quietly she barely heard herself and immediately the door opened and Mark entered inside.
Mark paused seeing the sight in front of him and he looked at Betty.
“What? Are you doing?” Mark asked suspiciously.
“Nothing!” Betty quickly said coming down from the bed. And walked up to him.
“Hope you haven’t raped her!” Mark joked while Betty rolled her eyes…
“Shut up Mark!” she said and pulled him outside.
“Come on. Let’s go check on Rebecca and keep your voice Vera’s asleep!” Betty said as she closed the door.

The two of them walked to the empty room they have placed Rebecca and before entering the room Betty asked.
“Did you bring the box?”.
“Of course!” Mark replied. And Betty nodded before turning the door knob and opening the door.

Mark and Betty paused when they look around the empty room to see it actually empty, no sign of Rebecca anywhere.
“Where is she…?” Mark asked.

“Over here!” Rebecca’s voice echoed behind them and they both turned immediately to see Rebecca wide awake and smiling devilishly.

“What? I thought you said she wont be awake until four in the morning!” Mark said looking at Rebecca.
“Well… I don’t.. I..
Betty was speechless.

“Well I’m wide awake and guess what I found!” Rebecca said raising up her doll for Mark and Betty to see…
T. B. C


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