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Hera sighed as she watched Mark stare down at her daughter who was lying lifelessly on the bed.
She quietly walked into the room and looked up at Mark.
“She’s a pretty stubborn child!” Hera said walking closer to them and made him raise his head.
“Oh..” Mark said not knowing what to say.
Hera sat beside her daughter and held Betty’s hand in hers, she closed her eyes and Mark watched as a smile crept up Hera’s face and she breathed out a sigh of relief saying “Thank God!”.
Hera let’s go of Betty and looked up at Mark.
“I..is she.. Okay.?” Mark asked.
“Hmm.. She is” Hera breathed out. “Back where I was, I saw a lot of danger coming towards her, and I told her to give up and let you guys go but she just wouldn’t agree with me, I don’t see what’s so special about you guys that she’s willing to go this far but… Hera sighed and glanced down at her daughter.
“You and your friend can go home, and please don’t bother to contact Betty again! She’s done enough, and I don’t think she needs friends…!” Hera voice was calm.
“But!… We..
“Don’t contact her anymore, if she contacts you, ignore it!” Hera warned.
“Oh..okay… But is she okay? She’s not breathing!” Mark said.
“She’ll be fine now you can leave!” Hera’s loud was a bit loud and Mark nodded slightly before walking out of the room.
Mark walked into the room, Rebecca excorcism happened and found Vera and Rebecca.
Vera sitting on the floor, watching Rebecca sleeping on the floor too.
“Uhm.” Mark said to get Vera’s attention.
“Oh mark!” Vera said standing up.
“We can leave now!” Mark said.
“What about… Betty is she okay?” Vera asked worriedly.
“Yeah she’s perfectly fine, I think we should leave now!” Mark said.
“But Maybe I should see her first, she wasn’t breathing and I’m scared what if something has hap–
“Her mother said she’s fine Vera! And that we should leave!” Mark half yelled making Vera flinch.
“Whoa… What’s wrong with you!” vera asked angrily.
“I’m… I’m sorry, but I just think we should leave cause Betty’s mom does not look happy!”. Mark said.
“Oh okay fine!” Vera said.
“Rebecca won’t wake up, she’s asleep and in a really deep sleep, how can we take her to the car?” Vera asked.
“I have hands!” Mark said proudly showing her his hands.
“Good for you!” vera smiled as she watched Mark lift Rebecca from the floor, carrying her bridal style.
“Uhm… where’s Dahlya?” Mark asked looking around.
Vera replied. “She left not too long ago!”
The two of them walked out of the room, Betty feeling tired and at the same time, thankful all this is over. Mark having the same feeling.
Vera opened Mark’s rental car door for Mark and he carefully placed Rebecca at the back seat, Vera got at the back seat too, and as Mark sat on the driver’s seat, he started the car and drove them all home…
“Finally we’re home.” vera breathed out.
“And calculating the remaining gas in the car, it will take me home!” Mark smiled.
“Your house is around the corner! You can even walk home you lazy boy,” Vera joked as her hand mistakenly touch Rebecca’s arm, she flinched.
“Geez!” she said.. “what?” Mark asked immediately.
“Rebecca’s burning up,” Vera said and immediately got out of the car and so did Mark.
“I’ll get the door. While you bring her inside!” Vera said and hurried to the door.
Immediately she opened the door, taylor rushed outside with Steven behind her.
“Oh Vera!” Taylor called joyfullu as she pulled Vera In a hug.
“Mom… are you okay?” Vera asked when she saw tears in her mom’s eyes.
“How can I be okay… when the last thing I remembered was talking to Rebecca who want Rebecca but that ghost girl Delilah and suddenly I woke up and didn’t find any of you at home, I was worried sick, I was at the brink of dyeing…” Taylor said breathlessy drying her teary eyes with her hand.
“I’m so sorry mom!” Vera hugged her mom.
“Why are u sorry, its not your fault!” Vera sniffed.
Her mom suddenly let’s go of her and ran to Mark who was coming Close to them with Rebecca in his hand.
“It’s Rebecca!” Steve said before trailing behind his wife to meet Mark.
“What’s wrong with her?” Taylor asked.
“Can you get the door first?” Mark said calmly, and Taylor rushed back to open the door but it was already wide open by Vera.
Mark walked in with Rebecca and laid her body on one of the couch.
Immediately he moved away from Rebecca, her family gathered her sleeping body.
“What’s going on? Why is Rebecca sleeping? And what about that girl that poss–
“Dad I’ll explain everything… For now, I’m tired and Mark needs to get home and we have to do something about Rebecca’s sudden fever!” Vera explained tiredly. And Steve started to eye Mark.
Taylor gasped as she touched Rebecca’s body.
“She is burning up! Her body’s dry and she’s hot which means she’s cold. I know what to do!” Taylor said about to go when Vera called back.
“And mom!.. Rebecca’s fine now!” Vera smiled down at Rebecca “Delilah’s gone and it’s now Rebecca…Just Becca!” Vera smile grew even more.
“Really?” Taylor asked, shocked! But a bit relieved. “How… How come?”.
“Because of a gifted friend. And mom just do what you got to do about Rebecca and I’ll tell you guys the whole story later.!” Vera said, linked her arm with Mark’s arm and walked him out of the house.

“okay, I’ll come here tomorrow! To check on Rebecca!” Mark said as he and Vera got to his rental car.
“Aren’t you supposed to be at school?” Vera questioned.
“Well we’re still not sure if Delilah’s gone and I’m a bit worried–
“Think positive. Okay? Delilah’s gone!” Vera said sternly, making Mark nod with a smile.
“Okay, if she does wake up. I don’t care the time. Give me a call… Please!” Mark pleaded making Vera nod.
“Okay then goodnight” Mark said.
Vera smiled “Goodnight Mark! Thank you for everything!”.
Mark got into his car and Vera made a turn and made it back to her house.
Hera glanced at Betty and she sighed heavily.
Betty was still lying lifelessly without breathing and as she glanced at Betty’s wrist she had bandaged carefully she took the black sand Betty had used earlier, she took a pinch of sand and carefully rubbed it on under Betty’s bandaged cut.
“Silly girl! You should have been carefully!” Hera scoffed, as she muttered some scary chants and Betty suddenly opened her eyes.
Breathing in heavily she turned to her mom.
“Mom…” Betty called softly. Trying to sit up but her mom slowly push her back to lie.
“What are you doing here?” Betty asked, surprised.
“Ask that to the excorsim you just performed.! I can’t believe you Shehera,” Hera yelled standing up.
“Okay mom, you’re home, you can call me Betty!” Betty rolled her eyes.
“I’m not going to call you a name you gave yourself. And don’t try to change the subject, we’re talking about something important here. Didn’t you think it’s dangerous to perform that exorcism, if it weren’t for me. I didn’t know what would have become of you!” Hera sighed.
“What do you mean?” betty asked sitting up.
“You carelessly let your blood drip into the black sand and it seized your life, for some time, do you know what that black sand is made up, if I hadn’t bring you beg now, you would have been gone forever!” Hera huffed.
“That’s one of the dangers of black magic…” Betty rolled her eyes.
“It’s dangerous and that’s why I don’t want you touching it about it!” Hera said making Betty roll her eyes.
“Got it… but did the excorcism go well?” Betty asked inquisitvely.
Hera hesitated before replying “Yeah it did!”
“Really, Delilah is gone!?” Betty rejoiced happily.
“i wouldn’t lie, you did great performing your first excorcism just by using my book…except the part where you nearly got yourself killed You did everything well… it was just for you to say the last two words but I ended up saying it anyways!”. Hera sighed.
Betty laughed nervously “Wow I did good on my first try… Maybe that’s why I feel a little bit empty!”.
“Empty?” Hera asked, making Betty nod.
“What do you mean Empty?” Hera fully turned to her.
Betty shrugged, “I don’t know, I can’t fully explain it just feels like, something is mssing inside of me. Like I feel like a feather?”
“Elaborate!” Hera snarled.
Betty sighed, “Okay you know how stuffy, full, fluffy and fat a pillow is, imagine, taking out the stuffings inside the pillow and leaving only the pillow case.! It’ll be light, flat and empty that’s how I feel!”.
“Let this not be what I’m thinking!” Hera shook her head negatively.
“What are you thinking?” Betty scoffed, removing her mother’s hand away from her body and placing her legs on the floor to the out of the bed.
Hera stayed quiet and she seemed lost staring at the concrete floor. Betty glanced at her mom and shrugged, Betty felt weak immediately she got on her feet and as she took a step forward she almost fell but her lost in thought mother came back to her senses and caught her daughter’s arm.
Hera sat Betty on the bed and gazed her.
“Why are you staring at me like that?” Betty asked. “Did… you just see something?” Betty asked, knowing her mother more than anyone, her mother always holds that face when she has seen something bad.
“i just did!” Hera said sternly.
“About me? What did you see? You haven’t really been able to see my future, since we’re both fortune–
“You fool!” Hera said angrily,
“what I just saw..” Hera sighed “Because of your carelessness! You lost it!” Hera yelled.
“Huh? Mom what are you talking about?” Betty asked bewilderedly. “Lost what?”
“Your sight!!” Hera said like she was holding back so much.
“My… My Sight… I Don’t understand wh–
Betty paused when the word ‘my sight!’ sang in her head and she looked up at her mother.
“You mean. I… I.. I get to see no visions, or peoples future or… like the sight you call ‘gifted?’…” Betty asked to be sure.
“Yes!” Hera said and a tear dropped from her eye. “You see, When we do black magic, everything we use comes alive, even if you think they’re mere leaves or sand or powder, The black sand, could have taken your life, since it felt like you were actually offering yourself as a sacrifice, when your blood dropped on it, it had taken your life and your gift and now when I brought you back, it had taken your gift and had given me back your life… This is why I keep telling you that black magic is very dan–
“And that is the reason you’re crying?” Betty rolled her eyes. “Mom this is actually funny. Cause you hardly cry and this will be the second time in nineteen years I’ll be seeing you cry, but you shouldn’t cry, because to me, this will be the best gift ever.!” Betty said.
“What?” Hera looked at her like she’s saying rubbish.
“I’ve never really told you mom but I never liked my ‘so called gift’. It’s headache and weird!” Betty remarked not looking at her mother’s face.
“Weird? How in the world is such a gift weird!” Hera scoffed..
“Because… Well… I don’t know it’s just weird, you may not know but I do, and it’s nice I won’t be able to peak at people’s life and worry about it!” Betty yelled angrily and starts to breathe heavily.
“You’re still weak, be quiet, while I go make that special tea for you!” Hera said cleaning her tear.
“You mean that bitter tea! You know I hate that tea, what’s so special about it!” Betty kept a disgusting face.
“It gives empty people like you strong!” hera said before walking out of the room
“So you’re going to tease me just because I lost my once stupid sight?” Betty scoffed to herself and laid back on the bed. It’s for the best!. She smiled and closed her eyes.
She suddenly thought of Mark and Vera and decided to give Vera a call, she found her phone on her bed beside her and smiled. As she unlocked her phone, she scrolled through her contact looking for Vera’s name but she couldn’t see it, she was surprised and the same thing goes for Mark’s name too.
At the same time Hera walked inside and noticed her befuddled expression.
“Is everything okay?” Hera asked.
“Uhm… Yeah, just that I can’t seem to find my friend, Vera’s phone numb–
“I deleted it! She and the Mark guy!” Hera said.
“What?.!” Betty was suddenly angry, “Mom why? How could you,?” Betty voice was loud.
“Because I want you to stay away from them!” Hera stayed, her extra height towering over Betty who was sitting on the bed.
“And who gave you the permission to tell me who I stay away from!?” Betty asked.
Hera scoffed, “Are you talking to me? Is that anyway to talk to your mother?”.
Betty was already at the brim of tears.
“I gave myself that permission! Sheherazade is this how you want to speak to me now, where did all this guy came from–
Betty interrupted with a loud cry “You don’t know what it’s like that’s why! You don’t know what it’s like to have friends, to have people who always makes you happy and who doesn’t see you as weird, I’m weird! Because of that stupid sight, you called gift, I’ve been called weird all my life and now I see people who are accepting me the way I am and you’re telling me to stay away from them?” Betty was tired and as she screamed, she felt weaker and started to breathe heavily.
“They’re only friends with you for their personal gains, just because the girl, Vera, sister is possessed and you can perform excorcism and see things that’s why they asked for your help they just used you!” Hera scoffed.
“Oh I would be glad if they used me, cause even if it was a pinch of time we spent together, it was worth it. But guess what mother they once scolded me just because i told them I felt like I was being used, they’re real friends. And you want me to stay away from them? Not in this life time. Now leave me alone. I want to rest, and tomorrow I’m going over to Vera’s and you’re not stopping me!” Betty said and laid down covering her body with her blanket.
She backed her mom not wanting to see her face and Hera could hear the hear the heavy breathings her daughter was producing, and she sighed.
“I’m sorry!” Hera apologized quietly. “I’ll go check on your tea now.” and then walked outside the room.
“She’s waking up! Mom… Rebecca’s awake!” Little Helen yelled running across the living room to dining table Vera had taken her parents to tell them the whole story about Betty and what has happened.
“She’s awake!” Taylor sprout up from her chair and ran after Helen to see Rebecca who she had covered up with loads of warm clothes and blanket to make her sweat.
“Becca!” Taylor cried joyfully as she saw her daughter’s eyes widely open staring around the whole house.
“M..mom” Rebecca called trying to sit up but Taylor said. “No honey lay back.”
“She wants to sit up, let her sit up!” Vera said coming towards the sofa Rebecca was lying and she gently held her sister body, helping her to sit up.
“Don’t treat her like she’s going to break!” Vera said as she moved Rebecca’s hair away from her face.
“Thank.you.” Rebecca said breathlessy as she shivered in her spot.
“Steve go get the tea!” Taylor ordered and Steve immediately found himself going to the kitchen.
“I’m cold” Rebecca shivered pulling the blankets to her body.
“We know we can see that, mom I know we haven’t actually used it, but I think it’s best we use the fire place to keep Rebecca warm!” Vera suggested.
“Yeah? But they’re no fire woods!” Taylor said sadly
“Well there’s a bit of coal that seems like its been there decades, but I know what I can use instead of fire woods!” Vera said and walked away from them.
“Honey how are you feeling?” Taylor asked sitting close to her daughter.
“Cold and tired!” Rebecca replied almost too quietly.
“Oh… I can’t believe I’m talking to my own daughter.” Taylor said like she wanted to cry but gave Rebecca a hug, pulling Rebecca’s head to her chest.
“Mom, you’re so warm!” Rebecca said quietly glad she’s finally back.
Steve walked up to them holding a cup of tea
“Here Becca. For you!” Steve smiled and Rebecca locked the smile up in her memory as she had missed her father too.
She slowly sat straight, and she took the tea from her father, her hand shook.
Taylor grabbed the tea from Steve and turned to Rebecca.
“I’ll help you!” Taylor said, Rebecca nodded and let her mother do so.
As flames burst out of the fire Vera created in the fire place, she smiled and ran to her family who all gathered Rebecca.
“Mom I got fire in the fire place!” Vera said and Taylor smiled happily.
“Oh okay. Rebecca honey, we’re going to take you to the fire place!” Taylor slowly said at Rebecca and helped her stand up.
“Mom don’t worry, I got her!” Vera said as she held Rebecca and walked her to the fire place.
She slowly sat Rebecca on the warm floor beside the fire place and Rebecca smiled at her.
“What?” Vera smiled.
“It’s warm!” Rebecca’s voice was low.
“Of course it is!” Vera said bringing out her phone and immediately texting Mark.
**She’s awake, but she’s cold and not more of a talkative**
Mark replied immediately
**Oh okay, I can’t actually wait to meet her**
Vera put her phone away and sat beside Rebecca, who just watched the fire burn without saying a word.
Vera turned to Rebecca “i know you want to say a lot, but you’re too tired to do so…”
“Yeah!” Rebecca said. But it was too low Vera didn’t hear her so she nodded instead.
“I also know, you have a lot of questions you have about Delilah, Betty and how the excorcism went but don’t worry, you’re back and here to stay, I’ll make sure you hear it all, and seriously you remember the girl Betty?” Vera asked turning to Rebecca who nodded.
“Yeah… Betty, I owe it all to her.!” Vera sighed watching the fire with Rebecca.
With all her strength. Rebecca scoots closer to her sister, and slowly places her head on Vera’s shoulder.
And in a low tone she said. “I don’t know about her, but I know I owe it all to you!”.
“Oh Becca! You owe me nothing! Don’t be silly, we’re bloods and being there for each other is our number one priority” Vera said smiling.
The Adam’s had to have their dinner close to the fire place keeping Rebecca company, they talked and laughed like it was their first time.
Rebecca enjoyed the warmth she recieved from the fire and her family’s love.
She couldn’t love this more.
And she couldn’t wait to spend and make every moment of her memorable and enjoyable.
T. B. C
Final episode coming.

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