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[the girl he never noticed]



turned,it was nkem who called Lotanna’s name,I felt bad I caused trouble again;was i high?
“trouble right….do not come close to me,avoid me,if possible let’s not see” he said,
I nodded.He didn’t even look his phone.
He didn’t utter any more word,he brush his diamond ringed finger to the back of his head,it is visible it pained.He walked past me while carefully making sure his body did not touch my is not like I have infections and body odor right?.
it hurts me a lot whenever people avoid my body,when I was growing my mates did that to me because of my ugliness and because of the cane marks onome inflicted on me, that was why I formed the habit of hidding from people,I take my loneliness alone and the avoidance of body contact reduced.
since he is already avoiding me so much,am glad ngozi and the rest are kind to me….besides,I need to have sense here;.
Nkem looked at Lotanna as he left, he faced me when he was out of sight.
“was he mean to you?”, he asked.
“ohh no,his phone what am i suppose to do?”,I fidget as I picked the phone,half of the screen was damaged.
I faced Nkem,piously.
“do you know how much this cost?”, I asked him,
the queen approached,I hurriedly stop talking to nkem,I bowed in respect and left withy tray and his phone.
what was I even thinking; a repair.
I know the phone can buy me…
chai Adeife avoid trouble!.
I dropped the tray inside the kitchen and returned to the maids quarter, I went over to my belongings and kept the phone safely,in turn I brought out the beads and fishing line I purchased from old Nana.
I sat on my bed and keep myself busy since the girls don’t like speaking with me.Just greetings and when work join us together.
I miss ngozi.
“Do you mean olamma did all that yesterdays show? chai,I pity Arinze he still hasn’t know olamma as a player.Olamma will eat eat eat eat his money and run away-
Am guessing Princess Akuna is behind that bully,she is fond of bullying,I wonder who is her next scape goat” Vicky said.
the girls laughed.
“thank goodness am always avoiding her” chioma said.
“what if Akuna become our next queen-she might marry whosoever becomes the king among the twins prince” Rhoda said.
fire ooooo
hell,the kingdom will be in disorder; Akuna for queen in our kingdom,we die here..
“no wonder she always make friends with only her types; olamma,Adanna, Chiamanda and Vivian-
hmmm,I wonder who will start washing olamma cloths Now that Ife is here- chioma said.
I stayed quiet and continued what I was doing.
Another maid came in.Ohh Ebere.
she came to my side.
“sir Nkem calls for you” she said.
“okay” I puffed and part the curtains so i could look through the window, outside was dark why is nkem calling me…
“why is he calling me,is it for work?”, I asked.
all eyes followed me,most especially chioma.
she cleared her throat in an annoying manner,I shot her a glare.
“how can I know why he calls for you…mind you he is at the garden waiting” ebere said. I kept my beads under my pillow and followed her out
she left me alone when I was almost approaching the garden,
I got there,it was dark, only the stars brightened it a little bit.
I used my eyes to search around,I didn’t see nkem;was Ebere lying?.
I decided to leave,a pair of strong hand dragged me back,
my fear cooked up as conniption gripped me,I relaxed in full when it turned out to be nkem.
<friends right>.
He looked at me as if many points of lights flourish in his heart,my stomach follows,it feels like falling off a high hill….
“sir you scared me?”i said in a fright.
my eyes shimmer,my breath shortens as he stared at me with that melancholic gaze.
“sir you scared me” I said in a fright, again.
“was it scary?”he asked.
he lay on the neat grass field and tapped there for me to sit.
He dragged my hand down,and I sat with a little distance.
no words*just looking into the skies.
“sir you called me” I said,I really don’t want us to be seen together.
“the story,tell me another one” he said….
<friends right>
“Once upon a time,there lived a wicked queen,she gave birth to so many children,and her children usually run away from her,they would change both their nane and surname so that no one would know that they belong to the wicked queen family,they did this because their mother is not a considerate person,she always think she is the prettiest and fairest,she traveled around just to meet a verrry powerful magician who made her an amulet so she could know if there is anyone more pretty than her.
“dear amulet,among the immortals, who is the prettiest” she would ask.
“you,my queen” the amulet would reply her.
this same question continued for two full moon,the amulet gives the same answers until a day.
“dear amulet,who is the prettiest among the immortals” she asked.
“Star,star is the prettiest my queen” the amulet replied her.
out of jealousy,she sent armed men to kill star out of desperation.
the armed men left,they return to the queen and wanted to tell her something before killing the star but the queen didn’t give listening ears,all she wants was the death news….
the armed men went back and killed star,they returned and the queen was happy for the job well done until one of the armed men spoke;
“we killed her but she was your daughter Florence” he said.
the queen went mad in the end”
I told the story.
“awww touching… star star star.Good for the queen” nkem said.
“ummm I don’t like the way star died” I said.
Nkem smiled.
from where he sat,he held my hands.
I saw it as nothing,
<friends right>.
I looked up into the sky and admire the stars,my eyes drifted to lotanna’s window,I could see lights inside through the windows…
am sorry,I hope I didn’t you trouble,
maybe next time,just next time,I will be more careful each time you are near….
I didn’t blink until nkem tapped my leg.
“that’s a shooting star,I want to make a wish” he said.
I joined him looking at the stars.
“I wish my love for love grow in her heart” he says.
*my love for love* does that make sense; it might to him.
“love,is that a persons name?”, I asked,confused.
“yeah,it’s someone’s name” he said.
“okay,your love will grow in love’s heart” I said innocently.
“so make your wish” he said.
“who,me?”, I asked.
am not used to bring treated kind, am the one who treat people nicely, people hardly do the same to me.
“who, me???”, I asked.Nkem was waiting.
“will it come true?”, I asked.
“sure,if you believe” he said.
I blinked my eyes,his stares makes me feel so uncomfortable…
I remembered Lotanna, the sparks I get each time our eyes lock,I would feel like am falling into trances of oceans.
in my dreams!
my dreams do not come true.
Nkem cleared his throat,I jolted out of my thoughts.
“I wish my mom didn’t die” I said,I was already in tears.
“hey, don’t cry it’s not cute”
he said and wiped my tears…
“who are those there????”,
someone said…..
isn’t that the queen’s voice?

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