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HER LAST WISH Chapter 48

HER LAST WISH Chapter 48


Zeemah Writes 📝




“She’s really starting to piss me off” Layla said to Dan after narrating the Saturday incidence to him,they were seated in class now.
“Wow, she’s really something. I think you should tell Phil”
“It’s not like Phil’s gonna do anything. I just have to keep trying to keep up with the girl” Layla sigh.
“Phil needs to know, Layla. She needs to know the kind of person Mirabel is”
“You think so?”
“Of course, she needs to know the worker she’s paying refused to work on Saturday because she feels she has done enough on weekdays”
“But isn’t that going to make Phil probably fire her”
“Whatever Phil decides to do with her should not be your business, just make Phil know, she deserves to know, trust me”

“I’m going to tell her then” Layla said.
“Yeah, do and I’m glad you stood up to her, way to go” Dan patted her shoulder and she smiled.


“Hi Dan” Dylan approached Dan and Layla who were walking to the Cafeteria.
“Can I have some minutes?” He asked.
“Yeah” Dan said.
“I’ll be waiting in the Cafeteria” Layla said, walking away.

“Okay, so … Thank you Dan, I just want to thank you, that’s all” Dylan said.
“Thank me? For what?” Dan asked.
“For… speaking senses into me”
“I did?” Dan raised a brow.
“Yeah, you did. In the school detention, you advised me to stop feeling insecure”
“Oh that” Dan said and Dylan nodded. “I’m very glad you made use of those words though. I bet it wasn’t easy to try to change”
“Honestly it wasn’t easy, normally, I usually don’t find it easy to adapt to change, so I found it really hard but I tried because I was actually fed up of hating on someone, it felt like a burden and I was glad to let it go. Thank you Dan for not hating me, even after knowing how much I despised you”

“I couldn’t hate you because I understood how you felt, I knew where your hate for me was stemming from, I knew you hated me because you were insecure so I knew it’d unnecessary to return the hate. Although, one thing I didn’t like you for was embarrassing Layla and always taking advantage of her feelings for you just to spite me” Dan said.
“I feel so ashamed of myself to have gone to that length” Dylan bit his lip, feeling so ashamed. For some days now, he has been finding it hard to face Layla. He knows how much he has offended the girl.
“I never knew harboring hate in your heart pushes one to do unimaginable things” He said.

“Yeah, it does” Dan said.
“How do I even face her now? I’ve been finding it hard even looking at her, I feel so bad” He said, knowing he’s been a real dickhead.
“It’s a good thing you admitted your wrong, you can approach her when you feel ready to. Don’t rush into it” Dan said.
“Okay Dan, thanks. I think I can finally see the reason a lot of people love you”
“C’mon” Dan smiled.
“We’re cool now right?” Dylan asked.
“Of course we are, we’ve been cool since you started saying hi to me even though you don’t wait for me to reply, you just leave” Dan said.
Dylan chuckled ” I bet you don’t get how hard it was for me to even say hi to you, I feel ashamed anytime I do that, knowing how much I’ve wronged you but I went ahead anyway and it actually helped me adapt easily”
“I’m glad to know that Dylan” Dan said.
“Hm, cool to hear you say my name” Dylan said and they chuckle.

“I should go join Layla now” Dan said.
“Oh okay. You guys must have started dating already, I’m happy for you both, you deserve each other” Dylan said.
“Well… No, we’re not dating yet” Dan said.
“Really? Why?” Dylan asked, wondering what’s holding them back with how obvious it is that they both like each other.
“Well…I think Layla still…likes you” Dan admitted painfully.

“No, that’s not possible” Dylan said.
“Yeah it is, she’s still not over you.” Dan said.
“C’mon” Dylan said “You’re the one Layla likes now. Everybody knows that. It’s so obvious”
“I guess most people mistook the way Layla acts towards me. It’s plain, no feelings involved. I’m the one in love with her”
“No, she is with you also, how can’t you see it” Dylan wondered aloud.
“She isn’t, she still stares at you Dylan, she still does.”
“I’m sure you’re mistaken” Dylan said.
“I’m not. Anyway, I should go join her now” Dan said, before walking away.

Dylan wondered how Dan could be so blind to see it, Layla likes him too.
Well.. they’re both gonna realize it soon.


“You guys should just stop!” Kate said to her friends who were teasing her about Saturday’s incidence .
“I can’t believe Paul almost saw Kate butt” Jessie grinned, sipping her juice.
“Kate would have actually died of horror if he had” Sarah said and they laughed.
“You guys say anymore word about it and I’ll leave this table. There’s nothing wrong with skinny dipping!” Kate said.
“Okay, we’ll stop” Sarah said, grinning.

“Remembering how she held us tight while she was naked is just another thing that makes me laugh” Jessie giggled..
“You’re right. She was so terrified” Sarah said.
“Especially when Paul came running” Anne said and they laughed again.
“That moment was literally hell for her” Jessie said.

Kate made to get up but they pulled her back and she was forced to laugh with them.

“Okay guys, we’ve actually teased her enough” Anne said.
“Yeah, we have” Kate and Sarah agreed, still grinning.

“Jess, Mark is approaching our table” Sarah said.
They all knew Jess and Mark were not on talking terms.
“Oh” Jess pulled her face into a frown.

Mark finally got to their table, he smiled as he said hi to them.
“Hi Mark” They smiled back at him.
Mark is actually a very cute and loving guy, one of the most intelligent in the class.
Jess had been so over the moon when he asked her out.
“Hey” He said to Jess.
“Huh?” She asked, finally looking at him, maintaining an unsmiling face.
“Well…you want some cookies? My mum made them” He said, dropping a package in front of her..

The frown that was on her face softened.
“Thank you” She said.
He kissed her cheeks “I’ll call you”
“Okay” She said.
“See y’all in class” Mark said to them.
“Okay Mark” They said and he walked away to his friends.

“OMG, that was so sweet” Kate blinked.
“I think I’m going to get myself a boyfriend too” Sarah said.
“I’m definitely getting myself one” Anne joked.

“You guys stop” Jessie said, blushing hard.
“Oh God, Jess…your cheeks” Kate said and they all laughed when Jess quickly covered her cheeks with her palms.

“I guess you’ve forgiven him now” Anne said.
“Isn’t it so obvious” Sarah said.
“In fact, I’m pretty sure jessie has forgiven him for his future offense also” Kate teased and they all laughed again.

“Wow, so…you and Dylan are officially in good terms now” Layla said after Dan was done telling her what happened.
“Yeah” Dan said .
“I’m glad, who knew the fight that happened between you two would actually quench your dislike for each other” Layla smiled.
“Yeah, who knew. And I liked that he admitted his faults, he’s really changed” Dan said.
“Good for him” Layla said.

“Hi Dan, is the pasta good?” Chloe asked and Layla wondered when she got to their table.
“Yeah it is” Dan said.
“Are you sure?” She asked.
“Of course”
” The last one I ate was terrible and Im craving pasta now but I’m afraid it’s not going to be nice, I don’t want to waste my money and irritate my tongue”
“Trust me, it’s good. You can have a taste” Dan said.
“It must be really good then, I’ll go get mine” She said.
“Okay” Dan said.

Layla watched her leave, Chloe’s really changed. She even finds it hard to look Layla in the face now and her friends are now quite reserved also.

It’s no doubt Dan brings change wherever he goes, he’s never afraid to speak his mind, he’s never afraid to tell you you have a shitty behavior, he gives room for forgiveness, he’s just the sweetest friend Layla has ever come across..
How couldn’t she love him…

“Do you see yourself accepting Chloe’s apology if she apologises to you?” Dan asked.
“Well…yeah, even though she was so horrible to me then, she’s a chaged person now, it won’t take me anything to forgive her, everyone deserves second chance” Layla said and Dan smiled.
“That’s so good and thoughtful of you”
“Well…I got that from you” She said.
“Okay, I’m trying not to blush” He said and they giggled.

Dan had told Chloe when they first started chatting how terrible she had been to Layla. And Chloe had admitted it and said she really wants to apologize to Layla but doesn’t have the courage to, she feels so ashamed to even look Layla in the face, not to talk of approaching her. Besides, she doesn’t know how Layla would take it.
He also didn’t know how Layla would accept Chloe’s apology because Chloe literally made her school life hell but what matters is she’s changed now, he advised Chloe to approach Layla whenever she feels confident enough.

And apparently, Layla is going to forgive her.
He’s just so lucky to have friends with the best heart.


Layla studied her hair in the mirror, she doesn’t know if she’s seeing clearly but it seems as though her hair is getting fuller.
Could she be mistaken?
Of course it’s not possible, she’s supposed to be loosing hair, not gaining it.
She’s clearly not seeing clearly, she is really mistaken.

She gently hand brushed her hair and even in her hands, she could feel it that it’s gotten fuller.
She quickly dismissed the thought and started getting ready to leave for the Cafe.
She walked into the Cafe and wondered what was wrong with her sight today.
That definitely isn’t Aria that she’s seeing at the counter, her heart ached, she must have missed her so much to start seeing Mirabel as Aria.

But as she walked closer, Aria’s image still refused to leave Mirabel’s face. Layla could see outstretched arms, the only person who welcome her that way is Aria, there’s no way Mirabel would stretch out her hands to welcome her, no way and as Layla got closer, it was still Aria’s image she was seeing.
She stood by the counter and stared.
“Hey, it’s me. C’mon” She heard that familiar laughter and in seconds she was screaming and running into Aria’s arms.

Aria laughed, hugging her tightly.

“OMG! Aria, is it really you?” Layla said, still not letting go of her.
“Yeah it’s me” Aria smiled.
“I’m so glad to see you, I was actually planning to come visit you on Sunday, didn’t know you missed me so much that you couldn’t wait to see me and have to come all the way here” Layla said, feeling so happy.
“I missed you so much Aria, I miss you being here with me” Layla said, wondering where Mirabel was.
Aria knew Layla is still yet to notice she was putting on the Cafe’s apron and hair cover.

“Where’s Mirabel? Did she leave already, it isn’t 4pm yet” Layla frowned.
“Well… Mirabel left, I’m the new worker. It’s so nice to meet you. My name is Aria, what’s yours?” Aria said with humor.
Layla screamed happily, finally noticing the apron and hair cover Aria has on.
Aria laughed.
“OMG! Aria, you’re back!!” Layla said in disbelief.
“Yeah, after Mirabel left on Saturday. I saw the notice Phil put outside and I submitted my application and was employed without interview, am I not so lucky” Aria grinned.
“Oh my God, you’re really back! Thanks for coming back Aria” Layla hugged her again, trying not to cry.

“It’s fine, and before the mushy stuff, you’re yet to introduce yourself” Aria said .
“Okay” Layla laughed and cleared her throat dramatically.
“I’m Layla, it’s so nice to meet you too, I look really forward to working with you. But why do I feel like I’ve met you before even though it’s the first time we’re meeting” Layla raised a brow.
“Well…maybe we had a bond in our past lives” Aria said, looking so serious that it almost made Layla laugh but she isn’t ready to ruin their acting.
“Well..if that’s so, I would love for us to have another bond in our present lives” Layla said.
“I’m open to it also, it’s nice to meet you again Layla” Aria said.
“Same here, I love you Aria” Layla said.
“Wow Isn’t that too extreme for someone you just met?” Aria widened her eyes and they couldn’t stop themselves from laughing anymore.

“But did Phil really put out the notice of looking for another worker?” Layla asked Aria.
They were settled now, seated after serving the customers in the Cafe.
“Yeah, the notice has been out since yesterday”
“Really?” Layla asked.
“Weren’t you aware? Of course you weren’t or wouldn’t have asked where Mirabel was when you arrived. I guess Mirabel left since yesterday”
“But while I was coming back from church yesterday, I didn’t see the notice of Phil looking for another worker” Layla said.

“It was there, I guess you didn’t just notice it” Aria said.
“I guess” Layla said, wondering why Phil didn’t tell her Mirabel quitted since yesterday.

“Anyway, how were you able to convince your husband?” Layla asked.
“It wasn’t easy, trust me. I literally have to convince him everyday” Aria sighed.
“You still tried to convince him even after Mirabel resumed?” Layla asked.
“Of course, I just needed him to consent and then planned to persuade Phil to take me back. Three people working in a Cafe isn’t too much.” She smiled.
“You’re right, when did he finally give in?” Layla asked.

“On Saturday and I was on my way to your place on Sunday to convince Phil when I happened to come by the notice. I was so happy” Aria smiled.
“So, you’ve been employed since yesterday and decided to keep it from me” Layla pretended to be pissed.
“Yeah, I told Phil not to tell you, it was meant to be a surprise” Aria pulled her cheeks and she laughed.

“I never thought your husband would finally consent, he was so bent on you not resuming work here anymore” Layla said.
“Well…there’s a condition attached to it though” Aria said.
“Really? What condition?”
“I’m going to stop working once I get pregnant again” Aria said.
“Of course you’re going to stop working, it’s not even a condition, it’s something you must do” Layla said.
“Yeah” Aria nodded.

“And you shouldn’t try to get pregnant soon. You can’t leave me all alone again.” Layla pouts. “Well…i think it’s your husband I need to tell this to” She joked and they laughed.



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