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HER LAST WISH Chapter 47

HER LAST WISH Chapter 47


Zeemah Writes 📝




As they sat in class, listening to the teacher teach. Dan stared at Layla, trying to observe if she still stares at Dylan.
Right now, she was focused on the teaching but Dan kept staring, Layla do steal glances at Dylan even during a class.
Since the class started, he has not notice her even as much glance Dylan’s direction, which is quite strange, as far as he knew… Layla loves staring at Dylan, she’d stare at him in class and not concentrate on the teachings and he would reprimand her all the time.
Now that he’s really thinking about it, Layla might have actually stopped staring at Dylan because he couldn’t remember reprimanding her to concentrate in class for several days now.
But does that mean she really doesn’t like Dylan anymore?
She might still like him but just decided to concentrate in class due to how much he always reprimand her, maybe he should just observe after the class.
His heart thumped like he’s about to come to a big realisation, deep down, he’s really wishing Layla has stopped staring at Dylan, though that doesn’t literally means she doesn’t like him anymore but that definitely means the feelings is not as strong as it used to be and that might actually give him the chance he’s been waiting for.
“What’s the meaning of that word she just said?” Layla asked Dan.
“Huh?” He asked, a bit embarrassed Layla almost caught him staring at her.
“What Miss Steels just said, what’s the meaning?” She asked.
He doesn’t know anything Miss Steels just said, he doesn’t even know the topic of today’s class.
“Dan” Layla said.
“I don’t know the word, just tell me what it is, I might know the meaning” He said, fully embarrassed now.
“You were not listening? What’s wrong?” She asked, a bit surprised, it’s very unlike Dan not to concentrate in class.
“My mind was occupied” He admitted.
“What are you thinking about? Are you okay?” She asked, starting to look worried.
“C’mon, I’m fine. Just some silly thoughts”
“Are you sure?”
“Daniel and Layla, any more word from you both and you’ll be out of my class” Miss Steels warned.
“We’re sorry, Miss Steels” They said and the class continued.
“Are you sure it’s nothing serious?” Layla asked, after Miss Steels’s class is over.
“It’s not, for real” He smiled.
“Okay” She said, flipping through the pages of her book. “Yeah, here’s the word”
Dan looked at it and told her the meaning.
“Oh thanks” She smiled as she normally do whenever she gains a new knowledge.
Dan nodded, he picked her book and started going through it to fill in on what he missed during the class.
Layla gazed at him, what’s there not to love about Dan.
She honestly doesn’t blame herself for developing feelings for him.
Who won’t?
Who would be around Daniel almost all the time and not like him.
Well…Fel has been around Dan for years and didn’t develop any feelings for him, and she has only known Dan for months and she’s starting to feel like her heart would thump out of her chest whenever she sees him.
Maybe it’s not a matter of ‘who-would-be-around-daniel-almost-all-the-time-and-not-like-him’, maybe it’s not a matter of him having a great personality that one can’t help but fall in love with, maybe it’s not a matter of his beautiful smile that can literally brighten one’s day.
It’s a matter of the heart. Her heart chose to fall in love with him and is it really her fault?
She doesn’t think it is. After all, she didn’t chose to have feelings for him, she didn’t chose for her heart to beat so crazily when he told her he liked her by his locker even though she knows he only meant it as friends. Her heart and whatever part of her body that strings feelings had made that decision and she wished she could sit her heart down and tell it how unfair it is to her.
Well..her heart had made the decision but she can try to change it.
She switched her gaze to Dylan and gave a small sigh. Trying to like Dylan again is a stupid idea right? But yeah, that’s the only thing she can think of, it’s better than having feelings for her best friend, it’s better than ruining the relationship she has with her best friend.
She tried to think what it is about Dylan that made her fall for him in the first place. Is it his looks? She stared at his face, drawing in every inch, bringing up every fantasy thought she could ever think of but felt nothing…
Isn’t it crazy to feel absolutely nothing for someone she was once head over heels with…so she thought.
Could developing feelings for Dan have completely erased whatever she’s ever felt for Dylan?
Or could it be that what she had felt for Dylan wasn’t serious after all.
She could feel it that whatever she’s feeling for Dan is much more intense than what she had felt for Dylan.. she could really feel it, it’s just there.
Dylan never made her feel this crazy way and to think she had developed feelings for Dan gradually without knowing is one of the most crazy things to ever happen to her. Realising it just recently that she has feelings for her best friend and realising how deep it is is even crazier.
She sigh again, a deep sigh this time .
Starting at Dylan did nothing, she doesn’t think that lame idea is gonna help her.
She switched her gaze back to Dan and caught him staring at her, he gave her a quick small smile before turning back to the book.
And is that a look of disappointment she saw on his face, well..clearly she’s mistaken. What could Dan possibly be disappointed about.
“You’re still coming over to the Cafe today right?” She asked him.
He nodded, he had planned to see who Mirabel was today.
“You need to come before it’s 4pm because once it’s that time, she grabs her bag and leave without looking back”
“Oh Okay” He said drily.
“Are you okay?” She asked.
“Yeah I am” He said, feeling like a dick. Layla still stares at Dylan and it’s just heartbreaking, she had even done it with more intensity. What a fool he is to even think Layla probably doesn’t like Dylan anymore.
“But you look like you’re bothered with something”
“Well..I am” He admitted.
“Do you want to share?” She asked and he shook his head.
“Okay… whenever you’re ready, I’m always here okay?” She assured and he nodded.
“Whatever it is, it’s okay, you’ll be fine” She said squeezing his hand.
“Thank you” He said with a smile.
“Ofcourse She still stares at him” Dan said to Anne.
“I bet you’re mistaken” Anne said.
“I’m not, I told you Layla still likes Dylan, he’s just the one she likes and that’s fine” Dan said unhappily..
“Are you sure she really still stares at him in class?” Anne asked, wondering if Layla likes two guys at the same time because she obviously likes Dan.
“Of course, It was so dumb of me to think she stopped in the first place”
“I’m sure there’s something that isn’t clear here. Layla likes you, I know that” Anne said.
“She doesn’t! Stop saying that, it’s hurting me and giving me false hopes and that’s the last thing I need now” Dan said, turning back to the TV.
Anne sigh. Dan’s still refusing to believe and the fact that Layla still stares at Dylan is starting to make her doubt that she actually likes her brother. She’s pretty sure there’s something unclear here.
“Shit, I need to go to the Cafe” Dan said, getting up from the couch.
“Okay” Anne said.
“See ya” Dan said, literally dashing out of the house. It’s almost 4pm and Layla told him Mirabel leaves immediately it’s 4pm.
Shit! How could he have forgotten.
He got to the Cafe and was about walking in when someone bumped into his shoulder, glanced at him and walked away without apologising.
He walked in rubbing his shoulder as he went to meet Layla by the counter.
“I guess she left already” He said disappointedly.
“Didn’t you see her, she left just now, it’s a surprise you both missed each other” Layla said.
“Yeah, she walked out of that door as soon as you came in” Layla said.
“Hold on, her nose and chin … Is pierced?” Dan asked.
“Well, yeah, I guess you met her” Layla said.
“I saw her, she bumped into me and didn’t even apologize plus she looks so rugged, I’m surprised Phil could employ someone like that. You should be careful with her” Dan advised.
“I don’t care how rugged she might be, she’s capable of doing nothing to me. Come, your shoulder must be hurting. I think I have a balm in my bag” Layla said, feeling so pissed at Mirabel for hurting Dan. She searched for the balm in her bag and saw it.
“Her body is just like steel but it’s fine. I’m okay” Dan said.
“C’mon, come here” She said and he walked into the counter so she could massage his shoulder with the balm.
The rest of the weekdays passed in a blur. It was Saturday.
“Mirabel, you can’t just sit and watch me do all the work when we’re supposed to do it together!” Layla said angrily, she’s been up and about for hours now and Mirabel sat, doing nothing. Today being Saturday, the Cafe is extra busy and the work is just crazy.
This would be the first Saturday they’ll be working together, Phil had given them the last Saturday off.
“What do you mean?” Mirabel asked softly, maintaining a very cool poise. One would almost think she was the boss or the head of the workers.
“It’s either you go take people’s order or you prepare the order, you can’t just sit and make me do everything, that’s not fair” Layla said, annoyed.
“I work during the weekdays more than you do, you should do most of the work on weekends” Mirabel stated.
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Layla asked, getting irritated with the whole thing.
“You only resume after 4pm on weekdays, which is almost near to the time the Cafe closes, I always do the most stressful part of the work from 8am to 4pm, you only resume to finish it up. In summary, you’re doing the most work today dear” Mirabel said, air-quoting the dear with a grin on her face.
“Wow, that’s a joke right?” Layla asked, dropping the tray she was holding on the counter.
“Sorry to burst your last bubble but It’s no joke!” Mirabel rolled her eyes.
“That shows you really do have a shallow thinking” Layla slammed.
“Excuse me?” Mirabel rose from the stool, her anger building up.
“I said what I said and I’m not sorry for saying that. As a matter of fact, there are days where you literally do less work than I do, most days, I do the most stressful work after I resume, that 4pm you mentioned is actually the time most people walk into the Cafe to have coffee after a stressful day. Of course you wouldn’t know that, when you only pick your bag to leave once it’s 4pm.” Layla hissed.
“Lies! I do the most work on weekdays!” Mira
“I can’t even believe there’s actually someone who think like you do and I can’t believe I’m having this lame conversation with you. You’re here to work! Nobody cares if you do the most work on weekdays or not, you should work when due, after all you’re getting paid”
“Of course you have the right to talk to anyone in any manner since your aunt owns the Cafe but watch how you speak to me. I’m not so nice” Mirabel said angrily.
“I do not speak to anyone in any manner, I speak to people the way they deserve to be spoken to. You can’t act all bitchy and expect me to remain kind to you. I’m not going to watch how I speak to you unless you do same and “Punch Line” .. I’m not so nice also” Layla stated clearly, looking Mirabel right in the eye.
Mirabel stood,hot breath escaping her nose, infuriated at Layla’s gut. It doesn’t take her anything to hit Layla but of course she doesn’t want to lose her job. She has disliked the girl since Phil told her she was her niece, she knows Layla would want to abuse the privilege of being the boss’s niece and then try to ride on her, so she had made up her mind not to leave that chance.
“You need to join me now, more customers are coming in” Layla said, about to go take the customers order.
“You’re joking right! I’m not joining you!” Mirabel half yelled.
“You’re going to make me do all the work, while you’re here!?” Layla asked.
“Of course, don’t think because you’re Boss’s niece, you’ll get me to work my ass off while you chill. That isn’t going to happen!”
“Incredible” Layla sigh in disbelief of the type of person Mirabel is. She’s much worse than being rude.
“Okay, I think you need an explanation. If you’re someone who abuses their privileges, that doesn’t mean other people are like you. While at work, I’m not Phil’s niece, I’m her worker! She doesn’t even treat me like her niece at work, she treats me as she does any worker… that’s another fact you would have known if you don’t pick your bag to leave once it’s 4pm. Why am I even wasting time explaining this to you? We’re supposed to be working! You need to stop being so obstinate and work alongside me” Layla said, uncomfortable with keeping customers waiting. It’s only a matter of time before they start getting impatient.
“I’m not working alongside you!” Mirabel said, sitting back on the stool.
“It’s so obvious you’re crazy” Layla said, starting to really boil with anger this time. “how dare you not work and leave your co worker to do every damn thing just because of a stupid claim you have. If anything, you should be the one doing most work! Because you’re the one getting paid! Do you get paid to work on weekdays alone? If you thought I’m so dumb for you to try this with,then as you can see, you were in for a shocker. I’d advise you to get on your feet, let’s start working or I go into Phil’s office to explain all these to her and I bet you know what happens next” Layla said, she’s not someone to threaten anyone just because her position seem to be a bit higher but it’s just so crazy how people push you to do what you wouldn’t normally do.
Mirabel stepped down from the stool trying to stop her hands shaking from the anger she felt, God knows if she hadn’t been trying to keep her job, Layla would have received the beating of her life.
Layla’s just so lucky she could now control her anger, she was expelled from school after fighting and hurting people multiple times, it doesn’t take her anything to deal with Layla right here and now. Well…it takes her her job and she isn’t ready to lose it.
“Are you going to take orders or prepare them?” Layla asked.
“Don’t fucking question me!” Mirabel yelled so loud that people turned their attention to her.
She swallowed hard after realizing what she just did.
“Don’t fucking talk to me, you bitch!” She said angrily but in a low tone to Layla.
“Rubbish! And do not startle customers with your unnecessary yelling. Anyway, I’ll go start taking orders, you should get behind the coffee machine”
“Did you just call me rubbish?
“Yeah I did. I said you’re rubbish and that’s already being courteous to you! After all, there are different grades of rubbish and you’re one of the lowest!” Layla thrashed.
And just when Mirabel thought she couldn’t restrain hitting Layla anymore, Phil appeared.
“What’s going on?” She asked.
“It’s nothing Phil” Layla said.
“Mirabel, get behind the coffee machine. I’ll go take orders” Layla said, her voice and eyes daring Mirabel to refuse now that Phil’s here.
Mirabel slowly got behind the industrious coffee maker machine, seething.
Phil walked away while Layla also went to get customers order.
Mirabel grinded her teeth together, it’s being a while she felt this angry. She really hopes Layla doesn’t provoke her to scald her with hot coffee.
And that’s likely to happen when her anger finally get out of hand.

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