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HER LAST WISH Chapter 51

HER LAST WISH Chapter 51


Zeemah Writes 📝




“That’s unbelievable” Dan said.
“I think so too” Layla nodded.
“I think they’re both pulling our legs” Dan said.
It was Thursday, Dan and Layla were standing by their lockers after school activities.
They both just saw the message Rylan and Fel sent to the group.
They are dating!
“But what if they’re not joking?” Layla reasoned loudly.
“They are, I know that” Dan said, he has known them long enough to know that they can’t just start dating all of a sudden. It’s just too weird.
“Well…they said they’ll tell us the details on Sunday” Layla said, dropping her phone back in the locker.
“We should just meet at my house then, you know we already scheduled to read at mine on Sunday”
“Yeah, that’s perfect” Layla said.
“I can’t wait for them to tell me it’s a joke, I’m so going to kill them”
“Well, to be honest, I don’t it is” Layla said.
“Of course, they’ve never joked about that, I don’t think they would now”
“Well, even at that Rylan has never told me he likes Fel and Fel never told me shit also”
“I think we should just wait till it’s Sunday for the details. Promise me you won’t go to any of their houses, demanding explanation” Layla said, looking at him suspiciously. He laughed.
“C’mon, of course not”
They started walking back to their class.
“By the way, you looked so good in your cheerleader wear” He said.
She had not gone to swim today, she had joined the cheerleaders and had cheered Dan as he played.
“Thank you” She smiled.
“And you played so well, I’m proud of you”
“Well, I think you’re my lucky charm, seeing you cheer me up seemed to boost my energy, hence the good performance” Dan said, smiling to himself as he watched Layla blush.
“No, I’m not. You just happened to be a good player” She said, they were entering the class now.
“Nah, I’ve never played so exceptionally well and it happened because you were cheering me on, take it or leave it” He said.
“Well…I’m leaving it” she said and he groaned.
She laughed.
“Phil, I was invited to a birthday party by a friend in school” Layla said to Phil over dinner.
“And..?” Phil asked.
“It’s on Saturday… Next week Saturday.”
“You’re going to leave all the work to Aria alone just to attend a party? I know she’s kind to you and all but taking advantage of people’s kindness is not fair” Phil frowned.
“Ofcourse that’s not what I’m trying to do, I would never do that, besides the party is not to start until it’s 4:30pm, that’s what I wanted to say”
“Oh” Phil sigh.
“I might not attend because I might get tired after we’re done but if I still feel up to it, can I go?” Layla asked.
“You’re free to” Phil said.
“Thanks Phil”
“Is Dan going with you?” She asked.
“Yeah, he’s to pick me up if I decide to go”
“Okay and make sure to drop the venue and the person’s contact” Phil said.
“Sure, I’ll do that” Layla said, trying to ignore the fact that Phil just spoke like her mum.
She brushed away the brewing emotions and focused on her meal.
“And…how are you doing?” Phil asked.
“I mean…the symptoms, are there any new symptoms?” Phil asked.
“Not really…just sudden fatigue” Layla answered, wanting to mention her hair gain also but decided not to, she had probably just imagined it.
Phil wondered how Layla can be so at peace knowing something…is going to happen to her soon.
She wanted to mention it to Layla but decided against it, she doesn’t want them to dwell on it, although they might have to do that sooner, it’s been months already, Phil’s starting to get really worried and scared.
It’s only a matter of time before whatever is going to happen happens.
“And I’ll be going to Dan’s on Sunday to study” Layla said.
“Okay but make sure you come back early enough to prepare dinner”
“Alright Phil” Layla said, staring at Phil who continued eating her meal.
Is she just assuming it or Phil looks really depressed…
Could it be because of her? Could Phil be sad because of what’s happening to her?
Phil’s not her vibrant self anymore and she’s sure there’s something else on Phil’s mind. Something that doesn’t even involve her at all.
“What?” Phil asked, catching Layla staring at her.
“Huh?” Layla asked, knowing she’s bursted.
“Why are you staring at me?”
“Am I?” Layla asked. “Well Is the meal great?”
“It is but I know that’s not the reason you’re staring at me but let’s keep it at that” Phil said, looking at her pointedly.
“Okay” Layla pressed her lips together, facing her meal.
“I think something’s wrong with Phil” Layla mouthed her concern to Aria.
“Really? How?”
“I can’t really place a finger on what it is but… she’s not like the Phil I once knew”
“The one who use to yell and mistreat you?” Aria asked.
“Well…not actually, I like the fact that she’s changed even though I know it’s for a reason but that aside, there’s something else, there’s something else that really changed about her. She doesn’t look happy anymore, she doesn’t even come to the Cafe like she used to and even if she managed to come, she’ll be in her office all day and not even check if the customers are well attended to like she normally does”
“I noticed that also but I didn’t really dwell on it, I just thought she might not be feeling up to it. Do you think something is bothering her?”
“Yeah” Layla nodded and she’s pretty sure whatever is bothering Phil is not because of what is about to happen to her, although it might be part but there is just something else, something odd and out of place.
“I think you need to ask her” Aria suggested.
“Of course, she might open up to you if you do. Just try” Aria said.
“Okay, I will”
“It might not actually be something serious, you know people have bad days, I guess that’s just what’s happening to Phil”
“You think so?” Layla asked.
“Of course, she’s adult and of course go through adult shit”
“Well…that sounds right. You think I should still ask her what’s wrong?”
“I think you should probably hold on and then if she isn’t back to her normal self after some days then that definitely calls for concern”
“I’ll do just that” Layla nodded.
They spent the next couple of hours attending to customers without really taking any quality rest.
They finally got to rest but still at alert, in case a customer walks in…
“I hope you’re starting to prepare for your exam”
“Yeah, I’m actually going to Dan’s tomorrow to study”
“Great. And say hi to him for me”
“You want to say something?” Aria asked her, noticing the skeptical look on Layla’s face.
“Well..” Layla trailed off, looking sheepish.
“Hey, you can talk to me” Aria encouraged, it’s unlike Layla to look this shy and it’s really making Aria curious on what it is.
They attended to more customers again for some minutes before settling on their chairs again.
“So what is it?” Aria prompted.
“Well…I think I like Dan” She spilled, not looking so shy anymore.
Aria smiled, it was no surprise because it’s so obvious Dan and Layla likes each other.
“Actually, I don’t think you do, you do. You like Dan” Aria said. She’s just glad Layla is over that not so good guy Dylan who doesn’t by any means deserve her.
“Well..I guess so” Layla said meekly. She looked quite unhappy admitting it.
“What? There’s nothing wrong with having feelings for someone” Aria said.
“I know but he’s my best friend and it’s just so crazy” she sigh.
“I don’t think there’s anything crazy about that, after all, you didn’t choose to like him and you know what?” Aria grinned.
“I think Dan equally likes you”
“What?! No” Layla said almost in horror.
“Believe me, he does”
“I know why you think he does, the affection Dan shows for me is nothing more than being friends, trust me, it’s platonic”
Aria smiled. “That’s what you think but you’re wrong, he likes you Layla”
Layla shrug, not wanting to argue further, she knows Aria’s wrong, most people do mistake Dan’s affection for her for another thing else.
“Why don’t you want to believe? You think he can’t like you?” Aria asked.
“Of course he can’t, I’m the stupid one going ahead to develop feelings for him even after knowing he’s my best friend”
“C’mon, don’t speak that way. It’s not your fault okay?”
“And I really hope Dan reveal his feelings to you soon so you both can can give it a chance, you both are just perfect for each other” Aria added, smiling.
“Just stop already” Layla said.
“Oh my God, is that you blushing?” Aria teased.
“C’mon…” Layla said, trying not to smile.
“Gosh, your cheeks , I bet they can bake pizza rolls”
“Aria! Stop”
“I won’t until your cheeks return back to it’s normal color” Aria giggled, teasing Layla further.
“Gosh” Layla groaned.
“OMG! Did your cheeks just turned tomato shade?” Aria widened her eyes teasingly.
Layla started laughing and Aria laughed with her.
“Okay you both, just tell me you’re joking” Dan said as Fel and Rylan walked into his room.
He and Layla were halfway done with their books when they arrived.
“Just chill, you didn’t even say hi” Fel rolled her eyes, hitting Dan on the shoulder and kissing Layla’s cheeks in greeting.
“You look like your eyes are going to pop out of the sockets” Rylan laughed.
“Ry” Layla hugged Rylan who picked her up and whirled her around Dan’s room while she laughed.
“Just drop her, your girlfriend is probably pissed that you’re holding another girl” Dan said glancing from Fel to Rylan.
“Ugh” Fel rolled her eyes. “Like you aren’t the one being jealous he’s holding her” She said only to Dan’s hearing.
“Just shut up, will you” He scoffed.
“Whatever” She grinned. It’s no secret that Dan likes Layla, they knew it even before he told them.
“You both sit, we need the details, you’ve kept us waiting long enough” Dan said.
“Are you both really dating?” Layla asked.
Fel sat on Dan’s bed and Rylan sat beside her.
Dan and Layla stood in front of them, looking curious.
“Yes we’re” Fel said, grinning.
“What? Are you serious?” Dan asked in disbelief.
“How come?” Layla asked.
“It’s not possible, I don’t believe them” Dan said.
Rylan laughed. “Well, we are but it’s not real. We’re fake-dating, satisfied now?”
“Gosh. I knew it! You both are always at each other’s throats to even think of dating and I was really beaten me up when I playfully suggested that you both should date.” Dan rolled his eyes.
“What led you both to doing that?” Layla asked.
“Jacq of course, there’s no other reason they would do that. Fel’s not over him yet and I bet she gets sad whenever she sees him with Jennie so they decided to do that also, to probably spice things up” Dan said.
“What the…” Fel and Rylan glanced at each other.
“I knew you were a wizard but has it really advanced to this?” Rylan asked.
“Were you there with us?” Fel asked.
“I know what you both would do of course” Dan laughed.
“You must be feeling so good right now to have guessed everything correctly” Fel rolled her eyes.
“Well..I didn’t guess, I knew it” Dan said.
“Good for you! Not when I thought I would have fun explaining to you guys and keeping you in suspense but your wizard-self ruined everything” Rylan groaned.
“Serves you right” Dan chuckled.
“Has the plan been working so far?” Layla asked, amused.
“Why do you think Fel is this happy. It’s working more than we expected” Rylan laughed.
“It’s so good to see him look pissed whenever Rylan and I appear in his face, his face would look all rumpled and ugly” Fel laughed.
“God! You need to see him Dan, if I knew this would work, I would have suggested it all along instead of just watching Fel suffer alone” Rylan said.
“But is it really necessary?” Dan asked.
“I know it’s not but it’s fun. We’re doing this for fun obviously. Nothing else, we’re going to stop when we feel it’s enough” Fel grinned.
“I bet you guys aren’t stopping anytime soon, by the look of things…you’re enjoying it” Layla said.
“You’re right!, We’re not stopping anytime soon, it’s only getting started” Fel said wickedly. She glanced at Rylan and they both laughed as they ‘high-fived’
Dan shook his head. “I’m actually feeling bad for Jacq”
Layla laughed. “They look so ready to make him feel the heat”
“What do you expect when two mischievous people come together” Dan said.
“Exactly” Layla said.
“Hey! Fake couple, leave to the living room. We want to continue reading” Dan said.
“Well…you should know you won’t be able to read anymore when we arrive” Rylan said.
“I’ve actually given up on reading when I saw you both come in” Layla laughed.
Fel quietly helped Dan close his book, ignoring the sour look on his face.
“The only thing stopping me from kicking your ass right now…”
“I love you” Fel kissed his cheeks, shutting him up.
She laughed as he covered his face with his palm obviously frustrated.
“Anyone cares for pies?” Anne asked from the door.
“Yesssss” They chorused happily, starting to salivate.
“Well…just joking. No pies” Anne said, laughing as she sped off, knowing well they are going to come for her.
In seconds they were banging her door and all she did was laugh.

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