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HER LAST WISH Chapter 55

HER LAST WISH Chapter 55


Zeemah Writes 📝





“Ouuu, Finally” Layla grinned as she walked with Dan towards the school parking lot.
“I’m so happy” Dan groaned.

They were done with their exam, which had went on for close to two weeks, and with every single paper, they both totally killed it. They studied so hard and it paid off in their exam.
Layla has never studied this hard but Dan’s influence on her is really great and she’s so happy and readily looking forward to her results because she knows how well she performed.

“Fel is video calling, they must be done also” Dan smiled.
“Hey Fel” He waved after answering the call. Layla waved at Fel also.
“Guys, let’s party tonightttt” She said excitedly and they laughed.
“Chill… we’re not done with high school yet” Dan laughed.
“I know right, I’ll probably get killed if I do that” She pouted.
“Of course, Mrs Summers would have your head and I’m going to take it from her and roll it like a ball” Layla joked and they laughed.
“Geez… you’re gross” Fel said, still laughing.

“Where’s my buddy…I mean your fake boyfriend?” Dan teased.
These past weeks, it doesn’t seem as though they are in a fake relationship anymore, they even subconsciously display affection in their presence and Dan would always make sure to remind them that he’s not Jacq who they are trying to make jealous.
And isn’t the fake dating enough, they’ve made Jacq feel whatever heat they wanted to make him feel and he’s so sure Jacq doesn’t care anymore, the reason they continued the relationship is still unknown to him and he doesn’t want to come to unnecessary conclusion yet.

“Hey” Rylan popped up behind Fel and she smiled.
“Rylan” Layla waved, smiling.
“Layla, how you doing, I hope you totally killed your last paper as well”
Layla crossed her thumb across her neck dramatically and they laughed again.

“Is Jacq around you guys?” Dan asked.
“Huh…no” Fel said after they both looked around.
“Then why are you holding each other so close?” He asked and the both of them on realising that awkwardly gave each other space..

Layla glanced at Dan, could Dan be suspicious as well.
She thinks Fel and Rylan are really starting to like each other, Though they still get on each other’s nerves and yell at each other almost all the time but the affection is still so obvious. Rylan now minimizes his insults to Fel so she wouldn’t get all pissed at him. They both look at each other in a different way now and display affection even without knowing it. Dan would remind them severally that he’s not Jacq so they shouldn’t do that in front of him but Layla really think they do it subconsciously, and that clearly means something is springing.

“So…I guess you both would stop the fake relationship now that we’ll be on holiday” Dan said, deliberately prompting them, whatever their answer would be, it’s going to confirm his suspicion..
“Well…” Fel looked sheepish, which is very unlike her, she glanced at Rylan urging him to talk.
“Well…we decided to continue it” He said after much hesitation.
“What… really?” Dan asked.
“Yeah” Fel nodded.
“Why?” Layla asked.

“Well…just so it wouldn’t be hard to go back to it after we resume” Rylan said, not able to meet Dan or Layla’s gaze, he knows that sounds dumb even to him but he also doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, he just find himself wanting to be with Fel all the time, he doesn’t want to stop being in a relationship with her even though it’s fake. So he had come up with that silly reason and had suggested it to Fel who surprisingly agreed.

“What? Didn’t that sound dumb even to your ears? why would you even think of doing that? It’s not like you both live with Jacq to want to continue making him feel the heat or whatever. Isn’t Jacq the reason you both are doing this? Then why continue when he’s no longer around, there’s no reason to and do you mean you’re going to be in a fake relationship for the duration of this long holiday? Just so ‘it wouldn’t be so hard to continue after you resume’? Wow” Dan sigh.
“You both mean you’re going to keep doing this in another school session?” Layla asked.
“For God sake, I’m pretty sure Jacq doesn’t even care anymore. The guy has resigned to the fate of seeing you guys together. You know what? Rylan, come over after you’re back from school” Dan said.

“Layla, I’m going to come over to the Cafe also” Fel said.
“Oh, I was about asking you to do that” Layla said.
“Oh cool”
“Bye guys” Dan and Layla waved.

Dan sigh after the video call was disconnected.
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” He asked Layla who nodded with a smile.
“Wow… this seems impossible” Dan said.
“I can’t believe they’re coming up with silly reasons just to keep sticking by each other’s side, they should just come out clean already” Layla laughed.
“Exactly, I’m sure Rylan is confused as hell right now.”
“They both look so confused and sheepish which is very unlike them. I bet they also don’t know what’s going on with them” Layla said.

“I think so. And that’s one of the reasons I told Rylan to come over”
“Fel also offered to come over because she needs someone to speak to, I was actually about asking her to come over also because she was looking like she doesn’t know what is going on with her”
“Fel only looks that way whenever she’s having mixed feelings”
“Having them as a couple won’t be bad though” Layla smiled.
“Just that we will have to keep checking on them every hour to make sure they haven’t broken each other’s neck” Dan said and they laughed.

They walked towards the car and said hi to Paul, their backs were rested on the car as they waited for Anne.

“Layla, I…need to…tell you something” He said.
“Really? What is it?” She asked.
“Well…it’s nothing serious” He said nervously.
“Okay, go ahead” Layla said.
“Oh…not now but soon” He said.
“Alright, whenever you are ready” Layla said.
He nodded… breathing out.

He’s ready to tell Layla about his feelings, he had waited patiently till exam is over and he planned to do it after they were done with their last paper but here he is not having the nerve again.
But he knows he’s going to do it soon, he’s really suffering keeping his feelings from Layla and he’s ready to let it out. He’s nervous about what the outcome is going to be. How would Layla react?

“Heyyy guys” Anne said to them, interrupting his thoughts.


“Okay…you need to really tell me what’s going on now” Dan said to Rylan after they’ve eaten the pies Anne baked them.
“I don’t know also, I swear.” Rylan sigh.
“Have you grown to like her?” Dan asked, already knowing the answer.
“Do you think so?” Rylan asked timidly.
“Does my opinion matter? How would I even know if you like her or not, I don’t have your heart in my chest” Dan rolled his eyes.

“Okay okay, Enough” Rylan growled at Dan who tried not to laugh.
“I like her” Rylan finally admitted and Dan smiled, getting what he wanted at last.
“Or why else would I want to continue the fake thing with such a dumb reason as that, why do I always want to be with her and why have I not being attracted to anyone else but her. I don’t know how it happened, it’s just so fast, unexpected. I guess she grew on me, I shouldn’t have suggested the fake relationship in the first place. That led to all these” Rylan looked agitated and disappointed in himself.

“Hey, why are you looking like you’ve done something terrible?” Dan asked.
“Because I have, why would I like Felia! My best friend, it’s all wrong and it’s even more disgusting that instead of me staying away from her, I want to keep getting closer”
“And so? There’s nothing wrong in liking your best friend. And If you’re lucky enough and your best friend feels the same, trust me that is usually the best type of relationship” Dan said.
“So what do I do now?” Rylan asked.
“What else? You tell her how you feel of course” Dan grinned.
“What??” Rylan asked, his eyes widening.
“What?” Dan asked.
“She is going to kick my ass if I ever tell her”
“Nah, she’s not going to. She’s either going to turn you down politely or tell you to stop dreaming and probably even slap you across the face so you can wake up. Yeah that’s what Fel can do”

Rylan imagined the scenario in his head…knowing Fel well enough, she might not just give him a slap but two.
He quickly shook his head. “No, I’m not telling her anything. You know what Fel is capable of and you still advised me to go ahead and confess my feelings to her? You’re a bull!”
Dan laughed. “Well…I advised you to do that because It seems Fel likes you too”
Rylan rolled his eyes. “If you’re trying to make me feel better by saying that, then you did not succeed at it”
“Who cares about you feeling better or not? Feel worse than shit, that’s your cup of tea” Dan grinned.
“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Watching me say I like no other person than Fel must be so palatable to you” Rylan raised a brow.
“Hundred percent, I’m enjoying it so much” Dan said, shifting to the far end of the couch before Rylan could hit him.
He was not lucky enough though, as a throw pillow still ended up meeting his face.
“Ouuu” He laughed.

“Ry, to be honest, I think Fel likes you too, just give it a trial. Do you think she would agree to continue the fake relationship if she didn’t? even when the reason is clearly thrash? And you know Fel doesn’t do what she doesn’t want, she can’t even be forced to and for her to concede to your dumb suggestion then…”
“You know how hard it is to believe Layla likes you? That’s exactly how hard it is for me to believe Fel likes me” Rylan cut in.

“C’mon, everyone knows Layla is in love with another person.”
“And the reason Fel also agreed to this relationship in the first place is because she still likes Jacq”
“She doesn’t like Jacq anymore”
“Layla also doesn’t like Dylan anymore” Ry said and Dan sigh.
“Why are you being like this?”
“I should ask you that also”

“Just tell her how you feel already before it’s too late” Dan said.
“Says someone who couldn’t tell the girl he has liked for several months how he feels about her?” Rylan rolled his eyes.
“Is that a shade?” Dan asked with a scoff.
“I bet it was well thrown” Rylan laughed and Dan glared at him .
“I think I should probably tell Fel how I feel after you finally approach Layla and that automatically means I’m never going to tell Fel how I feel because with the look of things, you’re going to be keeping your feelings to yourself forever” Rylan said, hoping that would at least make Dan go to Layla. Dan has been taking forever on this and he’s tired of seeing his best friend hide his feelings for another of his best friend when they both clearly like each other…

“Oh, really? Just wait…I’m going to do that soon and if you do not do as you said, I’m going to have your head” Dan said.
“Alright, let’s keep it at that” Rylan said, he hopes Dan is serious this time.

“Anne can I have more pies please?” Rylan shouted from the living room.
Dan shook his head….”You didn’t have to shout, she’s just some feet away.
“Whatever, it’s none of your business” Rylan sneered at him.
“Yeah, there are still some left in the kitchen” Anne said, she was in the dining room, busy with her phone.


“You think he likes me too?” Fel asked Layla who nodded.
“Of course he does, why do you think he would suggest to continue with the fake relationship” Layla said, preparing coffee for a customer.
Fel was helping her while they talked. Aria already left to go pick Jane.
“Yeah, believe me…Rylan likes you, it’s not one sided like you’re thinking” Layla said.
Fel quickly went to serve the customer and on returning, she continued.
“How can I even like him? How did it happen? Perhaps it’s just some temporary shit that’ll pass. I can’t believe I like Rylan…my best friend.. who has always a pain in the head”
Layla laughed. “There’s nothing wrong with liking one’s best friend, believe me”

“No, now that I’m really thinking about this,whatever I’m feeling is temporary, it’s just due to the fact that we spend a lot of time together. This is going to pass because there no way in hell I’ll like that guy so fast and sudden. I’m just going to wait till the feeling goes away”
“Well…if you feel it’s temporary, it’s fine to wait and confirm if it’s really temporary but I really don’t think so Fel and what if turns out to be the opposite”
“Then that’s going to be terrible” Fel looked anxious.

“It’s not going to be because Rylan likes you!”
“I’m not believing that…He doesn’t like me, he’s only being his goofy self by suggesting we continue the relationship. He just wants to have fun”
“I don’t think that’s true. It’s so obvious he has started caring for you differently, why are you finding it hard to believe?” Layla said.
“Well…the same way you found it hard to believe Dan likes you is just the same way I’m finding this hard to take in”
“C’mon, Dan’s affection for me is just as friends, he doesn’t like me romantically”
“I would say the same for Rylan too” Fel said and Layla sigh.

“He didn’t even approach me to tell me he likes me, Dan would do that if he really does, y’all are just having misconceptions” Layla said.
“Ry did not approach me also, you do not expect me to believe he likes me without him telling me that” Fel said.
“But he does!”
“Dan likes you equally!”
Layla groaned.

“Maybe if you finally believe Dan likes you, I won’t find it hard to believe Rylan does also”
“Really” Fel grinned. “And even if you keep pretending not to like Dan, I know you really do. It’s very obvious”
“Well…I don’t” Layla lied.
“That lie is all over your face” Fel laughed.

“Fel, how are you?” Phil asked, approaching the counter.
“Phil, I’m good” Fel smiled. Glad to see Phil’s now looking better and slowly getting back to her normal self.
“Make sure to take some coffee home to your parents okay?” Phil said.
“Okay Phil, thank you”
“I’ll be leaving” Phil said to Layla who nodded.
Phil left and they attended to a couple more customers.

“Rylan is here. OMG he’s holding flowers, I think the flowers are for you” Layla said to Fel.
“Really? Where is he?” Fel asked, looking frantically around.
“Just joking” Layla laughed..
“Geez…. You’re so dead!….” Fel groaned before pouncing on her.


Layla woke up the next morning feeling slightly uncomfortable, she said her morning prayer in bed and remained in bed for some minutes before finally sitting up.
She didn’t know how she was feeling, she just wasn’t feeling herself plus she’s so weak and nauseous.

Slowly slipping her feet into her slippers, she stood up, opened the curtain and as the daylight streamed in and she saw her body, she screamed.



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