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HER LAST WISH Chapter 56

HER LAST WISH Chapter 56


Zeemah Writes 📝





Layla woke up the next morning feeling slightly uncomfortable, she said her morning prayer in bed and remained in bed for some minutes before finally sitting up.
She didn’t know how she was feeling, she just wasn’t feeling herself plus she’s so weak and nauseous.

Slowly slipping her feet into her slippers, she stood up and opened her curtain and as the daylight streamed in and she saw her body, she screamed.

Her heartbeat accelerated as she stared at the purple stretchmarks on her upper arms, they looked so bold and glaring, something that hadn’t even been there yesterday or even before she went to bed, She sigh, her heartbeat slowing. Of course it’s one of the symptoms but she didn’t remember her mum or Bryan having these on their skin, except perhaps they had hid it.

She slowly sat on her bed and took a close look at the gory sight on her upper arms. It stood out on her skin looking so ugly and she knows for sure that she better not wear anything sleeveless out of the house.
What if it ends up covering her whole body and her face, what is she going to do then?
What if it extends to every part of her body while she slept and then she wakes up to it.
She has been nonchalant about her health condition and then this pops up to remind her not to really relax.

“Layla did you scream just now? I think I heard you scream…are you okay?” Phil asked from the door.
“Yeah” Layla said, her voice quivering.
“Are you sure?”
“Okay” Phil walked away.

She walked to the mirror and stared at the stretchmarks reflection. She felt so angry and wanted to scream at it until her voice burned out.
She hated it so much and she started scrubbing it real hard with her hands, in tears. Like that would make it go away.
It looked even worst after she was done and she screamed in anger, banging her dressing table, tossing her stuff in different direction.

Phil rushed into her room, alarmed.
“What’s wrong?” She asked worriedly, yet to see the stretchmarks.
“Oh My God” She exclaimed on seeing it, her hands covering her mouth.
“Just leave, don’t make me feel worse than I already feel” Layla wiped her tears, sitting on the dressing chair. It’s pointless to cry, crying won’t make it go away, it won’t solve anything.
Phil stood, watching her without saying anything. It’s taking everything in her not to cry.
This shows that the days are really drawing near.

Layla grabbed her comb and started combing her hair angrily, not minding the huge chunk that was falling off.
“Stop!” Phil grabbed the comb from her hands.
She picked another comb and continued.
Phil grabbed it from her again, terrified and ended up shifting the whole set of hair comb away.

“What is wrong with you!” Phil scolded..
“There’s nothing wrong with me! I just want everything to fall off, is it not going to fall off eventually” Layla replied, seething.
“I know you’re mad right now but doing this won’t help! Just be calm okay?” Phil said and Layla chuckled sadly.
“Of course you would say that, you don’t even know how I’m feeling!.” She slammed.
Phil sigh. “I understand how you’re feeling Layla, even if I don’t have the right words to say in this moment but I really do feel your pain and I wish I could help” Phil said.
“You would help by leaving my room, I want to be alone” Layla said, getting up from the chair.
“Just leave, please” She said. “I really want to be alone”
“I’m not leaving” Phil said adamantly.
“Phil, that’ll be the best thing you would do for me right now, I want a moment to myself”
“You’re not going to hurt yourself, are you?” Phil asked suspiciously.
“I don’t trust you” Phil said.
“I swear, I’m not going to hurt myself, there’s no reason for me to do that”

Phil stared at her for a while… Layla’s actually not someone to do that but who knows? Anything can trigger anyone to do what they wouldn’t normally do.

“Okay…I’m going to leave the door open, you can come in here every seconds if you want to confirm if I’m hurt or not.”
“Are you sure?”
“Okay” Phil sigh, stared at her before walking out of the room.
Layla locked the door immediately Phil walked out.

“You said you weren’t going to lock the door!!” Phil shouted, banging the door.
“Just leave, I do not want to see anyone”
“Why did you lock the door! OMG…are you going to hurt yourself?”
“No…just leave me alone!” Layla screamed.
Phil sigh, she stayed by the door for some minutes, straining her ears to hear any sound that’ll confirm if Layla is trying to hurt herself.
She tried to peep into the keyhole but couldn’t see a thing.
“OMG, you’re not going to rip the rest of your hair off, are you?” Phil asked.
“Layla” Phil called, terrified when she didn’t hear anything again.
“OMG Layla!” Phil screamed banging the door.
“I’m fine” Layla screamed. “Get out of there! I want to sleep”

Phil sigh in relief, she was actually about tearing down the door.
“Okay…I’m leaving” She said, waited a few more minutes before walking away.

Layla got back on the bed and pulled the covers over her body, crying silently until she fell asleep again.

“I’m going to tell her today, you better get ready to approach Fel also” Dan said on the phone with Rylan.
“Well…until I confirm you really did approach Layla” Ry said.
“Okay, you wait” Dan said and Ry could sense the determination in his voice.
“Looks like you’re really going to do this today”
“Of course I’m going to”
“Bravo. Call me later to give me the feedback okay?” Rylan said.
“Alright” Dan said.

He sigh after disconnecting the call.
He can’t believe he’s going to do this, even after knowing he’ll get rejected but he doesn’t care anymore, he’s going to go ahead.
He wants to spill his heart, anything that’s going to come after…. he’s going to sort it.
Letting out his mind is his first priority for now. It’s going to at least set his heart free and probably make him move on, he can’t continue harboring this feelings in him forever. It’s draining. He has to let it go for his own sanity.
He won’t lie he’s really nervous but he’s really determined this time, what has to be done should be done and he’s going to make sure what he’s about to do won’t ruin his friendship with her.

He got up to go take his bath, he’s then going to eat breakfast and head to the Cafe later in the day.
He’s really hoping he doesn’t change his mind.

Layla woke up, feeling a bit better. She glanced at her upper arms and her heart sank, seeing the gory sight was still very visible.
She can’t even believe she expected it to clear off. It’s going to be there forever and she’d be so lucky if it doesn’t extend to the other part of her body.

She got off the bed and headed to the bathroom.
After brushing her teeth and having a thorough bath where she had scrubbed the stretchmarks, she came to the conclusion that scrubbing it is only going to make it worse, so she’s just going to let it be.
She dried her body on walking back to her room, applied her body lotion and then selected a plain white hoodie and black pants, she’s not planning on going anywhere today except the store though to get a tinkle razor for her facial shaving.

She walked to her mirror and checked out her hair, she’s so lucky Phil had grabbed the hair combs from her, she can’t bear looking bald plus these ish on her upper arms. It’s truly bad to do things out of anger, the result is not always the best.

She made her bed, arranged her room before stepping out.

The aroma of a meal hit her as soon as she stepped out of her room.
What did Phil order? Gosh… it’s starting to make her salivate.
She realised she was really hungry.

“Uh…it’s 2pm already” Layla said as she glanced at the wall clock in the living room.
She headed to the dining room to check whatever it is Phil had ordered that has thrown her stomach in such turmoil…but surprisingly the dining table was empty.
Is the aroma coming from one of their neighbors apartment? Oh God, she’d be so disappointed if it was.
It can’t possibly be from their neighbors apartment, it’s so strong to be coming from another apartment.

Of course it’s coming from the kitchen, why didn’t she think of that.
Phil is microwaving whatever she had ordered.
As she got closer to the kitchen, she thought the meal smelled familiar…like the homemade meal her mum usually made.
On getting to the kitchen, she realised Phil wasn’t microwaving any meal…

She was cooking!!

Layla further stepped into the kitchen… Everywhere looked a mess, pots in different directions and some of it even looked burnt but..

Phil was cooking!

Since she started living with her, this will be the first time she would see her cook…she even had an apron on with a hair cover and she looked so weird and funny.
Layla chuckled, alerting her presence to Phil, who turned to her immediately.
“You’re awake” Phil smiled and Layla started laughing on seeing Phil’s face…
It was stained with most of the ingredients she was using to cook, a small chunk of vegetable was plastered on her jaw, looking like a single green beard …. She doubt Phil is aware of how funny she looks.
“What?” Phil asked, wondering what’s making Layla laugh.
“Nothing” Layla grinned, she had to stop laughing, not wanting Phil to suspect anything, she’s enjoying seeing Phil look this way.
God, she wish she could take a picture.

“Are you okay now?” Phil asked.
“Yeah and I don’t want to talk about it” Layla said.
“Okay” Phil nodded.

“Phil…are you really cooking?” Layla asked, moving closer to the stove.
“Yeah, I’m making a meal with your mum’s recipe book. I knew you’d be hungry by the time you wake up. ”
“Oh Thank you” Layla felt touched. Although she knew it’s a normal thing an Aunt can do for her niece but this coming from Phil means a lot to her, Phil is never someone to go out of her way for someone.
“I bet the aroma woke you up” Phil said, looking proud of herself.
Layla laughed…. “I didn’t actually perceive it until I stepped out of my room”
“Oh” Phil feigned a disappointed look and they laughed.
It felt so good even though it was kind of awkward for the both of them.

“Before getting to the kitchen, I thought the aroma of the meal was familiar, now I know why” Layla smiled.
“I don’t find cooking fun in any way, it’s so stressful. I wonder how people do it. You can see I burned several pots already” Phil shook her head.
“You’ve never cooked?” Layla asked.
“Well…I have but not something as serious as this, even before you came to live with me, I eat takeout most times..and pizza. Celine is always the one who cooks in the house” Phil said.
Layla smiled, this would be the first time Phil would mention her mum’s name with such affection.

“Anyway….take over, the meal is almost ready. I need to go clean up and these pots…throw them away, we’ll get another set” Phil said, untying her apron.
“Okay” Layla said.

Layla grinned, imagining how Phil is going to react when she finally sees her face in the mirror.

“Why are you grinning?” Phil asked.
“I remembered something” Layla said, folding in her lips.
“Oh…I’ll go ahead now” Phil said, walking out of the kitchen.


Phil stepped into the dining room just as Layla finished setting the table.

“You didn’t actually remember anything, you were laughing because of my face” Phil glared at Layla who burst into laughter again.


“Hi Layla” Dan said into the phone..
“Dan, Hi” Layla said, wearing her slippers. She’s about to go get the Tinkle razor at the store.
She had planned to shave her face since yesterday, her facial hair is starting to get real much and she wondered if it’s part of the symptoms because she’s never one with a very hairy face.
It’s so funny how she’s gaining facial hair and loosing the hair on her head.
“I checked you at the Cafe just now and Aria said you won’t be coming. Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. I just decided to take a rest today” She said, heading to the living room.

“Oh, that’s cool. You know I said I had something to tell you”
“I decided to tell you today” He said.
“Really? Are you still at the Cafe?”
“No, I’m headed to your house now”
“I’m also going to get something at the store, I’m just going to meet you outside and you can tell me on our way there”
“Oh fine”
“See ya”

“Phil, I’ll be right back, I want to get something from the store”
“Oh Okay”

Layla headed out of the house and stood by the gate, the direction Dan is coming from is not the direction to the store.
They’re both just going to head there when he gets here.
She smiled as she saw him approach, her heart performing those funny gymnast dance, she ignores it whenever her heart react to Dan’s presence because why not?
There’s no reason she should accommodate the feelings she has for him.

“Hey” He smiled, finally getting to her.
He was in a brown bummer jacket and pale jeans, his hair worn back and that was it, yet Dan looked so beautiful.
“Hi” she smiled back.
“Are you okay? You are not looking… your usual self” He said.
“Really? I guess it’s because I got up from bed just some moments ago, my face is yet to adjust to today” Layla lied.
“Oh, thought as much” Dan said.
“You’re going to get something from the store right? Let’s go” He said and they both started walking in the direction of the store.

“White looks good on you though” He complimented as they walked…
“Really…thank you” She said.
“I think this is actually my first time seeing you wear a hoodie” Dan said.
“Well…I’m not much of a hoodie person, I guess that’s the reason”
“Obviously. Geez, it’s cold” Dan said.
“Yeah, right. I can’t wait to get back into the house. Why didn’t you come with your car?” Layla asked.
“I didn’t feel like. So I just hailed a cab”
“Oh” She said, wondering what Dan wanted to say to her.
She has never really given it a thought since he told her he has something to say to her, to be honest she had even forgotten about it until he called.

“You have something to say to me right?” Layla said.
Dan swallowed hard, starting to think he should perhaps do this another day.
“Well…yeah, let’s get the stuff from the store first” He said.
“Oh Okay”

Dan stood outside the store, preparing himself while Layla was inside. She had told him to come in with her but he had given a dumb excuse.
He needed a moment to himself.
If he doesn’t tell her as soon as she comes outside then he doubts he’s ever going to do it again.
His palms felt sweaty and his heart raced as Layla stepped out, she walked towards him and just when she got to him, he blurted out the words.

“I like you…. Layla”
She glanced at his face and then smiled.”Of course I like you too” “Let’s go, so you can tell me what you want to” She said.
“That’s what I want to tell you and… I mean I have feelings for you, I’ve… liked you for…a while, i mean for long now and I kept holding back from telling you how I feel because of the circumstance surrounding us, I couldn’t develop the nerve to tell you how strong my feelings are for you, how much I really wanted us to be more than friends.” Dan swallowed hard and then continued. “I didn’t want anything affecting our friendship, and also the fact that you have feelings for Dylan. Anytime I…. summon courage to tell you how I feel, I just end up changing my mind .. it’s draining seeing you almost all the time and not being able to tell you how I feel… It’s crazy, I didn’t even know how it happened. To be honest, If it was left to me, I wouldn’t have made that happen because…it just seems…too complicated. And it really… took me a lot to stand before you and tell you these” Dan said and didn’t know where the relief came from, it felt as though a huge burden has been lifted off him though he was nervous as hell but he felt so free.

“You’re….You have…you have feelings for me? ” Layla asked after shutting out for a long moment.
Dan nodded.
“You… Dan… are you really serious about this?” Layla asked, looking like she was in shock.
“Yes Layla” Dan said not knowing where the strength came from, he didn’t expect to feel this way after confessing his feelings to Layla. He pictured himself feeling just the opposite of how he was feeling now.
“When…you told me you liked me by your locker…was this what you meant?”
“Oh Dan…” Layla said, trying not to cry. She did not knowing what to say. She’s still in shock. Her heart was thumping so hard that she hoped it won’t burst out.
Dan likes her, Dan fucking likes her.
“Look, don’t feel pressured. I know you like another person, I only told you this to lift it off my mind. It’s fine Layla, don’t feel bad about having to reject me and all..I knew that before I approached you but… Please, let’s not make this affect our friendship, let’s just keep everything as it was, I know that will be hard but let’s try” Dan said.

“I… I… I don’t know what to say” Layla swallowed hard.
“I wasn’t expecting an answer either, you don’t have to say anything. You don’t know how glad I am that I finally got to tell you. Come, it’s cold… Let me walk you home” He said, holding her hand as he gently pulled her along.
“Dan, I’m so sorry” Layla said as they walked home.
“What? You shouldn’t apologize, it’s not your fault that your heart chose another, you have the right to decline my love no matter how pure my intentions are. And that’s totally fine, honestly” He assured.

If only he knew how much she wanted to jump into his hands and say yes! If only he knew how much she likes him too, if only he knew how much she wanted their relationship to be just more than friends.
If only her health wasn’t shitty!!!
How loving would it be to have her best friend turn boyfriend.
She hates herself so much right now.

Her eyes were laced with tears by the time they got to her gate. And she stared at her feet, not wanting Dan to see she’s about to cry.
“I’m going to leave now” He said.
“You’re not coming in? Why?” She asked.
“I have to be somewhere with Anne, I’m going to give you a call okay?”
“Okay” she nodded, still staring at her feet.
“Bye” He dropped her hand and hugged her.
“Bye” She said, and allowed her tears drop as she stepped into the gate.

She headed to her room immediately she got into the house.

She tossed the set of the Tinkle razor away and dropped on her bed, crying.

“That’s not the reason I’m sorry, you fool! ” She yelled at an imaginary Dan.
“I’m sorry because the person you have feelings for is going to die soon!! How could your heart even choose me, it’s so unfair to you! Why am I so cursed! Why do I always have to experience the end of things many times in my short life and now Life is done making me experience the end of other things but mine. Life has been so unfair to me!” Layla cried so painfully that it brought tears to Phil’s eyes, who was standing by the door…



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