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HER LAST WISH Chapter 57

HER LAST WISH Chapter 57


Zeemah Writes 📝




Layla finally stepped out of her room the next morning, dressed for the Cafe.

Phil rushed to her… “How are you? Are you okay?”

Layla did not step out of her room since she came back from the store yesterday, she didn’t even had dinner, all she did was cry and yell. Phil had been so worried that she might even hurt herself.

“I’m fine” Layla said, heading to the living room.

She finally vented out yesterday, after months of keeping it in, months of bottling in her emotions. She finally exploded and she won’t lie it made her feel a bit better.
“You don’t have to go to the Cafe if you’re not feeling good enough” Phil said to her.
“I’m okay, I’ll feel even worse if I should stay at home. I have to go, besides the work would have been so stressful for Aria alone yesterday.”
“Aria doesn’t mind, after all she stays at the Cafe alone while you’re away at school, besides Aria is on the morning shift, you’re on the afternoon, it’s not like she’s doing your work for you, she’s only doing hers” Phil cleared.

“Well…I still want to go. ” Layla said.
“Fine, aren’t you going to eat something before leaving? The only thing you ate yesterday was that meal I prepared”
“I’m just going to microwave that. What should I prepare for you?” Layla asked, dropping her tote bag on the couch.
“I’ll have that also” Phil said.
“Once it’s 4pm, you guys should lock up”
“Nothing really… I just want the both of us to bake together” Phil said.
“Really?” Layla looked surprised.
“Yeah, now stop gazing like a doll and go microwave our breakfast” Phil said.


“God, I’ve been so worried… I planned to come check on you after I’m done here today, are you okay? You look so pale, you should have just stayed at home for a proper rest” Aria said worriedly.
“I’m fine now, though I was a bit down yesterday but it’s all good now” Layla said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, for real” Layla smiled.
“Although Phil had called me yesterday morning to tell me you won’t be coming, that you had to take a rest but I started getting worried when I called you after I was done here and you didn’t pick up, I called severally”

“I guess I wasn’t with my phone that moment” Layla lied.. Aria had called during the moment she was venting and yelling and shouting and crying.

“Wow…I’m just realising I’ve not even pick my phone since yesterday, except when Dan called” Layla said, searching her tote bag for her phone.
She brought it out and didn’t only only see the missed calls from Aria but Dan also…He must be thinking she’s deliberately avoiding him because of what he told her yesterday.
She dialled his number immediately.

“Hi Dan” She said as he answered the phone.
“Layla, how are you? You’ve not been replying my call or text…”
“Yeah, I wasn’t with my phone all through yesterday, I’m just picking it up now and I called you after seeing your calls”
“Oh, cool. I hope you’re good”
“I am, you?” Layla asked, even if Dan had said what happened yesterday shouldn’t affect their relationship, she could feel the strain that was never there between them as they talked on the phone.

“I have to resume work now, talk to you later”
“Okay, bye”

She dropped her phone back in her bag and proceeded to wash her hands.
Aria thought Layla looked different and even acted differently.

“Layla” She called.
“Huh” Layla said, turning her back to Aria so she could help her tie the apron.
“Is there anything going on with you, like…are you really really okay? You can tell me anything Layla, anything” Aria said and Layla swallowed hard, glad Aria couldn’t see her face.
“There’s nothing Aria, I’m perfectly fine, it’s just…stress” Layla turned to face her after making sure her face will not give away anything.
“Are you sure?” Aria asked, looking like she didn’t really believe Layla.
“Of course, C’mon it’s nothing Aria. Believe me.” Layla smiled.
Aria still looked to be doubting.
“You know I studied real hard for the exam, I guess that’s what is telling on my health now” Layla added.
Aria nodded. “Just know I’m always here if you need me okay?”

“I guess Phil won’t be coming”
“Yeah, and we’ll be locking up by 4pm. Phil’s order”
“Yeah, She said we needed to bake together”
“Wow, sounds great”
Layla nodded.

They both started working and chatting at the same time.


“You mean she said no?” Fel asked Dan in surprise, she was sitting in his room with Rylan, they had to come here for the feedback when they didn’t hear anything from Dan yesterday.
“She didn’t have to say no, I wasn’t expecting yes either though. I already told you both she likes someone else.” Dan said.
“No, that’s not possible” Fel shook her head.
“Yeah, it’s not” Rylan agreed and Dan sigh.

“I only approached her to tell her about my feelings, I didn’t expect anything else”
“I wonder what went wrong, you’re the one Layla likes, I’m quite sure” Fel said.
“Just stop saying that already, I’m tired of hearing it!” Dan groaned.
“But it’s true” Rylan said.
“Whatever… anyway, I’ve told her how I feel and that’s it. I won’t lie it hurts, I badly want us to be together but there’s nothing I can do” Dan said, solemn.

“I’m really sorry about that Dan” Fel said, giving him a hug.
“Yeah buddy, you’ll be fine” Rylan said.
“Thanks guys” Dan gave them a small smile…

“Let’s play some games” Rylan suggested, hoping to lighten Dan’s mood.
“I’m out, I’ll just go join Anne in her room” Fel said, getting up.
“Well…I never said you could join us” Rylan pressed his lips together.
“Oh” Fel glared at him and deliberately stepped hard on his feet as she walked to the door.
“Ouch” Rylan groaned painfully, hugging his legs to his chest.
“Are your legs made of steel!!” He yelled after her.

“Well… You shouldn’t have shunned her, let me go get you a soothing balm, your feet must be on fire” Dan said, grinning.
“This must be so funny to you” Rylan glared at him.
“Not really…and you should hurry in telling her how you feel, you know I already done my part, you should also keep to your words”
“What! I’m never going to tell her how I feel.” Rylan said, rubbing his feet, his face masked with pain.

“I think her legs are really made of steel, look how bitter your face is. Sorry buddy, let me quickly go fetch the balm” Dan said, still grinning.
“I’ve always known you both hate me!” Rylan yelled after Dan who chuckled.


“Layla, do you really not like Dan?” Fel asked her.
Fel had come in almost immediately they were done for the day. Aria left already.

Layla stared at her without saying anything.
“C’mon Layla…I know you like him, even if you’ve never admitted it. I know you do so what’s the reason you do not want to date him?” Fel asked.
Layla sigh.
“I’m not here to make you feel bad or blame you for not accepting Dan’s feelings…I’m only here because I’m curious. Or, have I been mistaken all along, do you really not like him?” Fel asked.

“I do like Dan” Layla finally said.
“Exactly! I knew it. So there’s a reason right?” Fel asked and Layla nodded.
“And you don’t want to talk about it?” Fel asked.
“Yes Fel, at least not now”
“That’s fine, I’m always available whenever you need someone to talk to okay?”
“Okay Fel” Layla smiled.
“Now, Let’s lock up.. Phil must be expecting you at home already.” Fel said and they both stood.

“When is Aunt Esther coming?” Fel asked.
“I think next week but I’m going to call her tonight to confirm” Layla said.
“Gosh I can’t wait! Wow” Fel seemed really excited and Layla chuckled. She doesn’t know who’s more excited about Aunt Esther’s coming between Anne and Fel.
“I just hope our school practical doesn’t fall on the day Aunt Esther would be coming, I really wish to go with you guys to welcome her” Fel said.
“I hope so too”
“I’m going to be coming to your house every single day after Aunty Esther arrives” Fel said.
Layla laughed. “Of course you’re welcome, I’m so sure she’ll equally be glad to have you guys around”

Aunty Esther knew all of her friends, they’ve all been on a video call with her multiple times and She loves them. She can’t wait to meet them just exactly how they can’t wait to meet her either.

“I’ll be leaving now” Fel kissed Layla’s cheeks after she locked up.
“Okay Fel, see ya” Layla waved at her and smiled when Fel blew her multiple kisses.


“Aunty Esther” Layla said excitedly, placing her phone on her dressing table, she happily waved at her Aunt. It was a video call.
“Moremi, how are you?” Aunt Esther asked.
“I’m fine, I actually planned to call you yesterday but it skipped my mind and I remembered this morning so I planned to call you after I’m done with my morning chores ” Layla said.
“Really? Well..I guess I beat you to it” She chuckled.
“Yeah, right” Layla smiled.

“You look kind of pale, are you okay?” Aunt Esther asked worriedly.
“I’m fine, I studied real hard for the exam and that’s what is telling on me” Layla lied, she wonder how long she’s going to keep lying to everyone.

“Oh, make sure to take a lot of rest now that your exam is over and also make sure to eat good okay?”
“Okay Aunt”
“And … We’ll be coming next week. We already got our tickets”
“Yes! I was about calling to confirm that. I can’t wait to see you guys” Layla grinned happily.
“Same here, I really can not wait. David has been on my neck that he wants to see you. If it’s left to him, we would have been there right after he finished his exam” Aunt Esther said.
Layla laughed. “Where is he?”
“He’s playing outside o and I knew this was the right time to call you.”
“Oh, you don’t want him to know when you’ll be coming?”
“Yeah, it is meant to be a surprise, I didn’t make him see the dates on the tickets”
“He would be so excited..” Layla smiled, amused.

“And I really wish to speak to him, I promise I’m not gonna spill the beans” Layla said.
“Don’t worry, when he comes in… I’ll give him my phone to call you and then you both can talk to any length you want. If I should call him to come in now, I should just forget about relaxing for the rest of today”
“Oh fine, just make sure to put him on the phone when he comes in”
“I will, I promise”
“How is your husband?”
“You’re not trying to pronounce his name today?” Aunt Esther laughed.
“C’mon” Layla pouted. “You should actually teach me the language when you come over”
“Of course I’m going to, but you’re only going to learn the basics, there’s no how you can learn it all in just a week. We’ll be spending a week there, I wish we can spend more time but I don’t want to inconvenient your Aunt and you know I also have a business I’m running here, it won’t be okay to leave it unattended to for long”
“Oh, that’s fine. I understand” Layla said.
Phil had also said she’s only going to accommodate them for a week but Layla had planned to persuade Phil if Aunt Esther wanted to stay longer than that but it turns out both of her aunt are in sync.

“I know it’s a short time but we’ll try to make the best of it” Layla said.
“Great” Aunt Esther smiled.

“Ah…God, this boy is coming inside already” Aunt Esther sigh.
“Mummy, I want to drink water” Layla heard David said and she chuckled.
“Goan take it from the fridge and make sure you don’t spill it”
“Okay Mum”
“He’s yet to know I’m on the phone with you or he would have jumped over here” Aunt Esther said to Layla .
“Mummy when are we going to America? You said we will go and visit Aunty Moremi when I’m done with my exam and we’ve not gone, are we not going again?” David asked his Mum with your sour face.
“Put him on the phone please” Layla smiled.

“Guess who I’m talking to?” Aunt Esther asked David, smiling.
“Who?” He asked as he walked closer to her.

“Aunty Moremi” He guessed even before seeing the screen and his face lit up when his Mum nodded.
“Aunty Moremi” David screamed happily and Layla laughed.

“Oya take, go and talk to her outside, I want to sleep” Aunt Esther said, handing her phone to David who rushed outside in excitement.
“David don’t break my phone o” His mum shouted after him.

“All of you comman see my Aunty, she’s Oyinbo!” David said excitedly to his friends and they all rushed over.
Layla laughed after seeing little heads pop into the screen and they all looked surprised and amused to see her.
She waved at them, smiling. All of them kept muttering ‘Oyinbo’ and of course Layla knew it meant a white person, they looked so excited to see her and they were all waving happily and telling her how beautiful she is, some of them were even telling her their names, she felt really touched and she wished she could meet them in person and hug them one after the other, knowing how much it will mean to them.

“Dave, tell your friends to tell me their names one after the other” Layla said.
“Oya, you people should line up, you’ll tell her your name one by one” David said, arranging them in a line.
Layla chuckled softly.

“Amara, you go first” David said, bringing Amara closer to the phone.
Amara looked really excited as her face popped on the screen, she’s such a cute girl, her smile was so beautiful even though she was missing a front tooth.
“Hi, my name is Amarachi Okezie ” She said shyly.
“Amarachi, how are you?” Layla smiled, she’s a bit surprised she didn’t find it hard to pronounce the name and she felt so proud of herself.
“Everybody, she called my name! Oyinbo called my name” Amarachi screamed happily to her friends and Layla didn’t know when she started laughing.



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