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HER LAST WISH Chapter 74

HER LAST WISH Chapter 74


Zeemah Writes 📝




“We need to be fast in helping Damilola” Layla said to Dan who could detect the urgency in her voice.
She woke up after dinner is ready to the surprise of everyone.
Dan and others didn’t know she was coming in to sleep earlier.
She only told them she’ll be back. They had come check on her when they realized it was taking too long for her to come out and then discovered she was sleeping.

“I know you really want to help Dammy, but didn’t we already decide to give her more time before saying anything to her, why do you sound so urgent all of a sudden?”
“We might be leaving soon, you know you got a Tourist Visa, your stay here is limited”
“Yeah, I know. But I feel we should give Dammy some time, she needs to feel completely free with us before she’s able to open up. Let’s at least give her that much time.”
“Fine” Layla nodded.

“Are you okay Layla?”
“I’m fine”
“It was so surprising to see you sleep so suddenly and for that long”
“Right, I. . . suddenly felt so exhausted, I only intended to rest for a while on the bed, I didn’t know I would sleep off”
“Exhausted? Did you do anything strenuous?”
“I didn’t, perhaps the stress of the flight is still telling on me” Layla said and that even sounded dumb to her own ears. They arrived almost a week ago, how could the flight still be telling on her and it wasn’t like they had gone through any extravagant stress during the flight.

“Oh,” Dan sigh, obviously not believing her. “Do you still feel exhausted now?”
“Nah, that long ass sleep made me feel better. I feel great now” She smiled.
“Layla, are you sure you are okay?” Dan asked, his concern so obvious in his eyes…
“Dan, C’mon. Stop worrying. And I’m sorry to have left you all alone in the shop”
“Amina, Emeka and Dammy were with me all through and even David joined us. We locked up together. But are you really fine?”
“Yeah, and Isn’t that stew I’m perceiving.” She closed her eyes, savoring the aroma of the stew her Aunt just prepared “Damn, let’s go eat”


“Iffa hear! Wizkid still remains the best Nigerian Artiste” Emeka continued arguing with Damilola and Amina.
“If you don’t shut up there, Davido remains the best of all time. It’s hard not to vibe to his songs, you won’t even know when you’ll start vibing to it sef” Damilola countered.
“Everyone knows the main reason you like Davido is because his name starts from ‘D’ ” Emeka said and they laugh.
Damilola hit him playfully.

It’s two days later, and they were seated on the long bench outside the compound.
Dan and Layla had joined Amina and Emeka after they returned from the beach where they really had a great time. Damilola joined them on the bench just some minutes ago.
Aunt Esther had told them not to open up the shop today for the rest of the day.

“I don’t even know why Wizkid and Davido comes first whenever people argue about great Nigerian artistes. Kizz Daniel is even lyrically better than these two. It’s just so sad he’s underrated” Amina said.
“Don’t even go there, if his music is better than Wizkid’s own, he won’t be underrated, you’re speaking out of the love you have for him, everyone knows you’re crazy about Kizz Daniel” Emeka said.
“Kizz Daniel’s crush” Dammy laughed.

“I’m not speaking that way because he’s my celebrity crush. Fine, I like him but his songs are just the best I’ve listened to. I’m being impartial here, believe me”
“Hm, I still think it’s because you’re crazy about him sha” Emeka said.
“I’m not crazy about him” Amina defended.
“Yet you starve yourself so you can save up your food money and buy a ticket to his upcoming concert.” Emeka sigh.
“She even has him as her screen saver, both lock screen and home screen. His pictures sef are even more than her own on her phone. God when” Damilola teased and Amina playfully rolled her eyes at her.
“Oh, that guy is Kizz Daniel” Layla smiled. She sees the picture of a guy on Amina’s phone screen.
“Yes o, that’s Amina’s one-sided boyfriend o” Damilola said.

“Well. . . I’m happy to be saving up for his concert, you don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to attend his concert eh”
“You’ll finally get to see him, I’m happy for you o seriously” Damilola smiled.
“I hope you get to see him clearly though, those at the VIP and VVIP section has a bigger chance of seeing him or even touching him” Emeka said, he really wished he has the money so he could get a VIP ticket for Amina, it’s really going to make her happy but even if he saves up his food money for a year, he doesn’t think he’ll be able to afford the VIP ticket.
“Right, but being at the regular section is still better than nothing. I’m really excited about it” Amina grinned happily.

“I would love to listen to the songs of those artistes’ you guys mentioned” Dan said.
“Same here” Layla nodded.
“I have an idea! How about we let Dan and Layla listen to their songs and say which one they think is best. At least they’re not familiar with the artistes, it’ll make them give unbiased judgement” Emeka said
“I second that” Damilola nodded.
“Same” Amina agreed.

“I’m honored to be a judge. I promise to be unbiased in my judgement and say things exactly as they are” Layla made a courtesy bow and they chuckle.
“Let’s take a picture guys” She suggested.

“How come we never even thought to take a picture” Emeka said.
“It honestly didn’t even cross my mind. Me that I even love pictures before” Amina said.
“Everyone come together” Dan smiled, prepping his phone camera.
“See how you shoot your mouth outside, who do you want to kiss here” Amina teased Damilola, getting ready to run.

They both laughed as they run around the compound, going in circles, one person trying to get hold of the other and the other person trying not to get caught.
Damilola caught up with her finally “This your mouth that doesn’t stay one place ehn” She lightly slapped Amina’s mouth who wouldn’t even stop laughing.
“Shooting mouth in every picture like Elizabeth, you are kuku her best friend. Best friends for life” Amina said in between her laughter.
“Stupid geh” Damilola continued slapping her mouth, laughing hard.

Emeka smiled as he watched them, it felt like old times, he’s really glad to have Dammy back.


“Wow, these pictures are pretty. I’m posting them immediately!” Amina smiled, scrolling through the pictures they just took.
“I trust you, sha send it to me after collecting it from Dan” Emeka said.
“iPhone is just the best for taking pictures, look how flawless we look, wow” Dammy seemed in love with the pictures, she wished she own a phone so she can have the pictures sent to her also and just stare at it anytime she wishes. At least it’ll make her happy whenever her uncle decides to make her sad.

“Dammy, I’m just realizing we do not have your contact. Here” Layla stretched her phone to Dammy.
“That’s true! how could it even have skipped our mind” Dan said.
“Ah, me I don’t have phone o. But don’t worry, once I get a phone. Even if it’s after you people go back. I’ll get your contacts from either Amina or Emeka and make sure to contact you guys” Damilola smiled.
“Why don’t you own a phone?” Dan asked.
“Nothing” Damilola shrugged.

“Dammy isn’t this the time your uncle comes back home?” Amina asked.
“Yeah, l’m about going inside sef, he’ll be back soon” Dammy slowly got to her feet.
“Bye guys, see you tomorrow” She smiled.
“Bye Dammy”

“How long is she going to do this for?” Layla asked no one in particular.
“We need to talk to her about it tomorrow, this can’t keep going on” Dan said.
“I just hope she opens up this time” Amina sigh.
“Ah, the bald he-goat is here already, thank God she already went inside” Emeka said.

Dammy’s uncle walked past them, his face wrinkled together in a frown as always.


“Dammy! Your uncle. . . He’s coming!” Layla said breathing heavily as she rushed into the shop.
Damilola dashed out of Aunt Esther’s shop without wasting a second.

Dan made Layla sit and then gave her chilled water to drink.
She sigh deeply, finally getting a hold of herself.

Amina walked into the shop with the fried fish they went to buy. They had planned to have garri and fried fish for lunch and they both went to get it nearby when they sighted Dammy’s uncle approach.
Amina had stayed behind to buy the fish while Layla ran back to the shop.
It was so unexpected, because for the past few days now he only arrives home in the evening, today’s afternoon is an exception.

“Thank God Layla saw him o, or else! Because me I was so occupied with selecting the best fishes” Amina said, sitting beside Layla. “Sorry, you must have run so fast”
“I’m fine now” Layla said.
“I wonder what he’s even doing at home by this time” Emeka hissed.
“Stupid man, thank God he did not meet her here” Amina said.
“This is not fair! Why would he want her to always stay indoors all day by herself” Layla said angrily.
“It’s time we talked to her” Dan said.


“He has gone back to the shop. I think he forgot something at home” Damilola smiled, walking into the shop after her uncle left again to the shop.

“How long will you continue doing this?” Layla asked.
“Huh?” Damilola asked, walking closer to them.

Dan got up to attend to a customer.

“Dammy, how long will you keep running for?” Emeka added.
“Why aren’t you speaking out? Why don’t you want your uncle to face the law by testifying that he abuses and maltreats you? This is not fair to you!” Layla said.
“He’s not maltreating me” Damilola said after hesitating for a while.
“Just how long will you continue to cover up for him?” Dan asked, having finished attending to the customer.

“He’s not doing anything to me!” Damilola said, trying to hide the quivering in her voice.
“He is. Dammy, you are always on wears that seem to cover up the whole of your body, just so the scars he created all over your body won’t be exposed. I know you’ve never really liked wears like this. It makes you feel uncomfortable but now it has become what you wear daily. You cover up the whole of your body, even when the heat is almost unbearable. How much more will you endure for that wicked man?” Amina asked, distressed.
“Is there a reason you’re covering up for him? You can talk to us; we are your friends Dammy” Emeka said.

“There’s nothing! He isn’t. . .” She paused, swallowing hard. “Maltreating me.”
“Why are you telling such an obvious lie? Why do you keep insisting he’s doing nothing to you when he is! Why!” Amina seemed exasperated.
“Okay, he does! I know he maltreats me but It’s nothing to me. I do not want to talk about it. I didn’t come here for you guys to say this, it took me a lot to decide to spend time with you against my uncle’s wish. I’m going through so much already, don’t make things harder for me please” Her voice broke.
“Do you enjoy suffering?” Emeka asked.
“It’s a different thing entirely if there aren’t people to help you. You’re lucky enough to have people who are willing to put an end to the torture your uncle is making you go through, why aren’t you giving us the chance?” Layla asked.

“Is he threatening you? Did he say he’ll do anything harmful to you if you ever talk?” Dan asked.
“Like he’s not doing harmful things to her already” Amina said.
“You need to open up to us Dammy” Layla added.

“You guys just stop already!” Damilola half yelled, looking quite upset. “If you want to keep going on about this, I should just leave”
She walked out of the shop, tears blinding her eyes.

“I told you guys she isn’t going to open up, we need to look for other ways” Emeka said.
“There are no other ways except she opens up, she needs to testify against him or the police or even other forces won’t take any action” Amina sigh.
“We need to keep trying” Dan said.
“Whatever it takes, we should try our best to free her from his shackles” Layla said determinedly.


“Don’t fucking come back to Las Vegas if you already got new friends!!!” Rylan screamed at Dan and Layla over the phone.
He and Fel just saw the pictures Dan uploaded.
“Geez!” They blocked their ears and just when they thought it was over. Fel’s scream also came in, almost deafening.
“You better bring them along with you to Vegas!! Because we are never going to speak to you guys again!!”

Dan and Layla glanced at each other and started laughing.


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