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HER LAST WISH Chapter 75

HER LAST WISH Chapter 75


Zeemah Writes 📝




“I loved speaking with your friends, they are so lovely and funny” Amina smiled.
“Felia seemed like a really feisty person” Emeka smiled.
“Is that how often they quarrel? I can’t even count the number of times they quarreled over the video call” Damilola laughed.

They had made Amina and Emeka come over to talk to Fel and Rylan just some minutes after they arrived from the church.
They hadn’t call Dammy at first because they thought her uncle would be home but Amina had said she saw him go out so they had quickly summoned her.
Even though she had walked away upset yesterday, she was all smiles when she came over and apologized for walking out, they had all apologized for upsetting her as well.

“Yeah, they get on each other’s nerves often” Layla smiled. She missed her best friends so much, and she’s really yearning to see them.
“If only your battery didn’t get low, we’ll still be talking to them by now o. These NEPA people sef” Dammy hissed.
“My own phone is even dead completely, imagine; no light since yesterday, someone just slept inside heat” Amina sigh.
“Asin eh,” Emeka added. “Dammy, shouldn’t you go back inside now, shebi you said your uncle didn’t go far” Emeka said.
“Ah, lemme be going. See y’all tomorrow.” Damilola hurried out of Aunt Esther’s apartment.

“How was church today? It must be so different from what you’re used to” Emeka smiled.
“Quite different but it was cool” Layla said.
They didn’t attend church last Sunday because it was the second day they arrived and they were still quite tired and new to everything.

“Guys, later. I need to run an errand” Amina said.
“I should go too. See ya”

Layla proceeded to the kitchen to assist her Aunt in finishing the preparation of Sunday meal.


“I hope you’re hearing from Phil and Aria” Aunt Esther said to Layla as they had lunch.
“Yeah, Phil called me this morning and Aria; yesterday. Phil actually calls me every day” Layla smiled. She missed Phil so much.

“We call each other almost every day as well” Aunt Esther said.
“Yeah, you know you guys are mostly at the shop, that’s why you didn’t notice.”
“I once walked in on you both talking over the phone though” Dan said, biting into his fried chicken.
“Oh” Layla said.

“Dan, how’s Anne? It’s two days since we last spoke.” Aunt Esther said.
“She’s good, though missing me as hell.” Dan smiled.
Anne had told him he needed to come back because she’s so bored in the house. Their parents already stopped going to work every day after she whined about being left at home all alone.
They now go to work alternately.

“I bet you must be missing her also” Aunt Esther said.
“So much”

“I like Aunty Anne, she bought cotton candy that’s molded in a Mickey Mouse shape for me” David said and they smiled.
“All these people you guys are mentioning seems nice. It’s really making me want to meet them as well” Mr. Femi said.
“You will not even regret meeting them if you finally do.” Aunt Esther said.
“Before now, I do believe white people are racists but now I can see not all of them are. It’s very bad to judge everyone with the action of others”

“Very bad o, because not everyone thinks the same way, it’s impossible for everyone to have the same behavior just because they live in the same environment” Aunt Esther said.
“Exactly, by the way I’m really enjoying this meal” Layla said.
“Same here, I might be adding a new favorite meal to my collection” Dan smiled.
“I’m glad you guys like it,” Aunt Esther smiled. “We make rice and chicken stew on most Sundays, but I’m going to start making it during weekdays now, since you guys like it”
“We definitely do not mind, this is delicious” Layla said, dishing out another portion for herself.

“Aren’t you guys feeling hot?” Aunt Esther sigh, fanning herself with her hand. There were beaded sweat on her forehead and her husband helped her dab the sweat with his handkerchief. “I should have bought Petrol on my way back from work yesterday but I forgot”
“Not really” Dan replied Aunt Esther. “Maybe it’s because of the direction I’m seated but air is coming in through the window. You should sit here instead” He said, starting to get up.
“No no, sit down jare. It’s fine. We, we are used to the heat. You guys need the air more. Asides the fact that your city is naturally cold, you’re always inside A/C. I wonder how you guys are coping here sef” Aunt Esther said.

“It’s actually not so hard coping here. Although, sometimes the heat is crazy and we’re still learning to adapt to it” Layla said, her mouth full.
“This place is filled with new experiences and it’s been great so far” Dan said.
“Exactly, I love this environment. A lot of amazing people”
“Yeah, never even thought I would make friends here”

“I like that Dammy is now coming around you guys but you guys should be very careful with her uncle. He’s a monster o” Aunt Esther sigh.
“He dare not do anything to them, when they are not frying puff puff on his head. This time, I will beat him until he faints if he touches as much as a strand of hair on their head” Mr. Femi hissed.
Dan and Layla chuckled softly.

“By the way, we have something to tell you guys” Mr. Femi said.
“Oh, really?”
“Yes, Esther will you go ahead?”
“Of course,” She smiled. “So, we wanted to tell you guys that in a month or two months’ time we’ll be moving to our own house in Ikoyi. What we’ve been working hard and spending our money on for years now has finally been completed. My husband even got a car, it’s parked in the house already and we’re working towards me getting a shop around there sha”
“Wow! Congratulations! This is great news!” Layla and Dan happily took turns in hugging Aunt Esther and her husband.
“A very big congratulations to you. This is awesome!” Dan smiled, he felt really happy for them.

“I’m so happy for you honestly. That achievement is definitely not an easy feat” Layla said, holding her Aunt’s hands out of the excitement she was feeling.
“It’s not o, hm, I don’t even want to start thinking about everything we went through but all glory to God. Thanks guys” Aunt Esther smiled.
“Thank you o, when next you guys and your friends come, there’ll even be enough room for everyone. There are five bedrooms in the house” Mr. Femi smiled proudly.

“Wow, really?”
“Yes, I think I have the picture of the house on my phone sef” Aunt Esther said. Picking up her phone.

“Oh my days! This is massive” Dan and Layla exclaimed on seeing the picture.
“If you people see the inside ehn, it’s very fine, there are tiles everywhere” David smiled happily.
“We’re going to take you guys to see the place before you leave”
“We would definitely love to”
“Congratulations Aunt Esther, Mr. Femi. This is a great achievement. I’m really happy for you guys. Wow” Dan hugged them once more.
“Thank you.”

They all proceeded to take a nap after they were done eating.


“You are going to the petrol station” Dan said to Emeka, who walked out with an empty gallon.
He has been sitting outside just some minutes after his nap, reading one of Aunt Esther’s history books.
Layla is still asleep.

“Yeah, it’s not certain those NEPA will bring light today” Emeka frowned.
“Hold on, I’m coming with you. I feel like taking a stroll and Mr. Femi wants to get Petrol, I might as well just come with you with our own gallon”
“Oh really, oya na” Emeka said, he doesn’t mind Dan’s company at all.

Dan headed inside and persuading Aunt Esther and her husband to allow him go wasn’t as easy as he had thought. Layla woke up in the process. Mr. Femi strongly insisting Dan didn’t come here to be going to buy petrol for them, and Dan insisting it honestly didn’t matter to him, he only wanted to use the chance and take a walk with Emeka as he was bored and there’s nothing wrong if he get Petrol alongside.
Layla also had to persuade them to let him go and he was finally allowed to after several minutes of going back and forth.

“I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting” Dan said to Emeka, holding an empty gallon as well.

Amina was now seated outside and Dan wondered why it seemed as though she wasn’t on talking terms with Emeka.
They weren’t talking to each other even though they were both seated on the same bench, each person doing nothing in particular but just looking ahead.
“It’s fine, I also knew they wouldn’t allow you immediately, oya let’s go” Emeka got to his feet. “Are you people not buying Fuel?” He asked flatly.
“We’re not buying Fuel” Amina replied curtly and that confirmed Dan’s suspicion.

“Amina, we’ll be right back” Dan said.
“Alright Dan”


As Dan and Emeka walked from street to street, having random chat and Dan not minding the attention he was getting.
Over the week, he and Layla already got used to the stares, murmurs and few people approaching them.

“See how girls are staring at you. Hm” Emeka smiled.
“You’re being stared at also” Dan said.
“For where? Who would stare at me when someone as good looking as you is beside me.”
“C’mon, you’re good looking as well. I’m probably being stared at because I’m white”
“That’s not true, although it’s part of the reason but the main reason is because you’re good looking”

Dan shrugged.

“Chai, you’re not even bothered or moved by the girls staring at you. You must be so used to it already, tell me, how many girls have you dated? They will have pass twenty o” Emeka teased.
Dan laughed “C’mon. I’ve not even dated up to five girls”
“Really?” Emeka looked surprised.
“Of course. I only date girls I truly like and care for, I won’t date girls I don’t feel anything for just because they like me ”

“Ah, me that I’m not as good looking as you sef, I can’t even count the people I’ve dated in this my life. I was very chronic playboy, it’s Amina that made me stop.” He paused “I don’t think I’ve liked anyone as I like Amina. I’m not so happy though, she’s not talking to me at the moment”
“I suspected that and was contemplating on asking you”
“You should have asked me, we’re friends now, we should be able to ask and tell each other anything” Emeka said.
Dan nodded. “Why isn’t she talking to you?”

By now, they were seeing the petrol station at the end of the road.

“I don’t really know what’s making her not talk to me, I sha know it started after she saw me escort my church member; I didn’t go to church with my family because I was having a serious, headache so one of my church members who’s also a friend asked my Mum why I wasn’t in church and she told her I was down with headache, after service the girl decided to check on me. Amina is probably thinking I lied to my parents about my headache so I could invite her over. Although, I do such things before but not anymore”

Dan sigh “Did you tell her you didn’t invite the girl over?”
“You don’t know Amina, she won’t even allow you explain. Besides, I’m not sure if that’s what is making her behave that way. Before you came out to meet us at the bench, I was asking her if there’s anything wrong and she said I shouldn’t talk to her”
“That must be what is making her pissed, after all you didn’t do any other thing that will warrant that attitude from her”

They walked into the petrol station.

“She shouldn’t be pissed even if I had really invited the girl over, after all she can’t date me because of her parents, she doesn’t expect me to continue waiting in vain. She said she likes me yet she’s not even trying to make our relationship work, it’s not like my parents would fully consent to it as well if they find out but I’m willing to try because I really like her, she’s starting to make me feel she doesn’t like me as she says” He paused. “#1,500” He said to the pump attendant.
“If she doesn’t like you, she won’t probably get upset seeing you with another person”
“I don’t think so jare. I don’t think she likes me and even if she does, the like she has for me is not enough to make her want to put our differences aside”

“I think you both need to talk” Dan said.
“I can’t even count the number of times we’ve talked about it”
“This time, you need to have a real talk, you both need to have an honest conversation that’ll make each of you know your stance.”
“How are we going to have that conversation when she’s not even talking to me”
“You need to make her talk to you”

“Really?” Emeka sigh. “I’ll try”

“Things we do for love” Dan teased and they both laughed.

“Amina, what’s wrong? You don’t look so happy” Layla said, they’ve been seated for minutes now and she could clearly tell something is wrong.
Amina is not her usual energetic self.

“The girl is Igbo, they won’t have a problem dating each other” Amina sigh.
“Huh?” Layla asked, totally confused.

“Ah, I’m sorry about that. I was. . . voicing my thoughts”
“Yes, the thing is. . .” She sigh. “I feel bad for giving Emeka silly attitude just because a girl visited him, I know I can’t date him because of my parents yet I don’t want him to date another person. Isn’t that being selfish?”
“You really like him, that’s the reason you’re being this way. If you like him this much then there’s nothing bad in giving it a try. Emeka likes you enough to put your differences aside. I know you’re bothered about your parents but you really want this, it’s going to make you feel happy then you should go for it. Who knows? Your parents might not even be against it as you think. There’s no harm in trying if you really want something”

Amina looked to be thinking. “I really want this. I think I’m equally ready to put everything else aside. But how do I go about it?”
Layla smiled. “By having a talk with Emeka”
“Ah, I already told him not to talk to me.” Amina looked embarrassed.
Layla laughed. “You’re such a hothead. Well, you are going to get him to talk to you again.”
“He’s here already” Amina sigh.

“We need to talk” Amina and Emeka said to each other at the same time and couldn’t help but laugh at how funny they both sounded.


They exclaimed on seeing the fresh welts on Dammy’s arm.
Her uncle had obviously flogged her again.
Dammy had joined them in the shop after her uncle left for work and they were chatting and being playful when Dammy suddenly shouted after Amina playfully hit her on the arm.

She had quickly tried to dismiss it that it was nothing until Amina who already suspected what it was, suddenly rolled up the sleeve of her cloth.

Dan and Layla still looked quite shaken at the sight.
Amongst the fresh welts were various scars on her arm.

Dammy slowly rolled down the sleeve of her cloth, concealing her arm. “It’s not that painful,” She smiled.
“It’s my fault; I spilled water on the rug”

“Just shut up!” Amina screamed.

“I’ve never beaten an elderly person before in my life but I swear, your uncle will be the first. If I don’t beat him till he bleeds ehn; Lemme know what will happen. Let him just carry his bald head and be coming home fess” Emeka said angrily, flexing his muscles and despite their sour mood, they tried not to laugh.


Thanks for reading.

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